Dream 445 – The First Sunday after the Election

Received on Sunday, November 8, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for all You have done for us.  Thank You for my family and this wonderful Nest.  Father, please rise up in Your people and create a way where there is no way.  I have kept away from my technology.  It has begun to turn against me as an enemy in our home.  Still, this is now a necessary tool for daily living.

An update just downloaded automatically.  What if I didn’t want to update this?  It defies me.  I am now concerned that it is doing much more than just giving me a way to connect with others.  It is literally not allowing me my normal freedoms.  It now goes to certain organizations.  It is switching my searches to something I didn’t ask for.  It was tracing my steps for COVID even when I didn’t give permission to do this.

One thing You have always taught me is to not engage with the enemy without Your direction.  I then refuse to participate unless You first equip me.  Since I have refused to participate, my screen time is way down.  You have taught us to be careful about what we take in with our eyes and ears.  Even then, we are to bring all things before You before drawing a conclusion.

Well, You are now speaking to me in the quietness.  Here is where I listen.  It has been good to remove myself from the lies.  The demonocracy (a real word!) and their cohorts declared themselves the victors last night.  Father, You and You alone appoint kings and rulers.  Most of Your prophets declared that Trump would be victorious.  You raised up this 45th President just as You did Cyrus in Isaiah 45.

A while back, You had given me a vision of Trump as a Red Bull kicking up dirt as matadors stabbed him.  One after another kept stabbing him.  Just then, what looked like a dead Bull instead rose up.  I had another dream about this last night that seemed similar, but in more detail…

Sub-dream 1 “The Red Bull is brought back to life” begins…

I was watching over a huge stadium and saw a familiar scene of the Red Bull being antagonized by six matadors.  However, this time, I noticed that each of the six matadors had a team of six matadors assisting them.  We could see the 42 (6 + 6 x 6) matadors clearly.  For each of the six matadors, there were two matadors on horseback, two matadors with spears and two matadors with swords.

All 42 of the matadors were in full dress.  They each had capes, one side blue and the other side red.  They were waving at the Bull and taunting him with their capes.  The 42 different matadors were working in conjunction to distract and shield what was actually occurring to the Bull.  The Bull was becoming enraged and was frightening to those in attendance.

All of those in the stands of the stadium were there to support the matadors in the ring.  However, all of those outside of the stadium were those who cared for the Bull and cheered for him to turn on his attackers with success.  The crowd outside became louder and louder as they could see what was happening to the Bull bit by bit under the capes.  It was difficult to watch this unfair fight.

There were now several lances in the back of the Bull.  He had lost a large amount of blood.  It was extremely difficult to watch.  A mother and her child in the stadium were watching this bloody spectacle together…

Boy:  “Why does the Bull charge at the red and blue capes?  Doesn’t he like the colors?”

Mom:  “Bulls are color blind.  They do not see the colors.  The cape is to protect us from all of the blood.  It is a good thing.  The matadors are brave and stand up against the scary Bull.”

Boy:  “What happens when the Bull doesn’t rise up again?”

Mom:  “We finally celebrate.”

Boy:  “They are teasing the Bull and being bullies.  This is hard to watch, mommy!”

Mom:  “Yes, it is hard to watch.  However, imagine how great this will be once the threat is gone.  Think of it this way…the Bull is a scary unpredictable monster and the whole arena is in danger until the Bull is finally dead.”  Just then, the Bull fell over.  She seemed very pleased.  “Now it looks like the Bull is finally dead.”

It was a gruesome sight.  Not only had the Bull been poked with spears, but also lanced with swords.  The matadors were claiming victory and riding around the arena.  I looked up in the stands and saw what looked like a king and queen holding their hands up.  When I looked closer, I realized that the king and queen were the man and woman running against the Bull.  The crowd cheered and declared that the Bull was dead.

As the Bull lay there bleeding and lifeless, they continued in their celebration.  This was not as it appeared.  They had spent so much time tiring out the Bull with an exhaustive match that he was worn down.  They had failed to deal the final blow.  The Bull was not dead!  In a strange ritual, a group of judges over the event extended the Bull an orange flag on a stick.  This group of judges were in a type of penthouse at the top of the stadium.

The crowd shouted in outrage.  There was soon pushback from the king and queen.  The judges gave a declaration to allow the Bull fifteen minutes more to die and that, once dead, the victory would be sealed.  However, after the fifteen minutes elapsed and since the Bull was still alive, the judges once again drew out the orange flag.  The king and queen once again declared outrage and got the crowd in the stadium behind them.

The judges granted seven more minutes and stated that, if the outcome changed and the Bull rose to his feet, he would then be allowed to live.  The 42 matadors were angry about this and plotted again to even remove the judges as the outcome did not favor them.

They then tried to rally up the crowd outside of the stadium.  They claimed that the Bull was suffering and asked them if they could bring the Bull out so that they could humanely destroy him.  They were doing this as they could not have any more blood on their hands.  This was because the judges had ordered that the Bull either live or die without their further interference.

The outside crowd, all in favor of the Bull, cried and wailed as four donkeys came to bring the Bull out by ropes.  They were dragging him in the dirt on their way out.  As they did this, they continued to declare their victory over the Bull.  However, then something happened!

It was a massive shaking!  All were terrified.  The Voice of God commanded the Bull to rise!  By a miracle, the Bull’s wounds were healed.  The Bull was now more massive and had huge horns.  He leapt to his feet.  He turned on the 42 matadors and even up to the crowd.  This even caused the king and queen to run and hide from the Bull.

I then saw something like lights falling from Heaven.  I could see saints like warriors.  They were glorified and strengthened.  They ran after the 42 matadors and many, many others, exposing their deeds and lies.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Oh Father, even though the ending of this dream made me happy, I am still a bit sad.  I can hardly wait for this to happen.  These 42 matadors were quite frightening.  While I know that You are fully in control, it is still scary for us that have no control.

Just then, there was an earthquake in Bliss Corner, Massachusetts.  It was a 4.2 earthquake.  I smiled as the 4.2 was similar to 42.  This was later downgraded to a 3.6, similar to the 36 behind the main six matadors.

This felt like an immediate confirmation that, yes, God is absolutely 100% in control.  This earthquake happened near the 44th President’s home.  There are some interesting names surrounding where this happened:  Goat Island, Bull Island, Falmouth, Devil’s Foot Island, Provincetown and New Bedford.  Even more interesting is that this is near Plymouth, the birth place of the USA.

Oh Father, Your infinite humor is immense.  The entire cape of Massachusetts literally looks like a fist for fighting.  The earthquake took place near here, just north of Martha’s Vineyard and the former President’s estate.  North of the epicenter is New Bedford.  It seems like You have made a ‘New Bed For’ (New Bedford) demons in which they will be ‘Foul Mouths’ (Falmouth).

Smiles…anyway, You do nothing without divine purpose.  You are in control of all things.  Oh Father, please have mercy on us.  We love You.  I was outside in our yard yesterday.  The day was unusually warm.  There was a smell to the air.  I heard the Lord’s Voice…

Voice of the Lord:  “I am about to shake the nations!”

I felt in my heart that He would soon shake California.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was outside in our side yard.  I ran to the front and could see the bridge when I looked back.  I didn’t see the Lord.  I went back and tried to cross the bridge.  Something unusual then happened.  I was unable to cross the bridge.  There was a barrier.  I sat down and began to cry.

Me:  “Oh Father, please forgive me.  Am I now removed from the bridge?”

In the corner of my eye, I saw movement in the woods across the road.  I felt an evil presence there.  Just then and without warning, two massive angels on horseback, fully in armor, came towards the evil presence.  One of the angels had a bow and arrow and the other angel had a sword.  The evil fled immediately.

The two angels then looked over at me and waved.  I waved back.  The angels turned and then disappeared to my naked eye.  I then turned back towards the bridge.  The barrier was still there.  It was like a clear water wall.  I bowed my head and prayed.  When I looked back up, the barrier was now gone.  I walked across.  Just then, Uriel appeared on his horse.  He was in full battle armor.

Uriel:  “Erin, I bring you a message from God.  He is still in control and has been from the beginning.  There is nothing new under Heaven.  The corruption of the evil remains.  With what you see daily, there is no good news.  However, there still remains the Word of God and His promises.

“Now, all three branches of government were won by deception by those in control.  Those governing each state came up with new rules.  These new rules gave time to add ballots to sway the outcome.  This was a team effort by investors, tech ‘giants’ and corrupt leaders.  This began many years ago.

“This land was dedicated to serving God.  As such, this land is under His rule and therefore under His judgment.  He gave many chances for them to turn from their wickedness.  He sent the man like Cyrus.  The 45th President has been written about in a foreshadowing of Isaiah 45.

“When God granted permission for the increase in the demonic reign, it began in December 2012.  However, there were perimeters given under Heaven’s laws from the Throne Room of God.  This was done to weigh evil vs good in the hearts of man, dividing up those who are good from those who are evil.

“After four years under the Bull, and through no fault of this man, the land has only increased in corruption.  ‘Giants’ unregulated by man have rose to power.  This valley (Silicone Valley?) is above you and is an intricate web of lies and extreme power.  God raised up the Bull to expose and stir up the hidden deeds of those in power.

“In response, the enemy has raised up an army meant to strike down God’s elect.  They now wish to completely destroy their lives.  Knowing that God appointed His leader, strike after strike came against God’s nation.  The corruption and deception are now so widespread that it is difficult for man to even conceive.  The stage of power is being set to raise up the former leader.  He has been consistently active and has never stopped.”

Me:  “Are we all going to be persecuted?”

Uriel:  “Well, there are many plans in place.  However, some have begun to find those in support of God and His elect.  However, do not worry.  God is not finished with His people and the land is His.”

Me:  “Oh Uriel, my pain is great right now.  I will soon be unable to write.  I need help!”

Uriel:  “God knows this, Erin.  He knows that you remain faithful to His call in you.  Your service in this capacity is almost complete.  God loves you.  He will not forsake you.  Be encouraged.  Greater are we who are with you and God in you than he who is in the world.”  He smiled.  “Now pray and see that God is good and that evil will not prevail.  I must go.”  He turned on his horse and was gone in an instant.

Dream over…

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