Dream 558 – Our Cups will Always be Full of Living Water

Received on Tuesday, January 11, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for this day!  You are so wonderful, Father.  I love You so.  You are a great God.  You are the Greatest in all the Earth.  While I have things around me, none of them satisfies me.  Only You do.

In just three years, the world has completely changed.  Elderly people are ridding themselves of their keepsakes.  This must be similar to the Great Depression.  This plague has created financial hardships all over the world.  Businesses have shutdown.  Restaurants with great food have closed.  Malls are ghost towns.  Many of my favorite products are no more.

Yes, the world has definitely changed.  The stopping of school events and activities has caused ‘Great Depression’ in children.  The ability to meet face-to-face is mostly gone now.  Friends meet online.  This seems so impersonal to me.  Anxiety, depression and despair are everywhere.  Many churches around here closed and never reopened.

Since people are void of God, it is hard to find happy people. Our masks cover our smiles.  Some people act like they hate you for no reason.  Demons are becoming more prevalent in various people that we come in contact with.  Good quality clothing is now hard to come by, even in thrift shops.  Other things are cheap.  For example, I saw an expensive fur coat being sold for less than the cost of a sweater.

The only thing that seems to matter now is technology, especially smart phones.  Other things just don’t seem to demand a good price.  I am excluding food here though as prices for food, especially staples, are skyrocketing.  The following is a conversation I recently had with a thrift store manager…

Me:  “Excuse me, but I want to know if this is correctly priced.  This porcelain bird is selling for only $3.  While an unmarked one would sell for this, this is clearly marked as Beswick England Porcelain.  This should be going for $150 or more.  Since this thrift store is a charity, I didn’t want to rip you off by paying so little.”

Manager:  “Yes, we realize it is a Beswick bird.  However, no one cares about this anymore.  No one will pay a half or even a third of what it is worth.  We don’t want it to sit, so we price it low.”

Me:  “Well, how about this Chanel scarf.  This is an expensive scarf.  They only have $5 marked as the price on it.”

Manager:  “No one cares.  It has been sitting there for quite some time.”

Me:  “I’ll take the bird and this scarf.”

Manager:  “What are you going to do with the scarf?  Are you really going to wear it?”

Me:  “I don’t wear flashy brand-name advertising items, so no.”

Manager:  “Then why are you buying it?”

Me:  “I have a friend who sells items online and she needs the income.  I will give it to her.  Maybe she will sell it for a profit.”

I then left with my two items.  For $8, I just walked out with around $500 of value.  It felt decadent even though I paid so little.  It is so sad that I don’t enjoy these items as much as before.  This is because I am spoiled for God’s plans and can rarely think of anything else but Him and what He has in store for us.

Me:  “Father, You are about to do something really big and I am so excited.  I love You and I am so thankful You are my Father.  I love how You are slowly fulfilling all Your promises in our lives.  My husband has been having more interest from companies.  We are seeing blessings come through You.  While we should be destitute, You have instead miraculously provided for us.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “I love you, Erin.  It is time for you to finalize your preparations.  I am about to move you from one state of being to another.  Much of this right now is deadweight and unimportant.  Things have very little value.  You have seen this with your own eyes.  They will not even matter to thieves.  This tells you there is no demand for most of what meant something to the generations before you.

“What matters now to those in the world are things like communication devices.  The ruler of this world is downsizing all things and even people.  He is removing all things contrary to his evil plans.  He is controlling the world by limiting access to anything you once enjoyed.  He is removing anything related to freedom of you as a child of God.

“You know that the enemy is behind this because he has increased the freedom to sin with no consequence at the same time.  Anything that results in man’s spiritual or physical death is encouraged.  The enemy’s platform is small constricted spaces.  The enemy is shutting down home and property ownership in favor of rent and landlords.

“The enemy is trying to get rid of vehicles so you won’t have freedom to go to the park or the lake.  He will make it too expensive to travel.  People in close quarters are easier to control and manipulate.  Putting someone in a small apartment limits the resources they will need.  Any media information will be contained.  If sickness comes, they can lock you down easier.”

Me:  “This is awful, Lord, and so, so sad.”

Jesus:  “This is the enemy’s plan as he moves quickly to implement this.  However, the enemy has made a great mistake.  He forgot to recognize who is really in control.  The army that come against My Army are people who have only been taught one way.  They are void of God and have been taught that I am the evil Savior.  This is ridiculous.  There is only One who saves and it is not those who were rejected in their fall from Heaven.

“Now, he and his workers will perform impressive feats according to man.  However, these will pale in comparison to the miracles of My Chosen Saints.  This will be My Army and the angels.  Right now, there are shortages.  However, this is driven by a need to control the people.  The enemy wants to punish and demoralize them into submission by great fear.

“Only a few are doing this, but their methods of controlling the truth by spreading lies is like fighting a war and a great invasion with the shedding of blood by common wars.  Now, because of their tactics, fighting men are taking their own lives.  So too are young children.  There is now so much bad news that it is difficult to see any good.”

Me:  “Lord, please do something.  Please!”

Jesus:  “Erin, there will be no more delays.  That which was not manifesting is very soon to be visible.  Heaven is opening and an outpouring of the latter rains is coming.  The former rains and the latter rains will soon be visible.  See now, Erin, I am in you.  I allow you to take notes of what you see around you in your current state.  Why?  Have I not said to you ‘Erin, this one will be healed.  You will be back here again.  Look over there.  They are crushed in Spirit and left with no hope.’

“Well, Erin, this is where you will be.  I have given you dreams and you have seen this in them.  The last remaining residue in you has been removed.  You call out for something which is no longer there.  Your desire for earthly things is gone.  Now you desire the things I have placed upon your heart, that which brings Me glory.  Your heart desires to heal the sick, the lame and the downtrodden.

“Your heart desires to sound the Good News of Heaven.  Now, you will be hated by some because of me.  I have now taught you to expect this.  However, with Me in you, demons will cry out and the wicked will flee.  The time is here.  As evil has accelerated in wickedness, so too now will the Kingdom of Righteousness bring a great wave of miracles.  Are you ready?”

Me:  “I am so ready, Lord.  Do You find me ready?  I am sure willing!”

Jesus:  “Then surrender all that you are to Me.  Allow Me to fill your empty Vessel with Living Water.  You allowed Me to carry you during your darkest time.  Now allow Me to pour and immerse you in My Spirit.”

Me:  “You carried me.  You gave me Living Water when I was thirsty.  My cup will never run empty again.”

Jesus:  “It will be overflowing.  Rejoice, Erin, as your delay is over.  I am here.  All is in place.  Rest.  Complete loose ends.  I have you, Erin.  I love you.  You will thirst no more.  You will be healed and changed.”

Dream over…

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