Dream 459 – The Day before the Christmas Star

Received on Sunday, December 20, 2020


Dear Father,

Please help me!  Please protect us today.  However, I must first always give You thanks because any day could truly be my last day.  If not mine, then someone close to me whom I love.  I never want to forget that You, Father, know the numbers of our days here.  Each day is a gift and I never want to miss a moment.  Every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, season, year, decade, century and millennium are important to You.  I don’t want to waste a moment of it.

Even though I now say this, I have spent a lot of time missing lost time or times I wished I had savored more.  However, I cannot go back.  I look at a tiny photo of my middle son at age two and I remember him clinging to me.  Though he didn’t speak, he always wanted to be where I was.  He just smiled and made signals.

Well, he is now more than 6’ tall.  He has grown so much and that time from 19 years ago is now gone.  It is now only a memory etched onto my heart only to be brought to my forefront when I see something that resurfaces this history.  This is the sting of the times, but also of the joy of what is left.  Oh Lord, where does all this time go?

When I was little, divorce was rare.  Even so, my parents divorced when my brother was just 2 and I was 4.  It seems like the 1960s was a huge turning point in the world.  Why do so many distant memories still feel like yesterday at times?  Why does time move so quickly?  How did I become so old physically when my heart and mind still feel so young?  I remember my mom when she was young, but she is now gone.

My mom and my family from her generation and the generation before rarely cried.  Tragedies occurred, but none of us were allowed the luxury of tears.  It was so difficult.  Emotions were shunned.  I cried alone at bedtime.  Fighting, worrying, drinking and partying were allowed in my household when I was a child.  To them, we were only children, better seen only on occasion and best not heard from.  Much has changed since then.  I had a great dream last night…

Sub-dream 1 “Mighty ships easily navigate the rough seas” begins…

I was on a very large wooden clipper ship.  It was easily 400 years old.  The ship was powerful and one of the largest ships I had ever seen in my life.  It was even larger than a luxury cruise ship.  There were 12,000 of us on this ship.  We were all crew members working together.  We worked together in an efficient and seamless manner.

I went over to the front of the ship.  I laughed as there was a massive carved eagle head ‘at the head’.  This ship supernaturally easily ruled the seas.  It was neither moved nor tossed as it cut through the great currents and waves.  As I looked at the water below, I saw some small fish and minnows.  However, when I really looked closer, I realized that they were really thousands of adult dolphins jumping and swimming along the side of the ship.  This just goes to show you the massive size of this regal ship.

I stopped and smiled as I could now hear music playing over the sounds of the sea.  While everyone kept working, they were also joyfully singing as we cut through the ocean.  I then heard a call from up above.  I looked up and there was a watchman on a perch or nest.  I heard bells ringing from there in tune with the music.  It was awesome.

I then saw a sight that left me breathless.  There were about a dozen or so other massive ships to the left and right of us.  Each of the ships looked pretty well identical to ours in size and staffing.  The size of our masts and sails were simply not of this world.

One person yelled out:  “Finally!”

A different person yelled out:  “This is it!  Here we come!”

I then heard bells from all of the ships ringing in unison.  All of us then shouted together as one:  “Land ho!  Land ho!”  I then remembered the lyrics from a song we all sang together right after this, again all of us in perfect unison:

“Keep your eyes fixed on the horizon, where the line meets blue on blue.  There is a silver lining, where My love is with you!”

The horizon became clearer as we drew near!

Sub-dream 1 over…

Oh Father, what if tomorrow, the peaking of the Christmas Star, comes and goes without event instead of being our long awaited and prayed for Transformation?  My heart will break.  The world is running out of time.  Please don’t let me lose my mind.  My heart is set on You.  Please let Your Words reign true.  You are no God of lies.  I cling and cling to the promises of Your Prize.  Please let my dreams come true now.  Through all of this time with You, You have shown me a great, great love.

You have shown me a love so deep and wide, so unconditional, I never thought it was even possible.  We matter to You, Father.  Through all of these lost days and years of watching, days and years that have come and gone, please consider tomorrow (the Christmas Star of December 21, 2020) as being Your ‘Best Day’ and a ‘Great One’!  Please don’t let our hearts be discouraged yet again by a passing date!

My children have witnessed Your Great Miracles time after time, but have not seen Your Great Promises being fulfilled.  This Great Day is for here, not Heaven.  When will You well up in us and fill our vessels, vessels that have been prepared by the Master Potter, by Your very hands, for this very time?  While to You, a day is like 1000 days and 1000 days is like one, to us, a day is still 24 long hours.  Many of us do not have many more left unless You come soon to strengthen us!

My heart sank at my next dream, also from last night.  I know that this frightening dream was allowed by You as Raphael had pre-warned me something like this was coming.  I am not sure why I knew this was coming, but I just did…

Sub-dream 2 “The Tempter attempts to Tempt” begins

I was in our front yard by the frozen stream.  I immediately knew that this was somehow different from other sub-dreams as I was not just cool, but cold.  While the stream was frozen on top, I could still see the current moving quickly just underneath the clear ice.  The other thing that was unusual was that there were no little animals or birds here to greet me this cold morning.

Something then happened that frightened me to my core.  As I looked closer through the clear ice blanketing the stream, I could see little animals trapped just under the ice.  It will take a while for me to remove the look of sheer terror on their faces from my memory.  I immediately looked around the area in search for something to break the ice.  Just then, I felt a hand on my left shoulder.

This was something I had never felt before.  How can one describe pure evil?  It sent a spark of cold, like a jolt, through my body, along with a wave of nausea.  I instinctively jumped back as I turned quickly.  There was an entity standing there.  He was very tall and wrapped in layers of dark swaths of clothing.  Even though he was wearing a hood, I could still see some of his face.  His face shifted structure back and forth.  This shifting is very hard to describe.  I could see a storm in his eyes.  While his stench was ‘fragrant’ at first, it soon smelt like sulfur / rotten eggs instead.

The evil entity:  “Hold on.  Do not be afraid.  I will not harm you.”

As his mouth opened while he spoke, I could see his forked tongue.  While I could see ‘honey’ being produced, I knew it couldn’t be as it was coming from wasps that were living inside of him.  This was hard to look at.  I was not sure if these wasps were only an illusion.  Regardless, the feeling of sickness in my stomach continued to increase.

The evil entity:  “Why do you not pursue me?  Why do you not see my greatness?  Do you not know that it is I who is your first love?  I am your alpha and omega.  I will give you the world if you will just follow me instead.”

I then saw an illusion of a bridge across our stream.  However, it was not even close to the kind of bridge I see when I am visiting Jesus.  I looked around the yard and saw more that repulsed me.  I could now see the carcasses of our little animals and birds strewn all across our yard.  I knew that this vision was coming to me through his thoughts and desires.  I was thankful that the Holy Spirit was protecting me.

The evil entity:  “Come and follow me.  I have the key to your life.”  As he pulled out a large key, a door appeared.  “Erin, come with me into paradise.”

Me:  The Holy Spirit now welling up in me.  “No!  I believe in the One True God, the Father, and His One True Son, Jesus Christ!  Be gone from me, in Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen!”

In an instant, two massive angels of God arrived.  The evil entity fled immediately.  They then struck the bridge and it was gone.  The animals and birds were alive and healthy again.  They were running and flying all over the place.  It was beautiful again.  The stream no longer had any animals trapped under the ice.  I began to cry with joy.  The sun was shining all over the area again and my body warmed up instantly.  I cried, and even as I write, and didn’t stop.  I was so grateful that the Lord saved me yet again.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Oh Father, please protect us and help us.  We are nothing without You.  Have mercy on me.  If I am mad, crazy and delusional, please have mercy on my foolishness.  If I have tested You or complained to much, please forgive me.  My best years of my life were in the midst of battles I could never win without You.  However, I enjoy my life much more now, with a husband and all of my kids here, then these trying times of the past.

Still, I never did see justice.  How do I explain to my children that You are the God of Justice if they never see it?  They see illness caused by the wrongdoing of another, yet they never see recompense.  They are left with their disabilities, their hardships.  They face a world who mocks them and who mocks those who love You.  They ask me where You are and I say You are here.  They then ask ‘does He not care or see?’

Oh Father, You do care.  You care so very deeply.  However, it is so hard to explain that we have been used by You as a measuring line for the wicked?  What can we say to someone that is hurt by such cruelty when they are trying so hard to be considerate and helpful?  Well, after many times telling them this, they are finally able to understand that many hardships were because they were being used as measuring lines.

While this brings comfort to them and to me, it is still so hard to live under these conditions.  God has been using us to build His case against the world.  We have been used as a calibrator, a scale and a tape line.  My children still say ‘But I don’t like this anymore.’  Well, Father, I agree with them.  How much longer must we wait?

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I felt a hand on my right shoulder.  It was Raphael.  The warmth from his touch was completely opposite of the coldness that came from the evil entity’s touch.

Me:  Crying.  “Why did the Lord allow this visit from the evil entity?”

Raphael:  “Don’t worry, Erin, as we were all here with you for this.  This was allowed to show you what God wanted you to see and what He protects you against.  This one was once with us.  However, he has fallen and he is tormented.  He is angry.  What you saw with your little animals and birds was what he desired for them.

“He hates all innocence.  He hates anything that is loved by God.  This was shown to you so you will not be surprised when you see those who are lost of the world who choose to follow this.  It is because they are children of this father, not the children of your Creator and Heavenly Father.”

Me:  “He looked kind at first.  His face was flawless.  However, I then noticed that his neck was grotesquely shriveled.  Thankfully, I could only see a few details.”

Raphael:  “Well, Erin, this is your true enemy, the enemy of God.  There is much occurring all over the world right now as the great waves of deception have continued to pound the Earth.  God knows you are discouraged.  This is where many lose heart.  They then relinquish all hope.

“However, Erin, you are not to lose hope.  Your journey has been like that of one perched on a nest of a ship with great sails.  You have been on a lengthy journey on tumultuous seas.  From that nest, you see land one minute, yet realize it was just an illusion, a Fata Morgana, the next.”

Me:  “What is a ‘Fata Morgana’?”

Raphael:  “While its origins are of witchcraft and sorcery, it is used to describe illusions while at sea.  Understand it like an analogy of a watchman on a wall or a bride in her chambers watching and waiting for her groom.  There is so much time waiting, so many days, weeks, months or even years, all without activity, that one looks for anything.  Now, to be clear, you, your family and your friends are not doing this.  If you were, you would not be talking to a servant of God.  You would instead be talking to the servants of the fallen.  I tell you this to reassure you.

“Now, your journey is like that of a ship at sea, a crew discovering a new land, one in which others have heard stories about, yet it waits somewhere undiscovered.  This ship then sets sail with a strong and mighty crew.  Although they know they will eventually reach this distant shore, they don’t know how long they will be at sea.  There are days where there are more questions than answers as the storms pound the ship.

“Things then happen while sailing.  There are ripped sails.  There are wet cabins.  There is illness, worry and even loss of hope at times.  Each day, the Watcher climbs to the nest in order to search for a horizon line, a strip of land, something to give the crew hope.  They all look to the Watchman.  He is the one who will likely see something first.  At night, the crew discusses and studies their route.  The Watcher then joins them to listen and pray with them.

“In history, certain events and milestones are logged.  On a certain week, signs written about are visible to the Watchman.  However, they then disappear.  They then appear again.  The crew becomes disheartened.  They are then encouraged again by the signs of land.  They see an increase in birds.  Once this happens, all know that the ship is drawing closer to land.  Still, it is the most difficult part of the journey as many are anxious about what they will find once there.”

Me:  “Well, I don’t like it anymore.  We are here right now!  What about ‘the third day’?  The third day from what?  It is meant by ‘it is upon us’?  How so?”  I was serious, but was now laughing.  “Oh Raphael, is there ever a time when the person watching from the nest jumps overboard or just never bothers to come back down?”

Raphael:  Smiling.  “Well, that would certainly be a twist that God would not have seen coming!”  He then became quite serious.  “Erin, God loves you.  You are not delusional.  None of this is a mirage.  I am here to reassure you… when the horizon appears, your Groom comes.  There will be no mistaking this as all will see it.

“Erin, it is easy to lose hope.  God meets with His angel army as we too grow weary at times from the lengthy battle.  He then speaks to us, strengthens us and encourages us.  While God could immediately order His army to finish all battles, there is a great and important reason for Him to not order this.  Do you know what this is?”

Me:  “Our souls?”

Raphael:  “Well, that is the ‘micro-version’.  No, it is the process of the endurance of love, a heart of the Father for His Children, the Heart of a Groom in love with His Bride.”

Me:  Crying.  “But this is so painful.  It is so hard.  We have dreams of great things, things which are not caused by sugary snacks or bad television just before bedtime.  We have dreams of things to come on Earth from Heaven.  Many have had supernatural dreams and visions of what is soon to come.  They are as real as ‘broad daylight’.  Oh Raphael, when will this all be?  Is God able to…”

Raphael:  Interrupting me.  “Yes, Erin, God is able to see all things and He does!  He is God.  He sent me.  I am right here right now.  There have been too many events, signs, wonders and miracles to count.  Do not forget these.”

Just then, a download of events started to stream through me.  I was amazed.  There were so many that I couldn’t even count them.

Me:  Weeping to God.  “Oh Father, I repent.  I am so sorry.”

Raphael:  “Erin, I am here to tell you that a Great Sign is upon you.  God has not forgotten His promises to you.  He loves you.  You have shown endurance to love God through all of this.  Even when days come and go, days that looked perfect and ‘on the horizon’, you still loved Him just as much.  Erin, God sees Your love in Him, a love that even grows when disappointments come.  Now, He knows your deep longings.  These are soon to be rewarded.  Notice I didn’t say ‘very soon’?  I didn’t say ‘very soon’ as it seems to be a tipping point for some on the Nest.”  He smiled as he nudged me.

Me:  “But God said I had a little while before my mom would pass away and it was 21 days to the day?”

Raphael:  “Do not worry, Erin, as this is not the same as what you are waiting for today.  Even so, I will not apologize for the words that God has sent through me.  Erin, has it ever occurred to you that the enemy and his children also know and are watching?  Erin, their hate is great and they too are waiting.”

Me:  “Yes, but God is much greater and His love is higher than their hate.”

Raphael:  Smiling.  “Ah, very good, very good.  I will now bring forth a question to you as asked by God through me…If a day comes and goes with nothing, will you still believe in Me?  Will My Son, Jesus, still be your First Love through all of this?”

Me:  “Have I not proven this time and time again through all of these disappointments and tragedies?  This list is so very long…

  • Both of my parents are gone and both within the last five years
  • Both of my sons have special needs and this is so hard at times
  • I have a long list of health problems, with a brain tumor being just one of them
  • While I see Heaven and walk there in my dreams, I still wake up here
  • My husband still searches for a new place of employment and this has been hard on both of us
  • I have been called too many names to count, ones I won’t dignify by repeating

“Oh Raphael, there is so, so much more, yet I still love God with all of my heart.  I love God through all of this.  I love Him!  Even if He never comes to me here before I die, I will not stop.  I will keep looking for my Groom.  I will wait for my Groom.  I will keep my hope in my Groom.  My life is His and will always be His.”

Raphael:  Smiling.  “Ah then…there is a very good day coming, one which will make you smile, laugh and even dance.  This day has always been there.  This day will only be the very first day of a Great Adventure.  This will not only be for Heaven though, but also there on Earth…on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

Me:  Crying.  “My heart aches for something I don’t understand.  I long for Home.  This is like the Narnia movies that made me cry.”

Raphael:  “Ah yes…CS Lewis.  His story is a great one.  He believed, then he became angry at God, then he believed again.  He died on a day of your first call to the Mountain of God.”

Me:  “My first call to the Mountain of God was on November 22, 2004.  CS Lewis died on November 22, 1963.  This was the same day that President JFK was assassinated.  As a result, no one really noticed the death of CS Lewis.”

Raphael:  “Yes, this was a very busy day.  However, Lewis was not forgotten.  He was important to God.  He faced many critics.  Christians shunned him.  They still do.  I could go on and on.  He was a gifted writer.  When his stories began to hit too close to the enemy’s patterns, his material was purchased and then squelched.”

Me:  “Do you mean the cancelation of the fourth movie?”

Raphael:  “If you happen to notice, entertainment in the form of movies, games or books often mirror real events or events soon to come.  Still, and again and again, God is and remains God over all of it.  The Lord spoke to Lewis in those books and his writings reflected events.”

Me:  “I have not read them.”

Raphael:  “It matters not, Erin.  What is about to happen is far greater.  God is the Producer of an Epic Story.  It has all of the great elements…warriors of God, angels, dragons, demons, good guys, bad guys, superheroes, a Bride, a Groom, a Great Wedding, the happiest of all endings…and even baby animals.”  He laughed.  “Oh yes…don’t forget the angels with ‘zero % body fat’.”  He smiled as he knew that ‘zero % body fat’ was a term from an ongoing private joke between me and my husband.

“God loves you.  He is the Author and the Finisher of your faith, your journey of faith.  Now, let me tell you…when this production begins, every eye, everyone, will see it.  Even Heaven will see it and all will be amazed.   It is time to order your popcorn from the lobby.  Oh wait, there is no need to do this as you are one of the heroines.  You are in this one.  Rejoice and relax.  God has this.  He has you!  Oh, look at that light!”

I turned to look.  There was a bright flash.  I turned back and he was gone.  I heard the song ‘This is Home’ (from “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” soundtrack) by Switchfoot.  I felt led to include the lyrics to this excellent song…

I’ve got my memories, always inside of me, but I can’t go back, back to how it was.  I believe you now, I’ve come too far, no I can’t go back, back to how it was, created for a place I’ve never known.

This is home, now I’m finally where I belong, where I Belong.  Yeah, this is home, I’ve been searching for a place of my own.  Now I’ve found it, maybe this is home, this is home.

Belief over misery, I’ve seen the enemy, and I won’t go back, back to how it was, and I got my heart set on what happens next.  I got my eyes wide it’s not over yet, we are miracles and we’re not alone

And now after all my searching, after all my questions, I’m gonna call it home.  I’ve got a brand-new mindset, I can finally see the sunset, I’m gonna call it home

Now I know, yeah, this is home, I’ve come too far, and I won’t go back.  Yeah, this is home!

Yes, Father, we can hardly wait for Home.  In the meantime, I pray we can have Heaven come to us on Earth.  We are ready, Lord!  We are so ready to serve You in any way that You ask us.  May this be soon…VERY soon…smiles!

Dream over…

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