Dream 465 – The angels are no longer simply holding the line

Received on Sunday, January 10, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for a beautiful sunny winter’s day!  I had a horrible sleep last night.  I couldn’t stop coughing and it was so annoying.  While I still had a couple of memorable dreams, this was so irritating.  I felt this was warfare at the core.  Still, Father, You won.  You always win.  We thank You for being the Greatest Winner in history.  You have never known defeat.  Here is my first dream from last night….

Sub-dream 1 “Four Categories of Vaccines” begins…

Several of us were marked as required to take a vaccine.  Since I was older, my vaccine was slightly different.  In order to receive the required shot regimen, I had to state who lived in our home and our social security information.  Each of us were required to have a device, usually a smartphone, be set to a special Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Warning System.  There was also a tracing app required to be downloaded.

I then found out that, if you refused to comply, you would be unable to enter a grocery store, get gas or have medical services.  There was more to this and the restrictions would include the entire household.  In other words, household compliance was mandated.  Without this, employers could terminate your employment and refuse to hire you.  You would also lose access to your banks and other financial institutions.

I prayed about this as I just knew that this was a precursor to the Mark of the Beast system.  I still had many questions, so I made my way to a ‘Vaccine Technician’…

Me:  “How will you know if I have had the vaccine?”

Tech:  “There is a chemical emission that occurs and is visible through sensors.  If you do not have it, an alarm will sound before entry into, say, a grocery store, as just one example.”

This made my stomach turn.

Me:  “What vaccine is given to my children?”

Tech:  “It is a good one and has ‘transformative properties’.  Now, you stated that your sons are 21 and 23.”

Me:  “Yes.”

Tech:  “When I pull up your information, I see that both of them are on the autism scale.”

Me:  “Yes.”

Tech:  “There is a property in the vaccine that will remove all of that.”

I then heard a couple of the technicians snickering.  I then heard one of them whisper to the other… ”Yes, the vaccine will permanently remove all of it.”

Me:  Pretending not to have overheard this.  “What did they just say?”

Tech:  “Ignore them.  Now, let’s look at your younger son.  I see that he works gainfully in essential employment.  We will likely give him a different vaccine than your older son.”

Me:  “I don’t understand.  What are these?  Are they not just to prevent COVID-19, the Coronavirus?”

Tech:  “Yes, but there is also an environmental justice platform to enhance living for the greater good of all people.  Studies have shown that this vaccine is not just a vaccine, but also has transformative genetic enhancements.  It is wonderful.  Now, from what I see here, you have not had your genetic screening.  This is one of the things required to determine each of your classifications.  There are four classifications…

  • The first category is for those determined as ‘Visionaries’.
  • The second category is for those determined to be ‘Intelligence Support’.
  • The third category is for ‘Workers’ aged 14 to 60.
  • The fourth category is for those we call ‘Groundbreakers’. Groundbreakers include those over 60, the handicapped and the mentally disabled.

“Each in your household would have varying categories…

  • Your vaccine would be in the fourth category. This includes a screen of a genetic map.
  • Your older son would also be in the fourth category.
  • Your younger son would be in the third category.
  • Your stepdaughter would either be in the second category or the third category.
  • Both your daughter and your stepson would be in the second category.”

Me:  “What happens to those of us in the fourth category?”

I then heard another comment by the once again snickering tech… “Tell her what it really means!”

Tech:  Smiling and shaking her head.  “Look, have you lived a good life?  Have you done all that you had hoped?”

Me:  “Well, I suppose, yes, more or less.”

Tech:  “Well then, you have therefore reached your ‘Capabilities Capacity’.”

Me:  “Hmm, I really don’t believe that.”

Tech:  “Allow me to summarize.  You are on disability.  You cost the government systems around $30K per year.  That is a lot of money considering that you have already surpassed your ‘maximum output’.”

Me:  “Okay, I am getting this now.  When you say we have been categorized as ‘Groundbreakers’, what you really mean is that we are ‘Gravediggers’, but our own graves, right?”

Tech:  “Oh no, we are not inhumane.  We do the digging.”

Me:  “I will think about this first.  My older son is brilliant.  He should not be in the fourth category.  At least move him up to the third category.”

Tech:  “You are not getting it.  If you can’t contribute more to society than what you take from it, you are a GB (Groundbreaker).”

Me:  “Thank you, but we will wait.”

Tech:  “Okay, but you will starve.”

Me:  “Given that me and my oldest son have already been labelled for Groundbreaking, marked for death, why would we get the vaccine?”

Tech:  “Well, it is up to you to wait.  However, I will have no choice but to then mark your entire household in the fourth category.  I hope you will reconsider.  Go and discuss this with your family.  This usually results in the natural breakup of the family unit.  Being in the fourth category is usually an ending point for discussion.  I suggest you rethink this.  It would be a real shame to have your whole family classified in the fourth category.”

Sub-dream 1 over…

I suddenly woke up.  This dream felt so real.  I then had another dream…

Sub-dream 2 “The Land is flushed and then Prospers” begins…

Members from Congress and the Senate were in clothes from the early 1900s.  Each one represented something from the following categories…

Cotton, wheat, corn, garments, steel, coal, oil, silver ore, potatoes, fish, gold, granite / marble, limestone, peanuts, peaches, apples, turquoise, cattle, pork, cheese, automobiles, ships, planes, music, show horses, wild horses, glass, pottery, entertainment, timber, building, shale and money.

Note:  While there might have been other categories, I do not recall.  The above list is what I could recall.

I then saw a massive map of the USA.  It reminded me of a map I remembered when my grandpa took us to Sambos Restaurant in Reno NV.  They gave us a placemat of the USA and each state had a symbol on it.  All I remember is my grandpa raving about the 99 cent breakfasts.  This massive map was in Washington DC.

Each representative had to bring an offering of what each state represented.  When a rep would walk up, they put a label on the map, along with a status report.  Along with this, the rep would include a large sack of the state’s commodity ‘under God’.  When they were all finished, they stood in their respective states.  I then saw Heaven split open.  I heard the Voice of God and He did not sound happy…

Voice of God:  “I gave you this land for 400 years.  Much of your offerings I will not accept.  I am not happy.  I gave each one provisions so each state was important as the next and equal under Heaven.  However, I now see uproars in the streets, burning in your cities, sacrificing children to Molech and selling off what I have given to you to the highest bidder.

“You then shutter My churches.  You label that which is good evil and what is evil as good.  You disrespect your parents, the old and the infirm.  You neglect your children and even sell them.  My judgment will therefore fall swiftly.  I will clean all of this up and restore that which has been stolen from Me.  I am angry with you!”

Just then, Heaven closed.  Four angels then appeared with massive push brooms.  Each of the angels started from the corners and brought all of the representatives into the center of the map.  The angels then shoved the representatives and their empty offerings, unclean to God, into the Mississippi River.  The water was then stirred up like a whirlpool.  It swirled like a toilet and flushed all of them into the Gulf of Mexico.

I then saw the land prosper supernaturally in resources and commodities.  The map turned from a flat 2D to a vibrant 3D with colors.  It was now beautiful.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Father, both of these dreams were deeply disturbing.  Please have mercy on the USA.  For the first time, I am observing people I know that are close to each other fighting against each other in public forums.  It has become really brutal.  One post read something like this…

‘A dog had his chain reduced one link at a time every few days.  This continued until his chain was so short that he could barely move.  He never resisted because he was conditioned to the slow loss of his freedom over time.  This is what is happening to Americans right now!’

My husband and I are in shock right now at how quickly all things evil have progressed.  When I was photographing the Corona phenomena around the sun on January 18, 2020, You told me… ‘This is it, a great sign, all is about to change.’  I then showed my friends what had just occurred and they exchanged some stories with me.  Oh Father, we now need a miracle sent from you to keep us with hope and freedom.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I walked out to the front yard by the stream.  The sun was so bright.  The water was crystal clear.  For the first time that I can remember, I could see the colors of the stones in the riverbed.  I smiled.  Just then, I felt a hand on my shoulder.  It was Raphael.  He was in full battle armor.  Even though I knew that he was fully protected, I was still concerned for his safety.

Me:  “Wow, Raphael, there really is an epic war right now!”

Raphael:  “Yes, Erin.  It is the final push by enemy forces.”

Me:  “I am honored that God would send you here in the middle of this battle considering angels aren’t omnipresent!”

Raphael:  Smiling.  “You are correct.  However, we can move quickly from one place to another, but only as God commands given that I am not Lord God.  However, I am on this side of the battle as part of ‘Operation Heaven’s Shield’.  Other angels are up in the heavenlies.  They are no longer simply holding the line.  They are also now in the midst of the battle.  This is why God’s people are so restless right now.  Their sleep is being disturbed.  The atmosphere is heavy as the war is now active just above you all.”

Me:  “So, Uriel and others are there now?”

Raphael:  “Yes, Erin.  Our best fighters are there.  However, they are also here with you.”  He smiled.  “God has trained all of us to battle against the enemy’s schemes.  Since they are not inspired by God, their wisdom is never afresh with new innovations.  They use old war patterns instead.  They do this based on old battles.  There is a predictability to this.  God’s army is much larger.  God’s innovation and creativity is amazing.  After all, He did create creativity!”  He smiled.

“Now, I have a message of comfort to bring you from God.  First, greater is He Who is in you than he who is in the world.  Second, He has positioned angels over you who are here with you.  As you can see, I am close by.  Territorially speaking, Gabriel is over the region, along with his regiment of Heaven’s armies.  This is good.  His territory and mine extends from the northern regions down to the southern areas as far as Brazil.”

Me:  “Oh wow!  Are you over Washington DC too?”

Raphael:  “Well, yes, in a way.  However, there is a massive army fighting a great Jezebel-type spirit there.  As for here, there is something like a Lilith prince / princess.”

Me:  “Those are real entities?”

Raphael:  “Yes.  They have armies and ranks.  Many of the lower ranks have entered into humans.  These are humans that are bitter and angry.  You are unable to see through the veil to the war unless God grants this.  However, you know those possessed by evil spirits by their actions.

“These people have no filter, no self-control and no positive fruits.  It is not difficult to differentiate them.  There are times when we have been mostly over Europe and Israel.  However, this was more than 400 years ago.  Heaven’s army has expanded with time passing.”

Me:  “Oh, I see… so you came from the European regions!  That explains why you are in so many paintings.  Wow!”

Raphael:  Laughing.  “Erin, while we are also still over Europe, we are not as much over the Middle East.  This has been repositioned.  My territory extends to ‘the great divide’.”

Me:  “Are you referring to the Mississippi River?”

Raphael:  “Yes.  However, make no mistake… if I am needed for reinforcements, God will send me immediately.  Our armies are strong and massive.  One day, the veil will be lifted in the spirit realm.  However, most humans will not survive the initial shock of the veil being removed.  Once the Bride is gone, it will be a difficult time.”  He then nudged me and I knew he was now being playful.  “But hey, we still have these times, right?  This is good, right?”

Me:  Laughing.  “Very true, Raphael.  So, when did God give you directives to fight instead of just holding the line?”

Raphael:  “While I can’t give you specifics, your gauge is God’s Spirit in you.  When were you deeply troubled?”

Me:  “Well, it definitely began before January 4, 2021.  It might have been on the first of the month (January 1, 2021).  Oh, perhaps it was in December 2020.  I am not able to pinpoint it.  There was that date in December defined as a ‘pivotal point’.”

Raphael:  “It matters not.  Just know that the angels of Heaven are now in full battle, not just holding the line.  Pray, Erin, for an even greater move of Heaven is soon to come and the enemy is furious.

“Now, about your first dream.  This dream is about what the enemy is planning.  This is a warning.  God confirms this.  While there is so much that the enemy has done, soon this will all be revealed.

“If something presents itself to you or if you feel disturbed in your Spirit, this is a sign.  However, do not forget to also ask the Lord.  He is right there to answer you immediately.  You must not forget to tap into the Greatest Gift you have.  This is what the Lord has given you.

“Erin, you have unlimited data, full coverage, no weekend or evening restrictions and all 24 hour 7 days a week access to God.  The enemy can’t monitor your calls or drop your service.  God will soon increase this greatly.  You will then directly receive His messages in real time.”

Me:  “But what about you?  Will I not see you, Uriel or Breakthrough again?”

Raphael:  Laughing.  “You sure will.  Think of us as being like your ‘service technicians’.  We help you with your new upgraded features.  We help you navigate how to use what God has given you.  We also grant you service protection.  You will never be without help.  You won’t even need that archaic cellphone you use… or should I call it the enemy’s version of God’s Holy Spirit.  How about ‘unholy cellular service’?  Now, do you remember how God showed you the massive web over the Earth, complete with the spider and the giant dragons?”

Me:  “Yes.”

Raphael:  “Well, this has been an ongoing fight.”  He shook his head.  “There is some very bad stuff that you are best not to see until you are strengthened.  The angels of God have been working to cut down much of the operations.  The enemy’s platform is lies.

“While your cellphone is necessary right now, it can be a communicator of bad information.  However, with God, His Service, the Spirit of God in you, is always of truth, Good News and things of Heaven.  So… yes… try to remove yourself from the lies.  Now, here is some more good news.  Are you ready for this?  Are you ready?”

Me:  “Oh yes, please!”

Raphael:  “Just as importantly… we win!  God wins!  He has won already.  This means you have already won.  Have you let this sink in yet?  You haven’t!  I can see it in your eyes.  God knows, Erin.  It is difficult to understand what is happening or anything good when you are not feeling well.  When you are in the middle of a battle, it feels more like that one popular movie series…”

Me:  “Are you referring to the Hunger Games?”

Raphael:  “Do not think the enemy is beyond a plan like this for one moment, understand?  There are things the enemy has already done.  When you are shown things after you are strengthened, you will have righteous anger.  God will then use this anger for His Glory.  A great day is coming when those who are the least, the forgotten, the elderly, the broken in spirit and the bankrupt will be redeemed by God.

“Erin, His remnant is about to rise.  Oh, what a great and terrible day this will be.  I will be with you… as one of your service technicians, of course.”  He laughed.  “I will be helping you from one state as you are now to another.”  He smiled.  “Oh wow, will you look at that?”  I heard a trumpet sound.  “Well, I have to run.  The guys… yes, Gabriel included… are calling.  I have got to go now.”  He smiled.

“Erin, there are saints in Heaven who wished they could be where you are now.  There is no greater time and there is no greater honor, understand?  Please relax, Erin.  God has got your back.”

Raphael smiled at me, but was then gone in an instant.

Dream over…

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