Dream 454 – Tomorrow will be a Pivotal Point

Received on Sunday, December 13, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for all that we have.  Thank You for the miracle of You.  What would we live for on Earth if not for You?  There would really be no point to life without the promise of You.  There is no other father like You, Father.  You make me continuously desire to be the very best daughter ever.  As You are so good, I too want to follow You.

Unfortunately, I often fall short and the world catches up to me.  I often walk into its pit.  I then cry out to You and repent.  Each day drags on with the same worries and challenges.  There truly is nothing new.  However, with You, Father, all things are made new.  My pain woke me up early this morning.  I got up and decided to assess the damage of the large Nor’easter that was expected to bring us more than a foot of snow, along with ice.

However, when I walked outside, the air was warm and beautiful instead.  There was perhaps two inches of slush on the ground.  The epic storm we all were expecting and had planned for never came!  Since we just got our car back from the auto repair shop, we had not been able to schedule for snow tires.  Because of the Coronavirus, there were massive backlogs.  We need just five more days of mild conditions until we are able to have our snow tires installed.

As a result, I am very thankful for the mild December thus far.  When I walked over to the stream, I just had to laugh.  Just like in my dreams, the water is now the clearest I have ever seen.  I could see rocks of many shades as well.  It was a very heavy flow.  The water was moving quickly.  I chuckled as I looked for the ‘near impossible’ presence of fish, but there were none.  I scattered seed on top of the snow.

I could see doves in the trees.  The blue jays were flying in to see what I was spreading out for breakfast.  I then walked to the side of the house and froze when I saw a very rare (for this area) Red Cardinal.  I somehow knew it was the same one I have seen before.  It flew off immediately into the bushes at the bottom of our hill.  I finished spreading seeds and went inside.  I was able to photograph it in the distance.

I waited for it to fly back to the seed I had scattered so I could get a better shot.  This seemed supernatural to me as there are few Red Cardinals this time of year as far north as we are.  I am thankful for this wonderful sign from You, Father.  You bless me with signs from the wilderness and I am grateful.

I went back inside and sat in my tiny devotional room.  I am grateful for the blossoms on my Jasmine Tree.  This plant has made a miraculous turn from parasites and death.  As I looked around my room, my eyes suddenly stopped on a shelf with ceramic birds.  I noticed a bird I did not remember ever owning.  Perhaps this is a great sign of my age… smiles.  Right there in front of me was a small Red Cardinal in perfect condition.

After inspecting this piece closer, I made a few observations.  First off, it was from a maker that I don’t really collect.  Secondly, I do not remember ever buying this piece.  I usually have quite the recollection for this type of thing.  It made no sense as to why it was sitting here.  Father, did You place this piece on my shelf?  Hmm…

Sub-dream 1 “The Miracle on Ice” begins…

I found myself suddenly sitting at a hockey game when I heard Breakthrough say to me without words:  ”A day of Great Change is coming!”  I instantly knew that this was no ordinary hockey game.  Based on the crowd noise and the atmosphere, I knew that this was a great and important hockey game.

It looked bleak for the favored team.  There were only 5 minutes left in the third and final period and they were down 4 to 0.  Then something happened seconds later that was remarkable.  The opposing team were given three penalties.  They were being penalized for ‘unethical behavior’ against the favored team.  The fans in the building were outraged and started shouting obscenities at the officials.  They didn’t bend.

With the opposing team now shorthanded, the atmosphere changed.  You could see the excitement on the faces of the favored team.  In a never seen before block of just a couple of minutes, the favored team scored 4 goals to tie the game.  With less than a minute remaining, the opposing team finally had all of their players back on the ice.  They were no longer shorthanded.

However, even this did not stop the momentum that the favored team now had.  I saw several pivots, fakes and passes as the once losing team, which had been expected to keep their title going into the game, was inching closer and closer to the goalie.  In a surprise move, two of the players pivoted back.  Another player then seemed to come out of nowhere to take the shot down the middle.

Despite a great effort by the opposing team’s goalie, the puck went into the net.  In the last five minutes of a 60-minute game, the original favorite had just come back from 4 to 0 to win 5 to 4.  It was awesome.  The two announcers could barely be heard over the noise of the crowd.  They were both in shock and shouting in excitement…

Announcer 1:  “At the greatest point, when loss was imminent, the momentum changed.  Can you believe this?  Can you?  I have never, never seen this before.”

Announcer 2:  “Yes, it is a pivotal change!  A pivotal change!  Pivotal!”

Sub-dream 1 over…

After having this dream, I got up from bed.  My body ached as much as if I had just been at the game.  I had become so tense as I watched the game.  It was as if I had actually been there.  Oh Father, what does ‘pivotal’ mean here?  What will change?

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I went out to the side yard to feed the birds.  I then turned to the front yard by the stream.  I spread seed by the stream.  The stream was clear and beautiful.  While the temperature was about 40 degrees Fahrenheit, I was not cold.  It felt warmer than it was supposed to be.  I soon felt a hand on my shoulder.  I looked up and there was Raphael.  He smiled at me.  I was happy to see him again.

Raphael:  “Look, Erin, the water is becoming clearer every day.  Nice, right?”

Me:  “Yes, thank you.  You are back!”

Raphael:  “Did you miss me?”

Me:  “Of course!  I have been very sad.  God must have sent you again to cheer me up.  Does He have another message for us today?”

Raphael:  “Yes, but it is best if I show you.”

The bridge instantly appeared.  However, and unexpectedly, this time there was also a gate.  This gate was not one I could open without supernatural assistance.  He walked me over to the gate.

Raphael:  “This gate is also like a door.”

He took out a key and unlocked the gate.  He then put his hands on the bars and showed me it could move.

Raphael:  “See, I can push it open or pull it open.  I can also line it up with the other door and lock it.  However, all this is not possible without this…”

He drew my attention to two large hinges on the column wall to the gate.

Raphael:  “This is a pivot point.  While one is stationary, the other moves.

Me:  I looked concerned.  “But I…”

Raphael:  “Yes, yes, yes… I know… you know all of this already.  I get it.  However, have you thought of this…because of this, you can move from where you are to God’s Garden over here.”

I watched as the landscape physically changed from the world to Heaven and from the natural to the supernatural.

Raphael:  Continuing to good naturedly tease me.  “I know, I know… you have also seen this before.  However, all things… all abilities… to enter this gate was hinged on this pivotal point.”  He smiled and laughed.  “Do you understand my play on words here?”

Me:  Smiling.  “You are so funny.”  I shook my head.  “So, what happens now?”

Raphael:  “Tomorrow, December 14th (December 14, 2020), is a pivotal point in the world.”

Note:  December 14, 2020 is Kislev 28.  The day after Election Day was Cheshvan 17 (November 4, 2020), the day the rains began for 40 days back in the time of Noah’s flood.  If Cheshvan 17 is day 1 of the rains, Kislev 27 (today) would be day 40 of the rains.  This means that tomorrow is the symbolic ‘first day after the 40 days of rain’.

Me:  “Wait!  You are giving me a date?  A real date?  Whaaaat?”

Raphael:  Smiling.  “Now, hold on there, little sparrow of God.  Calm down.  Calm down.  This is not what you have been waiting for just yet.”  I was thinking ‘the Transformation’ and he knew this.  “Okay, now breathe.  Erin, breathe.  Okay, calm down now.”

Even though he wasn’t speaking of the Transformation, I just couldn’t keep myself from jumping up and down in excitement.  He was laughing as I did this.  This must have looked quite amusing to him.

Me:  “Okay, Raphael, but I am still excited.”

I was so excited, I decided to take a short break to look up December 14th in history…

  • 1799: George Washington died
  • 1903: The Wright Brothers attempt to fly for the first time
  • Multiple years: Popular date for nuclear tests all over the world
  • 1967: DNA created in a test tube
  • 1968: Bobby Orr scores a hattrick
  • 2016: Scientists find the world’s oldest water – supposedly 2 billion years old
  • 2017: The lost paintings of Raphael were found (this is obviously NOT the angel Raphael, but a famous ‘human’ painter that died 500 years ago in 1520)

I was so excited that, when I went back to Raphael, I shared my list with him.

Raphael:  Laughing.  “Oh, so they finally found those paintings.  Interesting.  2-billion-year-old water?  Hmm, they should have called on God.  He would have sent me to clean up that old H2O.  All very notable dates.  Very interesting.”  He then became more serious, but still light-hearted.  “However, all of this was in the past.  Breakthrough spoke to you, while not through his mouth, and stated that a great change is coming.  Well, I am here to confirm this from the Lord.”

Me:  “Is it Hanukkah?  We are almost in the middle of the Festival of Lights.  This is good, right?”

Raphael:  “Well, yes.  The Jewish people celebrate a great miracle.  However, the greatest miracle came as the Light of Salvation.  However, they do not remember this.  These are all wonderful points, but not ‘The Pivotal Point’… that which hinges on all of it.  First, let us review who God is…

“He opens a door which no one can shut.  He closes a door which no one can open.  You can also say this another way… whatever God chooses to open, no man can shut and whatever God chooses to close, no man can open.  Erin, God controls all of it.  The entire door closing and opening ‘apparatus’ is all God’s.”  He then nudged me.  “Erin, this is whether post holding the hinge or hinge holding the door or lock on said door in which said key turns to right or left to lock or unlock, understand?”

Me:  I was now laughing so hard as I knew he was kidding in his last sentence for exaggeration.  “Wow, are you memorizing that from a ‘Heavenly Angel Text Book’?”

Raphael:  “Okay, so now who is being funny?”

Me:  “Did you know that I wanted to be a comedian before God came into my life?”

Raphael:  “Yes.  I saw your dossier.”

Me:  “Dossier?  What?”

Raphael:  Laughing.  “What is said about comedians is usually true (that is, they are usually quite depressed).  Aren’t you glad that God took you on a different path?”

Me:  “Yes, definitely, as none of my issues were very funny.”

Raphael:  “Okay, so I am glad that we established all of this.  But in all seriousness, Erin, God is in complete control all of the time.  As a result, things are not always as they seem.  In matters such as these… matters that effect so many people and countries… all issues must be under God’s Will and His Timing.  He sees all things.

“Erin, God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.  He is all powerful.  He is in all things… constantly and everywhere… and is all knowing, understand?  He is detailed and precise.  Even though I am very close to Him, I am not even close to His level… nor can I ever be… nor would I ever want to be.”

Me:  “God is so amazing.”  Tears started to stream as soon as I said this.  “I just love Him so, so much.  He somehow still loves me just as I am.  He even knew I needed to feel at ease so He sent you to make me laugh.”

Raphael:  Smiling.  “He does love you.  In these times, His heart is close to the downtrodden, those who, despite current circumstances, run to chase His heart.  There is no greater love you can give to God then to love Him through difficulties and despite troubles.  Erin, tomorrow is a turning point.  Now pray and rejoice.  I must go.  Keep your chin up.”

He began to walk to the gate.  I then heard something that made me laugh so hard.  I heard the kind of beep you hear when you press a key fob.

Me:  Still laughing.  “You can’t be serious!”

Raphael:  Also laughing.  “Well, look… being one of God’s archangels comes with perks.”

He smiled and waved.  In an instant, he was gone, along with the bridge and the gate.

Dream over…

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