Dream 532 – Preparing for the Perfect Storm

Finished on Saturday, October 30, 2021

Important Notes on the “Dark” Sub-Dreams (from Erin’s husband):  While we are reading these dreams in real time, they will also be read in the future by entirely different audiences, both Post-Transformation AND Post-Rapture.  While many of the sub-dreams written can be really dark, these are not to be feared… at least not yet (but not by us).

What I mean by this is that many of these sub-dreams won’t ‘commence’ until AFTER the Rapture.  While these sub-dreams would have most likely come into fruition in the very near future without God’s intervention, our soon Transformation will change everything.

During our Post-Transformation time, the enemy’s plans will take a back seat to God’s plans.  While the enemy wants evil to rule all things, God will instead be sending us out to deliver His never-ending love and compassion.  As the enemy may also see these sub-dreams as written at some point in the future, imagine how infuriating it will be for him to see that his evil secret plots have already been outlined for the world to read.

Received on Friday, October 29, 2021

According to the Hebrew calendar, today is Cheshvan 23, the 7th day of the Flood


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for this beautiful land.  Thank You for the last remnants of freedom that we are enjoying right now.  So many of us are sick right now.  There are flareups of illnesses, breathing issues, cancer, heart issues and other problems.

These illnesses don’t seem to be healing even with fervent prayers and great faith.  No matter what though, we will stay the course and believe in You, Father.  You are our Creator and the Lover of our souls.  You are a good, good Father.  Your mercies never end.  I had an unusual dream last night…

Sub-dream 1 “A Frightening New World System is Planned” begins…

A plot is in place that is so horrible and so unbelievable that, without You, Father, doing a Great Work, the majority of America will fall very shortly.  Out of great fear, the other countries will then fall soon after.  There will only be three countries that will not submit to the one born of the sea, risen up from an island in the sea.  The details in this dream are horrible.  These details, if widely known, would cause great fear.  In this dream, this plan is to be completed by Christmas this year (Saturday, December 25, 2021).

A great overthrow is planned.  Foreign operatives have already been distributed throughout the nation.  The leaders in Canada were told to keep their borders shuttered for two years and then all can be opened.  These operatives are also in other nations.

There is such great hate by this emerging world leader that he has put into place a great plan to punish and persecute several groups of people.  He has already mocked God with his books.  The ‘Audacity of Hope’ mocks God’s hope… His Son, Jesus.  The ‘Promised Land’, the USA, is now his and all will submit to him in ‘Part 2’ of his book.  His plan is diabolical, as is all of his plans.  Here is a brief outline…

  • Remove the ‘Majority’: This leader has an all-consuming hate for white people.  He wants to remove them as soon as possible, preferably with deadly force.
  • Remove his Political Opposition: Dilute the voting rights of the opposing party.  Destroy opponents, both current and from the past.  Detain constitutionalists, loyalists and colonists.  Silence all opposition platforms using media, news outlets and banks.
  • Remove Christians and Jews: Remove Christians and Jews regardless of skin color.  As with political opponents, make them ‘disappear’ as soon as possible.  Camps for these people are already being built right now.
  • Create Great Fear: Label all of this as something that it is not.  Then cause great fear across the world through lies.  Create great fear through public humiliation, loss and fear.  All peoples, regardless of race or color, will be subject to great punishment this leader deems desirable.
  • Remove ‘Drains on Society’: All Medicare programs will cease.  There will no longer be care for the elderly or special needs.  Families will be directed through fear to agree to the termination of care and benefits.  Signatures will be made outlining parents against their children and children against their parents.
  • Control of the Youth: One of the first things the Nazis did was start the brainwashing of their youth at a young age.  Children will need to submit to instruction by great pressure.  They will be told to report about their home life, including their parent’s activities.  They will be required to report this back to the schools.  Children of all ages will be taught that their parents are evil.
  • Remove Almost All of History: Original historical documents, archives, evidence and detailed witnessed statements are to be removed.  This is already happening.  They are not being replaced, just marked as ‘missing’.
  • Still Preserve Some History: Any documents supporting historical evidence of oppression are being moved forward and preserved.  These will be used as evidence against all those with lineage to DNA to the founding fathers, any other leaders or military family members.  They will then go to trial and be told publicly to relinquish all possessions in payment.
  • Create a Terrifying Prison System: The remaining prisoners will be released from prisons.  However, the very worst of the worst will remain in the prison.  They will then be given freedom to inflict the ‘new types of prisoners’.
  • Populate the Prison System with the opposition: With the room now available in the prisons, all who the government deems as opposed, outspoken or ‘undesirable’ will be sent to prison.  Once there, live stream videos of their torture will be on display via ‘pay per view’.  They will also be able to witness beatings, rapes, sodomy and great deprivation.  While underground, this will somehow still be acceptable to society (again, this is their plan, NOT God’s plan).
  • Murder of LGBTQs: All LGBTQs peoples will be murdered.  The whole purpose of today’s ‘acceptance’ is to draw them out into the open for later ‘removal’.  This is counter-intuitive to the LGBTQs mindset of acceptance and will be a true shock to them when it is swiftly enacted.

Outline of a New Proposal called The New Sovereignty Citizen Act (or something similarly named):

Immigrants coming through the border are to be redistributed to towns and cities all over America.  They are to await further instructions and timings of such instructions.  Once enacted, an illegal immigrant will be able to choose a piece of the ‘Promised Land’ for himself.  He will have the right to do this.

Once he sees a desirable parcel of land, dwelling or other properties under the law, he is allowed to occupy said property and declare it sovereign and his.  To add insult to injury, those whose properties were on the papers must then pay either a transfer tax or a special tax to appeal to gain access.

Even then, they must still prove by DNA or by historical documentation that the property is theirs before the beginning of the nation (that is, being a ‘native’).  If not, they are not entitled to the property.  However, they can remain on the property to serve the ‘sovereign citizen’ and his needs (in other words, become a ‘slave’).  Finding historical documentation will be almost impossible as all titles, records, deeds and transfers will soon be destroyed under the guise of ‘reparations’.

While many property owners will pretend to agree to the transfer, they will then ‘rebel’ against the system by killing the occupiers to regain their property.  This will be considered a crime (murder), with the offenders put into the frightening prisons and camps.  In other words, those designated to be eventually completely destroyed by the government will be in a no-win situation.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Sub-dream 2 “Foreigners take over Disney World” begins…

I was in Disney World in Florida.  Many families had paid for vacations to the resort in advance.  There were many children there for the very first time and were excited.  A new rule then came into effect making for two distinct lines to each ride…

  • First Line for Paying Customers: Even though the families had paid a high price for tickets, their lines never moved.  The children then became understandably frustrated and cried and acted out.  It was becoming a miserable experience for all there.
  • Second Line for Foreigners: The second line was for foreigners.  They and their families were moved quickly through.  They were moved through as soon as they flashed their special badges.

The paying customers were never able to really participate.  Due to the park closing for the night, they then went back to their resorts feeling defeated.  When they reached their rooms, they found out that their keys did not work.  Not only that, all their belongings were taken by the ‘new vacationers’, the foreigners from the second line.

When the families went to management, they were told their names were not on the reservations or they were listed as non-pay.  This was the case for even those who paid in full in advance, which were the majority of them.  Meanwhile, the occupiers were now even wearing their clothing, using their accounts and enjoying the full amenities, all without paying a dime.  The paying customers then were forced to leave.

I could easily tell that the imposters didn’t feel bad at all.  They mocked the families and paraded their stolen personal items in full display.  While a few fights broke out, most guests simply left without incident out of fear.  The pool was crowded with rowdy unruly invaders.  It was a very difficult thing to witness.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Me:  “Father, please help us.  Please help America.  Please don’t allow this evil former leader so much power.  They are destroying the nation by spreading lies and hate.  They are attacking us on all sides.  Please rise up!”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “I know that it is painful to witness these things.  However, there is nothing new concerning the plans of the enemy.  While this has happened in the past, his (the Black Dragon’s) schemes for this time now are even more evil and far reaching.  Heaven is watching and millions are interceding in God’s Courts.

“As for the Red Dragon, he has receded away from the spotlight.  He also has plots in place from his position and these are also far-reaching plots.  However, neither the Black Dragon nor the Red Dragon will succeed against Me.  Do not worry.  Many are the schemes of the wicked.  Erin, who can even count all of their evil schemes?”

“Now, he (the Black Dragon) has lined up militants in every nation.  Upon his call, all of these will rise.  Their first goal will be to overthrow the powerful nation (the USA).  The others will then fall shortly after.  Israel will be attacked.  The princes in the Middle East with great wealth will be thrown down.  The princes will be killed and a new government will take its place.  All will be visible.

“Now, these are the plots of the enemy.  He will rise up and take control.  While he will look like a savior, he is actually behind it all.  However, just because this is his plan does NOT mean it is Mine, understand?  He works quickly to remove My memory in the mind and hearts of My people.  Many then say, ‘Where is your God?’

“Well, Erin, I am here in you.  Heaven intercedes day and night.  God is angry.  The angel army from Heaven is over you and among you.  I have called them.  As the enemy plots and schemes, all wait for My call, the sound of a Great Shout and the Shaking of the Earth, an advance so powerful that the enemy will run and hide.

“Each of the wicked will then know that I am in control.  They will recoil in fear.  As for the invaders here in the land with the intention of harm, they will be removed back to their homelands in an instant.  I am in complete control.  I am always in complete control.  Do not worry, Erin, as I have this.”

Received on Saturday, October 30, 2021

According to the Hebrew calendar, today is Cheshvan 24, the 8th day of the Flood


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your continued guidance.

Sub-dream 3 “Preparing for the Perfect Storm” begins…

I was observing a technological center like NASA.  There were large screens everywhere.  Instead of outer space, there was a large calendar, along with a linear timeline.  The people there were an odd mixture of analysts, mathematicians and historians.  All were working together to measure how much time they had left before the Perfect Storm.  These people were pure evil.

While I was there observing, I was not visible to the people there.  These people were basing their findings on actual signs and wonders.  They were trying to determine the timeline prior to ‘God’s Awakening’ and the ensuing ‘Great War’.  Their timelines were, in turn, based on three types of timelines…

  • Biblical Timelines: There were copious amounts of notes taken on Christian and Jewish watchers.  These groups were using Biblical signs as their platforms.  Depending on who made the timeline, they were identified by being from well-known evangelists or rabbis, along with their predictions.
  • Natural Timelines: I saw a timeline of natural signs and wonders.  They were each marked by their locations, names, longitudes and latitudes.
  • Historical Event Timelines: I saw events that happened recently, but also events from a thousand years back and everything in between.

There were at least fifty people working fulltime on this.  They were using algorithms and patterns based on various historical dates to predict the future.  I then walked over to a meeting room where people were gathered around a telephone speaker.  Just before he picked up the phone, he addressed the others in the room.

Man in the room:  “Shush!  The top brass is on the line.  I am about to pick up.”

Man on the speaker:  “Listen, we need you to narrow down some dates quickly so we can put together an operation to remove all glaring problems prior to God’s moves.  We need more ‘Point / Counterpoint’ data for the timeline of ‘Operation Beast’.”

I then looked over at one of their charts.  It had several data points listed…

  • The Perfect Storm that happened in the Atlantic from October 28, 1991 to November 2, 1991, inclusive. This was labeled a counterpoint.
  • The Towers falling on September 11, 2001. This was labeled a point.
  • Permission for greater evil being allowed was granted in late December 2012. This was labeled a point.
  • The beginning of Trump’s presidency on January 20, 2017. This was labeled a counterpoint.
  • The beginning of the effects of Covid starting on January 18, 2020. This was labeled a point.
  • The ending of Trump’s presidency on January 20, 2021. This was labeled a point.
  • There were also migration trends listed on the timeline, as well as the Tetrad of lunar eclipses. These were not labeled as points or counterpoints.
  • They seemed to be predicting some sort of events happening on Monday, November 1, 2021 and Thursday, November 25, 2021 (Thanksgiving). These were not labeled as points or counterpoints.

I then saw a different chart outlining all of their dates that have come and gone.  They had a lot of dates listed (but then again, so do we… smiles).  These listed dates did not go as predicted.  Even though the group was highly skilled, they didn’t realize that God’s ways are higher and therefore unpredictable (although we can still have fun guessing).  As for these evil workers, I could tell that they were scared and really needed one of their dates to soon be correct.

Sub-dream 3 over…

Me:  “While I am not a ‘date speculator’ type person, my husband loves it.  As for me, I get too wrapped up and have trouble with the disappointment.  My husband is sad for an hour or so, but then is back at his spreadsheets, all smiles and optimistic again.  God’s Clock and Calendar is a mystery and more complicated than any man can comprehend (with the exception of perhaps Enoch?).  Oh Lord, please help us soon.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, take comfort in knowing that I am actually ‘The Point Man’.  The enemy doesn’t control events.  I control them.  He makes his moves according to several factors.  You have seen this in your dream.  He is trying to create the Perfect Storm.  However, he is unable to control it.  I control it, just like I controlled the Perfect Storm thirty years ago today.

“Now, the enemy is better at predictions.  This is because he is once of Heavenly origins.  However, he still reacts to things based on old timelines.  This is good.  Even though there is nothing new under Heaven, I can and will do a new thing.  This will be a thing that the enemy cannot prepare for or predict.

“However, with My guidance, you will look back over it and see that this date was in plain sight the entire time.  For now and today, take comfort in this.  I am with you.  I am in you.  My Voice is in you.”  Just then, a woodpecker knocked on my window three times and flew away.  “Yes, I even send a woodpecker to make you smile.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, I need Your help.  I am anxious.”

Jesus:  “Do not be.  What would create more anxiety… if the enemy was in control or if God is in control?”

Me:  “The enemy being in control would create infinitely more anxiety.”

Jesus:  “Although he appears to be, he is not.  He knows this.  Someone doing the wrong thing… stealing, lying, cheating and all manners of evil… does so in darkness and in secret.  He acts with speed so that he is not discovered.  However, there are no secrets under Heaven.  I see all things.  I know where the enemy is at all times.  Although he is clever and does all things with intention, I am greater.

“For instance, he was not given the power of omnipresence or omniscience.  This limits his abilities to operate.  While he is unable to be in multiple locations at the same time, he then uses technology to advance his abilities.  Through this manner, he can be in each household through various means.  He can track your movements, your habits and your vitals.  He tracks the state of your health.

“He also uses advanced algorithms to predict your behaviors.  He uses these algorithms to also try to predict your sins.  This is why the Army of God is fighting a war in the heavens over all of this.  Although he was not given omnipotence over the Earth, he was given the ability to work within God’s perimeters.”

Me:  “That’s evil and very scary!”

Jesus:  “Yes.  Apart from God, his plans for the world would have ended existence of man thousands of years ago.  However, he does not control this.  He also tried to wipe Israel out several times.  He wanted to annihilate the Jewish people.  His goal now is to wipe out all of Israel, as well as an entire race of people.  This is an endeavor of evil proportions.  He has begun this from several different sides and methods.

“Do not worry though, as the enemy will not succeed.  In all things, be anxious for nothing, as I am with you.  Greater is He Who is in you than he who is in the world.  Rejoice, Erin, for I am with you.  I am with your Nest friends.”

Dream over…

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