Dream 580 – With Great Worry comes a Great Hope

Received on Sunday, February 27, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for peace.  I went out to feed the birds this morning.  They were more bold than normal today, especially the chickadees.  I thank You for these little ones.  They are a gift.  I went inside and watched them come to the little feeding tray.  There were snowbirds, chickadees, crowned sparrows and finches.

Finally, a red breasted nuthatch came in.  While these nuthatches used to feed directly out of my tray, they had all but disappeared over the last several years.  Many varieties of little birds have not come back.  There must have been a die off down south or something preventing them.  The blue jays are still here in great numbers though.

Me:  “Oh Lord, these birds do not seem to have any worries.  When will we be able to say the same?  Please, Lord, come help us.  The world is in such turmoil right now.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Worry comes because you know loss.  You have experienced both times of very little and times of plenty.  The greatest worry for a man is dying in uncertainty.  For you, it is losing those closest to you.  For others, it can mean their reputations or even health.  There are many things for a man to worry about.

“Remember that worry is like playing God in a situation you have no ability to solve as God.  You have also heard it is like paying punishing interest on a loan you never borrowed.  Could you imagine a bank telling you that your neighbor’s home loan is now your responsibility to pay?”

Me:  “No!  That would be ridiculous.”

Jesus:  “Look again at these birds.  They are obviously not worrying about a thing as they enjoy singing while they are eating.  Did they earn this food?  Do I not feed them even though they didn’t do anything for it?  Do I not call you to feed them and then have you take delight in it?  If you stopped, am I not capable of sending another?  Knowing this… why do you worry about your children and if troubles will come?  Are they not under My care as well?  Did I not also create each of them?”

Me:  “Lord, You are God over all things.  I am sorry.  It is just that I am so sad about the two girls who were recently killed.  They were just walking down a road in Oregon when this happened.  This happened last week and they were only around 12 and 16 years of age.  The bakery where my daughter works in Portland OR has been commissioned to make cupcakes for the memorial at the family’s request.

“My daughter said that they all took great care to decorate the cupcakes for them as these were their favorites.  My daughter and I talked about the mystery of life and death and how everything can suddenly change.  I can’t even imagine the loss the parents must be feeling right now.  Then there is the war overseas.  This war is escalating, Lord.  It just seems like we have a lot to worry about right now.”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, do you think when those girls were born that God was unaware of the date of their Homecoming to Heaven?  I know this was a tragedy.  I know you wonder why these girls were chosen.  You wonder why they chose this time to be on the road, as well as ‘this and that’, but what good does this do?

“Erin, I am God.  These girls are now in Heaven and are so joyful.  There is much laughter.  We even have cupcakes for them.  These girls think of their parents and the man who hit them and they pray for them.  They are not in pain here.  They have friends here and even family.  Their deaths were for the living.

“Now, the war… there is an increase in evil far greater than the world has ever known.  So then there is soon to be a move of God so great the world has never known it, understand?  The evil that exists in the hearts of men has now been increased.  Those who were drunk with power before are now so drunk with it that they are unable to understand reason or comprehend the magnitude of their actions.”

Me:  “Are they inebriated?”

Jesus:  “Yes.  This means that they are capable of making mistakes they cannot undo.  What seemed like an easy invasion has turned into a nightmare for all those involved.

“As for the wicked leader to the far east, he is looking for a great opportunity to move.  He has made an alliance with the drunk leader to the north.  He will now continue his proxy war campaign to test the waters in Japan while the world’s attention is diverted.  He believes his time to rise from the waters has come.

“However, My favor is not upon him.  While he will eventually retreat, he will still secretly plot against the world for his great rise as he believes the world is his.  However, this will not go well for him for now as he never factored in God and His Army.  This will be a severe miscalculation and it will bring him to his knees.”

Me:  “Lord, please don’t send more plagues.  Please wait until we are all gone.  I hate these.”

Jesus:  “Do not worry, Erin.  This will not come to you or your house.  You will only watch what is happening to pray.  You must now trust Me that I am God over all things.  Now, are you able to depose leaders?”

Me:  “No, of course not.”

Jesus:  “Are you able to raise up kings or save a nation from tyranny?”

Me:  “No, Lord.  I can do nothing but pray.”

Jesus:  “Then pray and trust Me to deliver all those who need delivering, okay?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.”

Jesus:  “So, do you still need to worry about that which you can do nothing about?”

Me:  “No.  I am sorry.  Please grant me peace.”

Jesus:  “I know that you are worried about your household and the health concerns therein.  However, remember how great your delivery will be when you are delivered from much.  I love you.”

Me:  “Thank You, Lord.  Oh yes… I had two interesting dreams last night…

Sub-Dream 1 “My husband being called up to the Big League” begins…

My husband and I were at a massive tailgate party for the Super Bowl.  An agent came up to me and told me that my husband was being called up to the Big League and needed to suit up before the game.  He told me to go to ‘Gronk’ and let him know my husband would be in the game (‘Gronk’ refers to NFL Pro Football Tight End Rob Gronkowski, Quarterback Tom Brady’s long-time favorite receiver).  While I was excited for my husband, I was also sad as I would miss him.

Sub-Dream 1 over…

Sub-Dream 2 “Two pastor friends expand our California home” begins…

I watched as two people pulled up in a pickup truck.  These people are dear friends of mine from 21 years ago and are both pastors.  They were here to remodel and add onto the tiny home I grew up in when I lived in California.  I was inside the house as they worked to expand our home.

Sub-Dream 2 over…

“So, Lord, what does this all mean?”

Jesus:  “First off, it does not mean you have more to worry about.  Do not worry as you are not being called back to your childhood home.  Breaking this down simply, two old friends are going to add to your small childhood home.  Since they are pastors, this actually refers to the ministry.  You will be required to do nothing.  When given a dream with an unlikely scenario, breakdown the elements to the basic level.  You do not pine away for this home.  It is instead painful for you to even imagine ever going back to it.”

Me:  “So, will they be expanding or adding to my deeper pain?”

Jesus:  “No.  They came out of love and joy to help you, changing the former pain into a new outlook.  They came to add on to your house and bring joy.  Do not worry about the negative thoughts of being thrust back to pain.  I would let you know if I was going to do this and prepare you for this.  Instead, I have blessed you.  You need not worry.  Erin, have you ever noticed how many times we have needed to talk about your worries?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, and I am so sorry.  My heart is concerned about so many things right now.  As Your Bride and a child of the Most High God, I know I need to think of things of a Heavenly Nature instead.  I always want to do Your Will.  I want to know what You are going to do all of the time.  I watch for You.  I wait.  As You know, many of us are excited for Your promises.  We are just so excited!  Lord, are we not supposed to be?”

Jesus:  “Of course you are!  However, don’t allow your worry to remove your joy while waiting on Me.  Over the next days, there will be great fear gripping the nations as I begin to dismantle leaders and expose wicked schemes.  There is a war in the heavenlies over you.  This has caused your unrest.  What you are witnessing is a great measure against the nations as tensions rise.

“The nation that has no border at the south to know what evil has come (the USA) then lectures the world on the dangers of having their borders breached.  Their hypocrisy is being exposed.  They are being shown as not caring for the land God has given them.  These foolish and corrupt leaders will be deposed while the world watches and mourns.  This will not be a pleasant time for them.”

Me:  “Oh no, Lord, please protect the USA.  Please don’t allow it to fall!”

Jesus:  “Erin, you must trust Me.  I know the evil done in secret.  Darkness works and feeds in darkness until the only thing that can expose it comes… LIGHT!  Light exposes it.  Darkness cannot remain dark when My Light is present.  As the world goes dark, I am the Light and My Light is in you.  My Lights chase down the darkness and expose it.  Now rejoice as I am here and I am with you.  I love you.”

Dream over…

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