Dream 500 – The Lord is with us in times of Trouble

Received on Thursday, July 1, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for one more day here!  Thank You for my husband, my children and my dear friends.  Thank You for our home and a safe environment to raise our children.  Thank You for Your constant provision.  Without this, we certainly would be in a horrible situation.  I had difficult dream four nights ago…

Sub-dream 1 “A Foreign Entity invades the lands” begins…

There were emergency alerts to shelter inside our homes and wait for further instructions.  People all over the world did so because all assumed it was a new virus strain.  However, this time it was not.

There was a new governing body sweeping the nations and taking control.  It looked like there were two nations stealing the lands and dividing them in two.  At this point in time, both entities needed each other to carry out their plans.

With people sheltered indoors, they had no access to communications from the outside other than what was filtered in.  Television programs, but especially news, were made to look normal.  It was a great deception involving many parties.  Any outside recordings were quickly scrubbed from view.

In the meantime, a broad government militia gathered at all major artery travel points.  After the third day, an announcement came over all media platforms.  In this announcement, someone standing on behalf of the United Nations claimed that a foreign invader, possibly with alien ties, had removed many people.  The statement was made to create fear.  It was not the rapture event.

People were ordered to stay in their homes.  They were told that food distribution would begin door-to-door based on the census information.  All those who had registered weapons would need to relinquish these ‘voluntarily’ or face the reality that food distribution would bypass their households.  This was done under the guise of keeping government workers and neighbors safe.

However, the relinquishment of firearms left many with questions.  Why would the government want to disarm the people if there were foreign invaders?  This statement caused many to believe that this was a government takeover and arm’s sweep.  People were told to remain home and safe.

As for us, we lived off of the beaten path.  One neighbor told us that there were no closures to the northern artery.  We drove down this route to see if any grocery stores were open.  We quickly discovered that the grocery stores were emptied completely.  Bed, Bath & Beyond was empty.  Walgreens was completely stripped, even of the shelves themselves.

We then noticed an extremely long line at a local credit union.  A few cars went through, but then all turned away.  A sign was put up reading ‘No Cash Available!’.  The gas stations were also closed, their pumps all locked.  While there was no military in this area, there really was nothing at all.  We noticed that we had enough gas to last us for a while.

When we finally arrived home, the neighbors informed us that our area was not going to have any food distribution.  When night fell on the fourth day, our power was shut down at 7:00pm.  We went outside and there was darkness everywhere.  We went to our cars to listen to the radio, but the only cars that worked were really old ones.  The radios had nothing but static.  Everyone’s fear level was rapidly rising.

We decided to form a watch party using walkie-talkies.  That night was very quiet.  We were then woken up at 7:00am to the power coming back on.  We turned on the television to an announcement.  A new government was now in place.  We were told to wait for further instructions.  We decided to walk over to a neighbor’s house that we knew had a HAM radio.  He was an ex-military officer.

He told us there was a hostile takeover.  Those now in power had taken over all broadcasting, satellites, communication, power, fuel, medical supplies and food.  This was all done by force.  Many who resisted were killed.  In contrast, the unsuspecting continued to shelter in place, many watching Netflix.  They then removed all monuments and invaded all government institutions.

Many of the invaders had been in sleeper cells inside the institutions.  They were living normal lives alongside of us until they were activated.  Now came the difficult part for them.  They needed to remove the resistance, disarming and killing them as necessary.  They were to turn neighbors against neighbors in return for favors and food.

He then turned on a computer monitor that was hooked up to a satellite network that hadn’t been taken yet.  Hackers had cut into security cameras.  On the screen, we could see grainy videos of an invading army.  While I could not tell the nationality, they were slaughtering ‘people of color’ in Washington DC and New York City.  Any resistance was met with death.

There were no police.  At this point, people, including children and the elderly, were all shot on sight.  It was difficult to watch.  The pandemic had been the practice run.  All homeless and gangs on the streets were shot on sight.  There bodies were dragged into trucks and driven away.  The rest of the people stayed indoors.  After this, we decided to walk home.

Our family was now all together.  We brought everything to the Lord in prayer.  An angel came to our front door and walked us to the bridge.  There was a massive amount of provision.  We knew we would make it with God on our side.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Ever since this dream, the last three days have crushed me.  This was not just a little bit of crushing, but so heartbreaking that I can’t even describe it.  On Tuesday, my daughter told me she is leaving in only 22 days to the West Coast permanently.  Just a few minutes before we were given the news, we found out that my husband did not get the job even after once again being the top candidate.

I was still struggling with my eldest son having liver issues.  The news of my daughter leaving for good hit me in a way that I did not expect.  Still, I am happy for her and don’t blame her for wanting to go to greener pastures.  She has tried to find close friends and carve out a career here.  She had been accepted into a good school here and I thought I had more time with her.  She is leaving and my heart is so broken.

Father, it is one thing to miss our home back West, but to now have to say goodbye to my bright spark, my longtime friend / daughter, well, this is so hard.  My inability to travel makes this worse.  I will miss out on milestones.  I struggle with technology.  I am barely on my technology.

Oh Father, what is here for me now?  If I don’t have my family near while the world is heading into the great abyss, how will I make it?  We have been waiting, Father.  Our quiver, Your Quiver, is here.  Our children have to have a life, Father.  This was only to be temporary.  Please do not allow me now to miss out.

I have lost my career.  I lost years battling a great adversary.  I lost whole chunks of time that was robbed from me as a mom, having barely enough income to upbring my children.  I was the parent who offered only stay-cations.  I was the parent who had to fight for them.  I lost great jobs because of court dates and commitments to show I was a good mom.

Still, I am thankful.  I have now had seven years of safety and healing here.  This has been a time of bonding and growing with our children into God fearing young adults as I had prayed they would be.  In this respect, my husband and I have been successful.  The pandemic gave us one last time with all of them.  Even during lockdown, I was able to see some great hope in all of these children.

However, something has happened to me.  I was growing more and more troubled.  How is all of this going to work out long-term?  We have prepared our home for something huge from You.  With my daughter leaving, none of this seems to matter anymore to me.  There is no promise here if all of our children go back West.  They all want to be back there.  All of them were born in the West.

We just can’t financially afford a whole sale move to the West.  It is just not in the cards without You, Father.  Father, You are a ‘BIG FATHER’!  You are the Lover of our hearts.  You continuously remind me to have hope in You and to not worry.  Still, my Spirit is so grieved.  I can only think of three times in my life that come close to the despair I felt when my daughter first told me about her impending move…

  • May 2007 – Bend OR: My oldest son was placed with his father
  • June 2010 – Tri-Cities WA: Bogus restraining order was served on me
  • May 2012 – Tri-Cities WA: At my oldest son’s graduation, his step mom was honored as his mom

These times in my life were so brutal that I had no tears left to cry.  By the summer of 2012, I was at the end of myself, the complete end.  However, I wasn’t alone – my daughter still remained with me.  When it came to me keeping her, no court of law, no lies of the enemy and no fabrication prevailed.  I did everything humanly possible to make our apartments and rentals just like home for us.

Oh God, have You forgotten about me?  You promised that we would be together and that my job would be complete, both here and in Heaven.  How can I cope with this?  How can I walk down an open door and no longer here my precious daughter say ‘Hi mom’?  Yes, I know that this is a natural progression in life, but it doesn’t really make this any easier as this is a humungous move involving thousands of miles.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard a knock at the door.  It was Jesus.  I was crying.  I stumbled.  He came in and lifted me up.  I was suddenly taken back to when I was a little toddler crying on the shoulder of my Lord.  He had just saved me from a bad fall while I was still learning how to walk.  I remember resting on His shoulder as the sunlight warmed my cheeks.  His hair was silky and I felt at great peace.  Well, I am now old and injured and He still has to catch me.  Oh, how I love my Lord!

Me:  “Oh Lord, if I didn’t have You, my life would be nothing.”

Jesus:  “Well, that is good because wherever you are, there I am too.”

Even though He was smiling, I broke down sobbing.  I dropped to my knees and wept at His feet.

Me:  “Oh Lord, the stinging sharp pain of grief has come upon me.  This is an even greater grief then when my parents passed on here.  This is greater even than my son’s graduation ceremony in 2012.  I cannot control any of this.  Oh Lord, please, please.  I am boldly coming before You with my request.  You prepared this place for us and our children.  You call it Beulah, the place where we are married to You.

“You also called us Your Quiver of sharp arrows.  We had such promise.  However, things have been difficult here… as You know.  Time has been our enemy while we wait.  We are not changed yet.  I am scared because I will once again be facing my greatest adversary.  With us being near, the enemy will not prevail in his schemes against our children.  Please let our Exodus be in August!  Please help us.  Lord, if my daughter or us moving is not in Your Will, please slam shut every door.”

Jesus:  “It is not My Will for your heart to be broken.  This here is always your Home.”  He pointed to Himself.  “I know your children’s struggles.  It has not been easy for them, but especially for your daughter.  The enemy enjoys menacing her using others.  However, I will open doors for you.”

Me:  “Lord, this is really scary.  The thought of this is scary.  You have sheltered us this entire time.  You have sustained us.”

Jesus:  “I have also nurtured your husband during this time.  His heart is healed and his wings are ready to fly.”

Me:  “Why now, Lord?”

Jesus:  “Erin, a pregnancy is 40 weeks.  Your husband has been in a rebirthing cycle.  However, this time it took 40 months.  He needed to be supported by those closest to him.  All of you have supported him.”

Me:  “You have had my husband and I work on a complex project.  Why have us do all of this?”

Jesus:  “So that you both together see that, if I am with you, whatever I call you to do, or wherever I take you, then nothing shall be impossible to Me.  Nothing.  You also made some important changes.  While you are letting go, you are not finished yet.  Even though you have great tasks ahead, I will supernaturally strengthen you as you prepare your house for the change of season.”

Me:  “I am not sure how all of this will happen.  This is impossible for me to…”

Jesus:  “Yes, but you are not finished yet.  Do not worry, Erin.  With your daughter, she is also My Vessel.  Did I not just use her to get you and your husband to step out of your comfort zone?  If you believe all of your life have been miraculous as I have taken you through all of your troubles, parted the seas for you and delivered you to a place of rest far, far away from your enemies until the day I call you out.”

I felt distressed here and must have shown it on my face.

Jesus:  “Wait.  I can see it on your face right now.  How?  How did I deliver your husband from an impossible situation and bring him to retrieve you to the place I built for you?  How did I remove your children to join you on the very day I said I would deliver you?  How did I confuse your clever enemy into releasing you?  Who closed the doors on your daughter?  Who allowed your older son to shelter in place to keep him from the enemy’s plots?  Who prepared a safe place for you?

“Erin, this is about you, your husband, your children and your friends.  All of this has been life lived in great faith, great hope and great love, all because I am with you.  Now, Erin, I am about to do even greater things than this.  I have prepared your hearts.  I have readied your hands for battle.  Now see what I will do for those I call Mine, for those whose hope is in Me.  It is I who kept you all separated from wicked people.

“While you are comfortable in the house I built for you and the property I have given you, you have never felt connected to the peoples around you.  None of them are part of your lives.  They are in your lives only in a small way, like a passerby.  Again, I allowed this.  Had I made it too comfortable for you, you would have been influenced by those who do not believe I am the God of all miracles.”

Me:  “This is You, Lord, right?”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Is this you, Erin?”

Me:  Now laughing.  “Yes, Lord.”

Jesus:  “Do not inform the enemy of your plans.  Your daughter must remain quiet.  So too shall your children.  Think of this differently as I see your worried expression.  While you are overwhelmed at the thought of all of this, don’t be.”

Me:  “Lord, I look awful.  I am not well.  How can I do this?  Please strengthen me.”

Jesus:  “I will.  Now, do not look back.  Look to Me.  I have a place here.  I will place several items on your husband’s heart.  I will heal him and strengthen him.  He will have a great skip in his step as you make plans together.  He will see My… what does he call this… genius.”

Me:  “He also says ‘do you see what the Lord is doing here?  He is brilliant… incomprehensible’!”

Jesus:  “Oh, go on!”  He laughed.  “Now, remember to ask big of Me and I will do even more.”

Me:  “At times, it seems that we do ask, but You then seem quiet.  At times, we do what You ask, but You then also seem quiet.”

Jesus:  “Hmm, this is not truth.  Erin, perhaps I was in preparation.  Quiet I am not.  I can be certain that I have never revoked a promise.  I will not start now.  I understand.  This will be difficult, but only for a short time.  All will then change.  Now rejoice, Erin.  I have prepared a place for you.”

Me:  “Will we know?”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Yes, you will.  You will know.  Remember that I am with you in all things, both great and small.  Now, take courage, Erin.”

I was quiet.  I was trying to figure out how this can happen.

Jesus:  “I will provide for you.  You will know.”  He smiled.  “I love you, Erin!”  He hugged me.

Dream over…

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