Dream 481 – Can you feel the Winds of Change?

Received on Sunday, March 21, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for the beautiful spring day!  The snow is melting and the little animals and birds are chasing each other.  This is a sure sign of spring.  I had a dream two nights ago.  I then had a similar dream just last night.  I don’t fully understand the dream…

Sub-dream 1 “Taking Pictures of the Cardinal” begins…

I was photographing a particular cardinal.  The cardinal waited until I approached and then posed for a camera shot.  It then flew to a new location and waited patiently for me to set up.  It then posed again for a camera shot.  This continued a few times until I finally woke up.  Each picture taken was in a different spot in the landscape.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Father, I am thankful for every little thing You do.  You are not only in the small details, You are also in the large ones.  This last week has been a difficult one for me and my older son.  My son has been struggling with his training at various jobs.  Just last week, he was asked not to come back right after they had originally expressed a desire to hire him.  He was confused as they had told him he was doing a great job.

However, the head of the placement program heard a different thing.  He was told that the place was fast paced and that my son didn’t perform up to their standards.  My son was in shock because they didn’t mean what they said when they told him ‘Go at your own pace’, ‘Great job’ and on and on.  Our follow up conversation was sad…

Son:  “Mom, they lied.”

Me:  “Well, people often don’t say what they mean to avoid conflict.  They will say one thing, but then do another.”

Son:  “So, lie?”

Me:  “Well, yes, I guess so.”

I knew he was right.  Sigh…it has been a difficult journey.  Father, today is the 13th anniversary of my second NDE while at work in Bend OR (March 21, 2008, both Good Friday and Purim).  I was sad because much of these years have been spent in great struggles.  The promises that You had given me have not seemed to come or, when they have, it was not in a definitive way.

This makes me then question if it was fulfilled.  On that note, my husband is an epic date speculator.  He has settled down over time though in obedience to Your directive that he keeps these guesses contained.  Still, all of this waiting and waiting makes me reflect on the baby of Abraham and Sarah.  The Lord came to Abraham when he was 75 with good news.

However, time then dragged on.  Finally thinking for God, Abraham thought perhaps God was unclear and that he should perhaps have children through his servant Hagar instead.  This was first brought up by the suggestion of Sarah.  For 13 years after Hagar had given birth, Sarah had to watch God’s favor being poured out upon her maid servant Hagar as she watched Ishmael being raised.

Finally, in Abraham’s 99th year, angels visited Abraham and declared that, when they return next year, Sarah would have a son (Isaac) at age 90.  It was then so.  I was struggling last week and the Lord reminded me that His promises for me and our household are true.  Still, I am struggling with time…

Father, it has been 13 years since my second NDE.  Please let the Year of Your Favor start now.  I am so in love with You, Lord.  My thumb is cut on my right hand and I am struggling today to write.  I need a great miracle.  Please heal my sons, our children and family.  Please heal my mid-section.  Please heal my back.  I am in pain.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard a knock on my door.  I couldn’t see anyone standing there.  I went to the door and peered out.  There was the Red Cardinal looking back at me.

Me:  “Hello.  You didn’t knock.  Did you hit the window?”

I looked outside.  The bird flew off toward the creek.  I turned to put on my boots so that I could try to find the source of the knocking.  I move slower now than I once did, so it took a few moments.  When I turned again towards the door, there was Raphael.  He was smiling and laughing.

Raphael:  “You missed me, didn’t you?”

Me:  “Yes, I did!  You are my much needed ‘comic relief’.”

Raphael:  Smiling.  “Well, the Lord did call me for much more, but… creating a smile in His Name on behalf of Heaven is good.  The Lord called for a smile.”  I began to cry.  “Hey, He called for a smile, not tears.”

Me:  Now half smiling, half crying.  “I am so sorry…”

Raphael:  “This is the time of new beginnings.  You worry more now than you laugh.”

Me:  “I am tired.  However, I also don’t want to miss anything.”

Raphael:  “God has sent me to encourage you.  While your battles have been long in years, God has never forgotten.  Erin, even though your heart breaks, it still beats.  God has called angels concerning you to guard you in all you do.  He has called us to keep you safe while He prepares for the coming times.  There is much you do not know.  However, understand this… the enemy has raised an army into the hearts of men.  This is why you see some people behaving in a ‘confused state’.”

Me:  “While I know you are right on this, I still don’t understand fully.”

Raphael:  “We (the angels) have a specific word for it (those behaving in confusion), but I will explain this in terms you will understand instead.  The enemy has placed a successful veil over most of the nations.  The veil is a thick cover under which evil operates unbeknownst to those inflicted.  Under this veil, the subject is confused and has no ability to discern rational thought processes from irrational ones.

“They then believe they are justified in their actions over others.  While they have issues with firearms, they also feel it is okay for someone to rob a bank with a firearm.  They also are not okay if anyone has an issue with this.  However, if a man takes up a firearm to hunt for food, these same people call them inhumane.  They are now calling for the removal of firearms.

“This is not really because they feel sorry for the animals hunted.  The truth is they want to make sure that no one has a threat of a firearm over them.  You are seeing skewed justice.  What is right and fair has now been deemed wrong and unfair.”

Me:  “Isn’t this ‘woke’?”

Raphael:  “Well, clearly they went to sleep one night and ‘woke’ under the power of the enemy.  What are the terms you use about the hamster and his wheel, the French fry or tools in the shed?”

Me:  Laughing.  “’The wheel is spinning, but the hamster is dead.’  ‘One French fry short of a Happy Meal.’  ‘Not the sharpest tool in the shed.’”  I was now laughing.

Raphael:  Looking up to Heaven.  “Well, God, my mission is accomplished.  The ‘Little Sparrow’ is laughing.”

Me:  “Hey, that’s not fair.”  I was still laughing.

Raphael:  “All is fair in the ‘Joy War’!”

Me:  “Joy War?”

Raphael:  “Well, you did hear your daughter speak on ‘the Joy of the Lord’ vs. ‘happiness’, right?”

Me:  “Yes, I did.  It was amazing.”

Raphael:  “Well, you need some happiness while the enemy tries to steal joy from the world.”

Me:  “Okay, so, what do I do?”

Raphael:  “Don’t engage the enemy.  Evil is rising quickly to flood the world with hopelessness.  There is a war occurring against each individual.  Anger is increasing.  Those possessed by demons are becoming less yielding so visible manifestations are unfolding.”

Me:  “Won’t God stop this?”

Raphael:  “There has been no time like this in history.  I will give you an assignment from the Lord.  Write down all the ways in which the Earth has changed and who seems to be controlling various things…

  • One nation is purchasing resources.
  • Others are buying up food supplies and massive quantities of farmland.
  • Another is lining up water passageways to control this.
  • Yet another thinks themselves the clean water czar for the world.
  • Others are experimenting with genetics.
  • Another seeks to remove travel so that every man is subject to their devices at home for travelling.
  • Others want to harness the power of the sun.

“The list continues and on and on.  It is not by the people under God, it is by the people under the fallen.”

Me:  “All of this is so confusing.”

Raphael:  “The enemy’s allies today are the enemy’s enemies tomorrow.  There are race wars that amplified nine months ago.  This is worldwide.  It was meant to cause a great distraction away from good things.  It was meant to create division and fear.  Seeing this as a useful tool, these people became a plumbline for the land… ‘Follow us or you will suffer.’  However, the plan for the long-term will be to exterminate this group altogether.”

Me:  “This is horrible.  Please do something.”

Raphael:  “Do not worry, Erin, as there will be vindication.  A house divided cannot stand.  Neither can a nation.  This is about control and long-term management.  God will put a stop to evil.  Now, Erin, please be patient.  Remember that after 13 comes 14.  Within this, God will move.”

Me:  “Abraham’s promises took 24 years or was the baby born when he was 100?”

Raphael:  “Well then, you have waited long enough.  Something very special is coming.  Erin, for many, many years, it has continued to elude you.  However, very soon, it will be here and your joy will be complete.  Do you smell that?”

Me:  “Smell what?”

Raphael:  “The fragrance of healing and miracles.  Do you feel that?”

Me:  “I smell roses.”  The wind picked up.  “I also feel the wind blowing.”

Raphael:  “Ah yes… God’s victory…”  The wind picked up even more.  “…and the winds of change… a Great Sign.  Erin, God is here!”

Me:  “Wait!  What?  Where?”  I looked all around.

Raphael:  “Erin, God’s favor is upon you.  Do not worry.  Oh look… another sign.”

I turned and there was the Red Cardinal in the snow.  It was only feet from me.

Me:  “Hey, that is amazing.”

I turned back to Raphael, but he was already gone.

Dream over…

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