Dream 458 – The Light of the World is here

Received on Saturday, December 19, 2020


Dear Father,

You are amazing!  Thank You for another day.  Thank You for my family and friends.  Thank You again for warmth and lights when it is so cold and dark outside.  I have been unable to come to You the last two days even though my dreams have continued.  After my last dream on Wednesday, You gave me miraculous signs and wonders.  These were confirmed during my prayers in our Wednesday evening Prayer Service at church.

However, earlier on that Wednesday morning, after I gave my journal for typing, the day was sunny before the arrival of the big nor’easter from the south.  I drove into town to pick up my daughters with my oldest son.  As we turned a bend in the road, we saw a very large bald eagle training a young eagle how to fly.  Their dance was so close.  The young eagle was taking some brutal hits from the older eagle for training purposes.  Oh Father, we, Your Bride and body of Christ, are taking some brutal hits.  Perhaps this is because we are being trained to fly and soar like eagles and we are almost there.

My next remarkable sign was in the sky.  After I had picked up our girls and were on our way home, we saw a massive rainbow corona around the sun.  While we could see it clearly with our eyes, our phone cameras were unable to capture it.  I then heard Your Voice:  “It has been 11 months.  My promises will now be realized.”

The last corona we witnessed around the sun was on January 18, 2020.  This was incredible and easily captured on my camera.  When I saw that one, I heard You say: “It has begun!”  Well, the 11-month time counts to this new corona made me smile:

  • To Wednesday, December 16, 2020: Almost 11 months.  Saw the corona again.
  • To Friday, December 18, 2020: 11-month anniversary.  Last day of Hanukkah.
  • To Monday, December 21, 2020: 11 months and 3 days.  The Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, the Christmas Star, the Star of Bethlehem, a 1 in 800-year event.

We then neared our home.  As we did, we spotted what looked like a wounded bird on the side of the road.  We soon realized it was actually a very cute plump white crowned sparrow.  It had yellow on its head.  It was busy just singing and having fun, really paying no attention at all to us.  It was actually far from injured and had no fear.

Then at prayer service later that Wednesday night, I felt a call to forgive.  As I was in prayer, I felt wave after wave of visions of my enemies.  I prayed for each of them and forgave them.  As I worshiped the Lord, He then took me to a previous dream from a night before, but in a vision that was slightly different than this previous dream.

Sub-dream 1 “A recent sub-dream revisited, but slightly different” begins…

I saw myself arising from a shallow grave.  It was like a bed in the ground surrounded by a circular wall of boulders with thousands of lanterns burning.  I was looking at the beautiful scene as an observer.  I could see a lush landscape of beautiful grass and fragrant flowers.  They were like a blanket all around me.  I was holding a bunch of lilies.  I then heard Jesus speak to me…

Jesus:  “Arise, arise, My love.”

I was smiling and my eyes opened as if waking from a wonderful dream.  I sat up and stretched as I moved to standing.  I could see myself as a young body with a beautiful linen gown.  I then looked around and saw Jesus wearing a crown while riding on a white horse.  He was riding quickly.  As soon as I fully recognized Him, I threw down my lilies and ran towards Him.

Jesus:  “I am coming!  I am coming!  I am coming!”

Sub-dream 1 over…

You then gave me another dream on early Thursday morning.  You have not given me another one since as You wanted me to write this one down first…

Sub-dream 2 “The rats are no match for the Exterminator” begins…

I walked into a very large high-end design showroom.  It had many rooms with vignettes that showcased their inventory.  It was on par with a showroom in San Francisco that I once took a client to.  The showroom was dark, but for a purpose.  The lighting was extremely high end, complete with low-voltage halogen lighting.  They used a pinhole light in several places to accent certain areas or items.

A pin hole light is a type of trim kit placed over a ceiling recessed halogen light.  The effect is incredible as it can illuminate an object in a way which only enhances the object itself.  You often cannot tell where the source of light comes from, especially if it is glass or crystal being shined upon.  It can even appear to the observer that the object is illuminating itself from within when the light is actually coming from above.

Note:  I suddenly realized that this was a kind of analogy, not just of us His Bride, but also of the Christmas Star that climaxes on Monday, December 21, 2020.  While this will appear as a ‘star’, it will actually be the conjunction or alignment of two separate planets, Saturn and Jupiter.  However, without the sun shining on these two planets, this conjunction would not even be visible from the Earth.  It is only from the light of the sun that this ‘star’ becomes visible.  This makes sense though as planets and moons do not generate any light on their own.

In this gallery, several expensive items were highlighted like this.  This created different moods depending on the scenario in the vignette.  It was beautiful.  As I stood there admiring all of this, I was approached by a well-dressed man in a suit with a pocket scarf.  He was perfectly manicured and fit in perfectly with these high-end items.

Manager:  “You must be my 3:00pm appointment.”

Me:  “Yes, I am.”

Manager:  “I am the manager.  Let me turn on a different set of lights.”

He pressed a button on a remote control and the entire room went into bright daylight mode.  The change was remarkable…like night vs day.

Me:  “Oh wow, this is quite the change!”

Manager:  “Which do you prefer?”

Me:  “I love the mood lighting.  The atmosphere looks so different.”

Manager:  “Well, it is the same lighting, just different settings.  I will set this in between.”

He pressed a different button on the remote control.  The effect was simply stunning.

Me:  “I cannot believe that I am saying this, but I love this setting just as much.”

Manager:  Smiling.  “That is good, right?  Now, I hear that you are looking for a complete remodel.”

Me:  “I am.  However, I think that all of this will be way out of my budget.”

Manager:  Looking concerned.  “Hmm, wait, you are Erin, right?”

Me:  “Well, yes.”

Manager:  Now smiling again.  “You are not to worry then.  Everything is covered.  All has already been paid for.”

Me:  “How is this even possible?”

Manager:  “The call came from the top.  Who are we to argue it?”

Me:  “Hmm.  Okay then!”

Manager:  “Let’s start with style.”

He directed my attention to a beautiful vignette with a sofa and accompanying chairs.  I sat on one of the chairs.  The cushions were like clouds.  The fabric was like silk velvet, only softer.  I was in complete awe.  Just then, the manager received a phone call.

Manager:  “Excuse me, Erin, but I must take this.  Please continue to look around.”

In all of my years, I have never sat in a chair as comfortable as this one.  I knew that this just had to be ridiculously expensive.  I stood up and soon found the price tag.  Something unusual then happened.  The numbers and decimal points kept getting blurred and jumbled.  I knew this was supernatural as I was unable to see the price as it was.

I then walked over to a very beautiful wingback chair.  It was very modern with polished chrome tacks on the seams.  There was a beautiful tapestry pillow with four tassels on the cushion. I then saw movement out of the corner of my left eye that shocked me.

I watched as a large male rat in fancy clothing crawled into a tiny bed with a female rat.  After a short while, the male rat left.  The female rat then immediately gave birth to another and the cycle continued.  I could hear the footsteps of the manager behind me.

Manager:  “Oh, don’t worry about those rats.  They are removed every night by The Exterminator.  Their offspring are numerous though.”

Me:  “Won’t they ruin the beautiful furniture?”

Manager:  “No.  They are trained to only go into lesser areas.  They are not permitted to be here.  Still, they keep showing up.  They are fascinated with this area of our showroom because it is so incredibly beautiful.  However, they are unable to defecate or spread their disease here.  No matter how hard they try to invade us and multiply, they are unable to.”

As the manager finished his sentence, a man in a hazmat suit with gloves came in.  Even though the female rat, who was already prepared to give birth again, was hissing and biting, The Exterminator was unfazed.  He casually put them into a carrier and pressed a button.  When he opened it, all of the rats were completely gone.

Me:  “Where did they all go?”

The Exterminator:  Laughing.  “Vaporized.”

Manager:  Smiling.  “Go on, vile vermin, be free.  You have no powers here.”  He shooed his hand in an exaggerated fashion.

Me:  “Wow, there is no sign of them at all.”

Manager:  “Yes.  This frustrates them greatly.  They will attempt again at night after I close up.”  He shook his head in disgust.  “Disgusting, vile invasive creatures.  Smart too.  But seriously, no matter how hard they try, they have no authority here.”

Me:  “Thank God!  By the way, I just love this chair!”

Manager:  “Perfect.  It is yours.”

Sub-dream 2 over…

Oh Father, it is so difficult to see the destruction of the USA.  These rats were so disturbing.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was out in the upper area of our yard by our stream.  The ice was now covering the entire area.  However, I could still see the current of water flowing underneath.  It was beautiful.  As in the past here, I should have been cold, but I was just cool.  Just then, I felt a hand on my shoulder.  It was Raphael!  I was so excited.

Raphael:  “So, what did you think of your dream of the rats.  That one was a proper rat, complete with the clothing of an emperor.  I think I know a few of these.”

Me:  Both of us were laughing.  “What did all of that mean?”

Raphael:  “Interpretation here is from the Throne of God.  I know this is difficult to understand, but we are in the eleventh hour of a great move of God.  You are discouraged.  The nations have been at war, though it is hidden.  While there has been an invasion, this is undiscovered.  The ruler from the Land of the Dragon sent money ahead to open doors.  By doing so, he was then able to freely access that which was once impenetrable.  Their key was money.

“This key was then used often in the locks of greed.  This was an easy door for them to open.  Now look at where we are today.  A great plague came that kept everyone indoors, shutting each into their own shelter.  Once there, they were fed lies by the media and on the internet.  Since there was little else for them to do, they looked and listened.  The media was then used to scare and control.  The internet was then used to infiltrate and spy.  This is all to set the stage for a bigger invasion.”

Me:  “Oh Raphael, this is bad, really bad.”

Raphael:  “Yes, but only on the surface.  The leaders of the Land of the Dragon are seeking to rule over the entire Earth.  They have plans to send in another plague.  They want people to then be confined to their houses again so as to remove them there.  However, before doing this, they needed to remove the Bull.  He was just too unpredictable, causing trouble after trouble by exposing corruption.  Well, God is about to turn their moons and festivals into times of mourning.

“This leader has declared himself god over all things.  However, do not worry as only God is God over all.  He will not be profaned.  He will not be reduced.  He is and will remain God.  Why?  Because ‘He Is’ and this has never changed.  God cannot be removed…”  He shook his head in disgust.  “…or be cancelled.  Woe be to the man who tries to profane God’s name while thinking himself still safe on Earth.  While this man may have no fear of God right now, he will…and very soon.”

Me:  “Even though I already believe that the antichrist is someone else, I have a question to ask.  Is the leader of the Land of the Dragons the antichrist?”

Raphael:  “No, he is not.  However, he acts like he is.  However, there is an easy test to figure out if someone is a god or not.  A mere man cannot keep himself from aging.  The leader and the former leader that both view themselves as god are aging…and not well at all, I might add.  If one were to be wise, they would know that they are not a god as soon as they became sick.  If they were, they would heal themselves.  Why be sick when you don’t have to be sick?  However, when it comes to God, our Lord…”

Me:  I interrupted him.   I was giggling as I spoke.  “Oh yes!  Jesus never ages.  He is never sick.  He is always so handsome.”

Raphael:  Smiling and nodding in agreement.  “Yes, He never ages.  He is never flawed.  I could go on and on, but you get the idea of where I am going with this.  Now, God showed you rats in clothing.  Even though they are clothed, they are still rats.  Rats spread disease and, no matter how a rat is dressed, they are still rats.  There are many of them and they have multiplied.

“Erin, there is an even greater plot in place.  Many world leaders are faced with either compliance and allegiance with benefits or total destruction.  They are given many promises of money, power, freedom from disease and other things by the leaders of the Land of the Dragon.”

Me:  “This is horrible.  In just eleven months, all has changed.”

Raphael:  “The plague in the world was different than the one in China.  It was set up to destroy and weaken the nations, to make all of them vulnerable for take over.  However, and this is good news, now is not their time.  There are other events that need to take place first.  God will not be erased.  They can cancel their festivals, rewrite God’s Word and declare themselves what they want, but God and God alone is still fully in control.

“Now, you, your household and your friends are to stay encouraged.  God has you.  While He is going to fulfill all of His promises, He is also going to do much, much more.  You will even appear before world leaders.  Wherever you go, there will be trembling.”

Me:  “But when will this be, Raphael?”

Raphael:  “Sooner than you think.”

Me:  “I have heard this before and it still hasn’t happened.”  I slumped my shoulders.

Raphael:  “Well, Erin, the time of God’s judgment has now come.  As it is written, the Lord walked in the courts of the Temple during what is now the Festival of Lights (John 10:22-23).  He declared Who He was and is in the Temple (during Hanukkah).  He was handed the Book and He then declared His Station.  This time is also now (Luke 4:16-19, Isaiah 61:1).  During this time of great darkness, this is when your flame should burn the brightest… just like a candle lights up a room… a sudden Transformation from darkness into light.”

Me:  “But all of this can only happen if Jesus is in us in a great way.  We do not have our own light.  Any light that we do have is completely due to the reflection of the Light of the sun, The Son.  Oh Raphael, when will all this be?  Our lights are growing dimmer every day.  There are some that can’t take this waiting anymore.”

Raphael:  Smiling.  “God is not cryptic.  He is precise in all that He does.  He is intentional.  The signs that you receive are from God.  In looking back at all He has done, you stand amazed.  However, as you sit in the present, you still doubt.  This is human nature.  Do not worry though as He is about to fulfill His promises.  Good News is coming, Erin.  The Light of the World is here.  Hope is upon you!”

Dream over…

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