Dream 522 – Listen to the Lord speaking to you

Received on Saturday, October 2, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for all that we have been given.  Please bless and multiply all things back into Your Kingdom.  Please protect my family.  Please protect my friends and their families.  I had an awesome dream last night…

Sub-dream 1 “Those who never worshipped were now worshipping” begins…

I was witnessing a massive worship service.  People who once would never praise You were now praising You with arms lifted high.  I saw miracles sweep over the people in wave after wave.  It was a sea of hope.  This was something I never imagined I would ever witness in my lifetime here.  It was void of fear of God as clearly You were given Your rightful position as our Father and our God, the only God and our Creator.  It was so beautiful.  I couldn’t stop watching with the biggest smile on my face.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Father, You are speaking about divine mysteries.  All the intentions of the enemy globally as the New World Order is beginning to take its position over all of the people.  Please forgive me when You reveal certain events and I am unable to accept that I could witness such things.  I want to run and hide instead.  You have told me to keep hard copies of certain records apart from their digital footprint.

I have an incredible number of photos.  These pictures consist of photos of homes I’ve worked on, my family, events, animals and birds in our yard and seasons changing.  However, I noticed something odd.  Of all the photos to be somehow deleted, this consists of pictures of my Ottowan grandmother and my Osage grandmother.  Quite simply, my technology is starting to behave very strangely.

My technology will automatically shut down for no apparent reason.  They will then turn back on for no apparent reason.  While I keep no trackers on my device, what if one was put there in secret?  How would I know?  When I get weather alerts, it reflects where I am.  How do they know where I am?  Still, this should not be a surprise.  We have also been surprised at the speed of the takeover by governments globally.

Well, You continue to tell me not to worry.  You instead want me to remain focused on Your Word.  You also want me to practice more in tapping into You as You are in me.  We have also found that my husband and I are not as hungry as we have been in the past.  We have little desire for any packaged junk food.  Our enjoyment of other items is gone too.  The things of this world are now failing to satisfy.  An epic failure, really.

Oh Father, please help the world.  All we hear now are lies.  Lies are now commonly accepted and Your Truth is considered to be hate.  The dividing of the sheep vs the goats is happening now.  However, we only see the activities of the enemy.  It is horrifying what is happening.  The government is criminalizing the law abiding and elevating the criminals that break the law.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, Erin, Erin, I am with you.  The enemy will not prevail.  If there is some place you are not to go, I have sent a signal to your left foot that this is not the way.  I have not healed your foot fully because this is beneficial.”

Me:  “Lord, You have sent a sharp pain when You want me to change course and avoid going one place or another.  Wow, Lord, thank You.”

Jesus:  “There is more.  When your stomach seems off or your digestive track is suddenly not right, do not partake in the food offered.  This means drinks, even water, medicine or foods.  This even means ‘free samples’, but especially these.  When I give you an uneasy feeling of danger, your heart will race.  You will then be on heightened alert and your temperature will rise.  This is Me alerting you or bringing your attention to a matter you must take care of.”

Me:  “I have been feeling this way about our home lately.  I just discovered 60 pills of my medication were stolen in our first hotel in Portland OR, the evil hotel.  They were very clever in how they did it.”

Jesus:  “This is because there is profit in reselling these.  Now, when you were staying at this hotel, you could not get comfortable.  You were uneasy.  You were also the subject of cursing by the small staff.  They were loyal to each other and they were watching you.  I protected you there.”

Me:  “Lord, You prompted us to get extra insurance for our car rental.  I am glad we did as the windshield ended up cracked.  The side of the car was also dented by what seemed to be a kick during our stay at the evil hotel.  My stomach was sick there.”

Jesus:  “The place was just purchased and all of these employees are about to quit.  As a result, they are all working together in evil for their own gains.  Do not worry as they did not fully succeed in their plans.  Now, when I suddenly give you a heightened sense of trouble, act on it.  Do not dismiss it, even if you need to override your partner in doing so.  Since I am in you, therefore listen and trust My Voice.”

Me:  “Forgive me, Lord.  I thought some of this was my paranoia at times.”

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here with you.  I have shown you what is occurring.  There is no paranoia in you.  Now, there is more.  I will send signs immediately when evil is present.  There will also be a difference between those striking against you and those striking against others.”

Me:  “I noticed that You were doing this during our trip to Bend OR.  This trip helped me to realize that I sometimes hesitate when hearing from You directly while I am out and about.  I need to be much better at this.”

Jesus:  “I am instructing you using your current vessel.  Why?  So, you will come to trust Me fully that My instructions are always for your good.  If you are not listening to My instructions, I will make you temporarily uncomfortable.  This will last only for a moment unless you continue to refuse My instructions.  However, as quickly as I send the discomfort, I will remove it.”

Me:  Laughing.  “This feels more like You are training a dog or even a toddler.”

Jesus:  “Well, what is better?  What if I was instructing you and you were only obeying 50% of what I was instructing?  With the current state of the world, do you want to listen to God’s instructions 50% of the time or 100% of the time?”

Me:  “Oh, 100% of the time!  You are wise, Lord.  However, I really don’t enjoy the pain of all of this.”

Jesus:  “I understand.  Now, you experienced complete exhaustion during this last week.  You were unsettled and almost stumbled.  You had no energy.  Why did I allow this to happen?”

Me:  “I was sick?”

Jesus:  “No.  It was because you did not fully rest on the Sabbath.  You worked for three hours on chores and did not fully rest for 24 hours.  You rested 21 hours.  As a lesson, I allowed your exhaustion for one day for each hour.  This was three days in total, but I threw in a fourth day for good measure.  Now, it is wisdom to prepare in advance of your day of rest.  You work and toil for six days, but you must fully rest on the seventh day.  When you do this, I will grant you supernatural strength, wisdom and knowledge.”

Me:  “Okay, so I was tired from Monday to Thursday.  I did notice that I finally felt better yesterday (Friday).  I really thought I had been sick.”

Jesus:  “Well, technically, you were sick as you were unable to do much.”

Me:  “I am sorry, Lord.  Since You are in me, I made You work too.”

Jesus:  “No, you did not.  I had no problem resting.  Now, I need you to understand the seriousness of My commands.  When you are tired and exhausted, you do not make sound decisions.  My Voice was quieter.  Your batteries were low.  While I still protected you and this is good, rest must be obeyed.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, but what if…”

He stopped me before I could finish my question.  He already knew my thoughts.

Jesus:  “While this is fine in the case of an emergency, this was not an emergency.  Now, this rebuke is a good lesson.  I gave your body a deep rest.  This brought healing properties and peace to you.  Now, you experienced one more issue…”

Me:  “Yes.  My left hand.  It has been freezing up.  I cannot grip things properly.”

Jesus:  “What thing mainly?”

Me:  “My phone.  I am struggling with texts.  Also, with my tablet.  I am struggling with typing.  My technology seems to be striking out against me.”

Jesus:  “Again, Erin, if I am calling your attention elsewhere, then get away from these ‘vessels of trouble’.  If I am calling for you to look up or be more aware of your surroundings, do not look down.  Engage in what is around you instead.  Now, you worry about responding to family and friends quickly.  Erin, they do not demand this from you.  Only you demand this of yourself.  Give this to Me as well.”

Me:  “I am sorry, Lord.  I repent for my stubbornness.”

Jesus:  “This is instruction.  It is good.  The idea is to become used to Me in you.  Once you trust Me fully, we will work as one.  As you keep a ready vessel for My purposes, I will do miracles through you.”

Me:  “Lord, please hurry.  I grant you full access to my reins.  I am sorry I fought You.  I didn’t know I was.  I have caused a delay.”

Jesus:  “No, this is not true.  There is no delay.  What do you feel in you about My timing?”

Me:  “You are a mystery, Lord.  While I have some thoughts, I have tried to avoid timeframes.  I am so sad about the state of the world that my heart hurts.  It actually hurts and I cry.”

Jesus:  “This too is a sign of My love and compassion in you for the lost.  However, you must take comfort that the Light of the world still shines in the darkness.”

Me:  “Lord, please hurry.  There is so much evil.  All good voices are being silenced.  Fear has gripped the world.  People are being forced to take this vaccine.  The government is going to demand more and more from their citizens.  Healthcare is being denied.  Assets will soon be seized from those who do not comply.

“Years ago, I had a dream of a Thanksgiving table with no food.  It seems that the New World Order’s plan is to essentially take over by Thanksgiving.  Lord, could You instead divide the USA into two lands and let those who love America do so in peace?  Please, Lord, do this soon.”

Jesus:  “I am already dividing up the land.  It is here.  My borderline is truth vs lies.  I have a Great Plan.  You must understand that the evil government, but really the underlying ‘Order’, has planned a much broader attack against those who opposed them than anything ever seen before in history.

“Though patterns repeat, this is different.  It is already here.  I showed you a few years ago that men planning evil used good and noble purposes as a shelter for a wicked plot to locate certain people and their genealogy.”

Me:  “Are You referring to the various DNA companies?”

Jesus:  “There is a greater experiment in place to destroy a billion people.  What happened to the Jewish people in the death chambers was only a foreshadowing of a greater plan today.  Permission was granted almost seven years ago.  While signs occurred visibly, most were behind the scenes, hidden in darkness.  I showed you a pot slowly coming to boil.  This is the world.

“God’s Courts in Heaven were then closed to the accuser.  Those who had bitterness, anger or envy were then given a double portion.  They were infused with great anger and the determination to harm.  To see the blueprints of their evil, go back to the history books…  that is, if you can find a truthful one.  Most have been destroyed.  You will see how the enemy rose to power, destroying anyone who stood in their way.

“You are currently experiencing the precursor to the Mark of the Beast (the Covid19 Vaccines).  However, it is only a precursor.  Remember that, when the Mark actually arrives, I will first send angels to command all who will listen not to take the Mark.  Not one person will take the Mark unwittingly or unknowingly.  Erin, you will find this is in Scripture (Revelation 14:9-11).

“I know that this is difficult to witness.  It appears to you as being ‘total chaos’.  However, it is not chaos at all.  The chaos is an untruth, like a veil covering a very planned and orchestrated attack.”

Me:  “But, Lord, You have so many people who love You praying to You.  Please don’t forget all of us.  Please stop all of this for our sake.  Please rise up, Lord.  Please have mercy on us!”

Jesus:  “I have allowed it to go forward because My churches have begun to fall away from Me.  They have gone into town for oil for their lamps.  Well, they will soon find out that they have fornicated as prostitutes with those who lead them here or there for a handsome sum of money.

“They have forgotten their first love, their Savior, for money.  As such, I have forgotten them.  My love is now for My Bride, a Bride with a willing heart, a Bride with watchful eyes to see and listening ears to hear, whose feet run from evil, whose lamp never stops burning for Me.”

Me:  “But, Lord, our lamps are now running low.  Our hearts are discouraged.  Our hopes are in You.  Lord, we are all looking for You.  Please help us.  So many are growing tired.  Please act on our behalf.  Please use us now.”

Jesus:  “I know, Erin, I know.  I am here with you.  I dwell in you.  Your heart is My Tabernacle.  Rejoice, Erin.  I am preparing My Army, an Army the likes the world has never seen.  My Army is about to shake the nations.  My anger burns against those who have used unjust measures.  My anger burns against those who have mistreated widows and orphans.

“My anger burns for those whose false witness have convicted the innocent.  My anger burns for those involved in the children sacrificed to Baal.  My anger burns.  In the same way that evil has increased, so too does God’s measure of wrath build.  Just as evil becomes more visible, so too will I.  Do you understand?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  Please hurry though as hope is fading away for so many of us.”

Jesus:  “I come at the appointed time.  My wrath will be poured out upon the wicked.  However, first will come a Great Wave of My goodness.  This will be a church unlike any church ever before.  This will be a church who never closes its door by night nor worries about business dealings by day.  This will be a church who does not have a scheduled liturgy script, but instead leads fully by My Spirit.

“This will be a church who does not shutdown the move of God because of timeframes.  This will be a church who worships Me day and night, standing on My Word of Truth.  This church will be like a candle at My Altar who never burns out day or night.  There will be no curtain separating Me from My Bride.  No weapon formed against this church shall prosper.

“Now, Erin, please understand the times that you are in.  Allow Me to work freely in you day and night.  Do not stop Me or shut Me down because of busy schedules.  Listen to Me say, ‘This is the way… walk in this!’  Now, rejoice today and rest tomorrow.  I love you.  I am with you.  Evil will not prevail.  Though they seem unstoppable, they are not.  Use your new tools today.  I love you.”

Dream over…

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