Dream 498 – A Heavenly Home complete with a Golf Course

Received on Sunday, June 20, 2021


Dear Father,

Happy Father’s Day!  Summer officially begins at around midnight Eastern time tonight.  Father, I am so thankful for You.  My earthly dad had abandoned me.  He has now been passed away for around three and a half years.  My dad and I never made peace here.  All of his children and grandchildren were cast away from him.  In December 2017, I received the phone call from my brother.

My dad had a very difficult death.  It was a painful death.  It was also a long time in coming as they tried valiantly to save him.  This merely prolonged the inevitable.  He was in so much pain that they eventually decided to put him into a coma.  He died shortly thereafter, alone and abandoned, just as he had done to his family.

It didn’t have to be this way.  This was of his choosing, not his family.  I often wonder if he had any regrets while he was hemorrhaging.  While I would like to think he thought of his children, perhaps he didn’t.  On the other hand, this no longer matters to me.  I have moved on.  These are no longer answers that I seek.

While he was a multi-millionaire at times in his life, he died penniless.  His fortune came and went like this as he was a gambler when it came to investing.  In the end, the gambler lost his final hand at the table.  There was no one there to claim his body or make preparations.  His widow was quick to exit the scene.

My brother told me that he would not be claiming him.  He was hurt severely, along with his daughter, and he was not feeling that forgiveness was owed.  However, of all of the children, he had hurt me the most.  I was the eldest.  He was repulsed by my special needs sons and wanted nothing to do with us.  I was a bad asset not worthy of his investment.  At one time, I thought I was, but he once again failed my household.

This was in 2008.  He had come to me with a change of heart and an apology.  He told me that I had a budget of $500,000 to purchase a home.  However, it could not be just any home.  It had to meet certain criteria.  It had to be a single-family residence on the river with at least 4 bedrooms and 3 baths on the river.  Since we are talking about Bend OR here, this would need to be a miracle as homes on the river sold for a million.

Even though he had given me impossible parameters, I was elated and the kids were excited.  I rolled up my sleeves and went searching.  My dad was going to do something really special for us.  My heart was filled with such joy and gratitude.  It was a healing moment of time.  I soon found an agent I could trust.  She spoke to my dad and made the arrangements.

I then received the miracle call from my agent in the middle of February.  It was a house that met all of the requirements.  It had not been listed yet and we needed to move fast.  My kids and I went to the house to check it out and were instantly in love with it.  This was truly a miracle because, without my dad, I was completely financially unqualified.  I was ecstatic as I felt that this was finally a time for the stripping locusts to be ousted.

I told the agent to proceed.  After about a day, I then received another call from my agent.  Apparently, my dad was not returning her calls.  He then didn’t return any of my calls.  After about a week of this heartbreak, time had run out and the house had to be put on the market.  It was sold to another buyer within 48 hours.

I was grieving.  My children were sad.  My heart was shattered.  My dad did this horrible thing.  This was even worse than when he left my belongings on the doorstep of his home on Marco Island, Florida.  Who does this to an eighteen-year-old?  I hadn’t done anything wrong – no drugs, no drinking, no parties – nothing!  He kicked me out on what seemed to be a whim.

Despite this, I would still have one last communication with him.  This was on May 28, 2008 when I had used call display blocking to call him.  When he actually picked up the phone, we were both clearly in shock to hear each other’s voices.  He was pensive and sounded evasive.

Dad:  “Oh, hi honey.  Hey, I am just docking our boat at the marina.  Can I shoot you a ring back once we are done?”

Me:  “No dad.  I am just calling to let you know that I am going for heart surgery tomorrow.  Just thought you might like to know.  That’s all.  No need to call back.”

Dad:  “Oh no.  What hospital?  I will call you to make sure you came through okay.  We will keep you in our thoughts.  I love you, honey.  Hey, we have to run.  I’ll call you.”

Me:  “I love you too, dad.  Bye.”

It was now the day of the surgery.  Nothing.  No call from him.  After a couple of days, still nothing.  While I should have expected this, I was still surprised.  Hard to describe.  I tried to call him again.  His number was now disconnected completely.  I never spoke to him again.  Now fast forward in time.  The funeral home told me that no one was claiming his body.  After prayer, I made the call and took care of the arrangements.

His widow then contacted me to thank me, but really to ask me for money.  I found this strange as she is actually quite a few years younger than me.  I asked her what assets she had and coached her on how to liquify them.  She did this and later let me know she had done quite well.  I later found out that she found a new boyfriend that had ‘good financial prospects’.  I don’t think it was that hard for her to get over my dad.

My prayer to our Father:  “While my earthly dad abandoned his children, you have never abandoned us.  While my earthly dad would profess lies, You are my Father of Truth.  While my earthly dad’s promises were empty, Your promises come to pass.  Father, all that You have promised us has come to pass.”

God then responded to my prayer:  “I will build a house for you near My Altar, a safe place for you and your children.  I will provide for you all of the days of your life.  I will also guard you from your enemies.  I have sheltered you in the trees.  I have sharpened My pinions in you.  I do this so that, when I call you out, you will be strengthened and ready.  I will give you back the years the enemy has stolen from you as recompense for your troubles.  I have never forgotten you.  I have been with you in all that you do.

“Whoever shows you and your family kindness, I will be kind to them.  Whoever curses you and your family, I will curse them.  Whoever blesses you and your family, I will bless them.  I have not forgotten your tears.  Each tear has been recorded.  Your tears will spring forth like fountains in the desert.  Your oil of gladness will be poured out upon your enemies.  Many will flee at the threat of just one of you.  This is because they know and recognize that I am with you.”

My reply prayer:  “Father, I don’t have anything of worth to give You other than my heart.  As such, my entire heart is Yours.  I love You.  I am so grateful for You.  There is no father like You, Father.  You are our Creator.  You are the Father of all fathers.  While I can’t see or hug you, I know that You are always with me.  Thank You!”

In my dream last night, I woke up in Heaven…

Sub-dream 1 “A Heavenly Home complete with a Golf Course” begins…

I was walking along a beautiful path.  I could smell eucalyptus trees.  I could feel the warmth of the sun on my skin.  As I walked along the path, I could see lovely things that I delighted in, things that God had created just for me.  It was a ‘Memory Garden’ filled with all of the best things.  Nothing here had bad memories attached to it.  I remembered walking with my mom in the eucalyptus trees in California.

I soon arrived at a lake that reminded me of Sand Harbor in Lake Tahoe.  As I smelled the pine trees, I remembered how fun it was there.  As I kept walking, I soon came upon a replica of the San Francisco Japanese Tea Garden.  There were lush grass, flowers and trees.  I then came upon a little trout stream.  This reminded me of the stream where I had learned to fish.  This reminded me of my favorite campground in the Sierra Mountains.

I walked a bit further and came upon a grass field.  There were flowers, fruit trees and a lawn sprinkler.  I could see easter eggs ‘hidden’ all over the yard.  I now realized that this was a replica of my grandparent’s yard from when I was about eight years old.  Tears streamed down my cheeks as I had such joy back then.  I then turned and saw something I never expected!

It was, by far, the most beautiful golf course I had ever seen.  There were fountains and flowers everywhere.  While I didn’t recognize it at first, I suddenly realized that it was actually a golf course tailor made for me.  It was designed by taking the very best holes and moments from my time in golfing.  God had taken every great memory of a golf hole and seared it into one seamless perfect golf course.

However, God was not finished surprising me yet.  As I traveled further, I could see a beautiful house nestled in the trees on a meandering path.  The path was lined with my favorite trees, plants and flowers.  While I then saw pets that I once had playing in the distance, they were unable to see me.  I then looked around, both outside and inside, this extraordinary Home.  I realized that God had custom built this for me.

It was made up of an amplified version of all of the best homes I had ever had the privilege to work on.  It had features I had designed for others as if I had been designing them for myself.  God had taken excellent notes… smiles.  It was all right there in front of me.  This place was fit for a princess… or even a king.  The features were so magnificent that I felt they were too wonderful for me.

I then looked up to my left.  Lining the path and up to the house were a series of extremely tall lily pads made of bronze and something like copper.  This was shaped into an intricate water fountain.  The water flowed over these pads and made amazing notes and sounds.  As I looked, I could see beautiful varieties of birds landing and singing on this fountain.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Thank You, Father!  Who am I that You should love me?  I am very blessed and thankful to You.  Today is my Father in Heaven’s ‘Great Day’.  I gave You my heart and You gave me a thousand-fold more in return.  I truly have no words.

God then spoke to me as clearly as if He was sitting right there next to me at my devotional chair…

“Erin, I am with you!  I love you.  I delight in what you delight in.  I have prepared a place for you next to Me at My Altar.  Rejoice, Erin, rejoice, for your wait is soon over.  I love you!”

Dream over…

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