Dream 549 – Our Greatest Christmas Gift to Jesus

Received on Saturday, December 25, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for such a glorious day!  Thank You for my husband, our children, our family, our Nest friends and their families.  These are gifts too wonderful for me to comprehend.  I am so thankful.

Last night, I had one of the worst sleeps I have ever had.  I was restless and could not fall asleep even though I was exhausted.  I would fall asleep and then suddenly wake up.  My body did not feel right at all.  My Spirit, You in me, must not have slept during my personal storms.  I can’t remember ever having a Christmas Eve quite like last night.  I cried a lot too and, at times, uncontrollably.

I kept thinking… Lord, is this travailing?  Lord, is my body changing?  I must have finally fallen asleep at around 6:00am.  I then received a text from my daughter at 9:15am wishing me a wonderful Christmas.  I asked if she had a good sleep and she said no, she could not sleep as she was restless.  I told her I was the same and that I loved her.  I think she then finally fell asleep because it was so early where she is.

I laid in bed awhile and began to dialogue with Jesus…

Lord, thank You for this day of all days.  I know this day is a great celebration of Your birth.  Even though the calendars have been confused over the years, there are still many of us who love You and are forever thankful for God sending You.  What an incredible thing You have done, Lord!  You had longed to be with Your people.  What love is like this?  Only a Father’s love could do all You have done for us.

Your love transcends space, time and matter.  It cannot be measured.  You dwelt in the Garden.  You spoke to the prophets.  You stayed with Your people during their time in the desert.  You performed incredible miracles… too many to list.  I just know that You do these miracles on a daily basis.  Then, years later, when the land had become cold once again, You sent Your Son, Jesus.

Jesus was conceived in a virgin in order to be man walking amongst Your people in flesh… God in flesh.  The prophecies had foretold this and these came to pass in You.  However, You did not stop there.  You had relationships with Your people.  You raised a church.  You raised the dead.  You were given the keys to life and death.  You were given power over all things, which then manifested in Your Resurrection.

Nothing man could do could ever match Your powers.  No scheme of hell nor man could ever overcome You, Lord.  You then ascended to Heaven in glory.  You had gone before us to prepare the place You have for us in Heaven.  This is our Promised Land.  You then left us with the Holy Spirit because You knew that fear consumes man when void of God.  This is our navigation method that always points to our True North, Jesus.

Well, flash forward 2000 years and the world has once again grown cold.  Evil has increased so quickly that prophecies seem to be fulfilled on a daily basis.  There are also so many things happening that we don’t even hear about.  Oh Lord, Your people are waiting for You again.  However, the Jewish people still wait for their Messiah because so many of them refuse to believe You were Him.

Oh Lord, when?  When, Lord?  My first official Word from You came on September 30, 2012.  It has been nine years and almost three months.  Today’s prophets are proclaiming the Great Move of God is about to begin and that we must prepare for our King.  Well, Lord, I had hoped that this would have begun today.  However, and just like so many other great watch days, today’s ‘dawn’ just seemed to come and go.

Still, we cannot help ourselves from continuing to wait for Your Appointed Time.  You are worth the wait and Your timing will be just like You… absolutely perfect.  I hear Your Voice loudly in me now.  Things are different.  I am preparing for something.  However, I cannot know it until Your Will is done.  So, on this day, what can I give You, my Lord?  I am so unlikely to be chosen for anything.

I was born of this world and I had lived so much of my life serving the god of this world… that is, until the day I gave my heart to You.  Once I was baptized in water and Spirit, the world hated me as it did You.  I have been at war ever since and for 28 years and 3 months against powers, princes and principalities of the world.  This is because they can see You in me.

Me:  “Oh Father, the game has changed.  I am being removed from my daily routines.  The plague is still with us, disrupting our daily lives.  Thankfully, I am still mostly concealed by You.  In thanks to You for all You do for us, what can I give You, Lord? What can I give You which would honor You?”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Your heart, Erin!”

Me:  “But it is already Yours.”

Jesus:  “Then I have all I need.”

Me:  “Is there anything more?”

Jesus:  “Yes.  That your faith not waver.”

Me:  “It cannot, Lord, because You encourage me.  Am I at risk?”

Jesus:  “I made a promise to you that did not come with a condition.  This is unconditional.  This is an unconditional covenant promise.  Now, some sages or pastors would say ‘no, God would not do this.  There is always a condition like He gave David or Saul.’  However, I am in you now.  While your body is tired, your mind is sharp.

“This is a time like no other time under Heaven.  My churches are closing.  Now, did you think God would cast Satan down to cause troubles without an army of Heaven following his moves?  The evil has increased because the permissions were granted.  The enemy then says ‘Yes, but what is the catch?’  Well, God does not converse with him nor does He reveal My position.

“The enemy then believes he has won the war, declaring that God has grown tired of man.  He then proceeds with precision because he has a pattern which cannot be disputed.  It happened in the Garden and he can easily be measured today.  However, he now has more resources to use to mimic God’s power.  He then uses this technology to be ever present in your homes.

“While this is still not like God, it does give him the ability to copy omnipresence and grants him dominion over people.  Now, God gave the enemy a head start.  Why would He do this?  This is because things had to become worse before hearts would turn to God.”

Me:  “But, Lord, the enemy appears to be winning.”

Jesus:  “Well, he is not winning.  I sent clarion calls from My prophets.  Call it My personal ‘Head Start Program’ to sound the alarm.  Do you remember when it started for you?”

Me:  “Yes.  It was before late December 2012, the time when permissions were granted to the enemy.  My dreams officially started at the end of September 2012.  However, I had a dream You just reminded me of that occurred before this… back in mid-summer 2012.  The following is the dream as posted back in 2012…

Sub-dream 1 “Angels blowing Horns before a Mighty Flood (from 2012)” begins…

In a dream I had recently (back in mid-summer 2012), I watched a massive city in a valley with cliffs surrounding it.  People were celebrating when suddenly these large angels began to blow Shofars, or ram’s horns.  The music got louder and a large dam at the edge of the city broke with golden water flooding the city.  As frightening as it was, there was a great celebration.

I should also mention that there were seven cliffs and the angels each had a separate cliff. In the city, people were trading, buying and selling. It was sunny and warm and it occurred around right before noon or late morning from the position of the sun. The sound of screams and water breaking was deafening.

Post Dream Commentary (also from back in mid-summer 2012):  It was so real that, when I woke up, I was disoriented and barely recognized my surroundings in my room.  Ever since this dream happened, it awakened something exciting.  The Holy Spirit was filling me with joy.  I must admit that my children and I have been under attack and the attacks have increased, but I am at peace.  Two of my children, ages 10 and 12, have both had dreams about Heaven recently and I have had a series of ‘wedding shop’ dreams where I am being fitted for a gown.

I realize now that this is all growing anticipation for Jesus returning.  Has anyone else stopped being as excited about worldly material things, such as over indulging, etc.?  I have lost all interest… strange.  Also, I interact with many Mormons on a daily basis and, in the last three weeks, almost all of these relationships have broken down, but not because of something that I had done.  Would love to hear of anyone else feeling all of these incredible birthing pains, visions, dreams, etc.

Sub-dream 1 over…

“I then remembered a song by a secular group called ‘Live’.  The song is titled ‘Overcome’ and is about 9/11.  The lyrics still seem profound to me…

“Even now, the world is bleeding, but feeling just fine, all numb in our castle, where we’re always free to choose, never free enough to find.  I wish something would break because we’re running out of time.  And I am overcome, I am overcome, Holy Water in my lungs, I am overcome.  These women in the street pulling out their hair, my master’s in the yard giving light to the unaware, this plastic little place is just a step amongst the stairs.  And I am overcome, I am overcome, baby, Holy Water in my lungs, I am overcome.  So, drive me out, out to that open field, turn the ignition off and spin around, your help is here, but I’m parked in this open space blocking the gates of love.  I am overcome, I am overcome, Holy Water in my lungs, I am overcome.  Beautiful drowning, this beautiful drowning, this Holy Water, this Holy Water is in my lungs.  And I am overcome, I am overcome, I am overcome, I am overcome.”

Jesus:  “People are still celebrating God today.  Now, what have you learned about the enemy in your lifetime?”

Me:  “So many things, Lord.  It is so easy to be fooled by him.  In the past, the enemy was more subtle.  However, it now seems he doesn’t need to be subtle.  Even Christians are bending.  The times he has attacked me is because I have allowed a breach.  This breach is often sin and is the entry point.  Operating in just one of the negatives of the fruits of the spirit then allows even more sins and then breaches.

“Finally, something would happen and I would repent and remove his control over me in Your Name.  I then put on the full armor of God daily until it became a habit.  Then though I would begin a furnace period where I was punished relentlessly by my enemies.  Even though I would then repent of everything I could think of, I was still relentlessly attacked.

“The enemy used war tactics that were hard to detect, at least at first.  The enemy surrounded me and my children.  He isolated us from all support.  He then cut off our supply chains.  He cut off communication with friends and family.  He cut off even those in the outer reaches.  He then caused other problems, even in our house.  I then became physically sick.  My means of taking care of my kids were then at risk.

“During these attacks, I had to auction our things to keep the kids and to continue battling for them.  For nine years, roughly half of my child-rearing parental time, I was under constant attack.  The churches I belonged to said there had to be great sin in order for all of this to be allowed.  I prayed, fasted, prayed some more and then fasted again.  I did work going back generations to break curses and close doors.

“I did everything I could think of, but nothing helped.  Any pride issues were now long gone.  I was completely abased.  I then gave You a cry beyond all cries for help.  I was at the end of myself.  My heart had been broken and I even died twice.  I was tired… so incredibly tired.  I surrendered to You realizing that there was nothing more I could do.”

Jesus:  “Erin, you have had many experiences in the battlefield.  As for the times you see coming, I will fully equip you, understand?  Although the enemy remains hidden in plain sight, you see him on full display.  He is at war with the world.  So, God has come, Erin.”

Me:  “But I thought You never left?”

Jesus:  “While this is true, this is different… a new thing.  You have spoken truth.  You asked years ago to be used of God.  You cast away your sins and became a new creation.  You surrendered all you had to Me.  You surrendered yourself unconditionally with the exception of one condition… you asked for your children to be unharmed and given to Me.  Erin, I agreed to your terms.”

Me:  “Yes, but I didn’t know that You would use Asperger’s to comply with my terms.  Still, I am thankful for this because, without this, I do not know where my son’s hearts would be.  Sigh… I pretty well lost everything else.”

Jesus:  “Well, Erin, what you lost were all things contrary to My plan for you.  Now look at where you are.”

Me:  Thinking for a moment.  “Lord, You are incredible.  Who is like You?  What God is like You?  What idol can be inside us?  Lord, I give You the Vessel of my body even though it is worn and sore.  I give every cell of me to the glory of Your plan.  You somehow saw something in me and You continued to bless and pursue me.  I will surrender myself to You again and again and again.  I give all for Your Will.  Let all You have said and declared be done as Your Will in us.  My gift to You is my complete surrender.”

Jesus:  “Congratulations, Erin, as surrender is faith.  I will accept your Christmas gift again and again and again.  You have blessed Me today unconditionally with your presence even though you once had great ambitions.  I will therefore bless this day and all the days to come.  I will not remove My love, favor or promises upon the ones I delight in and dwell in.  I promise you good things the likes the world has never seen.  I will now grant those who love Me ‘Emmanuel 1000-fold’!”

Dream over…

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