Dream 561 – Jesus, the Porcupine and the Racoon

Received on Sunday, January 16, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for a warm house and a comfortable bed!  It is such a blessing to have this.  Thank You.  I was up at 2:22am exactly this morning.  As I write this, it is now 3:30am.  I simply can’t sleep.  This is a great time to visit You, Lord.

A song came into my head recently.  The song instantly transported me back to a time around August 11, 1979.  The song was Driver’s Seat by Sniff ‘n’ the Tears.  I was living in Sandpoint ID in a beautiful rental home on Lake Pendorielle.  We lived right next to the long bridge.  I remember that my mom was happy.  Actually, she was the happiest I had seen her in many years.

My high school years were difficult for me.  I attended a reunion in 2011 and not much had changed.  The mean girls seemed frozen in time and were still mean girls.  After this, I decided I would not attend another reunion.  Back in 1979, we didn’t have much, but what we had, my mom had worked hard at with two jobs.  We were happy for all the blessings we did have.

So, Father, why am I up?  Why can’t I sleep?  I cried when I remembered back to that time.  I was close to my brothers too.  When mom passed away, so too did my relationship with my brothers.  It is hard to reconcile my carefree times in 1979 to what is happening in the world right now.

Me:  “Lord, I have let a lot of tears fall tonight.  I am not sure why this is happening.  Help me, Father.  Help me to understand.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “I am here with you.  It is not often anymore that you have a restless sleep.”

Me:  “Father, I had so little and had very few cares.  I was so healthy.  I am in great pain tonight.  Back then, I can’t remember ever being in pain.  My only concern was how much time I could spend in the sun at Sandpoint Beach ID.  My mom was active and young, so we spent a great deal of time together.  After that, I only visited from time to time.  Mom had moved on and my things were now in a few cardboard boxes.

“The summers of 1979 and 1980 were fun summers for us.  We both worked at a high-end restaurant called Henry Villard’s.  I also worked at Savory’s.  I remember the sights, the smells and all the wonderful things to do there.  I miss my mom from this block of time.  It was the only time I felt truly close to her instead of ‘just acquaintances’.

“Since I was not close to her new husband, I mostly stayed away.  It was painful to see my mom change so much of who she was for a man.  Well, Lord, here I am.  Why am I having this happen?  What is this all about?  Lord, time is no longer my friend.”

Jesus:  “Time waits on no man and no man can easily wait on time.  The two have been at odds since the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden.  The days of a man’s life began to shorten with each new generation.  Saying goodbye to a moment in time is difficult.  Struggling to try to capture even a small memory is difficult.”

Me:  “I couldn’t afford a camera back then, so I tried to sear a memory into my mind by taking a ‘mental snapshot’.  As for recently, it feels like You are taking me back to do an inventory of memories.  For the last month or so, you have been sending me ‘memory pictures’.  These trigger past emotions, as well as past dreams.  Something must be going on as I can’t seem to stop crying.”

Jesus:  “Erin, allow Me to work all of this together for your good.  Do not run from this.  Give it to Me.  I am in the Driver’s Seat.  Now, go back to bed and rest.  See me again in a few hours.”

I went back to bed.  I fell asleep quickly and slept in until 10:30am.  I looked out at our once beautiful sugar maple tree.  I was relieved that the porcupine took up another cause last night.  It looked like our tree had sustained no further damage.  The Driver’s Seat song was still going through my head.  The Lord gave me a wonderful dream last night…

Sub-dream 1 “Jesus, the Porcupine and the Racoon” begins…

I looked around and knew immediately I was walking down a beautiful Heavenly path near God’s door.  Parallel to my path and to my right was the beautiful River of Life.  The area was filled with beautiful trees with blossoms.  It appeared to be morning.  The sun was shining through the trees.  The light of the sun made the beautiful crystal-clear water sparkle.  The fragrance in the air was incredible.

While I was not sure where I was going, I was excited to be on this path.  I knew it was leading me to even more beauty.  I could hear birds everywhere.  They were singing praises in unison to God, our Creator of Heaven and Earth.  I then noticed something extraordinary.  The flowering branches of the trees and beautiful plants were flowing back and forth in praises to God.

I stopped to watch as the sun traversed the soil as hundreds of tulips, crocuses and other flowers sprouted and blossomed at the speed of a super-fast timelapse.  I looked at the sparkling soil and it was rich with life.  Everything here was completely alive and rooted in God and fed from the River of Life.  I then continued my walk.  When I entered a clearing, I saw a tree with a canopy unlike anything I have seen on Earth.

It was a deciduous tree and the branches were blossoming with life.  The birds of all varieties were nesting on her branches.  I began to cry when I noticed all the animals surrounding the area were resting under this broad canopy.  On the ground was a soft carpet of something like grass and moss combined.  Other than the eyes of Jesus, I have never seen such a beautiful spectacle.

I walked off the path and went underneath the tree.  I went over to inspect the trunk.  There was no brown bark.  Instead, the bark was white like a birch or aspen, complete with colorful accents.  Nothing comes even close to this on Earth.  I then walked over to the river.  It was crystal clear.  The bottom of the river was filled with sparkling sand and polished stones of every color.

The water was the color of glaciated water, but also like the color of Jesus’ eyes.  I reached down to test the water.  It was cool and refreshing.  I could see my reflection.  I laughed as the beautiful tree canopy gave a white and pink halo effect to my reflection.  I was clearly young here.

As I looked at myself in the reflection, a beautiful school of fish came up to my hand in the water.  They were iridescent.  With the light of the sun on them, they appeared like opals in the water.  They flowed with rhythm and praise as even the River of Life was alive and in worship to God.

Me:  “Thank You, Lord, for bringing me Home here.  I needed this.  I am tired and I longed for Home.”

I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I turned and there was Jesus.  He sat down beside me and hugged me.  I began to cry.

Jesus:  “I know, Erin, I know.  It is not easy.  However, I prepared all of this for those I love when I call them Home.”

Me:  “Lord, there is always something new here.  There always is.  It is beautiful.  This is incredibly stunning.  Thank You.”

Jesus:  “Erin, I want to show you something.  Come.”

He took my hand and brought me over to a meadow clearing with flowers.  I looked out and saw an animal in the distance that I had never seen before.  It was bushy with hair which was silver.  It looked as cute as a teddy bear.  I then saw another animal tackle it in a playful manner.  The two rolled around together.  They must have then sensed the presence of Jesus as they both stopped and ran over to Him.  He bent down as they both rolled over onto their backs.  They seemed to laugh as Jesus pet their bellies.

Jesus:  “Do you recognize them?”

Me:  “No.  One looks like a small racoon, only glorified, and the other looks like…  Wait!  No way!  Seriously, a porcupine?  A porcupine in a Heavenly body?”  They both came up to me.  However, I was cautious with the porcupine.  “Lord, where are the quills?”

Jesus:  “Why would any living creature need quills for eternity here?  Erin, this is the porcupine on your property.  He is here.”

Me:  “He is saved?  Then who is the racoon?”

Jesus:  “This is the little one who became sick.  This is the one the conservation officer put to sleep.  I brought him Home.  Well, the angels who care for the animals brought him Home.”

I looked in the distance and saw a pack of adorable groundhogs running towards me.

Me:  “Lord, is this Flower and all of her babies.  Wow, she produced quite a few.  You do realize that all of these creatures in Heaven will be controversial, right?  We were taught that there would be no animals in Heaven because they have no souls.”

Jesus:  “Well then, we are still weeding out those goats from the sheep.  If God is delighted with His animal creations on Earth, why would He not be delighted to then have them in Heaven?”

Me:  “Oh, there is a lot of pressure here.  Well, what I have learned from You is that man makes determinations in order to elevate himself above all else.  Your Words have been used as weapons by the wicked.  The wicked reshape and rebrand Your Words to use against the downtrodden and undesirables of the world.  These are the same people that interpret Your Word a certain way and curse anyone who disagrees.

“The enemy loves to use Christians to declare things that can be used as weapons.  As for man, animals and birds, You saved all of them by loading them onto Noah’s Ark.  You use these amazing creatures as teaching tools, parables to how our lives can be.  It is brilliant what You created.  However, there are certain creatures I don’t see here and I am thankful.  As one example, I have never seen a scorpion here.  I am glad.”

Jesus:  “What you say is good.  Is there anything else?”

Me:  “Hmm, yes.  I believe that some animals are actually an order of angelic beings from Your Army.  However, I don’t know this for certain.”

Jesus:  “Ah yes, a mystery.  What I will tell you is that they are used as vessels by Me for various tasks.  Some are measures.  Some are harbingers and signs.  As for this racoon and porcupine, I used these two to show you something.  This little racoon came to your property at around the same time as your porcupine came to your property.

“While both the racoon and porcupine were outcasts, they were not outcasts for the same reason.  As painful as it seemed, the family kept this little racoon apart because it carried a disease that had no cure.  The family did not want anyone else to be infected by this little one.  It was then isolated.  All the animals avoided it.  Do you remember?”

Me:  “Yes.  The little racoon was unafraid of me.  He was hurting.  All I could do was pray for his healing.  He was a baby.  The conservation officer took him for analysis, but never contacted me with the outcome.  I just remember how scared the racoon was.  The officer was quite certain that he had rabies.”

Jesus:  “Well, he is here now.”

The little guy was so cute.  He put his arms up to me and I picked him up.  He put his arms around my neck.  He was so cute that I almost started to cry.

Me:  Whispering to the little racoon.  “I am sorry you were scared.  I am so sorry.”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, do not be sorry.  He was used in My service as an analogy that you missed.  He was different from the others.  He was despised and rejected.  He lived alone and he was only a few months old.  You provided a food source where he could safely eat even in broad daylight as this one stayed hidden against predators at night.

“He is normally very social, so this was a very difficult time for him.  Think of him as a parable for what the world thinks of lost youth, those kept apart with no contact, in isolation, shunned by all, even their own.  Their hopes are dead.  They long for contact, but there is none.

“The same is true for this one.”  He pointed to the porcupine and then picked him up.  “All creatures stay away from him.  He is despised and rejected.  He is born to be apart.  So, Erin, what are these parables all about?”

Me:  “Well, they are both frustrating, but cute in their own way.  Both of them are very destructive.  It is a representation of either how the world views us as Christians or they represent those we are called to heal and rescue in Your Name.”

Jesus:  “Okay, very good.  A mystery.  It is a parable with dual meanings.  I like this.”  The porcupine was looking at me.  “Here, he would like to visit.”

Jesus handed me this fluffball of an animal.

Me:  “I am sorry that I wanted your death.  I had no idea there was more to you.”  He stared right at me.  His eyes were glossy.  He then licked my cheek and nestled into my neck.  “I am so sorry, little one.  I didn’t know.”

Jesus:  “Erin, look around you.  Do you not see I prepared this place for you?”

I then realized there were beautiful trees and all these birds and animals.  He turned me around to the blossoming tree.  It had become even more incredible!

Me:  “That one, Lord?  Really!  My goodness, how beautiful.  Where is all this in Heaven?  You keep expanding my property.”  I laughed in delight.

Jesus:  “Do you like it.  Erin, you have been storing up your treasures in Heaven.  As such, I have given you more fields near My Garden.  You will never lack for anything here.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, I am so very thankful.  Thank You.  You are my Greatest Gift.  You are the Best Prize.  You are Priceless, Lord.  Nothing compares to You.”  I placed the animals on the grass and hugged Jesus as I cried.  “I love You, Lord.”

Jesus:  “I love you, Erin.  You are welcome.  Now, do you have any further questions about anything?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  There are two trees in my yard that I really enjoy.  They are not doing well.  Could You please heal them?”

Jesus:  “I will as this is My Will.  Now, tell Me your dream of a large tree.”

Me:  “I had a nightmare of a massive beautiful tree.  It was very fragrant.  It was tall and everyone admired it.  All the nations spoke about it.  All of the birds of the air landed on it.  Then one day disease came and I saw men cutting down its branches that were rotten.  The nations then began to despise it.  The birds no longer came to the beautiful tree.  The once proud tree that everyone admired was gone.”

Jesus:  “As I have told you in My Words… whatever has been will be again.  This was a prophesy given about Pharaoh.”

Me:  “Yes.  Ezekiel 31:1-18.  In the eleventh year in the third month in the first day of the month You gave this to Ezekiel say to Pharaoh king of Egypt and to his multitude, whom are You like in Your greatness?  And it was a parable of a beautiful tree.”

Jesus:  “But read this more carefully.  The parable is about the adversary, the angel who had fallen.  There is another layer here.  Now, why did I show you this?”

Me:  “I am not sure.”

Jesus:  “This same adversary has fallen upon the Earth and makes a home for himself near the sea.  This tree is doomed to Sheol and multitudes will follow him there.”

Me:  “Lord, hold off the adversary.  Cut his branches.  Prune him back.  Well up in Your people.  Lord, please don’t forget us.”

Jesus:  “You will be like a porcupine to his branches.  Now, Erin, rejoice.  To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under Heaven.  This is good.  I make everything beautiful in its time.  Beautiful are the feet who bring Good News.  Erin, beautiful are your feet.”

I looked down at my feet and they were beautiful, especially compared to my feet’s current condition here on Earth.  My toenails glistened like the color of pearls.  This color could not be replicated here on Earth.

Me:  “Oh Lord, on Earth as they are in Heaven.  Oh please, Lord!”

Jesus:  “You will be too busy to pay attention to what your feet look like.”  He laughed and smiled.  “You understand what I am saying?  Erin, the season is upon you.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.”

Jesus:  “Good then.”  He smiled.  “We have established this.  We are in agreement.  This is Good News.”  He laughed.  “Now, are you ready?”

He reached over and hugged me.

Sub-dream 1 over…

I thought my day was over when I retired to my devotional chair in the afternoon.  Jesus had a different plan.  He spoke to me again and I wrote it down in my journal.

Jesus:  “In the days of Noah, I separated that which I called good from that which was evil.  I gathered them and kept them until the day the rains stopped.  I then directed Noah to use birds to direct him on when it was safe to unload the Ark.  There was a perfect order to this.  This is the same perfect order as I am using now.  This is a Great Separation.  This is the sign of life in due season.

“Erin, Heaven will be visible there.  I will bring you new life, hope, healing and peace.  Then in the blinking of an eye, the trumpet shall sound and I will gather My Bride.  My Sheep will be removed to Heaven.  Her veil will go with her and all will be visible.  All evil will then be seen.  Heaven will not be seen.  Just as what happened in Noah’s days, the mockers will then be in great anguish and mourning.

“Evil was continuing daily.  God then opened the Heavens and the rains began to fall.  Panic could be heard as the Ark door shut.  Soon things were no more.  They could no longer could be heard.  Their mocking lips were silenced.  So too will it be this way again.  They will be enjoying their sins away from view of Heaven as they were separated from My Sheep.  Erin, goats will do goat things.

“I will then gather My people as the trumpets distort their hearing.  All evil will then be visible.  Nothing will be hidden.  All will be unveiled.  The demons will come from their spiritual realm and be made manifest in the physical.  Many will faint and die of fright.  This is as written in My Word.  I have sent those I have chosen.  My Army points the way to Me.  Light will no longer be present.

“Erin, there is a purpose for all of your afflictions.  You will help the lost find their way.  You will be the new definition of ‘light worker’.  Though you will be seen, nothing shall harm you.  Erin, rejoice!  Rejoice!”

Dream over…

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