Dream 464 – Psalm 80 Prayer begging for God to rise up

Received on Thursday, January 7, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your love.  Thank You for all that we have.  Thank You for our wonderful family and Nest friends.  My Spirit has been troubled from Sunday to yesterday.  My husband and children could tell I was not myself.  I was searching for something, but couldn’t find it.  I was unable to sleep in peace.  My peace was gone.  All of the disturbances I felt in my Spirit was realized yesterday.

There has been a great war in the Heavenlies and here on Earth.  We watched helplessly as our President went down in a blaze of shame.  This was all part of the enemy’s great plans.  We watched in horror as people blamed our President for everything that happened.  My husband and I couldn’t take it and turned off the news.

We went to prayer service at church.  Our prayer service has remained in person.  However, I am sure that all will soon go to online services again.  By all accounts, the enemy has prevailed.  The enemy has won and his army is going to overtake us all.  I am so sad.  I had a dream last night…

Sub-dream 1 “A goat splattered in blood” begins…

I was carrying a huge vessel on my shoulders.  I was filling up the vessel with clean water.  I was hoping to use the water to make a dirty area clean.  This dirty area was a feeding place for the little animals.  While I struggled to clean this, I eventually had some success removing the dirt.  The clean water had somehow pooled up off to the side with the dirty water.  The two had somehow remained separated.

The two created a line in the water as if one side carried oil with it.  I went back to the small stream to fill my vessel again.  As I turned the corner, I saw an odd-looking large goat.  Blood was covering some of it.  It was not moving.  I brought some water up to it, but it wouldn’t drink it.  It turned and looked at me and walked up into the trees.  As I watched it move away, it was ominous looking and alone.  I could feel the spirit of oppression all around it.  I sighed.

The goat stopped to look at me one more time and then it was gone.  It was sad.  I turned to fill up my vessel to finish my cleaning task.  I then noticed a piece of blood-stained cloth where the goat once was.  I picked it up with my hand.  The cloth suddenly turned completely white.  All the blood was gone.  The composition of the cloth then completely changed as well.

Sub-dream 1 over…

After having a dream like this, I knew God was calling me today.  Even though I had an appointment at 9:00am, I decided to reschedule it.  I went to my devotional chair.  I was crying and mourning.  I took communion and prayed for divine revelation.  I briefly looked at the news and what I suspected would occur did occur.  This was a brilliant move by the enemy.  This was a great distraction to take away the pursuit of truth.

Father, in my dream last night, I believe You were showing me a scapegoat.  The leader You raised up, President Trump, has now become the scapegoat for all of the enemy’s schemes.  Any hope of vindication or exposure of the corruption is now lost in a moment.  All of those who are close to him and who have supported him have resigned.  The wicked are even calling for the President to be arrested for insurrection.

Father, why does this always happen?  The enemy amplifies an event to draw attention away from the true endgame.  How do we even know that this wasn’t antifa operatives in patriot clothing storming the Capital?  All of this seemed so orchestrated.  It all seemed like planned chaos to remove any last sympathizers and to take away all of our liberties in pursuit of fair justice.

I know what it is like to watch this as all of those closest to you leave you and won’t take your calls.  They then cancel playdates with their children and yours.  When they run into you at the store, they look at you with pity, but quickly move on.  They then lie and say ‘Erin, I have been praying for you.’  Seriously, what liars!  When I really needed them to witness to me being a good mother, they were nowhere to be found.

I would later find out that my main enemy I was fighting had covertly coerced some of my friends not to help me.  He is a great liar, so it is hard to blame them for believing his clever manipulations.  He used his family’s standing at the church to make it seem that he was the righteous one when he was anything but righteous.

So, there I was…abandoned, in shock, in disbelief…my chest feeling as if an elephant was sitting on it.  My back was as tense as if I was in the jaws of a crocodile.  My heart was racing.  I was about to lose my children because no one would vouch for my character as a good human.  What else could I do?

Well, I went, yet again, to my knees and recited my utter anguish and broken heart to God.  I was in complete despair now.  What were all of these so-called friendships based on?  Were any of them real?  While I would have moved mountains to help them, I was completely abandoned.  This was all in addition to coming up with the money I needed to fight.  This was truly impossible.

Well, I was wrong!  This was not impossible as God stepped in to help me.  You suddenly provided me with better and powerful witnesses, ones that I hadn’t even considered.  In less than 24 hours, I had multiple witnesses approach me to volunteer to my good character as a person and as a mother.  In a divine twist, my witnesses then turned out to be greater and more powerful than my enemy’s witnesses…

  • Two officers from child protective services that saw me when they were off duty
  • Two staff members from the children’s school, the principal and the main school counselor
  • Four other people that had prestigious careers and were excellent testimonials

You turned all of my heartache around in literally 21 days.  What would have been a trial ended up with me being given back what the enemy had stolen.  My children and I were even able to go on a small weekend trip.  We stayed in a hotel with a pool in our old hometown of Bend OR.  For me, this was absolute luxury.  We had so much fun, all in peace and joy, after such horrible times.

While I was still subject to continuing retaliatory attacks the next year, with strikes against me by my main enemy, You, in turn, gave me dreams and visions.  You turned my great sorrows and gave me joy.  We are now here.  Father, could You please consider doing the same for President Trump?  You appointed him.  You raised him up.  He gives his monthly salary away to sow seeds into organizations that need help.

He is being destroyed simply for bringing back the USA from its hidden freefall.  He was raising our nation up again.  He protected the unborn.  He fought for religious liberties and freedoms.  He did so many things in recognition of Israel, including all of the unrecognized peace treaties.  Now this has happened!  Oh Father, I believe with all of my heart that You will do something amazing.  Please, Father!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I walked outside into the front yard.  While the tiny creek was crystal clear, it was also almost completely frozen over again.

Me:  “Raphael, you definitely cleared up our little stream.”

It was quite cold outside.  I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I turned and there was Raphael.  He was smiling.

Raphael:  “Come, Erin.  God requests your presence.”

As soon as he reached for my hand, the bridge appeared.  He walked me across the bridge to the other side.  Uriel then appeared on his horse.  While Uriel nodded at me, he waved at Raphael.  Raphael went over to Uriel to discuss something.  They looked very serious.  I couldn’t hear what they were saying.  Curiosity got the best of me.

Me:  “Um, excuse me… what is happening?”

They ignored me.  As soon as I finished saying this, a blossoming tree suddenly appeared next to them.  I recognized the tree.  It was an almond tree.  There was a path to the right of the tree.  I recognized this area as the path to God’s Door.  I began to walk down the path to see God!  In a kidding fashion, I started skipping down the path by myself towards God’s Door.  Just then, Uriel and Raphael were walking next to me on both sides.  I felt so safe with them.  I had a huge smile on my face.

Uriel:  “Well, Raphael, just so you know… Erin will wander off on her own from time to time.”

Raphael:  Laughing.  “Yes, I have already noticed this.”

Me:  “Well, in my defense, you both deserted me for the tree that just appeared.”

Uriel:  All of us were now laughing.  “Oh Erin, God requests your presence.  There has been an epic battle.  I must return soon.”

Raphael:  “Do not worry, Erin, as we will walk with you.”

Just before reaching God’s Door, it opened on its own.  Uriel placed salve in my eyes.  They both then walked me into God’s Throne Room.  I could hear the choir of God’s angels singing.  Tears streamed down my cheeks as we approached God’s presence.  As per usual, I could not look at God directly, but could see activity all around Him.  In reality, my burden was greater than my need to understand what was around me.

I dropped to my knees to praise Him.  My heart was broken.  It was so hard to see the nation about to fall to the hands of the enemies of God’s people.  I found myself trembling and crying.  I did this in my prayer last night during worship service and I was still doing so this morning as I prayed.  I decided to pray out loud and plead a ‘Turbo-boosted Sparrow Alternate XL Version’ of Psalm 80 directly to God…

“Give ear, O Shepherd of Israel, You Who lead Joseph like a flock, You Who are enthroned upon the cherubim, shine forth.  Before the Israelites, stir up Your Might and come to save us!  Restore us, O God; let Your face shine that we may be saved!  O Lord God, my Father, my Creator, how long will You be angry with Your people’s prayers?  You have fed them with the bread of tears and given them tears to drink in full measure of their afflictions.

“You make us the object of contention with our neighbors.  Our enemies and the nations laugh among themselves.  Their contempt is with them and they plan on paying back God’s people in full measure according to their prayers.  Restore us, O Father Who created us in Heaven, Who sent His Son, Jesus, to save us, Who died for us and raised Himself up after three days.  In Your fury, You caused the sky to grow dark and the ground to shake.  You brought down the stones of the Temple one upon another and the Stone the Builder had rejected became the Cap Stone.

“You then opened the graves and rose the dead, all because You are God.  So, Father, how long until You restore us?  Let Your face shine that we might be saved and that we might also shine, with Your glory upon us and that we would go out on behalf of the Kingdom of the Lord, You, Father of Hosts, and declare a victory.  O Father, the nations are far from You and Your judgment hangs in the balance of fair weights and measures.  But the world uses unjust measures against the good and the dragon and the tigers lie in wait for their prey.

“Turn again, one last time, and turn back to us.  Look down from Heaven and see, have regard for this vine, the stock that Your Right Hand planted and for the Son Whom You made strong for Yourself.  See, they have burned it with fire.  They have cut it down.  May they perish at the rebuke of Your Face.  But let Your Hand, Father, be the Right Hand of the Son of Man, Who You have made strong for Yourself, the One Who cherishes His Bride.”

I lifted my right hand up to God.  I wanted to make sure He was okay with what I was praying.  I knew I must have because I felt a warmth go through me.  I also felt strengthened to continue…

“Then, Father, we shall not turn back from You.  Give us life, O Father.  Breathe into us, O Mighty Lord of Hosts.  Pour into our Spirits.  Make our dying bodies full of the water from Your Throne!  O Father, fill our emptiness with things of Heaven.  Restore us, O Father, and nourish our souls and redeem our branches.  Restore us, O God of Hosts.  Please let Your face shine that we may be saved.  Please accept my cry, Father.  You have my heart and my whole being.

“You gave me back my children, returning them to me.  You gave me more than I asked for.  You saw my affliction and answered me with good things.  You said that You promised me Isaiah 40.  You gave me Isaiah 61, Psalm 45, Psalm 46 and Psalm 91.  Father, please grant us comfort.  We are like Ezekiel 37, the old dry bones in the valley.  O Father, breathe into us one last time.  It has been 2000 years.  Please consider us!”

My prayer was complete.  I hoped that this was pleasing to the Father of all Creation.

God:  “Erin, I have heard your pleas, cries and prayers.  I Am the God Who sees.  I know all things.  I Am not idle.  The nation and its leaders have given itself over to the plans of the enemy.  It is difficult for you to see it on display.  However, what you see is not the full truth.  I Am the God of Truth.  I cannot lie nor do I defile myself.

“I raise up leaders.  Man does not control deposing them.  I do.  I offered up My Own Son as a living sacrifice to atone for the sins of man as a scapegoat.  It was not man who took My Son’s life, but His to offer up, understand?  What you believe to be true and what is true are not the same.  It is only I Who sees all things.

“Now, the enemy has offered up a leader, My appointed leader, as a scapegoat.  They have placed blood on him.  They have paraded him around.  They have put the sins of the nation all on this one man.  However, Erin, and as you now know, I will not let the nations make a mockery of the one I raised up, the one the prophets spoke of.  I Am the God of Justice.

“Just as you have seen in your dream, pure water, sanctified by an angel of the Lord, does not mix with dirt and oil.  Pure water instead remains separate and holy, kept from that which only claims to be holy.  I will separate those who are law abiding from those who claim to be law abiding, but are visibly corrupt.  I will harshly judge those who call evil good and good evil.  I will expose the plots of the wicked.  They will be unable to remove their blood-stained garments, understand?”

Me:  “Yes, Father.”

God:  “Erin, I Am about to raise up My Remnant, My Branch of Government and My Covenant over My People.  No weapon formed against My Remnant will prosper.  I will be with you.  The promise of spring is not always in the calendar season.  However, it is the Staff of Aaron which now blossoms that is a promise and a sign.  Erin, I have prepared My Vessels.  The Vessels I have prepared are My Temple Vessels.  They have been prepared for My Purposes.”

Me:  “It hurts, Father.  My heart hurts.  I grieve for the people.  I don’t understand…”

God:  “Yes, but I understand.  Erin, you must know that, as God, I see all things.  I Am the God of Mercy.  I Am the God Who also extends Grace.  The wicked will not prosper.  The land is Mine.  The air is Mine.  The waters are Mine.  The birds of the air are Mine.  The animals of the ground are Mine.  The creatures in the sea are Mine.

“It is by My Breath that something is breathed into being.  Erin, it is I Who determines the days of a man.  It is I Who removes his breath unto death.  However, it is also I Who meets him there and has mercy to extend his days.  Now, I have heard you.  I have heard your prayer.  I have a Great Plan.  I Am the God over times and seasons.  Rejoice, Erin, for what you have prayed is good.”

Me:  “Father, is now a good time or season?  Please!”

I felt two hands, one on my right shoulder and one on my left shoulder.  They gently squeezed my shoulders.  I was not sure if this was in jest, but I was pretty sure they were joking around and making a point that I should not be questioning God.  What happened next confirmed this…He started laughing.  As God laughed, the entire place rolled with the Movement of God.

God:  “Do not rebuke her.  It is okay.  Erin, I know that you are tired and weary.  I know that you are ready and waiting.  Do you not see the signs of the times nearing even closer to your door?  I love you.  I will not tarry.  I have a great gift to bring you.  However, and more than this, My Vessels will run over and your Oil will pour out.  By My Own Hand, I will conceal you from your enemies.

“My light will shine upon you and it will cause many to flee.  The oil that you will pour out will be a blessing and cause a great increase.  While you have been last amongst people and rejected for no cause, you will soon be first in the Kingdom of Heaven, visibly on Earth.  Your cup will never be empty.  Your debts will be removed.  You cannot be purchased by man.  Your mantle will be peace.

“Your desire for the pleasures of earthly things have been removed.  I will therefore increase your Heavenly Storehouses.  Yours is the Oil of Gladness.  You are a jewel in the Crown of the King, Your Groom.  Oh, how I have longed to dry up your tears and restore you.  Oh, how I have longed to comfort you and tell you that your debts are paid for.  Oh, how I have longed to give you the peace that surpasses all understanding.  Well, I will soon give all of this to you.  My recompense is with Me.”

I then heard the choirs of angels singing ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’ in layers.  Uriel and Raphael brought me to the door.  I turned and waved as they brought me out the door.

Me:  “I love You, Father.”

God:  “I love you, Erin.  I Am the God Who is with you.”

Uriel:  “I must go now.  Raphael will walk you home.”

Uriel turned and was gone before I could say anything.

Raphael:  “It is okay, Erin…Uriel knows that you are grateful.  So, what did you ‘unpack’ from all of what God has told you?”

Me:  “Well, I am not fully sure.  I still don’t know the time.  He could send the nations through a year of troubles first.”  I shrugged my shoulders.

Raphael:  “Is this what you garnered from God here?  Erin, God has spent a great amount of time with you on this path.  I do not recall that He has ever done anything quite like this before in this way.  What stands out to you?”

Me:  “Psalm 45?”

Raphael:  “Ah, very good… ’the hands of a skillful writer’… when you don’t even write.  Yes, this is just like God.  He doesn’t necessarily call the educated, He educates the called.  You have been schooled by the furnace.  While all of this has been difficult on you, God has always been with you.  He has sent angels concerning you.  From time to time and at different moments in your life, I have seen you… pivotal moments.  So, can you say you are more qualified now than you once were?”

Me:  “I am quieter.  I am slower to speak.  I suppose I have learned from the mistakes I have made.  There have been many.  I was in great shape at one point in my life, but this is certainly not the case anymore.  There is nothing I can do now on my own aside from God’s miracles.  Oh Raphael, I need God’s healing and soon.”

Raphael:  “He doesn’t call the equipped…”  He nudged me.  “…from gymnasiums… He equips the called.”  He laughed.

Me:  I now wanted to tease him back.  “Hmm, you keep doing that… that… whatever that is… you know… that thing you do… equip the called.”

Raphael:  Smiling.  “Well, I have been appointed to equip you for your calling.”

Me:  “Oh, so you are my trainer.”

Raphael:  Now laughing.  “Well, yes, in a way.  However, I am here to bring you from one state of being to another.  You will then be trained.  You will then be equipped by God.”

Me:  “When will this finally be here?”

Raphael:  “Erin, do you not see?”

Me:  I looked around in an exaggerated fashion.  “Well, I saw the blooming tree.  Almond, I believe.  Oh no!  Are you talking spring?  Spring is like two to three months away.  That seems way too long to wait now with all that is going on around here.”

Raphael:  “Okay, okay…”  He shook his head as he laughed.  “Look, you just need to relax.  This will be on God’s timing, not yours, little sparrow.”

Me:  “Oh Raphael, what will happen?  Things are getting really bad in the USA.”

Raphael:  “Remember how the cities burned for many months.  Even though there was horrible anarchy, the one side kept saying ‘let it burn, let it be’.  Now this one thing happens on the other side and they state that this was enough to remove the sins and guilt of all the other events.  Well, wisdom is proved right by her actions.  However, there is no wisdom here.  When there is no wisdom, God is removed.

“Erin, the event last night was a planned attack, but by the enemy.  This was meant to remove all hope.  When hope is gone, so too falls the nation.  You know the enemy by his fruit… or lack thereof.  All of this is because of low hanging fruit on a bad tree.  Just as the fruit is rotten, so too are the deeds of those who eat of this.  Still, even though it seems chaotic, you are not to worry.

“The enemy hopes to make God’s appointed and elected leader go down in flames… even wearing an orange jumpsuit, if they can.  Well, if they could, they would round up his entire bloodline and execute them via firing squad.  Even though they are against firearms, they would be just fine with them in this particular case.  Heaven sees all of this though.  God’s Courts are filled day and night with intercessors.

“Erin, do not worry even though it seems bad as everyone is turning away from him.  Do not worry as God’s ‘got this’.  Those appointed for this time ‘have this’.”  He pointed to himself.  He then pointed to me.  “You will also be a part of this.  Yes, I know…they will try to cancel all of us.  They will hit the delete button, the reverse button, the empty the trash button and will then even block their screens.

However, God is over all of this.  Anyone who dares try to cancel God and His children…”  He shook his head.  “…well, it won’t go well for them.  I can assure you that they will be in much worse shape when God cancels them instead.”  He smiled and then pretended he was being called away.  “Oh look, here we are.  Hey, I have a really busy day.  The guys are calling me.  I’ve got to run.”

Me:  Laughing.  “Thanks for all of this.”

Raphael:  Pulling out an oversized remote.  “I am rewinding that.  What did you say again?”

Me:  I realized I was to thank God, never the angels.  “Oh yes… thanks to God for sending you to make me laugh.”

Raphael:  “Ah, better, much better.  We serve God and delight to do His Will.  It is my pleasure to serve God on this.”  He smiled.  “Now, I must fly.  Do not worry.  Be strong.  I will see you very soon.  There will be much to do.”

In an instant, both Raphael and the bridge were gone.  I then heard a horn making an announcement sound.  I looked around, but I couldn’t see where it came from.

Dream over…

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