Dream 499 – God is turning up the heat

Received on Saturday, June 26, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for all we have.  Thank You for my husband, children and friends.  Thank You.

The sting of life is taking its toll on me.  I am struggling.  You have placed upon my husband and me an impossible task to move ahead on with no ability on our own strength to complete it.  It is disarming.  We don’t know a way and we have exhausted all of our options.  However, You see the possible when all we can see from our vantage point is the impossible.

On top of this, we learned on Thursday that my older son’s liver is on the verge of failing.  We need to make drastic changes now.  Then another thing.  My daughter just revealed that she plans to visit family out west and that it was possible she may not come back other than to visit.  While I am very sad about this, I understand as this area does not have a lot of opportunities for her.

Father, I am praying for a miracle for both of these kids.  Father, why have circumstances not blessed our children?  As for my daughter, she has done so many things right.  Despite this, she has had good friends move away and those far away from You stay.  Along with the lack of opportunities, this has been difficult on her.

These are Your children, Father.  I did my best.  I tried to do everything within my means to care for them and keep them safe.  I want my children to have amazing lives and exciting adventures with You.  My husband’s children seem distant from You right now, even though we see real sparks in them from time to time.  It is just not consistent.  So much hinges on You, Lord.  My dreams last night were troubling…

Sub-dream 1 “The keys to looking after young children” begins…

Even though I was given the keys to a house that I did not build or design, I was named as the designer.  Even though I kept getting credit for great design work, I did not design it.  No matter what I said, I was still receiving credit for something that was not my work.  I was to take tours around the house to photograph while the owners were away.

When I walked up to the third floor, I went into a bedroom and discovered that the owners had left their three young daughters with me.  When I discovered them, they already knew my name.  They were laughing and playing around the bed.  Since the bed was on wheels, it was unstable.  Before I could stop them from bouncing, one of them fell off.

While I didn’t see it, I heard a distinct sound that is any mother’s worst nightmare.  One of the little girls had hit the back of her head on the hard tile floor.  I rushed over to the little girl to help her.  While I knew she was hurt, she was trying to laugh it off…

Little girl:  “I am okay.  Big hurt, big booboo.”

I became alarmed as I could now see the crown of her skull was broken just underneath the skin.  I could see bleeding.  In order to not panic her, I spoke calmly to her…

Me:  “I am going to call for help just to check, okay?”

I phoned 911.  She was now holding her head.  I was in great fear that she had a brain bleed.

Little girl:  “My baby brother needs food.”

Me:  “Brother?  Where is your brother?”

The girls simultaneously pointed to a room across the hall.  When I went into this other bedroom, there was a glass box that contained a very tiny and fragile baby.  He had been born premature.  He was so small, he could fit into the palm of my hand.  I quickly realized that the baby had not been cared for at all.  I proceeded to provide him with oxygen and food.

Me:  “How could these people trust me with their children without first telling me they were even there?  I never received any instructions.”

The little baby boy was now looking at me with such great love.  I just knew that I had to take care of him as well.  Still, I wondered how I was even going to be able to do all of this.  I would definitely be needing some Divine Assistance.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Father, I love You.  However, unless You strengthen me, all of this is just too much for me.  The signs of spring are now gone and summer is here.  It has been 3,192 mornings since I have wakened up to dreams from You.  This is 8 years, 8 months and 28 days.  Oh Father, am I to be just a dreamer and a scribe?  I so long to be serving You in a much greater capacity.  Oh Father, I am becoming old now.

My body is working against me.  Time has not been my friend.  3,192 dawns I have stayed with You.  All have been in wonder and excitement of the great things You are about to do.  Father, please help us.  Help my children find what they are seeking, but closer to home… smiles.  While I want them to have all of the good things in life, I also want to be a part of their lives.

I have missed out on so much.  Life went by quickly while I was forced into fighting battles after battles.  I missed the normal stuff… or I didn’t get to appreciate them due to the stress.  Still, time went by quickly.  What is normal?  I had another dream last night…

Sub-dream 2 “Drenching rains soothe the drought” begins…

As far as my eyes could see, I saw a dry landscape that was parched from the heat.  There was no rain in the forecast.  Water basins, rivers, lakes and streams were becoming dry.  The heat was unbearable.  I saw emaciated cattle.  Their bellies were swollen and they looked sick and weak.  I could see thousands of people at the beach.  However, the water was also hot, so it provided very little or no relief.

I looked across the valleys and the fruits were shriveled from the heat.  All of the berries, orchards, hops and barley were bad.  People were trying to get relief by going outside of their homes, but this was of little help.  I then saw three angels of God strike the hills and prairies with rods.  After they struck the ground, there was a brief pause.  This pause was then broken by a sudden spark.

The areas began to burn.  A small area was smoldering at first, but raging fires soon started to spread out quickly.  It happened so fast that many could not escape.  While people were fleeing, they had no where to run.  I then heard a voice call out…

Voice of a person:  “Where is help?  Where is God to save us?”

I then heard a massive trumpet and the voice of God…

Voice of God:  “I have heard your cries and I will have compassion upon you.  In mercy, I will send cooling rains.”

When the rains then came, the land was overcome by the outpouring of God.  The drenching rains gave great relief.  However, many forgot about God and went back to their evil practices.  I heard the voice of God again…

Voice of God:  “The time has now come.”

Sub-dream 2 over…

Father, please help me to understand what is about to happen.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard a knock on my door.  It was Raphael.  He was smiling.  I opened the door.

Raphael:  “Erin, God has heard your cries and He knows your sorrow.  Come.”  He walked me over to the bridge over our stream (the bridge that doesn’t actually exist… yet?).  “Do you understand the importance of this place?”

Me:  “Yes, I think so.”

Raphael:  “This tells me that you don’t.  I was sent by God to explain.  This here is an area of Passover… going from one state of being of this world to the other state of being in Heaven.  As you see across this…”  He pointed to the Heaven side.  “…over there, there is no time continuum.  This is God’s time.  Heaven’s time is different than your time in the world.

“The time in the world has various time zones based on the sun, moon and the Earth’s rotation.  It is a complex thing only possible because God spins planets in orbit.  While it is God who spins this, science calls it ‘gravitational force’.  While God doing this is, of course, a great explanation, this is not the explanation that scientists use.  This is important because God is the Creator of all things.

“God determines all of this and He controls this all.  There are also many dimensions to this… some you can visibly see and some you cannot.  Your reality is your life on the surface, a reality that is relegated to time.  Time never stops.  While God can turn back a sundial by changing the direction of the sun, doing this would affect so much more.  God instead allows time to continue.

“With time comes seasons and years, births and deaths.  It goes quickly.  While time seems slower when you are young, this is because you are counting the days until goals are reached.  Time then seems faster when you are old because you grasp onto memories as they fade.  Hopes and dreams are replaced by pain and isolation.  Limits come with age.  Life is bittersweet.

“Now, God knows you have kept your heart upon Him during each battle.  He knows that you wake up with great hope every day as you wait for Him.  However, your heart is now breaking.  Still, He knows the desires of your heart and has promised you great things.  He has never revoked these promises as these are His gift to you.”

Me:  Crying even as I write.  “Raphael, I feel like a woman in labor and I cannot give birth.  I had a difficult time when I was pregnant with my older son.  The cord was wrapped around his neck.  He had to be revived.  I worked so hard to take care of him.  I sacrificed my own care after my accident so that he would not be harmed.  Even though I did all this, trouble still came.”

Raphael:  “Well, last I checked, you are unable to spin things in orbit.  God did not appoint you as His ‘daughter-god’.  While you are a child of God, you are not a ‘demi-god’.  Erin, it is God Who determines a man’s days, not a man determining God’s days, understand?”

Me:  Still crying.  “Yes, of course.  I just…  well, I just need God to heal and strengthen me.  While I know that I am no Elijah, I could still use some help here.”

Raphael:  “So, is that what you were looking for?”  I turned and there was bread and water.  I was finally smiling.  “Erin, God will provide food and water for you for your journey.  He has promised you good things in advance of bad news.  He has you.  He is about to expand your tent pegs.”

Me:  “Raphael, what was the meaning of the dream with the babies?”

Raphael:  “First off, they were placed in your care without your knowledge.  Instead of walking away, you helped those who needed help.  You were given this dream because God is about to grant you increase.  With this will come great responsibility.  You will care for those abandoned by the world, those in need of a miracle.  You will do all things to God’s Glory and not on your own strength.  Consider it a promotion.

“In your dream, you quickly diagnosed the problem as abandonment, head injury and neglect.  While this is the state of the orphans of the world, it is also the same for some of the children of God.  You were not a stranger to them.  They had prayed for help and God sent His worker to nurture and care for the neglected.  You will be an answer to prayers.

“Now, God knows your journey has been a difficult one, filled with adversity and affliction.  You have prayed ‘Biggly’…”  He smiled as he nudged me.  “…to a generous Father.  Since you have asked big, you will receive big.  Remember the story of Caleb’s daughter, Aksah?  This is like you, Erin.  She was Caleb’s only daughter.  While many dark things have been said of her, she was not greedy or demanding.

“There were many who were jealous of her beauty.  It is really the story of a princess.  Although Caleb was not an earthly king, he was a leader.  However, let’s still call him a king for this purpose.  Now, several men wanted his daughter’s hand in marriage.  The king had a reply… ‘I will give my daughter, Aksah, in marriage to the one who beats Kirjath-Sepher (which is the city of Debir of the Canaanites).’

“There was a young man who loved the princess deeply.  He loved her so much that he fought the enemy and defeated them, thereby receiving her hand in marriage.  Later on, Aksah requested a wedding gift from her father that was in addition to the land of Negev.  She approached him on a donkey and asked that she also receive the wells of water.

“Well, the king was not upset by her request.  Indeed, the king was delighted.  Not only did he give her what she had requested, but he gave her even more.  He gave her both the springs in the highland and in the valley.  He gave her the upper and lower springs.”

Me:  “But, Raphael, I have already asked God for so much.  How could I ask for even more from Him?”

Raphael:  “Oh Erin, just remember that He is a God that spins massive things in orbit without effort.  Yes, Erin, He really is that big.”  He was now laughing.  “Remember that nothing is impossible for God.”

Me:  “Could you please take my request to Him as He has not called me.”

Just then, I saw a white donkey on the other side of the bridge.

Raphael:  “Your chariot awaits, princess.”

I ran over the bridge to the donkey.  Uriel was waiting for me there.

Uriel:  “Well, I see that my brother has set you up with a ride.”  He raised his eyebrows and they both laughed.  “Erin, God is requesting your presence.”

We were instantly at God’s door.  Uriel placed salve in my eyes.  He brought me into the Throne Room of God.  The choir of angels and saints sang ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’.  My body became weak and I fell to my knees.  I began to weep before God.

God:  “Erin, speak.”

Me:  “Father, I am so sorry if I ever thought You to be small in any way.  I know You are big and I am small.  Father, I need help.  You have given me the hills of Negev, but I am also asking for the wells of spring water too.  But I am not stopping there…”  God laughed and it was thunderous.  “I am also asking for all of the miracles You have promised us.  We need miracles.

“As for my family, there is so much we need You for.  I am becoming worse.  My oldest son is sick.  My daughter is without hope and our other children are drifting.  Time is not a friend to any of us.  My husband needs work, Father.  You have kept us in a remote place and sheltered us under Your Wings.  Please, Father, have mercy on Your daughter, Your daughter who loves You so much.  Please don’t forget me!”

God:  “I have never forgotten you.  Your name is written on the palm of My hand and so too are your children.  I have heard your cries.  While I will now grant you all that I have promised, I will grant even more.  I will expand your house and grant you even more because you love Me.  I will not only heal and strengthen you, but I will also send you gifts of miracles.  My fountain will be within you and you will pour out the oil of gladness upon the lands.

“Erin, My hand will be upon you as you go forth.  The power of darkness will flee from your presence and your mantle will be of peace.  You will reunite mothers to their children and fathers to their sons and daughters.  Great will be your treasure as My recompense is with Me.  I have not forgotten you.  I know you have grown tired and weary.  Do not worry, Erin, for this will be a time of great joy for you.”

Me:  “Thank You, Father!  I love You so much!”

God:  “The dream of trouble is accurate.  I am angry as this land is far from Me.”

Me:  “Father, please don’t burn up the beautiful lands.  Please spare those who love You.  Do not send calamity on the land.”

God:  “Erin, I have caused temperatures to rise as hearts are in need of refining fire.  While it is a beautiful land, it is being defiled.”

Me:  “Father, could You please hold back and relent until You send Your Army of the Redeemed?  Please?”

God:  “Then pray for the land that I will have mercy on it.  While My favor is upon my children, My favor is not upon the sons of perdition.”

Uriel came to take my arm.  He walked me to the door.

Me:  Turning around with a huge smile on my face.  “I love You, Father!”  I then waved.

As He laughed, the floor rolled.

God:  “I love you more, child.”

Uriel:  Taking me outside.  “Believe what God has promised you as you have already received it in Heaven.  His promises have been ordered and are in the process of distribution.  Do not worry as this will not take long.  Rejoice and pray for the lost.”  He smiled at me.

Dream over…

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