Dream 589 – Time for the Great Harvest of Souls

Received on Sunday, March 20, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your mercy, love and kindness.  Thank You for watching over us in all we do.  If not for Your protection, we would surely be dead.  Father, I don’t know where to begin.  You have shown me so much in the last several days as I sleep that I feel separated from all that is around me in my waking hours.

Apart from daily life and with a different lens, it is the same strength or knowing that was on me after my heart stopped in 2004 and then again in 2008.  After about 3 to 4 days of this, these faded and I was once again fully present in the natural.  But what of this?  What am I to make of this feeling happening today?  I have not died.  My heart has not stopped.  Despite this, I feel that something in me has changed.

I am different today.  I have no fear!  Father, please do not let this fade from me as it feels as if Living Water has gone into me.  My body feels numb and warm.  It is tingling and it feels wonderful.  Please let this be the start of healing and strengthening from on High.  I am yielding to Your Will, not mine.  I had two vivid dreams last night…

Sub-Dream 1 “Building the Great Temple in Jerusalem” begins…

I was with a group of skilled artisans, builders and contractors.  We were all very excited.  We had gathered in a type of university in Jerusalem.  Each of us were given several assignments.  Our first assignments given to us was focused on the beginning of building the first major elements of the Temple of God.  Everyone was so excited.  All of us were from various nationalities and races all over the world.

What is incredibly awesome was that there was no language barrier.  We all could understand what each other was saying.  Everyone in this room were young looking as this was post-Transformation.  An announcement was then made by what seemed like an angel of the Lord.  Even though the room was massive, the supernatural sound system meant we could easily hear every word the angel said.

The angel then opened a scroll.  He read from it and it outlined the importance of what we were about to do.  It outlined that we were all selected by God from a wide pool of thousands of artisans.  This was all for this special assignment of honoring the Lord and His seat before the world.  We all cheered and cried.  Even though the angel was very serious as he read from the scroll, he cracked a smile and nodded in agreement when we erupted as one in our great excitement.

Angel:  “And nothing shall come against you in your plans as given to you by God.  Each one of you will be given three tasks to oversee, to design and to implement.  God is in you.  You will not fall.  He will help you at the break of day.  (Psalm 46:5)  You will be given your directives while you sleep and we will start tomorrow bright and early.”

Another angel then came to each table and placed before each of us a scroll with a wax seal and each of our names.  The angel smiled as he handed out to each of us the individualized scrolls.  After he finished handing out all of the scrolls, the main angel began speaking again.

Angel:  “Now, open your scrolls in order from right to left.  This is the order you will begin.”

Sitting across from me was a Jewish man who was studying all of us.  I could tell that he was quite concerned that we were not holy enough for these tasks.  He watched us closely as we opened our scrolls.

Me:  Reading my first scroll quietly to myself.  “Erin, you will construct the ‘Altar of the Burnt Offering’.  This is important and holy unto the Lord.  This is the Altar of Sacrifice.  This should be constructed from stone.”

Tears ran down my cheeks as I read this scroll.  I felt so incredibly honored.

Jewish man:  “What is your first assignment?”

Me:  “The Altar of the Burnt Offering.”

All who sat at our table were so happy for me.  They were also happy for themselves as each one also had important tasks related to this.

Another at our table:  “I am a stone carver.  Erin, I am to help you implement the design.  It will be beautiful.”

Yet another:  “I am a goldsmith.  I am to create the Golden Censors and other vessels and instruments for the Altar of Sacrifice.”

We were all so happy and excited.  We cheered as each person read their special assignment.  However, the Jewish man still seemed upset, if not angry.

Jewish man:  “What qualifies any of you for this?  You are not even Jewish.  This is holy and should only be done by those who have studied this.”

Me:  “While I am not Jewish, I am a designer.  While I am a woman, I have been through the fire of affliction and been reduced to ashes.  There is nothing great that I have done to deserve to be here today.  However, the Lord has found something in me and God has qualified me, along with everyone here, to build His Temple.  He will build it quickly and possibly as quickly as He tore it down… perhaps even 3 days.  For God, nothing is impossible for Him.  He can do anything.  So, what are you designing?”

Jewish man:  “The Menorah!”  He finally seemed happy.

Me:  “Wow, the seven-fold manifest Spirit of God.  Whoa, this is an honor of great proportions.”

We all clapped.

Jewish man:  Smiling and agreeing.  “Yes, this really is important.”

Another at our table:  “Yes, but everything we do for the Temple of our Lord God is important.  We are all honored to serve Him.  This Temple will stand for years and all will come to worship Him here.  What an honor!”

We all cheered in agreement.  That night, as all of us slept, the Lord instructed us on implementing our designs.  When we came back to meet in the morning and started to talk, we quickly noticed that all of the dreams we had the night before were completely in sync with each other.  We quickly began our assignments.  There was singing and great joy coming from every person there… yes, the Jewish man as well.

Sub-Dream 1 over…

Sub-Dream 2 “Evil Beings Conceived” begins…

I was in a long building with windows looking down on a grassy strip of rolling hills.  On the other side of this was a river.  It was a foreign land that I did not recognize.  I could hear shouting.  In a foreign language, I heard ‘it’s time, it’s time.’  I then saw a man dressed in a tunic of grey with a cloth over his head of darker grey.  He had black pants and a black head band.

This man was walking from west to east.  He was walking on the grass parallel to the river.  Behind him, other men followed.  These men were all dressed the same.  All were traveling to one place to worship.  It was a Friday morning on the 2nd day of the 4th month of their calendar.  The men were in a hurry.  The all entered into a mosque.

I then heard cheering from a group of 70 young women.  They were chasing after the men that had just entered the mosque.  They were babbling with their tongues and making a unique sound together.  While the women were trying to enter the temple area, several large men held them back.

I then saw that these 70 young women were all filled with evil spirits.  They were crying out to have relations with these men.  The men called them into the mosque and they had relations right there on the floor (I was spared having to see this).

I then saw the arrival of a very important figure.  As he walked in, the women screamed as if he was a rockstar.

Women:  Shouting in unison.  “Mastima!  Mastima!  Sleep with us so that we can conceive your children.”

Note:  I am not sure what the women shouted, but what is written above is what it sounded like.  I am not sure what language this was or what it means.

The ‘rockstar’ smiled and laughed.  He then proceeded to have relations with all 70 women, conceiving with each of them.  I then saw four mighty angels of God come down from the Heavens to strike down this unholy temple.

Sub-Dream 2 over…

Me:  “Father, these dreams were very clear.  Please help me with all of this.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, understand the times you are in.  There is an increase in the deeds of the wicked because the adversary has conceived with the wicked and birthed great evil.  Just as God has increased His holy angels upon the Earth and His angel armies are striking down the princes over the regions. So too has the adversary, your greatest enemy, increased his strikes against the children of God.

“Thousands of years ago, Satan, the adversary of all Creation, became jealous of the covenant of mercy to Adam promising salvation and that He would deliver him from all hardships.  Satan was angry as this wasn’t promised to him.  Satan was angry that God was granting Adam and his descendants the opportunity to live in the Kingdom of Heaven for all eternity.

“Satan then devised a scheme to kill and rid the Earth of Adam and his descendants so he could keep the Earth as his own realm.  He began to destroy man by using the fallen angels to help him.  This was a great campaign of evil sent out against man that continues to present day.  They slept with women and abominations were created.  They taught secrets that they had learned in Heaven.

“They turned these things into evil when given to man.  You know most of this story.  However, I am bringing your attention to these times now.  The enemy knows that I am here and that the Kingdom of Heaven is near, even at the doorstep.  His idea is to kill man and to destroy the Earth prior to the Harvest of Souls and the Great Move of God.

“You have seen various demons who are in these leaders over the nations.  Their actions are not of God.  Permission has been granted for them to carry out their wicked schemes so that the prophecies are fulfilled.”

Me:  “Lord, so many prophecies are now coming to pass.  The USA is like Jerusalem was in Jeremiah.  They are under siege, yet the leaders do nothing.  Foreign invaders are swarming into the southern states.  It is wicked.  Our country will fall.”

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here.  You had a dream two nights ago of a leader.  Do you recall this dream?”

Me:  “Yes…

Sub-Dream 3 “President Biden makes the putts” begins…

It was about President Biden.  He was playing in a golf tournament.  He was old and frail.  It was a ‘Best Ball Tournament’ for ‘a million’.  A million of what I don’t know.  Everyone was tuning in to witness the feeble, weak President putt.

There were two balls.  One was the opponent’s ball and was about 2’ from the cup.  To everyone’s astonishment, he putted in his opponent’s ball first.  He then walked over to his own ball that was only 6” from the cup and tapped it in.  Everyone was in complete shock that he played both balls.

Sub-Dream 3 over…

Jesus:  “Are you really surprised?  Don’t believe all you see.  Understand this… the demons are in unison with the sons of perdition… their hosts.  Do you think the demon is old and diminished?”

Me:  “Unless you allow it to be confused, probably not.”

Jesus:  “This is truth.  God allows this or that and can raise a leader up and also remove him to the grave.  That leader is playing to win for the opponents.  He even made him the winner first over his own nation.  He is wicked.

“Now, while the world is distracted, very little attention is given to plots made against Israel and in the USA.  However, I have sent angels concerning you to guard you in all you do.  Because the enemy has nothing new under the sun and his ways have a pattern you are able to see, there is no new deceptions.

“If you go back to the profile of what he taught the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, you will see that these areas are still his main methods of corruption and deception.  Even though My Word has established that I will reign here, he is busy setting up his realm as best as he can.”

Me:  “Yes.  The fallen angels’ teachings were outlined in Dream 40.  You showed me what the angels taught to man, things that were forbidden.  I will repeat the excerpt from this dream here so we can study this again…”

Excerpt from Dream 40 – The Fallen & Satan’s Guidelines – as received on Thursday, January 24, 2013…

…The fallen angels then began to teach men skills and crafts so that they would be worshiped by man as gods instead of them worshiping the one true God.  The result of what these fallen had taught had the opposite effect of Heavenly worship:

  • I saw one angel teaching about makeup, adornments and beautification. This created vanity, envy and jealousy to destroy and eventually also led to lust and prostitution.
  • I saw one showing man how to create metal and form weapons for harvesting, but mostly for war and to war against each other and destroy each other.
  • I saw others creating healing sources from plants, flowers and roots. This was so man could heal themselves and would no longer need to cry out and depend upon the Lord for healing.  This was the beginning of pharmaceuticals and medicine.  Drugs, addictions, dependence and death came from this.  This angel’s gifts eventually morphed into blood and genetics testing, diseases and the likes.
  • I saw another teaching the maps of Heaven or the stars. This angel made the stars into graven idols to the fallen, thus worshiping the stars led to worshiping deities and then gods or images of themselves.  The stars were another Heaven and became a veil that humans could not see beyond to the God of Heaven who could hear them, turn and save them.  This practice was the beginning of astronomy, which is good, and of astrology, which is bad, as well as the worship of the fallen as gods.  Then the plan of the fallen was for man to then depend on the stars and the worship of other gods and thus no longer needing the God of all Creation.
  • I saw another with the gift of fiber works. The ability to weave fine linens separated people in a shameful manner by creating division of class according to clothing.  Destruction through class, position, pride and vanity came also from this power.
  • Another was like a magician and could manifest things, conjure up images, creating miracles and illusions. This created fear and the worshiping of self-governing of miracles.  This was the beginnings of witchcraft and magic and the worshipping of demigods with the illusion or appearance of power.
  • Another was a builder and architect of structures. This angel had been special in Heaven and this was a gift that God had delighted in.  This angel erected a building to edify himself and he taught the humans to worship him and began the roots of slavery.  His plan and the others were to build temples of honor to themselves where people could travel to worship them.  They would also erect tall buildings high enough that they could reach to Heaven.  By teaching the humans and the offspring of angels this skill, they believed that they could even overthrow Heaven.  They wanted immortal shrines so that the humans would be distracted and go to them for worship not God.
  • Another was the creator of complex government and order, the structure of wars, cities, states, regions, and tribes. This was also a part of oppression, slavery and rule.  Out of this came monetary exchange, trading, taxes and gambling.  This angel held the interest of Satan the most.  These two were in unison together as evil needed this type of structure to prosper.
  • Another angel taught weights and measures, calendars, clocks and related items to record or measure days. This angel grieved and measured the days as instructed by God after the fall.  The angel kept track of the new order of time; the measure of weeks, months, years and the depth and height of things.  This angel had the skills of mathematics and began to record the days until the permission was granted and the Lord would begin to execute judgments.
  • Another angel taught communication through language, writing of records, drawings, symbols and codes. This angel eventually brought technology and the further and swift decay of pornographic, the internet and the eventual access to homes without needing a key.  This angel could get inside the mind of humans and destroy them from within.

These were just some of the gifts that were taught to the humans as previously granted to these fallen angels by the Lord.  There were many more and each of these angels exchanged their knowledge to others in order to create a web of authority and the worship of the fallen by the humans.

Excerpt from Dream 40 over…

Jesus:  “Well, you see this now.  You had another dream a couple of nights ago that outlined the current plans of the enemy…”

Me:  “Yes.  It was frightening…”

Sub-Dream 4 “Preparation of the Beast System” begins…

I was observing a high-level meeting on the implementation of the Beast System.  The Beast System currently being prepared includes the following:

  1. Communication and the flow of information: Anything contrary to their narrative of lies is struck down or covered up with more words of lies.  All media organizations, in print, on the radio, on television or on the internet, to be controlled by the system.  The goal is to have one narrative, one truth and one voice, all opposite of God.  This also includes all music.  They also wish to eventually remove all cell phones.
  2. Control religious leaders and doctrines: Control anything contrary to the worship of the Beast System.  Eliminate all those opposing.  Bibles to be deemed as hateful to marginalized groups and must be destroyed.  No opposition to be allowed.  Everything unclean is to be permissible.  There is nothing unclean other than those identified as clean in the Bible.  Armies of those opposed to Christians were sent out to weed out any groups that went against abortion and other unclean practices.  Use fear, slander and death to remove all opposition.
  3. Money and assets should serve the Beast System: All personal assets are to be seized.  Bank accounts, property, homes and valuables are to be property of the one strong system.  Apartments will be provided for families.  There will be no cars or individual homes, ranches or farms.  All will be taken to cities.  There will be one bank, one currency and one governing commissary.  People will all make the same amount and have an allowance.  Some will be given a higher allowance or greater service based on service to the beast.  Anyone opposed will be given poorer conditions.  All jobs will be part of a job bank.  Those no longer contributing will be removed.  Those who serve the beast in greater capacity will live in mansions once owned by the wealthy.  They will then enjoy the spoils of the wealthy’s earnings.
  4. Food and consumption: Food will be vegan.  There will be no meat or dairy products of any kind.  All things will be plant based.  Rewards will include marijuana-based goods and vape ingredients.  Alcohol will be restricted.
  5. Healthcare will be provided and pharmaceuticals will be encouraged: If a person becomes a burden, they will be removed.  This is to keep the population ‘healthy and safe’.  Birth control will be regulated.  Pregnancies will only be allowed based on various DNA markers.  Most pregnancies will be terminated to keep populations regulated.
  6. Transportation: Cars will be eliminated.  Those still allowed will be electric.  Planes are only for the elite.  Trains are only for the transport of goods.  Families are to be separated if there is opposition.  Communication through computers.
  7. Plagues: Plagues will be used to regulate the population and remove certain anomalies in individuals.
  8. Beauty: Tattoos, piercings and permanent makeup will be encouraged.  So will permanent jewelry and other implants or cosmetic surgeries.

There was much more discussed in this meeting.  It was all for evil.  I was an observer of this meeting.  It was already in the planning and foundation building stages now.  As I stood watching and listening to all that was occurring and being planned, Uriel came up to me.

Uriel:  “Erin, I have a message for you from God… ‘Erin, do not be afraid by that which you have been shown.  I will instruct you on the ways you should go.’”

I immediately felt in my Spirit that these plans would not be implemented to our detriment.  This outline of their evil plans was instead for the purpose of showing how bad things would get here on Earth for us if it weren’t for God intervening on our behalf.

Sub-Dream 4 over…

Me:  “This dream was quite detailed.”

Jesus:  “Erin, there are some who claim to love Me that worship the moon and the sun.  They also use items sacrificed to their gods.  Churches have even removed the cross from the sanctuary so they won’t be reminded of My victory over death.  There are now stages rather than altars.  Make no mistake… the enemy has planted many seeds.

“Even though a church may still have beautiful glass and crosses, an altar and even candles, this does not mean they are Mine.  Many of the pastors leading the church are evil.  Therefore, the church becomes unclean.  My church has been the subject of attacks and blasphemous practices.  This is not new.  None of this is new.

“However, there is something that the adversary will never see coming.  As he has seen Me not being as visibly active in the world as I was many years ago, he has somewhat forgotten all that I am capable of.  He will never expect it because the years has weakened his memories of the true Power of God and His innovations in Heaven.

“This is why the enemy sends plagues, sacrifices babies and praises himself.  He thinks I am helpless to see this or to stop that.  He erects memorials to his legacy.  He calls on his sons and daughters to spread evil of all kinds, to lie, rebel and commit fornication.  He then asks them to do it all again tomorrow and the next day without stop.  Despite all of this, let Me assure you, Erin, the enemy will NOT prevail!”

Me:  “Lord, I saw four angels.  I recognized three of them.  I have never seen one of them.”

Jesus:  “These are angels who work for God.  As I am in you, I will work through you.  They will be as hosts to facilitate the plans of God and establish His Crown over the nations.  Who did you see and what did they do?”

Me:  “I saw thousands and thousands of us.  There was Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and a fourth that I have never seen before.”

Jesus:  “These are My angels who will oversee the Great Harvest of souls.  I will call upon them to facilitate My Bride.  What did you see?”

Me:  “So many wonderful things from each of the four angels…

  • Michael: Strengthening and granting supernatural powers to the long suffering in order to serve God and crush the enemies.
  • Raphael: Administering healing powers over plagues, diseases and wounds of various kinds through miracles.
  • Gabriel: Granting powers over all the elect of God, His Bride, including supernatural wisdom, knowledge and powers over darkness.
  • The unknown fourth angel: The facilitator of repentance, supernaturally giving hope to those in need of Jesus and His offer of eternal life.

Jesus:  “While the name of the fourth angel is hidden from you for now, he does My Will.  These are the angels who will assist Myself, the Groom, and My Bride.  They will prepare the hearts of those who are to be harvested.  The will usher in great healing, miracles, signs and wonders.

“As a great gift to My Bride and as an answer to her prayers, I will heal the lands.  I will display awesome deeds.  I will set the prisoners free.  The captives will be released.  All that was stolen will be replaced.  Even the lands will shake and graves will be opened.  There will be great joy as sons and daughters will be returned to their parents.

“Parents destroyed by the adversary will be reunited with their children.  Tragedies will be reversed and even cities restored.  The nations will enjoy a time of Great Reversal.  Erin, the tides have changed.  It is time for you to rejoice and pray.  Erin, all you have prayed for has come into its time!  Rejoice!”

Dream over…

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