Dream 524 – The Flood of My Spirit comes next

Received on Friday, October 8, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another beautiful fall day!  Let me start today with a note of great love for my Father.  I love You so much, Lord.  My dream last night was wonderful…

Sub-dream 1 “Reconciling with a friend from my past” begins…

I was experiencing a wonderful reconciliation with a friend from my past.  While I don’t recall much of the details, there was a feeling of loss from years ago as if something was missing to then the feeling of seeing them again and them being as glad to see me as I was glad to see them.  After this, everything, including our relationship, was healed.

Sub-dream 1 over…

This was a wonderful dream.  It was like a puzzle that could never be finished because there were missing pieces.  In a large view of the puzzle, you can grasp what it looks like.  You can see it.  However, instead of focusing on the bigger picture that is almost complete, there still remains holes where the missing pieces belong.  Finding missing pieces brings everything together.  It is so satisfying, often bringing laughter and joy, to finally uncover where the lost pieces were all along.

Oh Father, You speak to me on Great Mysteries and daily revelations.  I am so thankful for You.  You are my Treasure, a Diamond of the greatest value.  Your knowledge is priceless.  One day very soon, You will reveal Yourself to Your people and we will be forever grateful.  Perhaps You will then say something similar to the following…

“Yes, that day I sent this… it was Me.  The day I concealed the puzzle pieces in a place for many years… that was Me.  These were found by you at the perfect time.  The day when the Great Day once concealed is finally revealed… that is Me!”

What a glorious day of confirmation this will be, Lord.  Whether we are here to sound the trumpets or are here to pray or are here for an even greater purpose, we simply do not yet know all of these things.  We are only small puzzle pieces of Your Greater Picture and it is all fitting into place.  Thank You, Father.

I am now also asking You to help me understand this new way of learning from You.  Each day is becoming more intense in revelation.  This is something new to me, so please help me.  I am still unsure how to fully use my new found ‘God-Technology’.  It is truly state of the art and the batteries never runs out.

Sub-dream 2 “The Tender Shoot and the Aphids” begins…

I am excited, yet in shock, of what You are now revealing.  I pray that I write all things down for Your Glory.  In one instance last week, You showed me a small shoot coming out of a tree branch.  It was inspiring based on the condition of the tree itself.  You then prompted me to examine this more carefully.  Once I did, I saw that this promising tender shoot was being overrun by aphids.  The aphids were the exact same color as the leaf.  I then asked You, “Father, is there no good left in the world?”

Sub-dream 2 over…

When recently watching the news, my husband and I became excited about a whistleblower coming forward against Facebook.  I then felt a confirmation in my Spirit upon closer inspection that this person was actually a set up.  Their purpose was to set up an even eviler agenda, solidifying laws that would remove the freedom of speech for anyone subjectively deemed to be part of a ‘hate group’.

Me:  “Oh Lord, this is yet another illusion set up by the New World Order.  How can we ever be free from their terrible deception and lies?”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, first of all, My Voice is in you.  Just ask Me.  I will speak to you and send confirmation.  You must learn to trust My Voice in you.  This way, any of you who hears someone say ‘no, the Christ is here, come out and greet Him’ or ‘no, this is the way, walk in this’, surely these will not then lead you into destruction.  My Spirit is soon to be spread throughout the lands.  My Voice will be as the One crying out in the wilderness.

“However, My cry will not just be there.  I will also be the refreshing springs of healing in the desert and the fountains of Living Water in the ‘Dead Sea’.  All with eyes to see will soon know who has My Spirit, My Glory, upon them.  I will also then send out dreams and visions in even greater numbers than I am now.

“As for the enemy, he hurries his riders on the swiftest of chariots, riders who put their trust in their chariots and horses.  They trust in their chariots and horses because this is something they can understand and they believe in what they can see.  The enemy then uses bribes and schemes to further build up his armies.  He then operates them in the shadows.  He conceals his evil in the darkness of the night.  He then declares the following evil, all in secret…

  • This is my land. I will take for myself this land and I will declare it to be Mine.
  • I will make my army from Assyria. I will build up their arsenals, arsenals paid for from the wages of God’s people.  By having God’s people pay for this, they will then feel guilty of the crimes later to be performed against the people of Israel by the use of these arsenals.
  • I will then take a census of the people. The reason for this census will not be easily understood by the people as this will not be done like those of the old way.  People will then not understand exactly what it is that they are registering for.
  • I will create fear and division. I will cause rivalry and hate.  I will then put the law abiding under new laws and remove justice.  This will create great fear.
  • I will create a vast army of many ranks. I will bring forth punishers to inflict harm.  I will use fear as my greatest weapon of change, ‘change you can count on’.
  • I will shut the Churches of God and proclaim them to be spreaders of disease. If this does not fully close the Churches, I will proclaim them as centers of hate.  By being labeled this way, they will be unable to speak.
  • Using the weapons of lies and accusations, I will then remove any and all opposition to my advance.
  • While anyone for me will be a part of my ‘kingdom’, anyone against me will be destroyed and made as an example.
  • I will control all police, all courts, all prosecutors, all judges, all juries, all jailers and all the tax collectors.
  • I will take all that I am entitled to, which is whatever I say it is, and there will be not one who can stop me.
  • I will control all food, all drugs, all hospitals, all water supplies and all dwellings. If you have real estate, you better be on my side advancing my ‘kingdom’ or I will remove you and take your assets.
  • I will amplify ‘cancel culture’. All you have built, earned or retired on will be mine.  Anything left not edifying me will be destroyed.
  • Once I have my way in all things, I will then triumphantly announce that… EQUITY IS FINALLY HERE!

Me:  “Oh Lord, this is awful.”

Jesus:  “Erin, the land you were born in is no longer the same land.  There is a ruler in charge and he is clever.  You must examine his history closely in order to understand more about him.  As he gained power, more and more information about him and his past was removed.  However, he is unable to hide anything from Me.

“Even though he controls many governments and armies, it would be hard for most to understand that this is now a different type of war being fought by a new type of army.  This is not as you would expect.  Their main goal is to wipe both Israel and America off of the map.  In the meantime, anyone who has ever mocked this man in the past has now been removed or will soon be removed.  Well, that is, if I didn’t have the final say.

Me:  “Lord, can I be so bold as to ask you to stop this man.  Please stop the black dragon right now!”

Jesus:  “I will.  Erin, you are not to worry.  I am showing you this to confirm your suspicions of this man’s current activities in the background.”

Me:  “Lord, even though You are the God over all things, it still seems to us that the enemy is sometimes in control, especially at certain times.”

Jesus:  “Well, Erin, they are not.  As for this man, I know where his residence is now and I also know where his residence will be for all of eternity.  Erin, he has now activated the sons of anarchy to do his will.  He is in the process of imposing punishing rules and mandates to see how far and how quickly he is able to gain power over the compliant people.  Quite simply, he cannot control his overwhelming desire to reign over all right now.  He is impatient and will continue to be impatient.

“As for those who came on the airplanes from Afghanistan, these are men with evil intent.  Others are also coming from the south.  He then distracts from this by using the news to spark a fire somewhere else.  He then quickly moves his army closer.  While all are distracted by this spark, they then fail to notice the fast-moving fire coming from the west, the east and the south.

“Erin, all of this is ‘sleight of hand’.  Have people focus on a shooting over there and then use this to then remove all guns over here.  Keep mandating mask use so that women will feel covering themselves to be natural.  This will then later fit into the black dragon’s culture.  Criminals now use these same masks to conceal their faces, emboldening them to commit brazen crimes.  In reality, this is all for the advancement of hate and division and for the rise of a ‘new way’.”

Me:  “While I don’t like masks, burkas would be even more restricting.  This would be horrible.  Please don’t allow this while we are still here on Earth.”

Jesus:  “Do not worry as this is not My way.  However, it is the way intended by the enemy.  You need only to look at his plans by his own words.  The majority who gave him rise are the very skin color he hates.  The children of God who pointed out that he did not change his name even though he declares himself Christian are the very same group he hates even more.

“His plans are to remove anyone who speaks out against him.  He will also attack Israel by removing the historical truth that it is God’s land given to them.  He will hide that they are the rightful citizens of the land.  He will then attack them at every opportunity.  These attacks will continue to escalate.”

Me:  “So, Lord, what is next?”

Jesus:  “My Glory is to now be revealed in all of you.  My Spirit will now come in great waves of revival, a revival like the world has never known.  With Noah came the flood of water.  When My flood comes again, it will not be by water, but by My Spirit… and then one day by My fire.”

Me:  “Thank You, Lord.  This gives me so much hope!”

Jesus:  “Erin, the flood of My Spirit comes next.  Now rejoice, Erin.  My Spirit is rising and My Glory will fall like rain.  There will not be a dry eye among you.  Rejoice, Erin, for I am with you and in you.  My Spirit Is upon you.  You, your family and your friends are in My care and will be forever.”

Right after He said this, I looked outside of my window.  There was a cardinal in our yard.  This cardinal appeared for the first time in many months.  Seeing this cardinal right after this amazing dream made me so very happy!

Dream over…

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