Dream 588 – The Great Wedding Rehearsal

Received on Saturday, March 19, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your love and affection.  Thank You for the gift of dreams and visions.  This is an entire communication system directly from You in which the enemy cannot access.  Thank You for my husband, family and Nest friends.  I have so enjoyed all of my dreams from You.  In addition to these, You have shown me and instructed me on their meanings upon waking.

Father, guide my pen on these pages.  You have always had me write in pen so it can never be said of me that these were edited, crafted or erased.  These pages are not mine.  You have also reminded me that these are not enemy writings of a trance state or new age automatic writing.  Coming from the new age when I was in my foolish youth, there was and is a great difference between that which the Holy Spirit proclaims in a scribe vs a trance auto writer.

Basically, when reading that which God has given in this script, there is a free-flowing confirmation of the love of the heart of our Father in Heaven.  There is what is called illumination whereby God Himself says ‘yes, this is good’.  When you read these, you might not always like His truth.  This is because His truth can convict us of sins that we need to address so we as believers in Jesus are all connected in unison to the Words of the Holy Spirit.  These writings are love based from God.

This is in direct opposition to new age writing.  These types of writings tend to praise things other than God.  It begins with something like ‘praise the moon, the sun and this energy source.’  When reading new age writing, I usually immediately get a headache.  Headaches are often used by God to redirect our attention from evil things to His good things.  I don’t want to glorify evil by talking about this too long, but it is good to know.

When someone is working for the enemy, there will be a lot of ‘I / me’ talk vs ‘God / Jesus’ talk.  You can ask yourself… is what I am reading giving fully glory to God or is it meant to edify the writer instead?  Are they arrogant?  Do they place themselves higher than anyone else?  Do they use words like never or always?  Do they talk in absolutes like ‘I never sin’ or ‘I never gossip’?

In other words, these are signs of someone who probably has not been through the furnace of affliction.  I used to declare absolutes.  However, to do so is dangerous.  When you make a vow or declaration by your mouth pertaining to the Lord, stop yourself and repent immediately.  When we declare something as an absolute, that is what we will then be tested on.

How many people have said ‘I never speed’ and then get a speeding ticket later that week?  Talking foolishly is easy, but repenting to God on these stops the test.  Father, please help me to keep my tongue from foolish talk.  Please let my words be a blessing, not a curse or an invitation to further tests.  I loved my dream from You on the morning of Friday, March 18, 2022…

Sub-Dream 1 “The Great Wedding Rehearsal” begins…

There were many believers gathering and making last minute preparations for a grand event.  I saw a massive beautiful venue for this event.  There were lakes, paths, meadows and flowers.  There were beautiful flowering vines and fruit trees.  Everything lovely was there.  All the people called to prepare for the event were so joyful.  Each person had skills and talents to aid in the great event.

The people had so much joy and were of all nationalities and races.  There were orchestras with stringed instruments and wind and horn instruments.  It was a full orchestra.  I saw many harps.  So many amazing voices gathered together with choirs of praise.  They sang during the preparations.  There was joy and thanks giving.

In a nearby building, there was a high-tech kitchen where caterers, chefs and bakers were preparing for the Grand Rehearsal Dinner.  Even though they were busy, there was even joy and singing in the kitchen.

One of the head chefs:  “We are delighted as nothing is out of place and there are no shortages.”

This chef then gave me a petits fours (a small cake) and it was out of this world amazing.  Clearly, all of the ingredients had come from Heaven.

Me:  “Oh wow, this is wonderful!  The guests will love these.  Incredible.”

The workers continued to prepare as I left the kitchen area.  I then went to the vineyards to see what wine was being prepared.  There was a beautiful stone winery.  The vintners came out.  Each were holding a sample of the best of their harvests.  Each had a different wine for each course of the dinner.

Vintner:  “Come taste and see what the Lord has done here.”

They were all so happy.  While each one hoped their wine was fantastic, there was no mean competitive spirit to best the others.  Indeed, they were so joyful for each other.  I sampled from each glass and from each harvest.  Tears ran down my cheeks as I sipped each one as I could see how these vineyard owners had sacrificed all to the Lord in their difficult pasts.  It made me appreciate these wines even more.  Each sip was a journey and each one was unique.  There were all kinds of wines presented.

Vintner:  “There is still the sweetest wine still to come in due season.  It is amazing and the bouquet will be complete.”

Me:  “Well then, this will make for a wonderful full course Rehearsal Dinner.  We can then enjoy the sweet wine for the Wedding Feast.  It will be perfect.”

I was so happy.  I walked through the gardens to oversee the beautiful pergolas with lights being finished.  Even though this was a massive undertaking, everyone was so happy.  I then went over to the entrance / arrival area.  As I arrived to this area, I was quickly approached by two angels.

Angel 1:  “We have some trouble mounting up on the west and east sides.”

They then took me over to the west side.  There outside our venue was a dirt street.  There was no greenery or growth of any kind.  The landscape was desolate.  There was a wooden building that looked rickety and old.  I saw a pink bicycle with training wheels parked outside.

I then saw a massive demon come out of the building.  He was about eight feet tall and had bulging muscles.  He was ugly.  He had two horned tusks coming from his upper jaw line.  These tusks were inside his mouth pointing out and stretched out his lips.  He had a massive steel ring in his nose.  His skin was darker.  His eyes were large and yellow.  He was very angry.

Following close behind him was another large demon.  This one had long braided hair and large gold hoops embedded in his earlobes.  He had coils of steel around his neck up to his jaw.  He was wearing a suit.  His suit looked quite fancy and seemed out of place with the rest of his look.  While he was in business attire, he certainly wasn’t doing the Lord’s business.  The two demons approached the gate.

Just then, I saw children come out to play.  However, upon further inspection, the children coming from their front porches did not actually look like children.  They looked like small adults dressed up as children.  While they spoke and laughed like children, I had good reason to be suspicious.  They were riding their training bikes and hot wheels on the dirt street.  They were kicking up clouds of dust.  One of the childlike women came over to join the two demons approaching the gate.

Tusked demon:  “Hey, they won’t let us in.  We have stuff to offer too.”

Me:  “What do you have to offer?”

Demon in the suit:  “Clarity.  All you have in there behind those gates… that’s ours and we are gonna take it.”

The tusked demon began to walk to the gate.

Tusked demon:  “No one is gonna stop us.  I own this.”

The tusked demon then let out a whistle.  Within seconds, a massive sea of uninvited guests starting coming down from the surrounding hills.  They all looked of the opposite of the fruits of the spirit of those who were preparing for the Great Wedding Rehearsal.  The childlike woman with the pink huffy bike with training wheels took a clipboard out of her handlebar basket.  She strutted over to the front of the gate.

Childlike woman:  “This is a list of preparations we have that will be implemented.  This means our guests expect our music, our food and our spirits.  It is only fair.”

Angel 1:  “You are uninvited guests.  Your names are not written.”

Angel 2:  “You will have your own event, but it won’t be anywhere near around here.  God has commanded this as being His event, not yours.”

Tusked demon:  “Well, we are making changes.”  Looking over at me.  “Didn’t you get the memo, b****?”  Looking back at the two angels.  “This is our show.  We have the power here.  We also have the plans.”

Angel 1:  “No, you are attempting to be wedding crashers.  Your plans are evil.”

Me:  “God is with us.”

Childlike woman:  “Okay, okay, to be fair, just let us come in and take a look around.  We don’t mean you any harm.”

Demon in the suit:  Unintentionally spurting out the truth.  “Yeah, so we can plan our own event in there without you knowing it.”

Me:  “No means no.  There are no plans for your or your friends to come in here.  Now, we are all busy and we refuse to entertain you.”

They became angry and rushed at the gate.  Just then, Heaven opened and an angel army descended.  All of the wicked, thousands upon thousands, immediately fell down into a deep sleep and then vanished.  The tusked demon, the demon in the suit and the childlike woman were the only ones left.

They became terrified.  The childlike woman jumped on her huffy and pedaled away.  The two demons ran after her.  Just then, they also vanished.  The brown dirt road then turned into a lush green meadow.  Angels came and prepared this area for the arrival of the guests.  All of it was incredibly well synchronized.  All was going to go exactly as planned and perfectly so.

Sub-Dream 1 over…

Me:  “Oh Father, I long to do Your Will on these pages.  Please guide my pen as my heart pours out as a witness to what You have revealed to me in the dreams You have sent.  Please forgive me if anything here seems self-edifying.  This is all about You and Your glory alone!  Please guide what we do for Your glory.  We pray for all of this in Your Mighty Name, in Jesus’ Name, Amen!”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, pause today from your writing.”

This was unusual for Him not to discuss the dream and / or something else.  Still, I know that He ALWAYS knows best, so I did what He asked of me… I paused.

Dream over…

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