Dream 455 – God is much bigger than the Red Dragon

Received on Monday, December 14, 2020


Dear Father,

My dream last night was long and so disturbing.  Please help me to write everything as You have shown me.  I am groggy, so please reveal all elements perfectly.  I do not want to miss anything.  Above all things, Father, You are in control.  You are with us.  Thank You for dreams.  Last night, my sleep was sound and unbroken.  This in itself was supernatural.  There were so many details in this epic sub-dream…

Sub-dream 1 “The Red Dragon spreads their network” begins…

I saw the sun to my right and the full moon to my left.  I stood on a type of observation platform looking over the North American continent.  To my far left was China and areas surrounding China, including Australia and New Zealand.  I could see Africa to my far right, as well as the ports of the Mediterranean and Europe.  However, it was the United Kingdom (UK) that puzzled me.  It stood out as a larger mass of land then what it is.

As I stood facing the nations, I saw a date…1992.  Although there were some issues, I saw a gathering of nations and a type of decree or document outlining world peace.  I then looked at the sea to my left.  I saw a type of ‘water gate’.  In 1992, the ‘water gate’ was moved by the nations of the world.  It was extended at the request of China.  I then saw something like a massive sandy beach.

There were thousands of large grains of sand on the coast of China.  It was still 1992.  I then saw something in the water.  It was dark red.  It was extremely large.  It was swimming just under the surface of the Pacific Ocean.  The rest of the world continued with their daily routines.  Both large and small businesses were thriving.  There was a great sense of safety throughout North America.

I then recognized the shape.  It looked somewhat like a crocodile, yet also like a dragon that could swim.  It was ominous as this dragon was swimming in the Pacific Ocean.  Making it particular frightening was his size.  He was almost the size of the entire west coast of the USA.  This creature continued to swim back and forth.

I then saw a proposal presented designed to allow for the protection of Chinese students studying in the USA.  It was solidified and voted into law by the current day Speaker of the House.  The original intent was to protect the Chinese students from persecution by China.  Once the document was put into law in the USA, I saw the dragon surface.

I saw a massive tail with a sharp star at the end pound into the sandy beach.  I then saw thousands of grains of sand shoot up and land on the back of the dragon.  I then saw the dragon swim toward the shores of the USA and Canada.    Once the dragon reached the USA and Canada, he used its tail to scatter the grains of sand all over these two countries.  The dragon then swam back to its water gate.

The grains of sand soon scattered everywhere.  They soon became larger and multiplied until the thousands became over a million.  I then saw the sands shifting into major corporations.  I then watched as these grains of sand grew something like tails (this was so unusual that I have a hard time explaining what I was seeing).  When more information was consumed by these grains of sand, arms and feet began to sprout.

In a way, it was as if these grains of sand were actually more like the sperm of this giant Red Dragon.  In essence, these grains were now the offspring or offshoot of the Red Dragon.  These small entities continued growing and were soon so widespread that it was difficult to distinguish them on the map.  There were now overlaps everywhere.

As the years went by, these ‘mini-Red Dragons’ became citizens, but now with many of them in positions of leadership.  As they grew, so did the size of the dragon.  I then saw foolish documents and treaties being signed by a wicked man.  I saw the years 1993, 1997, 1999 and 2000 roll by.  I could then see cracks in the land.  They were like geographical cracks.  These then became more like sinkholes.

I then saw that these grains of sand, these ‘mini-dragons’, do the same globally.  Their reach was now in so many continents.  I saw the cities in the Land of the Dragon rising and becoming wealthier.  I saw businessmen from all parts of the globe fornicating with the Red Dragon, producing corrupt offshoots.  Because of the promise of money, power and control, the coldness of many began to permeate like tentacles across the globe.

Sub-dream 1 over…

I woke up and was so disturbed.  I couldn’t help but cry about how the deceptive leadership of the Land of the Dragon had effectively infiltrated so many countries.  We had allowed them to come into our nation in the name of friendship, but mostly for the greed of a few, and they took advantage of us.  All of this looks so bleak.  Oh Father, only You can turn this around!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I immediately felt a hand on my shoulder.  I turned around and there was Uriel.

Uriel:  “I have a message for you from God, Erin.  All of this was and is the great rise of the Red Dragon.  Those who spoke out to alert the others have been silenced and discredited.”

Me:  “Why, Uriel?  We were all living in peace.  What happens now?”

Uriel:  “Right now, the Red Dragon is working to control a vast network.  Its goal is all seven of the continents.”

Me:  “What do you mean by ‘network’?”

Uriel:  “It is like a road or means to a city or country.”

Me:  “Oh, I see.  This is like a stronghold in our daily freedoms, the things necessary for daily living.”

Uriel:  “Yes, but this is even more unique.  The Red Dragon has not completed their quest yet, but have gained a network.  There are other things happening behind the scenes as well.  The current leader of the nation to the north met with the former leader of the USA.  While the meeting was not secret, the contents of the meeting were kept a secret.  Advice was given to the young leader in the form of a soft threat, a warning and a promise of great reward.

“Now, the ‘old wise’ former leader has been enjoying the rise of the Red Dragon.  He sees it as a possible means to the end of several strong nations, along with an eventual rise of himself.  Notice the use of I and me and various other descriptions.  This is just as Raphael warned you to notice when determining when the fallen are influencing those evil in power.  The other way is that they are unable to control their delight in their perceived soon rise to power.

“The former leader advised the young leader to the north to spend great amounts of money to update their communications.  This resulted in a rise in salaries and other items that were basically a quid pro quo.  In turn, government control over media content was demanded, where in ‘disinformation’ was to be labeled as ‘hate’ and silenced.  The only thing the public saw was that they were good friends and allies.

“The Red Dragon then also made a proposal to the young leader to the north.  If they showed the Red Dragon their military training, particularly during winter conditions, the Red Dragon would promote the young leader to their global friends.  They also secretly agreed that the Red Bull needed to be removed.

“The young leader than consulted the former leader of the USA again.  The former leader then sent consultants to advise the young leader how to remove his ties with the Red Bull.  Proposals and contracts were then made for several machines to be placed to facilitate voting during the Coronavirus.  The Land of the Dragon was in on this and remotely infiltrated the network.

“The Red Dragon was able to do this much easier than normal as they were able to operate under the veil of the plague.  The USA consulates of the Red Dragon also joined in to work against the people of the USA.  This was all then facilitated by the evil media.  It is easier to move around when false news reports draw attention away from what they were really doing.  This is why the Lord told you not to rely on what you see and hear on the airwaves.”

Me:  “What else has happened in the country to the north?”

Uriel:  “With the borders closed, the young leader was able to avoid scrutiny.  The offshoots of the Red Dragon were also able to operate with increased freedom.  It was and is the ultimate shell game.  However, the young leader is foolish and does not see the plans of the wicked.  He is naïve.  The sights of the Red Dragon are set on complete control over his country.

“This includes resources, minerals, waterways and the largest border in the world.  The young leader sold out his inheritance to an enemy.  However, the ‘wise old’ former leader to the south has encouraged him and promised him great things in his future.  At the same time, the Red Dragon is secretly plotting the young leader’s country’s destruction now that they are fully aware of their capabilities to fight against them.”

Me:  “Oh Uriel, this is really awful!”

Uriel:  “Well, it is actually even much worse.  Look over here.  I will show you more.”

I saw a horn over Africa.  I then saw these foreign diplomats and business men from the Land of the Red Dragon.  They were presenting large sums of money in return for the purchase of large pieces of land.  I then saw many gifts, all ‘red presents’, given to their people, but also to their leadership.  In gratitude, the Red Dragon was given even more land and power.  Uriel then directed my attention to the Mediterranean Sea and the massive amounts of ports there.

Uriel:  “These ports are also being purchased by the Red Dragon.  In essence, the wealth has been taken away from the people of this land…”  He pointed to the USA.  “…and given to the Land of the Red Dragon.”

Me:  “All of this is very difficult to watch.”

Uriel:  “I know, Erin.  Millions of people were unaware of the Red Dragon’s rise.  Many have been silenced.  This is why you must be very careful about the news you hear as it is likely just more propaganda as controlled by the Red Dragon.”

Me:  “Yes.  It is all lies now, sprinkled with a little salt of truth.”

Uriel:  “The ties of the offspring of the Red Dragon are deep.  The ‘mini-dragons’ in the nations are controlled under their statutes #7 and #14.  This is a great means of control.  If the mini-dragons do not spy for the Red Dragon, those family members back in the Land of the Red Dragon are imprisoned or killed.”  He then showed me just how bad.

Me:  “The Red Dragon purposely splits up family units in order to have this control over them.  They really have no choice!  This is awful.  What happens to their remaining family members should they disobey is just awful.  This is so difficult to see.”

Uriel:  “Erin, the plans of the enemy are numerous.  It is not just the Red Dragon though.  There are other evil entities coming against all that is good.  It is all part of the enemy’s master playbook.  Now, picture this…in their excitement, many in upper loyalty to the Red Dragon are now viewing real estate through personal photos posted on social media.  They are coveting and claiming for themselves in advance these properties in what they hope to gain in the near future, claiming ‘sovereign citizen’ status.

“Various companies, particularly banks and investment firms, own the notes on these homes.  These are all surface companies for the Red Dragon.  The Red Dragon also has networks and spies in many other areas.  They disguise this behind false facades.  All of this is meant to incite wars of class and race.  Remember that the control of the reporting is to control the narrative.  Erin, the evil media is sewing a different story, a narrative based on lies.  The nations are in the middle of WW3, but do not see it.”

Me:  “But what about the rise of the ‘wise old’ former leader to the south?”

Uriel:  “He is delighting in this.  He is delighted as he knows that the Red Dragon has many similar goals as he does.  He knows that the Red Dragon wants to destroy the weak, the resisters, the Christians and anyone else standing in their way.  They are sending strikes in waves… wave after wave… through the Red Dragon’s network…

  • Communications: Internet, news, radio
  • Warfare: Military strength, guns, ammunition
  • Money: Banks, investment firms, loans
  • Medicines: Vaccines, medical devices, medication
  • Technologies: Anything with a computer chip
  • Food: Agriculture, insecticides

“Understand this…

  • What good is a fighting instrument used to defend your property when it is your enemy that produces and controls your ‘ammunition’?
  • What good is medicine when your enemy controls the ingredients to produce it?
  • What good is purchasing an item, car or home when your enemy owns the note?
  • What good is pure bottled water when your enemy owns the source, produces the bottles and even produces the ice?
  • What good is television or other forms of technology… as in your blood pressure monitor, your GPS, your phone, your music, your pacemaker… when all of the components are produced by your enemy for his purpose… where he then can spy on your location, your movements and even your vitals?
  • What good is a ‘smart refrigerator’ when your enemy can lock it or control it? What about the locks on your doors and your hearing devices in your ears?

“Erin, the enemy knows areas of threat and promotes addictions to those who fell behind from lack of work or means.  The enemy then provides ‘escapes’ to weaken your fighting armies.  This includes legal drugs, pain medications, prostitution and pornography.  All of this is meant to destroy your citizens from within.

“In turn, this increases suicides and overdoses.  For them, it is not enough to destroy your commerce, finances and health.  They also want to remove your morals.  By doing so, you compromise your words and actions, along with what sites you visit.  They can then use your ‘potential humiliation’ to extort and control you.”

Me:  “This is sad… oh so sad.”

Uriel:  “Erin, these are just a few examples.  There are many, many more.  A nation divided cannot stand.  A nation divided will be in need of a rescue.  Once this happens, the Red Dragon will continue to rise.  Even so, he continues to rise every day.”

Me:  “Oh Uriel, we are in great need of a divine rescue.  This is the only way…”

Uriel:  “Erin, this is coming.  Look…”

I saw the Red Dragon stretched out.  I was then shown that he was relaxing and waiting ‘during the 40 days’ (I was to write this plainly).  The Red Dragon was quite content ‘just taking it easy’ as he swam just off the West Coast during this time.

Note:  As pointed out in the previous dream, the 40 days appears to be the stretch of days from Wednesday, November 4, 2020 to Sunday, December 13, 2020, inclusive.  The day after the Election Day was Cheshvan 17, or Wednesday, November 4, 2020, the day the rains began for 40 days back in the time of Noah’s flood.  If Cheshvan 17 is day 1 of the rains, Kislev 27 would be day 40 and the last day of the rains.  Kislev 27 in 2020 is Sunday, December 13, 2020, the last day of the 40 days of rain.

I could then see the thoughts of the Red Dragon.  I could see his plans.  He was dreaming about his plans for the destruction of Australia after first taking control of Canada and the USA.  He had control over two of the vaccine companies.  I saw the head of the Land of the Red Dragon dream of massive statues of himself in major cities all over the world.  He also planned to achieve celebrity status for himself in Hollywood, even having a Walk of Fame Star fashioned in order to honor him.

However, I then saw something so evil that I almost vomited (in both the sub-dream and as I write).  It was something I couldn’t imagine ever happening again.  The Red Dragon had evil plans for people of color.  He was planning to use people of color as slaves to build up his empire.  These slaves would be made up of people of color from South America, Mexico, the USA and Africa.  They would all be used to form a massive slave army to assist in the buildup of the Red Dragon’s empire.

Me:  “Uriel, where is the other dragon, the Black Dragon?”

Uriel:  “Make no mistake… he is taking notes and plotting his great rise.  Still, you are always to remember that God is greater… much greater.  Now, do not worry.  Look…”

I saw a massive eagle flying over the nations.  It was once again huge, healthy and free to fly.  Nothing could touch it.  It didn’t flinch at the sight of the Red Dragon.  It instead flew right over the Red Dragon and off to the Land of the Red Dragon.  Irritated, the Red Dragon quickly shook itself out of its relaxing day dreaming of world domination.

It began to hurl things at the eagle.  However, the eagle was now so strong that it was unaffected.  The large eagle then gave birth to thousands of other eagles (the Transformation).  These eagles then went out from a great mountain.  Wherever these eagles flew, miracles and healing swept over the nations.  I could see that the Red Dragon was then forced to retreat.

He was also being forced to gather his spies, his ‘children’, back to his bosom.  Once back at the Land of the Red Dragon, their leadership wept and cursed in anguish.  Still, they vowed amongst themselves that they would rise again.  In the meantime, the eagles continued to fly, bringing great healing and freedom back to the nations.

All evil was forced out by their presence.  This continued until the eagles (and many others) were eventually removed in the Rapture.  Once removed, evil was once again given free reign.  However, this evil was much worse than at any time in history (Hitler seemed like a boy scout in comparison).  While this evil continued to grow even more wicked every day, I was not shown that much.  What I saw was so difficult to watch.

Me:  “So…”  I smiled as I gently nudged Uriel.  “…when will these eagles be flying?”

Uriel:  Smiling back at me.  “Soon, Erin, very soon.  Now, I must go.  Write this plainly.”

Dream over…

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