Dream 479 – Heaven will be visible on Earth

Finished on Saturday, March 13, 2021

Received on Friday, March 5, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your love and care.  Thank You for my family and our home.  You have blessed us and I am so thankful.  Father, what has been happening in the world has left a hole in my heart.  Never in history has there been times like these of the end.  The great decline of morality, freedom and justice is dropping so quickly that it is staggering.

From just one morning to the next morning, so many changes occur.  Any gains that the USA was beginning to see under the previous administration has all but been removed in only six weeks.  It is so shocking.  Anyone who loves Jesus is being thrown under the bus, losing jobs and being removed.  Persecution is rising all over the world.  What we are seeing is a massive rise in demonic activity, all with no end in sight.

Father, please help us soon.  Last night, I was awoken by my husband having an odd dream.  He dreamt of a massive demon with a vice grip over its head.  He told me that this demon was coming for the children.  It then took awhile for me to fall back asleep.  After finally falling back to sleep, I had an interesting dream.

Sub-dream 1 “High time for a redesign” begins…

I was in an area that looked a lot like Black Butte Ranch in Oregon.  I was youthful again.  I was a co-designer of a $3 million home.  The person co-designing this with me was loud and boisterous, but not a very good designer.  When we met friends of the clients, they were snobby and mean to me, treating me as if I was a secretary.  I then began to state my resume.  Their jaws dropped.

In this dream, I had done $20 million homes and many $5 million homes and up.  This $3 million home was an easier project for me.  The client’s friends then asked the co-designer about his background.  He was suddenly at a loss for words.  I could tell that he was completely intimidated by me.  He was now acting nervous as he knew that he had treated me horribly.  After a short while, one of the snobby women talked…

Snobby woman:  “While you sure seem to know a lot about design, I bet you probably don’t know anything about furnishings and antiques.”

I looked around the room and began reciting exactly what each item was, their period historically and their current market value, including the tea set we were drinking from.  The woman was both humbled and offended by my abilities.  During this, my co-design partner had snuck out of the room.  The couple there began to quiz me on building codes, weight loads and products.  I sat there taking it until I finally replied…

Me:  “I have never been grilled so harshly on a job.  Perhaps I should leave this job and pursue jobs where I am welcome.”

Snobby man:  “No, no, no, no!  You are welcome here.”

Snobby woman:  “Well, I suppose if you have something better…”

The man kicked her under the table.  She quickly stopped talking.

Me:  “Well, actually, I do.  I am sure your friends will be in capable hands.”  As I turned to point to my co-designer, I realized he still wasn’t there.

Snobby woman:  “You’re bluffing.  You need this job.”

Me:  “Actually, I don’t.  I have no need for a job where I am treated like garbage.  I question your loyalty to your friends and if they know you are like this with those coming to help.  It doesn’t matter anymore though.  In reality, I have more pressing commitments.”

Snobby man:  “No, don’t leave!  Please!”

Snobby woman:  “No, let her go.  We can find a replacement.  I will make calls.”

She knew that I had value, but her pride would not let her apologize.  After waiting a short while, I walked out of the building.  I walked straight into a beautiful horse meadow.  To my right was a giant snowcapped peak.  It appeared more like the Rockies now than Black Butte.  There were elements of both though.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Received on Sunday, March 7, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  You are amazing in all Your ways.  Father, You bless us and keep my household safe.  While I could question my poor surgery and the pain I have, I know that You have allowed it for good reason.  Since You have allowed this, I know that You will then also give me the ability to endure it.  This pain is not new to me though.  I am familiar with other pains that are similar in magnitude and severity.

I am unable to stop the pain through pills because I am unable to ingest them.  Even if I wanted to take them, my body rejects them and it is very painful as well.  It is better to take nothing and endure it than to endure the results of taking what my body hates.  My spirits are low because of all of this.  I was told by my doctor to rest and limit travels and activities until I am seen again.

This is all so depressing and difficult.  I have no feeling in one region of my body and pain all around it.  Lord, You must require rest right now of me because You would have made a way for me.  My husband, daughter and I attended prayer at church on Wednesday night.  We took communion, but the bread seemed to be of low quality.  When I went to a Christian store, I noticed that they too had low quality items.

Nothing is the same anymore.  However, I believe that the things of the Lord should be made to honor Him in our daily lives.  I often chuckle when I hear ‘old timers’ say ‘they don’t make it like that anymore.’  Well, they would be correct.  In life now, there are many factors.  First is the cost.  Second is religious items don’t sell.  Third is people are now afraid to display them at home.  These are all such sad reasons.

So, why did God command specific items in His place of worship, the Temple, all to be consecrated and a specific purpose, design and material if He didn’t care?  He is God and He is worthy of our best, the best we have.  God is about the heart.  When you come to worship God in His Temple, His place of holiness, then the atmosphere should be special.

He is special.  He is worthy.  Even though our faces are covered due to COVID, we still need to worship with our full hearts.  It is so awful that our worship songs from our lips are muffled and filtered.  I pray that our power of prayers and worship never diminishes in scope or magnitude.  Lord, You see it all.  I am thankful that there will be wonderful bread and sweet wine in Heaven.

Received on Saturday, March 13, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for all You do.  Thank You for the great blessings upon my children.  Thank You for dreams.  I have sat helplessly as I watch my sons navigate life.  As they grow, my husband and I instruct them in the ways they should go.  However, how can we truly do this when autism related challenges rise to the surface during their everyday life?

My eldest son is working with a special needs organization that helps with employment placement.  He began as a volunteer to gain work experience.  He has never worked before.  His first day was physically very difficult on him.  It was difficult to drop him off.  I saw panic in his eyes as he stepped into the unknown.  He then spent three days working beside a young man with autism, not ‘just’ Asperger’s.

The two never spoke much, but, on his last day, in the last 30 minutes, they discovered how much they had in common.  Later on, once I picked him up, he had tears in his eyes.  He was quietly weeping, this from a son that barely ever cries.  To my surprise, it was not because he hated working there.  It was actually because he had quickly developed various bonds and friendships with the people there.

Oh Father, my son is humble and kind, but also very naïve about the world.  Please keep his heart protected as the world around him is full of troubles.  As for my other son, also with Asperger’s, he still works at the sandwich shop.  There has been some suspicious behavior he has seen late at night by rough looking customers when he is by himself.  Lord, please protect him from any shenanigans or violence.

While my younger son is more street wise than my older son, I still wouldn’t want to test him on this.  As for my husband’s son, he is leaving for a work study program in a remote area of the Northwest.  He will be working with resource management.  He will likely be unreachable for large blocks of time as a result.  Oh Father, please also protect him, in Jesus’ Name.

As for me, I have been physically struggling.  I am not well.  I wish I could reverse time and opt out of the procedure I had exactly thirty days ago.  This has come with challenges and side effects greater than my original condition.  I am supposed to rest, but it has been very difficult.  Even driving in the passenger seat of our car is difficult.  Each bump sends a pain into my side.

However, and more than anything, I am tired of complaining to You.  Father, it hurts to sit and write in my chair.  Why allow all of this?  It hurts to drive in a car on bumpy roads.  On top of all of this, I am dizzy and unstable at times, particularly when standing.  I am sad, Father.  I am tired of the way I am.  I am so discouraged.  I want to live and be free.  I feel as if I am just wasting away.  Will You not consider (I stopped myself)…

Oh Lord, how I love You!  So much!  It has been a week with many tears.  There have been so many disappointments as I see the enemy working to chip away at my faith in Your presence.  While You have been calling me for something wonderful, this daily grind makes it difficult.  While we have not experienced any new tests, I can also see that You are still ‘polishing my finish’.

We have seen troubles after troubles come and go like waves on the sea.  It has been difficult to see lies replace truth.  We see freedoms being removed to where we no longer have liberty to move about.  Breathing is difficult for me anyway, so wearing a mask makes breathing extremely difficult for me.  When in church, these masks muffle our worship.  It is not pleasant.

We then have to deal with rising prices.  A loaf of bread is $5.  A carton of eggs is $7.  I bought oranges and they were about a $1 each.  Butter is $5.  What?  Yes, the cost of living has seriously jumped recently.    We are now told to get the vaccination so we will have a card to show proof we had it.  This will be required to move about.  Well, I thought we had the right to make choices about our bodies?

Yes, I am talking about prochoice advocates.  They claim that it is our bodies, so we can kill our unborn children, but somehow being forced to take this vaccine is different?  Our body, our choice… or so goes the argument.  But this is where it gets really odd.  Even after getting a shot, they say we will still need to wear masks.  Father, this doesn’t add up.  Surely, we must be very close.  Please make a way for us.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard a knock on my front door.  There was Jesus.  He was holding a scroll.  He held a cloth with His other hand.  I looked down and noticed I was still in my current ‘old age’ condition.  I started weeping as I was so ready for ‘The Big Change’.  Jesus reached out to hug me as I continued to cry.

Me:  “I am so sorry, Lord, so sorry.”

Jesus:  “Erin, for what?”

Me:  “So many things.”

Jesus:  “Hmm, you have wounds.  Wounds need time to heal.”

Me:  “But You are here, Lord.  You are my Healer and Best Friend.  Time takes too much time!”  I then realized I hadn’t invited Him in yet.  “Oh Lord, please come in!”

Jesus:  Smiling as He took my hand.  “Come with Me instead.  Now, Erin, I will heal you.  I promised that I would and this has not changed.  I know you are discouraged as you struggle to even write.  When a person is in pain, you learn about their resolve, character, endurance and stamina.  While I am sorry about your discomfort, have you been resting?”

Me:  “Lord, I have no choice but to rest.”

Jesus:  “Okay.  So, is rest not enjoyable?”

Me:  “Well, I love rest… but how about a pain-free rest instead?”  He looked at me with such empathy as He nodded in agreement.  “Lord, what You ask is impossible.  How can one have true rest without comfort or peace?  The world has been locked down.  Is forced rest really rest?”

Jesus:  “Hmm, you make valid points.  Did it ever occur to you that all of this is a teachable moment for you?”

Me:  “I have.  I find that, if my sleep, rest and writing are all disturbed, there must be something You require of me other than what I am doing.  So, what do You need from me?  I am not spending time on technology as it is hard to get comfortable or type.  My husband often has to type and text for me as I speak with him.”  I began to cry again.  “Oh Lord, have You now stopped Your favor in my life?”

Jesus:  “No, Erin, not at all.  There are times coming when you will be unable to rest except for one day a week.  You will look back at this time and wished you had embraced this more.  Now, come.”

He walked me over to a tiny bird in the snow.  It was dead.

Me:  “Lord, this is the Brown Creeper from yesterday.”

Jesus:  “Yes.  He is sleeping.”  He put the cloth in His hand over the bird and picked him up.  He handed me the cloth with the bird inside.  Tears streamed down my cheeks.

Me:  “He is dead, Lord.  I have no abilities to heal this bird.”

Jesus:  “The bird is sleeping.  Now, breathe into the bird.”

Me:  Laughing.  “What?  Do You mean, like, mouth to beak?”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “No, even though it would be funny to watch.  Now, just speak life over the little bird.”

While I then did, absolutely nothing was happening.  This went on for about a minute.

Me:  “Clearly I am unable to do anything without You.  I am at Your mercy, Lord.  I cannot even raise up a dead bird.  Look at me.  I am not even changed.  I am still old.  I am still in pain.”

I handed the bird back to the Lord.  I knew that I was incapable.  Just as I did this, the little bird sat up.  The bird looked at me and then turned to Jesus in order to sit on His shoulder.

Jesus:  “Okay, so what just happened?”

Me:  “I gave the bird back to You.”

Jesus:  “Erin, when you are faced with unsurmountable circumstances, things out of your control and battles you cannot deal with, these are then My battles… that is, if you give these to Me.  Now, is there anything really within your control?”

Me:  “No, not right now.”

Jesus:  “See, you are fighting an unwinnable battle on your own.  As such, you must give all of this to Me.  I allow these troubles for a grand plan, a plan greater than what you see around you.  Now, there will come a day very soon where you will say to this little one ‘rise up and fly’.  You will say to this mountain ‘move’.  You will say to the ground ‘split’.  However, until this day comes, you must be able to endure what comes at you daily as My battle.  Give your burdens to Me as You cannot carry these things.”

Me:  “You are right, Lord.  I have been acting like ‘God-zilla’!”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “I understand.  There is a lot happening.  However, allow Me to work right now.  I have not forgotten about My promises to you.  You will have all that I have promised.  I have you.  I will take care of you because, without Me, you have nothing.  However, with Me and through Me, you will have the wealth of nations.  You are watching the wicked destroy the righteous.  However, do not be dismayed as God My Father is judging the land.  Once this is complete, the gates of Heaven will be visible.”

Me:  “Wow, the actual gates of Heaven will be visible on Earth?”

Jesus:  “In a way.  Heaven will be visible through those I have called.  Your Vessels are a gateway to the things of Heaven.  Through My Vessels will come healing, miracles and great joy.  However, through My Vessels will also come great dread and judgment to those who are liars.

“Now, be encouraged.  I love you, Erin.  I have you.  My favor is still with you even though it is hard for you to see blessings through your difficulties.”  He smiled and hugged me.  “Erin, you will quickly see that I AM answering all of your prayers.  I love you!”

Me:  “I love You too!”

Dream over…

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