Dream 592 – Three Bowls, Three Years

Received on Thursday, March 31, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  It is becoming harder here.  Thank You for Your love and kindness.  Thank You for my family and our friends.  We feel so blessed to have divine company in such difficult times.

I took my dog, Zoey, to the vet yesterday.  She is 13 years old and will turn 14 when winter comes again.  She is old and we are so blessed by her.  This little dog has been with me through so many trials.  She was divinely sent to me as a companion when my kids were away from me.  Since February of 2009, she has not been away from me.  When I would cry or couldn’t sleep, she was always there for me.

Her heartbeat and warmth were a reminder of Your love for me during such great sorrow and loneliness.  I have seen her running in fields like a puppy in Heaven.  She is always off-leash as there is no need for leashes in Heaven.  I have seen her napping under the shade of beautiful trees and playing in the beautiful river there.

As I was driving and worshipping the Lord, I asked the Lord if we could make it back to Bend OR again soon.  This is where Zoey was born.  She loved ‘smelling the smells’ there.  When we went to the parks, she would lay down in the grass and look so peaceful.  When we moved away from Bend OR, she was never the same.  She was stirred and never at full peace.

She must have picked up what I was feeling as she was always so happy when we would go back there for a visit.  She was all smiles.  She likes it here too, but it has never been the same.  I see her outside on the deck in the sun patrolling the area.  She looks happy doing this.  Lately though, she has not been responding when I call.  She has been different.  On my way yesterday, I wept openly and loudly.

I prayed in my Spirit and the Lord showed Him carrying Zoey.  Zoey was young and healthy in His arms.  He carried her like a lamb.  He was smiling and walking through a field of wheat.  He smiled at me and waved.  As He waved, the vision sealed up.

Well, the vet confirmed my suspicions.  Zoey is nearing the end of her life.  Her hearing is gone now and her eyes are cloudy.  She has cysts and an infection we are treating.  He gave me some medicines to sustain her as long as possible.  I was thankful to You, Father, when she seemed lively this morning.  Thank You for sustaining her.  I had two dreams on the night before last…

Sub-Dream 1 “Three Bowls, Three Years” begins…

Before me were bowls 24” in diameter.  They were shallow, around 6” in depth.  They were carved in wood.  In the inside of the first bowl was a salmon color.  The second and third bowls were grey.  The salmon-colored bowl contained 30 stalks of barley.  The second bowl contained a small handful of grain.  Each bowl represented a year.  Three years in total.  I spoke in the dream as I watched the presentation of these bowls to some leader.

Me:  “We don’t have much time!”

The leaders were making poor decisions.  I was staying somewhere that I did not recognize.  It looked like the west coast of California.  I saw two people talking…

Person 1:  “Have you heard what has happened to the beach?”

Person 2:  “No.  Is it bad?”

I went to investigate myself.  I was in shock at the sight.  The coastline had broadened and the water had receded.  There was no water to be seen.  All you could see as far as the eyes could see was sandy wet beach with seashells, rocks and sea animals.  The day was clear and sunny with blue skies.

I could see people were afraid to step out as this was an epic low tide.  As a child, I loved low tide.  Low tide exposed everything below the surface.  I was excited and I decided to run and see.  I could run with supernatural speed.  It was exciting.  Someone soon came over to talk to me…

Person:  “I would not go near there.  Something is wrong.  Where did the water go?”

Sub-Dream 1 over…

Sub-Dream 2 “Three Former Pastors’ Wives” begins…

I was with my daughter and some of her friends at a bridal shop.  We were really excited and we all seemed young.  As we shopped, three former pastors’ wives at a church we attended years ago entered the shop.  They seemed very serious.  They were so engrossed in their conversations that they didn’t even see us.  They looked old, worried and bitter.  They went to a back room to do some business.  They were acting extremely important.

Sub-Dream 2 over…

I then had two more dreams last night…

Sub-Dream 3 “Three Bowls of Oil” begins…

Just like in Sub-Dream 1 above, three large bowls were presented.  This time, all three were grey.  They were 12” in diameter and 3” deep.  While two were empty, the first bowl had chicken bones in them.  The chicken bones were completely stripped of all meat.  These were the tibia bones, aka the drumstick of the chicken.

In this bowl, there were a total of forty bones.  While the bowls were presented to a panel of leaders, the leaders had turned around their seats away from the bowls.  These were then set on the table before them.  The leaders in number were nine.  There was a leader in the center and then four to his left and another four to his right.

Announcer:  “Next order of business.”

Three pitchers of oil were then presented to the panel.  Again, they did not turn.  The presenter then had three belly dancers present the same pitchers of oil instead.  This time, the leaders turned as they wanted to watch the pretty women dance.

The first dancer poured out her pitcher of oil into the first bowl, the bowl of chicken bones.  This was safflower oil.

The second dancer poured out only half of their pitcher into the second bowl.  This was crude oil.

The third dancer had a pitcher that was labelled ‘favor’.  The third dancer danced more provocatively than the others and the panel was now quite excited.

Leader:  “This third bowl is the most useful of the bowls.  We can use this lubricant for our orgies.  Come, let us bathe in this sweet oil.  Have her pour her pitcher of ‘favor’ into the third bowl so we may partake of each other.”

When the third dancer went to pour out her pitcher into the third bowl, nothing came out.  There was no ‘oil’ (lubricant).  The leaders became angry and chased the presenter in order to kill him.  They felt deceived.

Leader:  “What did you do to the wine and the oil.  No wine was ever presented.  Where is the pure oil?  Where is the oil we can use for our parties?”

Sub-Dream 3 over…

Sub-Dream 4 “Three Amazing Holes of Golf” begins…

I was young, full of life and carefree.  I was at a large golf tournament.  I was not playing, just observing.  There were hundreds of people attending.  Someone looked over at me, pointed and then hollered out to the crowd…

Man:  “Hey, she is one of them.  Let’s see what she’s got.”

When several more people pointed at me and did the same, the commissioner came over to me.  The crowd cheered him on.

Commissioner:  “Our rules expressly contend that you are not allowed to play unless you can prove either a winning record or you received an invitation.”

Me:  “This counts me out as I have neither one.”

Crowd:  Yelling.  “Let her play!  Yes, let her play!”

Commissioner:  “This crowd is too unruly to ignore.  I tell you what… you have three holes.  If by these three holes you have not done miracles, we will need to exclude you.”

Me:  “Define miracles.”

Commissioner:  “Okay, just wow the crowd.”

Me:  “Okay, but I have no clothes.  I have no equipment.  I will need to get both.”

Commissioner:  “Then go and get them.  You are up at the first tee in 15 minutes.”

This was impossible.  I ran over to the clubhouse.  While the clubs didn’t fit, I took the ones that were the closest to fitting.  I then got some clothes.  Again, it didn’t fit properly, but it was good enough.  I prayed to the Lord to help me.  He instantly made the clubs and the clothing perfectly fit me.  I was astounded.  I was about to ask Him to help get me to the first tee on time when I was suddenly there.  This happened in an instant.

Announcer:  “Erin is ready to tee off at the first hole.”

The crowd erupted in cheers.  I could see the hole in the distance.  It was a Par 4.  While most were in favor of me, some hated me.  They were saying horrible things to me to try to distract me.  I prayed to the Lord and I was suddenly able to block out all the negative comments.  He then helped me swing at the back of the ball with an impossibly perfect swing.  The ball reached the cup with only a 2” putt remaining.  It was impossible.  I tapped in the short putt for an eagle.

The second hole was a very difficult Par 5 dog leg.  I teed up the ball and drove it like no one could drive it.  Just like the first hole, I was teeing off from the black tees (the same tees professional men use).  The ball sailed over the dog leg and dropped on the edge of the green.  My drive was nearly five hundred yards… unheard of by even the best male drivers.  When I got to the green, I sunk a fairly long putt.  I took only two shots to finish a Par 5, a double eagle.

Cheers and roars came from the crowd as I approached the third hole.  It was a long Par 3 surrounded by water.  There were so many distractions.  The people were being loud and unruly.  I teed the ball low to the ground and pulled out an eight iron.  I looked at the hole and willed my shot to it.  By the grace of the Lord, it took two bounces and plunked into the hole.  It was my first hole-in-one.  The commissioner approached me…

Commissioner:  “As you must already know, we would be delighted to have you play.”

When I looked at the other players, they looked so sad and disheartened.  Then again, I did just hit seven under in just three holes.  I would be as disappointed too.  I decided that I just couldn’t do this to the other participants.  How could they win with God helping my every stroke?

Me:  “While I decline your offer, thank you.  It was fun.  I have the Lord’s work to attend to now.”  The crowd was not happy.  “I am so sorry, but I must fly.”

As the crowd swarmed the area to keep me from leaving the area, I was removed to safety by God in an instant.

Sub-Dream 4 over…

Me:  “What a fun dream, Lord!  Thank You!  Thank You for fun dreams in the midst of dark ones.  These are so welcomed.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “I am here, Erin.  I am with you.  While a great corruption has swept across the land, so too has My judgments.”

Me:  “Please don’t punish the people of God for this.  These leaders rose to power not by the will of the people, but by the hands of the enemy.  Evil has become so widespread now.  The land is so corrupt and so wicked.  It is out in the open and in full view.  The wicked don’t even seem to be hiding it anymore.  Please come to help us, Lord.  Without you, all people are lost.”

Jesus:  “Understand the times you are in.  Corruption has taken root.  You understand them by their rotten fruit.  There is both the wicked you see plainly and the wicked that remains hidden from you.”

Me:  “Lord, You are setting the stage right now.  I have been so disturbed at what is happening.  The people have been deceived.  It is horrible.  All that is happening is so evil.  What can be done?”

Jesus:  “I do not favor or prosper a nation whose highway leads to spiritual death.  This is even worse as evil calls on others to join them.  I am not blind to the evil.  You only have to look at that which is detestable to Me to understand by which measure I use to contrast the hearts of My people to the hearts of those of the world.  See and test My Words to see if by measure you can make a case for God’s wrath to be removed.”

Me:  “Well, all that You hate is happening now, but worse.  Proverbs 6:16…

  • Haughty eyes
  • A lying tongue
  • Hands that shed innocent blood
  • A heart that plots evil schemes
  • Feet that are quick to do evil
  • A false witness who pours out lies
  • A person who sows discord in a family

“This is all happening now.  Evil is manifesting in full view.”

Jesus:  “As a tree in spring goes from its state of wick (that is, alive, but asleep, in winter) to bud then blossom, so too does evil operate in darkness then presents itself.  It then flourishes in due season, as are the wicked leaders across the nations.  Now, I want you to understand the words of the prophets and their lamentations.  Understand that I come when the words of the prophets are also in due season.

“This is due season for My harvest, not what the world plants.  The world plants their seeds of evil schemes in fields of dung.  Their crops of evil are then fertilized by their lies.  This is like acid rain, the acid of deceit.  They need no sun because their harvest is cultivated in darkness.  They then offer up their blood sacrifices of the innocent on their altars of Baal.

“Erin, I see.  I am the God who sees.  I do not collect dust on a shelf.  I am active and living.  I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.  Now, why would such a beautiful land need to be burned of all uncleanliness unless it is completely defiled.  For it is written that the Son of man will send out His angels and they will weed out of His Kingdom every cause of sin and all who practice lawlessness (Matt 13:41).

“I will completely sweep away everything from the face of the Earth.  I will sweep away man and beast.  I will sweep away the birds of the air and the fish of the sea.  I will sweep away the idols along with their wicked worshippers.  I will cut off mankind from the face of the Earth.  I am angry.  I am stirred.”

Note:  See Jeremiah 4:25, 9:10, 12:4, Ezekiel 38:20, Zephaniah 1:3, Hosea 4:3

Me:  “Lord, my stomach has been sick all week.  Evil has manifested boldly.  Please just don’t forget all Your children who love You.  We love You, Lord, so, so much.  I can’t believe how many prophets have warned about this in the Bible.  Here You are speaking on this.  Oh Lord, I am scared at times.”

Jesus:  “Do you think I won’t do something in your days you would not believe even if you were told?  I will, Erin.  However, this will be for good, not for evil.  I see the shedding of innocent blood.  I see the rise of evil schemes and corruption.  I saw the opportunists in My day doing the same as they are today.  In My days, the scribes were document preparers and the legal interpreters of the laws.

“They then used this to cheat the widows out of their homes.  They were scammers and schemers of those who were innocent.  They were evil.  Then there were Sadducees.  These were the judges of the laws of God.  They easily turned their eyes away from evil for a price.  Today, these are those in high order, including the wealthy and those who serve them.  They are all beneficiaries of their corruption.

“You have only to look the same way at the government and what they practice to see the framework of evil against their people.  Any opposed are silenced and then struck down or worse.  While they claim they are the purveyors of righteousness, their evil is on full display.  These are the governors of the sons of perdition and have been sent to punish the people…

  • They determine what is morally right, medically right, spiritually right, historically right and environmentally right. These are their Five Pillars.  All of this, yet their platform is peace, understand?
  • They lie without ceasing. Since they control justice and law, they also then control the outcome to their benefit.
  • They declare the deaths of the unborn and the newly born as righteous, good and necessary. This is the sacrifice of babies to Baal.
  • They call evil good and good evil.
  • They call for the dismantling of all of the Constitution and historical truth meant to glorify God. This is because they want to do the opposite.  They hate practices of justice or law to be under God for liberty of all.  They want this null and void.
  • They seek to turn children away from their parents and parents away from their children. They want to divide and conquer the (nuclear) family.
  • They call for the removal of freedom for the righteous and law abiding. They then want this freedom and liberty to be given to thieves and murderers.
  • They declare there is no man or woman. They call upon children to change their natural order and dress this way.
  • They declare that God and His Name in churches is evil and His statutes wicked.
  • They lie publicly in the town squares, on the airways and in news articles.
  • They send out plagues and punishing rules meant to cause harm and kill.
  • They declare meat as bad and raise the prices. They declare all God said was clean as unclean.  They give bad water and claim it is good to drink.
  • They steal and come against anyone opposed. Opponents are then silenced.
  • They kill the idea of woman, mother and all things good of God. They call for the erasure of any such thoughts.
  • They call all possessions of the workers who earned evil and punish them, causing them to lose their cars, houses and even livelihoods.

Me:  “Oh Lord, please stop them.  Please cut them down.  Please, Lord.  None of us will make it.  They control everything… law, medical, communication… everything.”

Jesus:  “Erin, the one leader has lost his mind because of these treatments.  I allowed this.  Do not worry as I see all of this.  I will dismantle corrupt leaders and expose them.  They provoke wars to distract the world.  They are then busy under the cover of the worries of these wars.  There is nothing new under the sun.  I see.  I am present.  They cannot hide from My view.”

Me:  “What about my dreams over the last couple of nights?”

Jesus:  “These are signs and markers.  You must pray on this and I will grant you answers.  Now, barley is in the first bowl, seeds are in the second bowl, but there is no harvest in the third bowl.  This is a sign.  Now, the other dream of bowls.  The chicken bones were stripped clean and were of great cost and a high price.

“But then watch… their soothsayers will throw down these bones to read their futures.  They will then see that their judgments come from the place of the safflower oil.  Then there is none.  There is no oil.  While they fornicated with their lustful eyes, they ignored what was right in front of them.  The oil of fear is now gone from the nations.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, all of this is so dark.”

Jesus:  “Yes, but then I also sent you the good news dream… did you enjoy your enhanced golfing skills?  You seemed happy in this dream because you are not of the world.  Now rejoice, Erin, for I have you.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, please send the changes soon!”

Jesus:  “Do not worry.  I have you.  My favor is upon you.  My favor is upon those I call.  All is about to change.  Pray!”

Dream over…

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