Dream 581 – Spring is here and all is about to change

Received on Tuesday, March 1, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  I had a deep prayer session with You earlier today…

My Father who is in Heaven, great and mighty is Your Name.  Hallowed be Your Name.  Let Your Kingdom come, let Your Will be done, on Earth just as it is in Heaven.  Please grant us this day our daily bread.  Please forgive our trespasses against others, but especially those against You.  Help us to release our adversaries to You.  Please let us not be led into temptation even though this is constantly knocking at our door.

Father, deliver us and keep us from all the advancements, arsenal of weapons, trickery, deception and any other tool meant to steal our souls by the evil one.  Above all else, Yours is the Kingdom of all the Earth, the Heavens, our eternal Homes and all of the planets, sun and stars.  No scheme of man nor plot of hell will keep us from Your love.  Yours is the power in all things.

You can speak a Word and that Word is complete.  You can move mountains and throw them into the sea.  You are more powerful than the strength of a billion suns.  You created us into existence.  Who is like You?  Yours is the glory forever and eternally.  You do not burn out like a star.  You are the one and only Creator.  Amen!

I then looked at myself.  I am so small compared to this great universe You have created.  I am amazed that I am someone You love and care about.  You love me.  I was sinful and wicked, yet You still found me.  You told me that I am Yours.  You even cared for all that I cared about and continued to.  Even though I tried to push You away at times, You still loved me, searched for me and found me.

Who am I that You should love me?  I fail You when I forget to reach out to You.  When I go my own direction, You are quiet.  I then miss You and try to get back to You.  Why would I do such a thing?  After all of these years in the furnace, have I somehow missed it and want to go back in it?  If I do without knowing it, what is wrong with me?  Oh Lord, please keep me out of the furnace.

I now know that things as we know it are now running out of time.  I look around me and I know that none of these things will last.  Nothing does.  Not one thing I see will escape the fire.  Why then do I fool myself with worry?  Why do I even plan a day?  I see what is happening in the Ukraine and I grow so sad.  Even in once safe countries, corruption in the governments is taking its toll.  People are being lied to and deceived.

Oh Lord, I am scared.  I am praying that this doesn’t mean I am losing my focus on You.  The churches here are so wishy-washy and I am not feeling called by You to attend.  We are not fed by them.  You called the church we recently attended as being a wicked church.  They have not been blessed.  Then we have our physical problems.

We were driving home in our 2007 Pacifica and it suddenly stopped running.  The engine just stalled.  It became progressively worse.  We were just a mile from home, so we phoned the service garage.  They agreed to see us and we made our journey there.  Well, it was a scary ride.  The car started to stall even more.  My husband then had to operate the gas pedal and the brake pedal at the same time.

We were so happy when we finally made it to the service station.  Well, that makes two cars down at the same time.  We were so discouraged.  I started to feel sick.  My dreams were odd.  This made me wonder if the Lord was mad at me.  Oh Lord, please forgive me for being frustrated with You.  I love You.  We would be destroyed without You.  My dream last night…

Sub-Dream 1 “The Necklace of Glass Grapes” begins…

My grandfather was there.  He was sharper than the last few weeks of his life.  He still looked physically in his 90s in this dream.  I was in a house I did not recognize.  There were quite a few couples of various ages there.  We were all preparing to eat together and I was cooking for everyone.  There were a lot of activities and some amazing stories being shared.

After dinner, all who were there were flying to various destinations all over the world.  One couple showed me a photo of a large rock and a beautiful beach.  It was someplace tropical.  They were going as God called them.  There were others that had similar missions.  I knew I would see them again.  I prepared for mine also.

I was given a long necklace of glass grapes.  At the end of this was a grape cluster.  While it was beautiful, it was also heavy.  I was now wearing all white.  I was going somewhere with vineyards.  Someone told me that the necklace was a gift from the wife of a popular prophecy preacher.

Sub-Dream 1 over…

Me:  “Father, I love You.  You are a Great Father.  Please forgive me.  I have not been myself as of late.  When I went to feed the birds this morning, they seemed to be singing a new song.  It seemed to be a ‘Promise of Spring’ song.  It is a clear day.  We are expecting more snow soon.  It felt like spring is soon to come.  Oh Jesus, please let spring come now.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “I am here, Erin.  What you have been praying for has now arrived.  Winter is over and Spring has arrived.  Your battles have been long and many have been extremely difficult.  The most difficult ones often involved you being used as a dividing rod and a measure.  I have sheltered you and kept you preserved for My purposes.  This will not end here.  Erin, I removed nothing from you as My favor is still with you.

“I am the same and My promises remain true.  You have grown in faith and wisdom.  Now understand this… there has been an uptick and rise in evil as you can visibly see this right before your eyes on the screen.  When you see once rational men behave in a manner you do not expect, but rather designed for wicked outcomes, then understand what times you are in.  These things are increasing exponentially right now.”

Me:  “This is scary, Lord.  I just want to remain in Your favor!”

Jesus:  “I love you, Erin.  My favor is still upon you.  I never removed it.  Now, about your car yesterday.  It seems as you drove, the engine just stopped.  The car stopped in the middle of the road.  It shocked you and soon became worse.  It even did this as you were going down the slippery slope.  However, the steering wheel did not lock nor did the brakes.  So, why allow this?

“Well, there was an underlying problem which needed your attention.  I was teaching you to address these problems when they first occur.  Do not allow them to continue or they will only become worse.  So, you are now having two vehicles fixed.  This is good.  Where you live, you need reliable vehicles, right?”

NOTE:  When the Lord said there was an underlying problem, we didn’t know what He was referring to.  When the service station contacted us, they indicated that we had just averted a major catastrophe.  They needed to fix the tie rods immediately as these rods had almost come off.  If this had happened, we would have lost all control of our steering.  These types of things can even be fatal.  By stalling out our car, the Lord allowed us to have something unrelated fixed that we were not even aware of.

Me:  “Thank You!  You are perfectly perfect in all You do!”

Jesus:  “Now, care for all I have given you.  I will grant you an increase the likes you could never imagine.  While I know you are waiting, do not wait idly.  While I know you are facing a lot, this is being allowed for a divine purpose.  I have you.  I love you.  Do not worry.  Spring is here and all is about to change.”

Dream over…

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