Dream 451 – Three Fun Sub-Dreams and Raphael

Received on Sunday, December 6, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for all that You have done for us.  Thank You for my family and friends.  Thank You for the amazing show of love You always give us.  I had so many dreams last night and I pray that I can recall all of them.

Sub-dream 1 “Breakthrough with Breakthrough” begins…

An angel of the Lord showed me two Olive Trees.  However, instead of the branches crossing to meet as per usual, the branches ran parallel to a large river instead.  Instead of the branches crossing the river, there was a dividing wall that seemed to be atmospheric.  The scene occurring in front of me was playing out at night time.  There was absolutely no moon light to help illuminate what I was seeing.  However, I was still able to see stars.

On the branches to the south of the river were birds of many kind.  They were living on the branches, some huddled together sleeping.  The trees also seemed to be in a stage of sleep.  In contrast, the branches to the north of the river had lush leaves.  The trees were full of life and very much awake.  There were many varieties of birds, all beautiful and even some transparent like glass.  I addressed the angel on what I was seeing…

Me:  “Are those waxwings?  What are these birds?  I can’t make them out.”

Instead of replying in words, the angel put his hand on my shoulder and spoke in a whistle.  All of the birds on both sides woke up.  It was Breakthrough!  He then whistled a song of praise and all the birds whistled with him in unison.  He then moved his hand.  He was holding a type of flame, like a lantern.  I then saw the birds of the south fly to the north and the birds of the north fly to the south.

As the sun began to rise, the color of the sky moved from golden to deep blue.  The birds then settled on all of the branches of both sides of the river.  Breakthrough then began to whistle the most beautiful song…a new song.  The birds sang with him in layers and in different octaves.  It was a supernatural orchestra.  Tears streamed down my cheeks.  Breakthrough patted my shoulder.  I reached over to hug him.

Me:  “You helped me up the ladder through the wars and darkness.  You helped me cast off the threatening dragon and breakthrough to Jesus.”

He nodded his head with a ‘no’.  He smiled and pointed up to God as he nodded a ‘yes’.

Me:  “Oops.  I am sorry.  I know that it was God that has appointed you.”

He smiled and hugged me again.

Me:  “Breakthrough, why do you not speak?”

I could suddenly hear him, even though he spoke without words.

Breakthrough:  “Sometimes actions show God’s love more than words can.  Some have been hurt by words and even God’s Words are used as weapons.  I reach out to children in whistles.  I speak to them in mysteries as I reassure them that God is with them.  I keep them from the lies of the dragon.  I also bring gifts of miracles from God to His children.”

Me:  “I am so thankful for your presence.  I am so thankful…”

Before I could finish, he whistled to stop me and pointed up to God again.

Breakthrough:  “I deliver you from one state to another, from grief to joy, from sickness to health, from stagnation to breakthrough.  This is through prayers that God activates me.  When a child is in distress, God sends me to administer peace.  God has sent me many times to you.”

Me:  “Why are you showing me this?  What has happened?”

Breakthrough:  “God is about to answer all of your prayers.”

He then smiled at me and whistled.  His whistle woke me up suddenly.

Sub-dream 1 over…

I sat up.  I had been very tired the last few days.  I have been short-winded and dizzy at times.  I was dizzy when I stood up.  I laid back down on the bed.  I fell asleep again…

Sub-dream 2 “A Town’s Finances are restored by God” begins…

It was a sunny day.  My husband and I were driving on the interstate.  I recognized this as 84 in Oregon.  In particular, it looked like a stretch of highway near Umatilla, OR.  It looked like summer time.  The area was flat and windy.  There was a lot of sand and dirt.  We were travelling east.  We soon came up to a remnant of a town that doesn’t exist ‘in real life’.

The town consisted of only front facades.  The streets were in a grid pattern.  Some building fronts looked as if they were falling over.  It was just storefronts.  I could see two separate gas stations.  They both had red signs with white lettering that said ‘Petros Gas’.  We decided to turn off the exit to see what had happened to the town.  It seemed as if this town had been a city of 20,000 people at one time.

The one gas station appeared open.  There were two buses full of tourists stopping there as well.  This surprised us because there was nothing to do there.  While my husband filled up our tank, I walked into the gas station.  To my surprise, it expanded back to what looked like a banquet hall attached to this.  In the banquet hall, there was a giant garage sale and a sign telling people to ‘make us an offer’.

The banquet hall was quite busy as I walked around.  I decided to ask the woman at the payment area what had happened to this town.

Woman:  “We had a beautiful town.  There was no trouble to anyone.  An evil man then came to town and offered to purchase it.  None of us wanted to sell our town.  He then gave us an option.  He told us we had to pay him $58,000 per business to keep it, knowing that none of us had money like this.

“He threatened us that, if only one business was short, he would destroy the entire town.  He gave us three months.  While we then called the authorities, no one came to help us.  When day 88 came in the final week, we had come up with the almost $3 million dollars needed to keep our town as every business had raised the funds.”

Me:  “What happened next?”

Woman:  “The business owner for Petros Gas paid his $58,000 thinking that is all the evil man required.  However, the evil man actually required double this, $58,000 for each of his two locations.  Because we were short, the evil man then sent in an army.  He destroyed all of our town.  He killed all those who tried to fight, even women and children.  His army left only a few survivors, along with the facades to the buildings, in order to send a message to the other towns and cities.”

Me:  “What about the $3 million dollars?”

Woman:  “He took it as payment as a ‘sovereign citizen’.”

The woman was now in tears.  This really tugged at my heart strings.  I went outside and told my husband all that she had said.  We both became really upset.  We decided to drive up a small hill that looked over the area.  Once there, we cried out to God on behalf of this little town.  We prayed for complete restoration.

As soon as we finished our prayer, we heard the sound of rumbling in the ground and a loud clap of thunder.  The Heavens opened and we could see a large army of angels coming down over the area.  They were restoring the area and making it even better than before.  The streets were now made of exquisite cobblestone.  The street lights were so picturesque.

Store facades were changed into full stores and were now fully stocked.  There were plants and fountains all over the place.  Stone churches formed, complete with beautiful bell towers.  The town was as beautiful as Telluride, Colorado, if not even more so.  We were so excited.  We saw angels putting up an invisible fence that the enemy was unable to cross.

We then drove back down to the town.  When we arrived, there was crying and joy.  We told them that God had heard their cries.  Thousands gave their hearts to God that day.  The people then dedicated the town to God and for His purposes.  God also restored their individual finances, even giving each one three times more than what they had lost.

My husband:  “Hmm, now I would like to pay a visit to the mob boss.”

Me:  “Then let’s go north.  Spokane WA could use a good restoration.”

We both laughed.  We soon crossed over the Columbia River into Washington State.

Sub-dream 2 over…

I woke up and noticed that it was now 5:00am.  This was still too early to wake up.  I was still dizzy, so I laid my head back down.  I heard some loud noises coming from outside due to the storm, but I soon fell back asleep in spite of this.

Sub-dream 3 “Let boys be girls” begins…

I was young and in a distant city.  We were meeting for a youth church event.  However, we were no longer allowed to call it church.  We instead called it the ‘Prep School Event’.  I recognized a few of the pastors.  While they were young and hip, they had very little spiritual substance to their messages.

We were soon given sweaters to wear to distinguish ourselves from other attendees.  They also served the purpose of giving a universal message to local officials that we were a ‘Prep School’ having activities rather than a ‘church’.  The sweater I was given was deep blue with yellow and gold accents.

The sweater was buttoned down and there was a tag on it labelling it as ‘New’.  However, upon looking closer at the sweater, it was definitely not new.  It seemed deceptive as I had thought I had paid for a new sweater.  When I confronted one of the pastors, he told me I wasn’t being thankful enough and that he didn’t take kindly to having his authority questioned.

While looking into his eyes, I could tell he was lying to me.  The Holy Spirit told me to standdown for now, so I did.  I then set off for a changing room / bathroom where I could put this sweater on.  Across the street of this massive park was a hotel.  I decided to use their washroom to change.  However, I was not prepared for what was about to happen…

The bathroom was very busy.  I waited for my turn.  As I waited, I was in shock at the number of males exiting the bathroom as it was clearly labeled as the women’s room.  I decided to change quickly in a stall and exit as fast as I could.  I was soon standing in the bathroom.  It was covered from floor to ceiling in pink tile.  There was no mistaking that this was a woman’s restroom.  I became disgusted by what I was witnessing, so I decided to exit.  I walked over to the concierge desk and asked about the bathroom…

Me:  “Is the men’s bathroom closed?  Why are there so many men in the women’s bathroom?”

Concierge:  “Well, women are still allowed to use the facilities, but the hotel no longer assumes responsibility for what occurs there.”

Me:  “Is there any place safe or private anymore?”

Concierge:  “Where have you been?  We are no longer able to question what we see or hear.  Men are allowed to go wherever they declare it.  They are free.”

Me:  “So, in other words, there is no safe place anymore.”

Concierge:  “No, not in the city.”

Me:  “This just doesn’t seem right.”

Concierge:  “Come, look over here.”

He proceeded to walk me over to a sports lounge in the hotel lobby.  There were multiple televisions.  The Summer Olympics, scheduled to start in Tokyo on Friday, July 23, 2021 and ending on Sunday, August 8, 2021, was on the television screen.  I was watching an award ceremony in swimming.  The banner said ‘Woman’s 50 Meter Freestyle 2021’.  However, instead of women, it was men in women’s one-piece swimsuits.  Every person receiving metals were actually men.

Me:  “What is the date?”

Concierge:  “Are you okay?  It is August 2nd.”

Me:  “Yes, I am fine.  This just seems wrong.”

Concierge:  “Well, God is the only One Who can do something about this now.”

Me:  “I agree.”

Concierge:  “You can change in the janitor’s room.  It has a lock.  You can only be in there for five minutes though.”

Me:  “I will be less than that.”

I decided that I didn’t want to stay for any of this.  As I stepped into the closet, I instantly stepped into my home instead.

Sub-dream 3 over…

Note on the sub-dreams:  What is shown in the sub-dreams may or may not be how things will translate in real life.  Sometimes they can show what the enemy has planned for us, wherein our future appearance post-Transformation may change their course.  One thing is for sure…when God calls His Army to march, nothing like it will have ever been seen before…not even a fraction.

I woke up and it was 10:30am.  This is really late for me and not like me at all.  After getting dressed, I decided to go out and see if the storm had done anything to our yard.  It had.  The storm had uplifted trees and other items in our yard.  Thankfully, the two trees uprooted were down by the creek, now a loud rushing stream due to the rain.  We are into December now and it has been warmer than normal so far.

Even so, Father, what about the situation in the world?  The world has gone completely mad.  It makes no sense anymore.  Nothing seems normal at all.  The enemy believes he is clever and his schemes will go unnoticed.  However, You see everything.  Please rise up and help us.  Heal us, change us and strengthen us.  Please do this for us, in Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen!  I am scared.  This is scary.

Yesterday marks three years since the sudden death of my earthly father in Naples, Florida.  So much has changed since then.  It has been so tumultuous.  The world has changed.  Father God, my Creator in Heaven, You are setting the stage for Revelation to begin.  However, please do not forget about Your people.  The media mocks people who love You.

Christians are mocked and hated.  They are even tortured to death in many countries overseas.  Churches are being shut down.  People are being burned to death in their homes.  The government is now calling for no family gatherings for Christmas.  The highest rate of suicide is during Christmas.  From what I see, the enemy is winning the war on Christmas…but, really, the war on Christians.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was outside in our yard.  The sound of the water rushing in our creek was very loud.  Yesterday, the water was brown.  Today, after the sudden storm and the quick melt, the water was running clear.  I looked across the water where the bridge usually is.  Instead, I could see the two trees that were uprooted last night.  They fell safely away from our house and did no damage, so I was grateful.

Me:  “Lord, please don’t wait too much longer.  Things have become sad and dark.  While we should have great joy right now, things are instead becoming dark and foreboding.  Father, the Book of Jude gives a great account of what is occurring right now.  When, Father?  When will You vindicate Your people?”

Tears were now running down my cheeks.  I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I looked up and it was Raphael.  He smiled.

Raphael:  “It appears that the water is clearing up.  This is good.  I have been called by God to answer some of your questions and deliver you peace.”

Me:  “Thank you.”  My voice cracked and became quiet.

Raphael:  “Hmm, you seem to have lost your voice…”  I then began to cry.  “…but have now found your tears.”  He smiled.

Me:  “I am very sad.  My heart is grieving.  You visited me in my dreams just a few days ago.”

Raphael:  “You mean God sent me…”  He nudged me.

Me:  “Oh yes, of course.  You were instructing me.  However, I can now barely remember it.  I just remember learning various things.  However, I then had no recollection of it upon waking.”

Raphael:  “God is the Lover of your soul because He created you.  He loves what He created in you.  He loves that you continuously seek Him in all things.  You are then aware that you have an enemy of your soul, the polar opposite of your Savior, your Lord.  I also know this entity.  Since he no longer resides in Heaven and no longer has access to God’s Courts, he is now here and seeks your life.

“He now understands that it is Jesus that holds the keys to life and death.  As such, his main plan is to now steal your soul before your death.  His plan is to convince God’s children that he is the lover of their soul, not God.  However, and as you have noticed, it has become increasingly difficult for him to hold his tongue, his arrogance and his self-edification in check for long.

“Those God has called, those who have prayed for wisdom, are seeing this enemy of man preparing his way…one way.  I know this is discouraging to witness…the rise in evil as he builds up his various factions.  However, this I will tell you…because most are veiled, they truly have no understanding.  All of us are standing down until God calls us into action.”

Me:  “What do you mean?”

Raphael:  “In the war above you, we are acting as a firewall in defense of the children of God.  We are holding back the progress of evil until God calls us into battle.”

Me:  “But I thought you were already battling?”

Raphael:  “There are different strategies and objectives in war.  Right now, we are creating a line…a wall…that the enemy is unable to breech.  When they do, we attack again.  The enemy then loses ground and we set up a defense again.”

Me:  “What if you weren’t there?”

Raphael:  “There would be no good news.  The time of the end would accelerate.  The final harvest would be destroyed and very small.  God’s people would be prosecuted and sent away to be killed.  While there is more, this is unnecessary to speculate about.  Just because the enemy plans and plots does not mean this will come into being.  God’s plans are much greater.  He loves His children.  Some have been offered up to persecution and great is and has been their reward in Heaven.

“However, now is a great time, the times prophesied by Enoch, where thousands of God’s elect will administer justice.  God’s Name has been profaned.  His churches have been shuttered.  Worship and prayers have been silenced.  People with dreams have become disheartened and shattered.  Corruption, lies and theft are now accepted.  Justice is blind as she peaks through her blindfold.  This is just the beginning of woes unless God intervened.”

Me:  “When will He intervene?”

Raphael:  “I cannot tell you this as this will not be beneficial in advance…either to you or your loved ones.  Erin, do not worry.  A great gift, a great plan of God, will soon be set in place.  Evil will flee.”  I began to cry and worry again.  “Erin…you are worrying again.”  He smiled as he nudged me.  “Do not worry as this will only make you sick.

“Now, two trees fell on your property last night.  The angels guarding you kept the enemy from destroying your home.  The trees fell in a safe way as a result and away from your house.  Do not worry about these two fallen trees though as all will soon be restored.”

Me:  “Please continue to protect us, our home and our children, as well as our friends and their families.”

Raphael:  “Of course, Erin.  We are holding the line as God has commanded us to do.”

Me:  “Thank you, Raphael.”

Raphael:  “Do not thank the angels are we are directed by God.  We are God’s Heavenly Army and hosts.  Thank Him only.  Now, if you want to know the difference between us and the fallen angels…well, they are lovers of themselves…they cause division…they work to deceive…they elevate their position with lying accusations against others.  The legion of demons is vast.  They enjoy their false narratives.

“In contrast, the angels of God are not boastful.  We operate in the positive fruits of the Spirit.  We are all under the seven-fold Spirits of Heaven…which is the Lord.  We operate under the direction of the Throne of God.  Now, be encouraged.  God is with you.  The Lord is in you via the Spirit and you will be kept from harm.  Stay encouraged.  Everything is about to change.  Oh, look over there…a red bird.”

He pointed behind me.  This time I remained looking at him.  I started to laugh.

Raphael:  Smiling.  “I have not been deceiving you, Erin.  When I have said that there is a red bird behind you, there really has been.”

Me:  Laughing.  “While I know this is true, I also feel you only had me look away to then see you were gone.”

Raphael:  Laughing.  “This was meant to cause you and your friends to laugh.  It worked, didn’t it?”

He smiled at me again.  Before I could answer, he was gone in an instant, right in front of my very eyes.  When I looked down to where he had stood, there was Bruiser, the tiny red squirrel.  This was a pleasant surprise for me as he is one of my favorites of the small animals and I had not seen him for a few days.

Dream over…

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