Dream 523 – The World will be in Shock and Awe

Received on Sunday, October 3, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for this beautiful Fall Day.  The leaves are barely turning color.  Normally by now, the fall colors are over because You send strong winds to remove any leaves that remain for the benefit of the tree during its long winter’s sleep.  As a result of this delay, these trees here out east are still beautiful.  Fall is and always has been my favorite time of the year.

The atmosphere is crystal clear and the air seems so pure.  My allergies are gone and I can finally breathe easily.  Fall is a blessing.  Harvest Festivals are everywhere, as well as Harvest Markets.  Unlike last year, the virus has not stopped these gatherings this year.  Last night, I had so many dreams, it was a ‘Dream Harvest’.  Thank You for dreams, Father.  I have had a few of them that revolved around acorns.

Sub-dream 1 “Acorns, acorns everywhere” begins…

We moved our bed out from the wall.  Underneath our bed were hundreds or even thousands of darker colored acorns.  These acorns had already been shelled and the seeds had already been planted.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Sub-dream 2 “My mom loves our Oak Tree” begins…

We had a beautiful oak tree in our yard.  Our yard was not like it is right now though.  Our yard was now a combination of my childhood homes and Bend OR.  It was a combination of Nevada, California, Idaho and Oregon.  All of these were combined into one neighborhood in Oregon.  This oak tree was about 14 feet in height and had a canopy about 14 feet wide.  However, the canopy height was low at about 7 feet.  The trunk was in proportion to its canopy.

We had not lived long in this home.  Our surroundings, including the oak tree, were all new to us.  My mother had come to see our new place.  She appeared much younger.  I was so excited to see her again.

Mom:  “Can we go outside and see your new place?  In particular, I want to check out your amazing oak tree.”

I agreed and we walked outside.  We were soon in awe at the size of the acorns this tree had produced.  They were remarkable acorns.  Some of these acorns were almost three inches high and perfectly shaped.  They were so perfectly shaped that I knew they were all supernatural.

Me:  “Look, mom, there is something odd here.  Besides the acorns, there were two other seeds growing from this tree.  It looks like buckeye and almond.”

Just after I pointed this out to my mom, she walked over to a large growth on the other side of the trunk of the tree.  It appeared to have movement.

Me:  “Mom, wait.  Stop!  It is a beehive.”

She turned and we proceeded to walk away carefully.  Without really speaking at all, she conveyed to me that she liked our home.  I then started to wonder how I could live with the beehive.  Should I retrieve honey from it or have it removed?  Would I always worry about being stung?  Soon after thinking these things, I then became totally focused on the oak tree itself.  I no longer cared about the bees.

Me:  “I just love this beautiful oak tree.  I can’t believe we own it.”

Mom:  Smiling.  “Yes, it is quite the tree!”

Sub-dream 2 over…

Sub-dream 3 “A deer breathing her last breaths” begins…

Our home was cut into the side of a hill.  Our home was separated from our neighbor’s yard by a four-foot-tall retainer wall of stacked stone.  On top of that was a grassy tiered strip with plants and flowers.  On this strip was a four-foot-tall wooden fence.

On this one particular day, I was in the backyard and heard a sound behind me.  There was a smaller doe who was panting heavily.  I watched her as she climbed and jumped our rock retaining wall.  However, she was unable to jump the fence.  She then laid down exhausted on our grassy tiered strip near some flowers.  She was clearly thirsty and in distress.

I went to find my garden hose to give her water to cool her down.  When I brought her the water, she was completely disinterested in it.  While I wanted to comfort her, I could tell that she wanted nothing to do with me.  She was clearly ill.  Her stomach was puffed up.  In contrast, her other features were sunken.

Upon even closer examination, her jaw area was bleeding and looked broken.  While I now knew that she was dying, I was helpless to do anything for her.  I went inside to phone a vet.  After explaining all of the above to the vet, her reply was not comforting…

Vet:  “The deer will likely soon die.  You need to prepare for this as I doubt she will recover.  I suggest you call a wildlife manager now in order to retrieve the body.  He will need to examine the body for parasites and other issues.  As for you, do not touch the body.  It could be contaminated.  You don’t want to risk becoming sick.”

After first phoning a wildlife manager to come out, I went to again check on her.  Her breaths were now extremely faint.  She was almost gone.

Sub-dream 3 over…

Father, this last dream was a sad dream.  What did this deer represent?

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “The deer represents the spiritual growth of some who once believed in Me, those who once loved Me and became thirsty, but later refused My Word.  They thought I would never allow any suffering or struggles.  When these then came, instead of relying on Me and allowing Me to give them the strength to go on the heights, they leaned on their own understanding.  They did not trust Me to carry them.

“They even refused fresh Living Water presented to them by those I sent to minister to them.  They refused those I sent to show kindness to them.  They then left their families and those who cared for them to pursue lofty adventures.  Even when they later realized they were sick, they still never turned to Me.  They then died halfway up the heights, never reaching beyond this.

“Pray for these for they are jealous and carry hate in their hearts.  When I pour out My Glory upon My Bride, they will be bitter and jealous in the darkness.  They will accuse you of conversing with demons.  They will accuse you of receiving the demons’ powers from the abyss even though your powers will be coming from Me.  Erin, there will be a day soon to come like the days of Noah and even in the Garden when shock and dismay will replace arrogance, rebellion and shame.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, this day will be a day of astonishment to those who are unsuspecting.  This would consist of the vast majority of the world’s population.  Few have even heard of the Transformation.  I only heard of the Transformation just a few years ago, but only because You taught us about this first in these dreams.  While the coming Transformation is written about clearly in Scripture, with Joel 2 and Isaiah 61 to name just two, it is also still somehow veiled unless specifically searched for.”

Jesus:  “Yes, Erin, this is true.  When this day soon comes, they should have then turned to Me in full repentance.  They should have then brought their grievances to Me and laid them at My Altar.  If they would do this, I would then do a good work and accept their apology.  I would then take their shame and rebellion and turn to heal them.

“Many will instead want none of this.  They instead will be angry and indignant.  Many Christians amongst the many will then site Scripture verses at those who are fruitful, calling to have them struck down in My Name.  However, they will really be doing the work of demons.  They will have chosen spiritual death.  Their own pride will be a mantle of death versus a mantle of life and healing.

“As for those who do repent and then follow Me, My Word will breathe life abundantly and it will never end.  Erin, truth is like a refreshing spring planted in a desert of lies.  It quenches the thirst of those who seek truth.  Those who seek Me will be like springs in desert places.  Through Me, the words on a page are brought to life.  They are living.

“A Bible or a Tanakh without My breathing life into it through the vessels of those who seek Me with their whole heart who read them would be like a dead man reading a fictitious chronical story.  It means nothing if those who read are not open to the Wisdom of God, understand?”

Me:  “Thank You, Lord.”

Jesus:  “I speak to those who seek Me in those pages in My Word.  I then breathe life into their vessels.  To those who desire to be like a healthy doe and look for Me upon the heights of My Word for even more, they are then given the ability to climb the heights to find Me there.  This will be a ‘mountain top’ experience for them.

“However, very few believe there is more in My Word.  For these, they are not given more.  Their unbelief greets them at the base of the mountain instead.  In jealousy, they then mock those who chose to seek My face as they descend with knowledge from on high to share their miracles and testify to My goodness.

“Very soon, My Oaks of Righteousness will be visible to all as I am soon to fulfill the Words of the Prophets.  You will soon see the Year of the Lord’s Favor come to life.  Erin, when this comes, you will be both revered and despised.  You must instead be like an acorn and put on your armor.  I will strengthen you for your journey up My Mountain.  There I will reveal great mysteries.  There you will be like you were in your youth, but even better.

“Your mouth will then pour out truth like honey.  To some, this will be the sweetest of honeys.  To others, they will be stung instead.  There will be a new song on your heart.  Your joy will be complete.  You will minister and comfort those who grieve and mourn their former things.  You will display awesome deeds.  Nothing… no weapon… formed against you will prosper or succeed in removing you.

“To evil, you will be like a punishing stone.  A strongman before you will become weak and unable to stand.  A liar before you will be forced to confess.  A murderer before you will be forced to weep.  Great horror will strike those who are evil as you bring the dead to life.  Once risen, they will then witness to the deeds of the wicked men.

“Erin, My judgment will be visible wherever you go.  However, gifts, healings and miracles will also be visible.  There will then be great joy and celebration and a wave of healing the likes the world has never seen.  This will be the greatest harvest the world has ever known.”

Me:  “Lord, this would make for an awesome Shmitah year!  Please let all You have declared come quickly.  Many of us are growing weary.  Your Words are a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

Jesus:  “Good then.  We are on the same page.  Erin, allow Me to carry you.  It is time.”

Me:  “Carry me, Lord.  I am too weak.  However, with You, I can climb a mountain or scale a wall.  Thank You, Lord, for saving my life and allowing me to live years ago.  I will be forever grateful.”

Jesus:  “Whoever seeks to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and allows Me to breathe new life into them will keep it and keep it abundantly.  This is why it is important to die to yourself.  This means all of your personal ambitions.  Your ‘self’ works against My Spirit.  The two cannot dwell together for good.  Unfortunately for many, it means refinement by the furnace of affliction.

“As for you, Erin, you are now as a Temple Vessel used for the purposes of purification during worship.  I pour into you fully and then you pour out Living Water on those who come seeking answers and miracles, those who I have called to Me… the lost.

“There are also many Temple Vessels with you and all of them are useful for My purposes under Heaven.  I have hidden My Temple Vessels all this time.  However, I will now bring them out of hiding.  All those who see will be shocked and amazed.”

Me:  “So, all the Vessels You have been shaping, preparing and filling with Living Water are Temple Vessels?  Wow!”

Jesus:  “There is much more to this.  Rejoice, Erin.  Enjoy this day that I have made.  You are loved.  Oh yes… this will be a record ‘Mast Year’ for trees.”

Dream over…

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