Dream 541 – God will do all that He has Promised

Received on Monday, December 6, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for fresh snow!  This morning is the first day I have been alone in our home for a few years.  I cranked up the praise music to give thanks for all You have done.  My playlist included ‘No one but you’ by Hillsong and ‘Revelation Song’ by Phillips, Craig & Dean.  Today is my pacemaker appointment.  I pray all goes well.  Please continue to keep the plague away from our home.

The kids’ grandfather died yesterday while I was on the phone with my daughter.  She saw him at Thanksgiving and told us that he had already gone home mentally as he was unable to speak clearly.  He lost all functions on Friday and was not expected to last through the night.  He never woke up and died yesterday.

He gave his heart to Jesus last summer after a long battle with brain cancer.  I believe he was used as a measure for those around him.  Still, I am not sure as only You, Father, would know this.  I am thankful that he is in a better place… actually, the best place for eternity.

A great burden has been lifted from me.  I am no longer bound by the evil institution that constantly dictated my every move.  They intimidated my doctors.  They lied in every statement they gave.  They discredited anyone who spoke against them.  They refused to pay for any of my medical care.  They used Covid as a way to attack the credibility of all the people caring for me.

They hired the same IMEs to look at my case and they somehow determined I could work.  An IME is not independent if they rely on an entity over them to continually feed them.  Their loyalty is always to the one who feeds them.  They are paid to write the reports needed to stop their financial obligations.

Me:  “Oh Father, I am finally free now.  While You didn’t deliver me in the way I expected, You removed me from their evil work.  I therefore must also believe that You will make a way.  I must trust You now in all things.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here.  Do not worry.  This is for your benefit that I removed this stronghold over you.  They will be forced to make right all wrongs.  However, for now, have nothing more to do with them as they are corrupted.  An evil has swept over all nations.  Without being reported on, there have been evil coups all over the world.

“The people vote one way and the corrupt opponent then changes the ballots with those favoring corruption against the people.  All the while, the people are in their dwellings for fear of the plague.  However, I see it, Erin.  God sees.  Evil cannot hide.  Some leaders are thrown in jail.  Other leaders are marked for killing in their cells, especially if the reach of their influence is too great.

“Now, the January 6th Event was 11 months ago to the day.  This was designed to distract from the stolen election.  Certain leaders were called there.  However, some saw the trick and did not enter into evil.  The goal was ultimately to jail and silence all opposed to this coup.  This was staged using scenes with actors from their own side.  Even though it was a weak attempt, they were able to create enough fear that even the judges became afraid to stand against this.

“For now, the evil are enjoying their control.  However, they also know that the people are now angry and likely to remove them next year.  As a result, they plan to send more fear to change the next election’s results.  The world leader to take his seat is waiting for the nations to be prepared to receive him.  He is raising up his army now.  A great number of loyalists have come from the border to the south.

“These people have been promised great wealth and the plunder of people with the wrong skin color.  With little education, they believe and seek to serve those leaders who most benefits them.  Little do they know that their covenant will lead to their death for all eternity as they will be fighting against God and the innocent.  Judgment has come against the nations because they prefer to serve men who hate.

“They prefer the gods given to them by the world… the enemy, his powers, princes and principalities.  They will even offer up their children for money.  This you have seen.  Now, the Great Measure for My Move is when evil is called good and good is called evil.  This is now happening.  This ball is now rolling quickly… or should I say sacrifices to Baal.  Now, this is what I require of you right now…

  • Do good.
  • Repent of any wrongs.
  • Turn from anything wicked.
  • Turn to Me with your whole heart.
  • Do not be corrupted by the evil world.
  • Do not be deceived.
  • If something is wrong and not of Me, pray and ask for a sign of confirmation. I will send it immediately.  You will know that it is Me as these signs will be personal.

“You must also know this… the enemy and accuser have been removed from the Courts of Heaven.  He no longer petitions and accuses God’s children.  He is here instead to inflect harm, but not in the way you think.  It is by your children, your young adults and those who know very little about Biblical truth or even history in general.

“The enemy is muddying the water to confuse the young.  Anyone who bends an ear will doubt truth more and more in favor of the bigger lie.  The enemy is aware that I will send a Great Revival, one last great move of miracle.  I will do this prior to the darkest of days and the removal of My Bride.

“The enemy knows that the Great Revival is almost here.  This is why he is orchestrating these great waves of evil.  He is behind the evil uprising you are seeing right now.  He plans for a mass extermination of people.  He will start with the elderly, then the young, then all believers in God and then all of one race.

“However, I will well up against him and raise an army unlike any he has ever seen or imagined, an army greater than the sons of Jacob.  My army will be even stronger, faster and smarter.  My army will be skilled in many areas, understanding all languages and forms of communication, as well as secret knowledge.

“Why?  How?  Because I am God.  Because I am omnipresent.  Because I can be in multiple places at the same time and will be working through those I have called.  Those they least expect will change.  10,000 will fall at just the sight of one of you.  My justice will be given quickly as each lying tongue will confess.  There will be no need for a trial yet as they will be restrained until judgment is rendered when the Bride is removed.

“They will then be loosed.  What they do from this time onward will then be the determiner of their fate.  Many will wish for death, but death will elude them.  Now be glad, Erin, for I have freed you from the evil which bound you.  You are free now.  My plans are to grant you hope and a future.”

Me:  “But, Lord, there doesn’t seem to be much of a future left here on Earth.”

Jesus:  “Not true, My Bride.  I have something which will bring you great joy.  My promises are true.  You work for Me.  Your life has been a series of tests and trials.  While you have made many mistakes, great has been your reward for this.  You have testified of My Goodness.  You have proclaimed by faith that My promises are true.  You have said that there is no greater love than Mine.

“I am God over all things and your heart is Mine.  As you have generously given, I will multiply even more back to you.  Now, I know you have a certain hope.  I will grant you the desires of your heart.  I will do all I have promised you.  I will not hold back in doing good.”

Dream over…

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