Dream 559 – Salt and the Porcupine

Received on Thursday, January 13, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day here!  Father, thank You for the simple things.  Thank You for keeping my children safe.  Thank You for sending help when I cry out.  Thank You for making it so that we are not worried about so many things we normally would be worried about.

Me:  “Father, why have You still not delivered us from the porcupine?  It is still destroying one of our favorite trees.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Why do you think the porcupine continues to be a constant source of trouble?”

Me:  “I don’t know for sure.  However, I know You don’t allow something like this in the natural without sound instruction.  I have prayed to be delivered from it.  We even plotted a greater fate involving bloodshed.  I am sad that I feel this way.”

Jesus:  “Hmm, porcupines do porcupine activities.  It is the winter.  It is hungry and unable to be satisfied.  Since it is near-sighted, it is unable to see the big picture.  Its focus is narrow.  It rests where it feels safe (under our back porch).  Since it is cold outside, it stays close to its den.  It craves salt and desires it more than food in this season.  The porcupine is a sign for you.  Now, what is salt?”

Me:  “Forgive me that I have missed a major sign from You.  I just looked at it as an animal who is cute from a distance, like way far away.  Then when I began to see it more and more, I tried to chase it away.  This didn’t work.  It kept coming back frequently.  Then it began to strip our most beautiful tree in the yard.  It operates at night and it is very hard to track its movements.  It sits on the porch at night and is unafraid.  I have been cursing it, Lord.  The other animals avoid it too.”

Jesus:  “So, why did I allow this?  What is salt?”

Me:  “The porcupine does porcupine things.  It doesn’t change.  If it is the same and has always been, then we are the issue.  Something I am doing needs to change.  I had a dream recently that made me realize that I have been consistently cursing all those opposed to God.  I should have been praying for them instead.  I have been so bothered and angry.

“I have hated the random crimes and those who have continued to allow it.  I have cursed liars.  I have been really upset about my daughter’s Christian university, as well as the Christian school our youngest attends.  They have bent to wokeness.  I realize I need to repent because I was not praying from a Heavenly perspective.  I was praying from an earthly viewpoint instead.  I need to correct this.

“Now, what is salt?  Since You instructed me to seek what You are pointing out to me, I then need to look at the Biblical perspective too.  Salt is a preservative and keeps food lasting longer.  I believe this is why salt is used in Scripture when referring to a lasting covenant.  In Leviticus 2:13, salt is offered with all grain offerings to God as a lasting covenant.

“When the Israelites offered up their grain on the Altar, they were thanking the Lord for His miracles and for supplying their needs.  Grain made into cakes could be given to God.  This was daily food dedicated to the Creator.  They also included the labor involved in the planting and harvesting of the grain.  All was dedicated to God as an offering.  The grain was to be pure.  The grain was to be without leaven or honey.

“Leaven or honey accelerates decay and represents sin.  Oil and Frankincense could be offered with the grain as this represented celebration and gladness (1 Samuel 16:13, Song Songs 3:6-11).  When the grain offering was given, only a small portion was sacrificed.  The majority went to the Priest to supply for their needs and their families.  Oh Lord, I just crave salt.  I love it.  I try not to overuse it, but I still do at times.”

Jesus:  “You must understand why I am using this analogy with you right now.  The porcupine craves salt and will do anything to find it in the winter.”

Me:  “Okay, so I need to repent for cursing the very people who need Living Water.  I need to be the salt of the Earth.  Because of who I am, it will be You who is glorified through me.  The salt enhances the flavor.  This is like Your Words in action!”

Jesus:  “Yes, but more.  My Word, My Covenant, is lasting.  It does not end.  Salt is not burned in the fire.  It remains.  When you salt meat for the fire to eat, does the meat lose its saltiness?  No.  It remains.  This is the same with My Covenant of love with My people.  I have prepared a place for you.  Those who are lost that I will save will be preserved for eternity.  Even through the fire of affliction will they be preserved.”

Me:  “Oh wow, I finally understand about salt!  Oh Lord, I am so sorry that this has taken so long to be imbedded into my thoughts.”

Jesus:  “You were once like this porcupine… unloved and unwanted.  Your sons are sometimes like porcupines.  They are difficult in their consistently stubborn actions.  However, they are unable to change.  Still, they are Mine.  They consistently love Me and are careful not to curse others.  This is good.  However, like porcupines, they are often set apart and avoided.

“However, this is not why I sent the porcupine.  You are marked by Me.  You are required to allow Me to work through you to be salt in a hopelessly cold climate.  You will endure porcupines… well, many porcupines.  Erin, you will need to get used to where I will send you and what you will be required to endure, understand?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.”

Jesus:  “Now, while I can’t promise you that all will be fun, this is what I can promise you… all that I will do through you and all the places I will take you will be impacted by Me for My Glory.”

Me:  “I am sorry, Lord, but I still find it hard to have compassion for this porcupine, especially after what it did to one of my favorite trees on our property.”

Jesus:  “Erin, when I came, I was a porcupine, understand?  I was despised and rejected.  I frustrated the plans of the wicked.  Erin, I understand porcupines.  The difference is I am the Light and this is where I chose to operate.  Now, you will need to trust Me.  I gave you these lessons with signs so you can’t later say to me ‘Oh Lord, You didn’t prepare me for dealing with these people!’  I also did this so you would not try to hold back and pull a Jonah when asked to go to places you don’t like.”

Me:  Smiling.  “Oh Lord, I surrender all to You.  Clearly, I have watched too much media and seen too many bad reports.  I have become angry, especially when it comes to the abuse of children.  I have delivered judgments with my harsh tongue.  I see now that to do so is to use my tongue as a gavel of a fool.”

Jesus:  “Wait, Erin.  I did not say you would not terrify the wicked and stop their evil deeds.  Not everyone is called by Me nor is everyone a child of God.  Some are vipers.  This is different.  Think of it like this.  Satan has enjoyed a time of evil on display.  He has spread his seed of evil and his brand of salt to enhance this evil.  In the enemy’s case, the salt he uses is in the form of fear.  His methods are not new.  Generations before you could testify to much of the same.

“However, the time of evil has now accelerated.  This is because My Great Harvest of souls is in due season and the enemy knows this.  Angry about this, the enemy uses an increase in sin as his great offering to the world.  He calls this freedom.  He calls his lies truth.  He enjoys sprinkling his offering with the salt of fear.  If he can preserve his lies with fear, he believes he can overtake the plans of God.  He hopes to destroy man before God’s plans take fruition.”

Me:  “Well, Satan is certainly no porcupine.  At least porcupines are cute.  Lord, I keep having dreams where the enemy is observing me.  Wherever I go, he is across from me and watching me.  I don’t like it.”

Jesus:  “Yes, but are you afraid?”

Me:  “No, not at all.  Sometimes he looks directly at me and other times he does not see me at all.”

Jesus:  “You will come to understand more about this later.  In all things, I am in you.  My Voice, My strength, My wisdom and My knowledge are all in you.  However, I am not visible there because there is an appointed time under God for His purposes.  As a result and for now, I am feeding you slowly with an increase.”

Me:  “This makes sense.  I definitely still lack in many, many areas.”

Jesus:  “From My perspective, you lack no good thing.  All that you are experiencing right now is good food.  You are the salt of the Earth.  You will understand this soon.  Now, give Me the porcupines.”

Me:  “Lord, I understand what You are saying.  These are Yours.  However, this one is really tearing up our property at night.  It is really bothering me.”

Jesus:  “Then surrender it to Me and I will show you the course to take.  Do not worry as I am God.  I love you.”

Dream over…

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