Dream 478 – The Lord will take care of EVERYTHING

Received on Saturday, February 27, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for my family and my friends on our Nest.  There is no earthly value I can place on love.  I have been struggling physically and emotionally.  Well, okay, spiritually too.  You would think that, after all of these years of various trials and troubles, I would have a thicker skin.  However, I don’t… or do I?

I have been watching very little news now.  I have learned from You of the long-term plans of the enemy, Father.  Watching the eroding of Godly foundations of this nation is so painful to watch.  Horrible things are being said of half of the country.  My husband and I watch very little television.  When we do, we try to make it light and fun.  However, even this is becoming more difficult.  Even light shows now have political messages.

Oh Father, what is happening?  I have watched and read horrible things said of prophets who declared Trump would serve another term.  Even death threats have gone out.  Help me to understand!  While You gave me dreams similar to these, You also then told me to be patient and wait.  You told me to wait even when everything seems contrary to what we believe.

Well, Father, wait I will… and we are still waiting.  The agendas of the enemy are extremely wicked.  Our religious freedoms, liberties and equality under the law are all on the verge of being eliminated.  In the meantime, some radical Christians are calling for the death of anyone who prophecies or has dreams and visions at all.

When these dreams first started, I too had horrible things said of me many times.  I then questioned if I was hearing from You.  I then placed fleeces on You just like Gideon did in ancient times.  Since these fleeces were answered each time, I then continued with these dreams.  Still, a Bride waiting in her chamber for her Groom gets discouraged after the years go by.  Others leave too, but hope remains.

When horrible things are said of me, it makes me want to retreat and stop.  It did at the beginning and it still does.  You then ask me a simple question.  Who do I serve…You or the world?  Well, each time, I answer that I serve You, Father.  I then hear You sooth my Spirit by reassuring me too not be afraid.

Father, I pray for these Christians.  I pray because they falsely claim that You stopped Your miracles, signs and wonders 2000 years ago.  However, this makes no sense.  Why would so many words, dreams and visions be pointing to us to repent and follow Jesus?  Why would Satan do this?  Well, he wouldn’t.  It would be contrary to his plans and a house divided cannot stand.  Even the enemy knows this.

What we are watching is not chaos.  Instead, it is the highly organized takedown of one of the greatest nations in history, all executed with evil genius.  In the meantime, so many Christians are pointing to each other instead of looking at what is coming or already here.  Someone has even named themselves ‘The Chief Rebuker’.  Wow, where is that in Scripture?  It isn’t.

Well, Father, for the last two weeks, when I forget I have my surgical wound, I am quickly reminded of ‘having troubles’.  This quickly reminds me to be gentler with myself and to let the area heal.  I then argue with the Lord that, if my Vessel is ready…

  • Why not just heal my wounds?
  • Why not just allow me to wait in peace?
  • Why allow one of our closest friends to have a heart attack in this late hour?
  • Why allow a little newborn to have heart valve issues?
  • Why allow another to break bones?
  • Why allow our recent car troubles?
  • Why allow some of our plumbing to need replacing?

Then there is this monumental, but mystifying, event that recently came about.  Our neighbors are getting a divorce.  The one man is fighting greatly with the other man and we are getting reports from one of them.  I am now even friends with this one man.  Well, it looks like their property will soon be coming on the market.  This seems to be quite the sign from You.  Something You told us would happen four years ago is happening right now and just as You said it would.

This reminds me that we all need to be careful of making judgments of others.  For example, why did God allow for me to have a rare condition that required painful surgery?  If we are really so close now, why did He let me have this procedure when I haven’t had any others since back in May 2008?  Well, when looking back, I learned that troubles come when one of the following occur:

  • They come when our thinking about You and the world are off
  • They come when our path or direction is not in sync with Your plans
  • They come when we are about to move in our lives and You need us to get out of Your way and let You work
  • You do this as a measure of hearts… the hearts that surround the people that are undergoing troubles
  • God also uses our time of troubles and pain to gain our attention and dependence on Him

Yes, You are not a Father Who loves to see us have troubles.  This is NOT in Your nature at all.  However, these come as Your plans and ways are greater than ours and You want to make sure we receive all that You have to offer us.  With all this in mind, I now want to praise all that You are to us…

Oh Lord, how dearly I love You!  You are everything to me and, aside from You, I am nothing.  Your Spirit, the Holy Spirit, is in me and is my Best Friend.  You lift me up when I am down.  You lift my chin when I am in great sorrow.  You send an eagle to lift my gaze to the sky when I am in need of a sign from You.  You care about me and have answered so many of my prayers for our children.  There is something for each of them…

  • My husband’s son will likely receive an offer in the forestry industry for an internship
  • My older son doesn’t have Cushing Disease, a major relief
  • My younger son loves his job at the sandwich shop
  • My daughter has been accepted into a Graphic Design Program
  • My husband’s daughter is doing well in school

Yes, things are beginning to look up again.  Hope is rising here!  However, please consider opening a door for my husband soon too.  As for me, I am thankful.  Never once did You say that my life would be trouble free.  Instead, You said You would be with me in times of trouble…and You have…always!

Father, although I do not consider myself to be a prophet, my dreams and words from You are prophetic in nature.  Please keep me close.  You have been speaking mysteries with words of knowledge about events about to unfold.  Please guide us in all we do.  Please let everything be pleasing to You and for Your Glory.  Let us diminish so You will be exalted by everything we do.  I pray this in Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen!

Sub-dream 1 “A Storm interrupts a Broadway Musical” begins…

I was in a major city.  While not sure, it seemed to be either Chicago or New York.  I had a ticket for the final show of a long running Broadway Musical.  There were many people I recognized there.  There were also famous names, many in the ministry.  All were dressed elegantly.  The was a lot of pomp, circumstance and pretense.  Anyone who was anyone was there.

As many were now being mean to each other, I then found myself not wanting to go.  While I was excited to attend at first, I was no longer interested when I saw the mood and size of the crowd.  I looked around at some people in the Grand Lobby and asked them if they would like a free ticket.  Since everyone declined, I ripped up my ticket.  As I was about to leave, a worker came up to me.

Worker:  “It is the final act of the final performance.  They are all unaware of the storm coming.”

Me:  “What storm?”

Worker:  “Do you not pay attention to the reports?  An epic storm is coming.  It will arrive before the performance is over.”

Me:  “Should we not be taking cover?”

Worker:  “God’s got me.  He has you too.  You will be fine.  It is them.”  He pointed to the crowded theater.  “They are going to need help.”

Just then, an announcement came via the Emergency Broadcasting System.  It was a dire warning.  People began to run out of the theater, through the lobby and into the streets.  The worker and I stayed safely behind a counter and watched.  We were out of harm’s way and just observing.  I then heard “look up, look up!”

Sub-dream 1 over…

I then had a second dream.  However, I decided to wait to discuss it.  I felt that there would be a perfect time to disclose this awesome dream.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard a knock on our front door.  It was Jesus!  I ran over and opened the door.  He was smiling.  I noticed that the scroll was still in His hand.  I looked a bit confused.  He hugged me.  I held Him for quite a while and wept.

Me:  “I am sorry, Lord.  Please come in.”

Jesus:  “I am always with you, Erin.  You have invited Me in, so there I will stay.  As for today though, I would like to share something with you.  Come.”

He reached for my hand.  He walked me through the snow to the bridge over our tiny stream.  He walked across the bridge to a place I recognized.  There was the boat that the Lord used to take me to the Garden Folly He had built for me.  It was a beautiful area of Heaven.

Jesus:  “We are traveling the shorter route today.”

Immediately after saying this, we were instantly on the steps of this beautiful stone structure.  While not sure, it appeared to be on an island of sorts.  I hadn’t noticed this before.

Me:  “It is so beautiful, Lord.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Yes, it is.  It is fit for a princess.”  He nudged me.  “Now, using terms you use for building and design on Earth, try and describe all that you are seeing.”

Me:  Smiling as I rolled up my sleeves.  “First off, this would be owned by an off-the-charts wealthy person.  No one else could afford this much opulence.  The river is crystal clear and made of the purist water.  This river is not deep enough to allow a ship to carry the massive stones we see here.  While there is no visible road, I can see small walking paths.  Again, nothing in terms of the infrastructure necessary for all of this.

“It could also not be done by air helicopter as the surrounding trees are just too huge.  It would be impossible.  The surrounding area would make this impossible for man to build.  Well, I suppose it could have happened if they built this before anything grew.  This seems very unlikely to me though.”

Jesus:  He was smiling at me as He held the scroll.  “Very good.  Continue.”

Me:  “This Garden Folly would be impossible to reproduce on Earth.  It has no rock joints.  This Folly was entirely cut from just one massive rock.  It must have been a gargantuan stone.  It must have then been sculpted with the precision of a water laser jet cutter.  Again, impossible on Earth.”

I then noticed something amazing that I had never noticed last time I was here.  The stones were inlaid with gems that formed intricate leaf, flower and vine patterns.

Me:  Excitedly.  “Oh Lord, these are all precious stones.  There are emeralds, sapphires, jasper, rubies, topaz and diamonds.”  Tears were now streaming down my cheeks.  “These are beautiful.  This is impossible from an earthly standpoint.”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, I am glad that you like this place.  However, you should know that structures like this are quite common here in Heaven.  There is no need to cry as you are gauging this from an earthly perspective.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, I am.  I have seen this before, but not with precious stones.  Just one square foot of this would be priceless on Earth.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Okay, now, continue.  What else?”

Me:  “There is intricate lighting everywhere, yet I have never seen even one cord.  There is no wiring going to the Folly.  There are elaborate fountains, yet I have never seen even one pump or waterline.  On Earth, there would be transformers, wires and pumphouses.”

Jesus:  “Continue.”

Me:  “There are incredibly detailed doors, yet I have never seen even one with a lock.  They seem more like a decorative feature here.  It seems clear that these doors are not here to keep out thieves or unwanted visitors.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “True.  We do not have any thieves or unwanted visitors in Heaven.”

Me:  “Then there are the furnishings!  The furnishings are like nothing here on Earth.  The fabrics!  The paintings!  The rugs!  The pillows!  All of these combined would cost millions on Earth.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention the music.  The music is delightful and surrounds you, yet I have never seen a single speaker or speaker wire.  It is amazing.  It would be impossible to build this on Earth, even with great cost.”

Jesus:  “So then, what do you think it will look like when Heaven becomes visible on Earth?”

Me:  “Hmm, I do not fully know.”

Jesus:  “Erin, you and your household have been dependent on Me for your provision for the last three years.  During this time, you have had outcome, including basic expenses, taxes and repairs.  I have provided for it all.  So then, why have I allowed these recent additional troubles?”

Me:  “Hmm, I again do not fully know.”

Jesus:  “Wisdom would teach you that I would then provide an uptick also in greater provision.  This is to prepare you to be dependent on Me completely when I call you to no longer be subject to the world.  When this happens, you will then only be dependent on the things of Heaven.

“Yes, Erin, there will be a time very soon when Heaven will be visible in you and around you.  You will then no longer be subject to institutions, commerce or man for anything.  This will be because I will be your True Source.  So, now would be a good time to talk about your second dream.  Do you remember it?”

Me:  “I sure do!  I loved this dream!”

Sub-dream 2 “The Lord will take care of EVERYTHING!!” begins…

The Lord was now our complete source of power, food, water, vehicles, traveling and communication.  Our home was powered by God alone.  Our food was ‘just there’.  We had no need for bank accounts or purses.  With the Lord being the source for all of this, the television now supplied information about Heaven and the plans of the enemy.

The enemy no longer had access to us as they had no worldly ability to cutoff our food supply, communication, provisions, bank accounts, gas or electric.  The Lord took care of absolutely everything!  It was amazing.

Our home was also WAY better than our current home.  This ‘divine renovation’ was pretty well instantaneous.  Natural disasters no longer came at us.  No one could spy on us or monitor our activities.  While we were feared by many, we were also like heroes to others.  We felt absolutely secure in the Lord’s care!

Sub-dream 2 over…

Jesus:  “Given that all that you saw in this dream will soon happen, why am I allowing some troubles to fall upon your house right now?”

Me:  “So that I rely completely on You and fall to my knees?”

Jesus:  “Well, yes and no.  While there is more, this is good for now.  You understand My point.  Now, you will be under My care.  You will not be subject to this world.  There will be a light upon you that is visible to others.  This will set you apart.  This is important.  In turn, none of you will be interested in the things of this world other than the souls in which I send to you for healing.

“You are My Chosen People, a Royal Priesthood.  Heaven will be visible in you and around you.  Now, here.”  He gave the scroll to me.  “Review your promises in light of Heaven.  Erin, the dreams I have given you are from Me, even those in which you have come against the enemy but have had difficulty speaking.  These have all trained you for this time to come.

“Erin, you have learned to not step ahead of Me.  You have learned to let Me carry you, even when you are not used to being carried.  You have had attacks against you for your beliefs, but you have learned to trust Me and yield to My commands.  Now, I am about to do something in your days you would not believe even if you were told.  Erin, you are ready!”  He smiled as He reached over to hug me.

Dream over…

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