Dream 567 – The Groom’s Immeasurable Love

Received on Monday, January 31, 2022


Thank You!  No, I mean really truly thank You.  You have done so much for me.  Your promises are all coming true.  They have either come true, are coming true or will soon come true.  I am so amazed by Your love and great protection over Your children.  Thank You.

Bless my husband, our children and our house.  Bless our Nest friends, their children and their households.  Please bless all of those You have called… in Jesus’ Mighty Name!  I am thankful for every amazing experience You have brought my way.  You designed and lined up my entire life.  You have designed my path.  You are my Architect.  You carved it through mountains.  How can this be?

Wow, I read over my journal from 2002 to 2003 earlier today.  What a painful, brutal time.  Somehow even back then I knew I was right in the furnace of affliction.  I now know You were refining me.  It was difficult too as I clearly grappled with my place in the world.  I made mistake after mistake in a cycle of disobedience, repentance, self-infliction and depression.  It is so difficult to look over this again.

My ‘death to self’ that started on January 23, 2000 was a brutal furnace.  I revisited this painful old journal as I wanted to remind myself on just how brutal it was.  Despite the brutality, I now see the works of fulfilling His promises happening in the background.  This happened despite me.  Why?  Because I was already His and He loved me enough to pursue me, no matter the conditions.

While I declared to Him how much I loved Him, I was often unsure if He really cared about me.  This is because I wasn’t seeing instant manifestations of Him meeting my current prayers of 2002 to 2003.  In fact, other than keeping me and my children safe and answering a few pleas here and there, they were all set up for right here and right now, not back then… or so it seemed.

When looking through this old journal, I noticed that I had prayed for a Mansion in Heaven on July 30, 2003.  I asked this for Heaven instead of Earth because a home on Earth seemed impossible.  I prayed for a safe affordable home far away from our enemies where I could enjoy my children.  Well, I just came across something amazing that reflected the search I am doing on the timeline of the house we are now living in.

One year after my July 30, 2003 prayer, on July 29, 2004, the plan for the subdivision our current house is in was submitted to the county, including for the very lot we live in today.  However, the plans for this subdivision did not happen overnight.  There is a process that starts with an idea.  Time then elapses and the plan is finally submitted.  What if someone ‘suddenly’ had an idea to develop this land on July 30, 2003?

While only God knows this date, this doesn’t seem that farfetched.  All I know is that You are always and fully in control.  The Scriptures You repeatedly had given me back then were these… Ezekiel 36:26-27, Isaiah 59, Isaiah 43 and Isaiah 46.  It seems You have also been giving me Isaiah 46 again this month.  The enemy has deceived himself into believing he has any power outside of what You allow.

God was busy setting up the property in 2003 / 2004.  He then lined up the architect in early 2010, along with the builder.  Work then began on this property shortly thereafter.  There was a problem though.  How could we take ownership of this house if it was already occupied?  When someone builds a house, they don’t intend to leave it.  You certainly don’t do this after only a couple of years unless you flip houses for a living.

Well, the owners of this house ran into an employment roadblock.  A job that was supposed to last for years here ended up being transferred clear across the country.  They were ready to sell in early 2014, listing the house in March 2014.  In the meantime, everything was lining up here for our ‘50-Day Lord Transition Plan’ as spoken about in detail in previous dreams.  We moved shortly after acquiring our house.

Me:  “Oh God, You knew all that would happen to us in Portland OR, Bend OR and the Tri-Cities WA.  Life was incredible difficult from February 23, 2000 until we finally left the area in August 2014.  You set up a safe home for us and there we went.  While there were still trials and misfortunes, and still are, I now have a husband to face all of this with.  What a difference it has been to have the seven of us bond together as one unit.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I have never stopped pursuing you.  I chased you until you found Me.  This is the divine love of My Father that He would send Me to you.  This is the divine love of My Father that He found you to be good as My Bride.  Because I am God to You, I capture your heart, I send gifts, I protect you and I fulfill My promises to you.  Erin, I will never stop doing this.

“Though you avoided Me at times years ago, I still pursued you.  I still pursued you because I declared your heart good.  This was even confirmed from the Throne of God, My Father in Heaven.  Through the years and your many troubles, tests and trials, I have been with you always.  I have been there with you through your brokenness, disappointment and shame.

“Even so, I allowed the blacksmith to continue to prepare and soften your heart to receive Me fully.  I shaped you and prepared the way that you should go.  I called out to you in the desert places and searched for you in dark caves.  You were there.  I then called you to rise up and come out.  I asked you to forget the former things and come with Me.  You did.

“While you were apprehensive at first and preferred your hidden places, your caves, you eventually took all of your comfort in Me.    We are now as one.  Still, our courtship had its share of ups and downs.  This was not because I ever abandoned you.  Instead, it was because you could not find Me even though I was there the entire time.

“Do you not see what has happened from the beginning to the end?  Nothing was left undone.  No promise for you has been revoked.  My Words are true.  You are Mine.  You never stopped looking for Me.  You never stopped waiting on Me even in your darkest days.  Your heart grew more and more ready for Me every day.  Now, Erin, I am here and we have become one with each other.

“Now, understand this… does a Groom quickly throw away His Bride after searching for her and finally finding her?  No!  He instead pursues her, day and night.  Once she then discovers Him, she cries out to Him to come for her.  She waits day and night looking for His light in the darkness.

“While the wait was long, He sent gifts and notes to her ahead of time via messengers to let her know He would soon be with her.  Then one day, He declared He would never depart from her.  She then declared she would never stop loving Him.  So, I ask again… how could a Groom just give up on the Bride He so loves?  No, He would not.  He would not do such a thing.

“So, Erin, I am here.  The enemy is far from you.  I care for you, your husband, your children, your animals and your house.  I also care for those who love you.  I also care for your Nest friends who love you.  There is always someone who is praying for you there both night and day.  I bless all those who bless you because I am one with you.”

Me:  “I love You, Lord.  I am so, so thankful.”

Jesus:  “I will never stop, Erin.  Now, recall all the promises I have given you.  All will now manifest before your very eyes.  However, I will not stop doing this.  Erin, I won’t stop!  I am here and I am with you!”

Dream over…

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