Dream 450 – Rough waters make jagged rocks smooth

Received on Thursday, December 3, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for all that You do.  Thank You for my husband, our children and friends.  It means so much that You would continue to take care of us through all of these circumstances.

Father, I have a special favor to ask of You.  Would You please heal my older son?  He turned age 23 today.  Things have been very tough for him.  The enemy has pounded all of my children down and only finds bragging rights in one.  The measuring scale is skewed.

I also need Your help with many other things.  I worry sometimes though.  However, I then always come back to all that You have done and I stop myself.  I then recognize how very blessed we are by Your love.  When I then ask for more, I pray that You know that it is not because I am never satisfied.  I believe Your promises and, because they are so wonderful, I can’t help but keep asking You about them every chance I get.

Oh Father, the world continues to be in such turmoil.  Please expose the wicked.  Please let President Trump win a second term and vindicate all of us.  I ask for this in Your Name, in Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen!!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

While I was in a vision, it was as if it was real time in the yard of our house.  It was a bright sunny day and about freezing.  It was cold out, but still without snow.  There were remnants of the record rain storm we had two days ago, mainly a carved channel in our gravel road.  Our little creek was now a raging stream and very loud.  I turned to go to the large rock where Jesus sits, but it was not there (which it also isn’t ‘in real life’).  The bridge that crosses into Heaven was also not there.

Me:  “Father, God, Jesus, Lord Almighty…it is my eldest son’s birthday today.  Despite the help of doctors, he has only made small improvements.  You are the Divine Healer and our Great Physician.  Would You please consider healing him for me for his birthday?  Could You please do this for me?  I hate autism.  Please, Father, will You not just remove it today…in Jesus’ Name?  What a glorious day this would be.

“Having one child with autism is difficult, but having two has been a challenge like no other.  Still, this has been the greatest gift when it comes to developing patience, understanding triggers, following patterns and learning de-escalation techniques.  It has been over 20 years of challenges.  This includes trials while cooking their food or even when simply going to the grocery store with them.

“There is so much to this that is not fun at all, yet I still see it as a type of ‘Great Gift’.  One of the amazing attributes of their Asperger’s is that they barely ever lie.  When they do…and they have tried…it has not worked.  Their facial expressions instantly give them away.  Since they have never received ‘rewards’ for lying, there is almost no deception in them.  They are almost always honest…and sometime brutally so.

“They do not know how to use wording to keep their honesty from coming off as harsh.  They are then confused when the person receiving the ‘offending words’ then become justifiably offended.  Try as we might, their Asperger’s makes learning to read facial expressions a great challenge for them…impossible, really.

“My eldest wants to be like his other friends, not one of which has Asperger’s.  He sees them going off to college and getting married, one even has a child, but he remains in a holding pattern.  While I know this is You allowing this, Father, it is still hard to witness, especially when I see the disappointment on his face when he reports to us on his friends’ many activities.

“In contrast, my youngest son absolutely refuses to see that he has Asperger’s at all.  We didn’t test him when he was much younger because every teacher unanimously knew that he had it as it was even more severe than our eldest.

“Oh Lord, when will You heal us?  If necessary, pass me by and heal our children now.  I will never stop praying for this.  I know You are able and I know You can…”

Just then, I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I turned and there was Raphael.  He had a huge smile on his face.  He pointed to the raging stream.  I noticed that it was murky.

Me:  “Why didn’t you clear and calm the stream like you did last time.”

Raphael:  “I think we should let this flow heavily for awhile as this last storm stirred up a lot of dirt and decay.  That stuff tends to settle in on the bottom of the river.  Storms cause an increase in flow so that all that sediment of dirt and debris moves on and clears out.”

Me:  “Does this not just simply move from one area to another?”

Raphael:  “Well, yes…if God is not willing it.  However, Living Water is strong and clears out all of this.  All of this then has to resettle far from here.  Watch!”

He reached down and placed his hand into the water.  At the moment he did this, the water became perfectly calm and clear again.

Me:  “Wow, that is amazing!  Raphael, you just said ‘Living Water’.  Did you mean to say ‘rushing water’ instead?”

Raphael:  “Angels from the presence of the Throne Room of God do not shake things up with idle words or false statements.  We do not bluff or embellish.  However, we do create balance on God’s command and clear away dirt and debris.”

Me:  “So, is this stream like a parable?”

Raphael:  “Erin, everything God created is a parable that leads to Heaven and God’s love, especially in nature.  This includes the animals, both big and small.  This also includes the signs in the sky.  God brings forth signs and wonders daily to His Creation.  However, it is for those who look for these that God delights in granting these hidden gems to.”

Raphael pointed to the stream again.  I now saw that the stream bed was covered in large beautiful polished stones.

Me:  “These stones are so beautiful!”

Raphael:  “See, Erin…Living Water heals.”

Me:  “How did it heal?”

Raphael:  “You still don’t understand?”

He asked this in a kind manner and not at all sarcastic.  However, I still felt bad for not finally understanding.  While I sighed at first, I soon began to cry.  He immediately comforted me.

Raphael:  “Oh Erin, it is okay.  You are okay.  Now, what shape do you think these stones once were?”

Me:  “I am not sure.”

I became sad again for not knowing the answer.  I just knew that the answer to his question would be obvious.

Raphael:  “These stones were once jagged.  However, because of the Living Water, there are now no more sharp edges.  They are now round and polished.  Erin, they are beautiful.  Now, I have a message for you from God…”

God (through Raphael’s voice):  “I gave you a rocky road to travel.  Your path was a difficult one.  Because you have yielded to My Will, I was able to pour Living Water into you.  You then poured out My Living Water over others.  In turn, they have had healing and smoother paths in remembrance of Who I Am.  You have made the paths of your children easier as you have taught them about My Miracles through adversity.  They have witnessed these miracles through you and therefore believe.

“Now, there is bad news spreading across the land.  The nations are in distress.  There are earthquakes and storms.  You have seen signs in the sky.  However, ‘greater is He Who is in you than he who is in the world’.  I have sent angels to guard your steps and keep your household from harm.  I will not stop.  Do not become discouraged.”

I began to cry.  I soon broke down and put my head to my knees.

Me:  Still crying.  “Thank you for this message from God, Raphael.  However, I have heard Him say similar things to me before, yet we are still waiting.  I am just a small woman in a great landscape that I know He fully controls and I sometimes get scared when the days and weeks continue to come and go.”

Raphael:  “Erin, listen to this carefully…God is NOT idle and He is NOT an idol.  God is NOT an imagination or an incantation.  He is NOT housed like a genie in a bottle or sleeping in the Ark of the Covenant.  No, far from it.  He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.  He is the Author of History.  Now, can you trust Him to finish a Great Plan?”

Me:  I looked down and quietly responded.  “Of course.”

Raphael:  “Are you sure?  After all, a few million could be lost…”  He shrugged his shoulders in a playful way as he smiled at me.

Me:  Realizing I had been unenthusiastic in my response, I replied enthusiastically this time.  “Oh yes, Raphael, of course!  I am so sorry.”  I smiled back at him.

Raphael:  “Do not be sorry.  Erin, you are not alone with your concerns.  God wants you to be at peace.  You can be at peace as God is on your side.  The world has many problems and needs.  However, God has prepared each one of His elects individually and even according to geographic areas.  He has done this so that no soul whom God has called will be lost.  Even those who will go through the darkest of times will be kept from the enemy’s schemes of destruction.”

Me:  “I am sorry, but I am still worried.”

Raphael:  “Yes, Erin.  You are also afraid for your children and others.  This is understandable based on what you now see with your eyes.  However, God has a Great Plan.  The enemy knows this and he therefore schemes against God’s people.  I am here to tell you that God will not allow you to continue to suffer.  All that He has promised you will soon come to pass.  He delights in you.

“Erin, there is an epic war in the heavenlies as the army of God’s angels wars against the dark princes over many nations.  However, God prevails!  We win!  Because you do not see things from God’s vantage point, it is difficult for you to see the whole picture.  For your protection, this is reserved for God.”  He smiled as he nudged me.  “Last time I checked, you are Erin, not God…”  He laughed.  “…right?”

Me:  “Yes, I am only Erin.”

Raphael:  “It is difficult to see from the river bed.  Now, He will grant you the desires of your heart.  He will heal you and your children and your friends and their children.  He will also heal the animals under your care and prayers.  Remember that your children are God’s children as well.  While they are sleeping right now, they will awaken very soon.”  He smiled and then pointed behind me.  “Hey, look over there…a red bird.”

I turned quickly and could see a beautiful small red Grosbeak.  However, when I turned back to confirm what I had just seen, he was already gone.  I shook my head and laughed.

Dream over…

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