Dream 591 – As the battles rage overhead, there are casualties

Received on Sunday, March 27, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for my family, my Nest friends and our home.  We are truly blessed in this historical EPIC season of Your miracles.  Blessed are You, Father.  Blessed are Your army of Heaven’s angels.  Thank You for fighting for us.  Thank You for dreams, visions, signs and wonders.  These are truly a miracle.

My biopsy, hopefully the final one, occurred on Thursday, March 24, 2022.  The doctor removed most of my toenail and cut some other areas to obtain a proper sample to be sent to the lab.  While it was painful, I am thankful for modern medical advances.  Years ago, doctors would have simply amputated my toe.  This is a gift in comparison.  I had a couple of interesting dreams last night…

Sub-Dream 1 “A Chet-sized Pool” begins…

I saw a pool in a strange shape.  It was shaped as the Hebrew letter Chet, but backwards.  It is the eighth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.  The letter Chet sort of looks like a standing horse, but without a tail.  I could tell by the quality of the swimming pool that it was a swimming pool for a very wealthy person.

One of the two ‘leg portions’ of the pool had an overhead covering.  There were only a few of us there.  It was right after sunset ended and just before dusk ended.  The sky was filled with stars and was a beautiful deep blue.  The temperature reminded me of a pleasant nightfall in Arizona, but supernaturally even prettier.

Sub-Dream 1 over…

I had another dream after this.  It seemed to be based on the tragic death that occurred involving a 14-year-old boy at an amusement park in Orlando.

Sub-Dream 2 “The Freefall from the 400-foot Tower” begins…

Note to keep in mind for this dream:  A 14-year-old boy named Tyre Sampson fell 400 feet to his death at an amusement ride in Orlando.  The ride was at ICON Park and is called ‘Freefall’.  In the context of this dream, this boy’s name means ‘the sun’ and a Biblical judge appointed by God.

I could see a battle in the heavens over the area of Florida and the East Coast of the USA.  The army of angels of Heaven were warring against the prince and his army over the region.  I saw the area open over the amusement park.  The angels were battling a large demonic stronghold.  I saw a 14-year-old boy being targeted.  While the angels of God were being held off, I heard the lead angel shout out…

Lead angel:  “God will make this a sign in the form of a curse to come down upon you.  God will not be mocked.”

I then saw an angel of the Lord carry the young boy home to Heaven right after the prince and his evil army carried out their wicked deed.  The lead angel again shouted…

Lead angel:  “God will make his name (Tyre Sampson) remembered throughout the land as a great sign of judgment against this land and its great sin of arrogance and pride against God and His righteousness.  The prince of Tyre has fallen and his army of 400 will be cut down as his sins are great against the children of God.

“His ports will be destroyed before the nations.  His shame and his sins will be manifest for all to see.  This is because he has set up idols to himself and has laid traps of sin for the young and unsuspecting.  He has become rich from these trappings and has fornicated with the great whore.”

I then saw the battle rage to an even greater extent.  God’s Army was about to be given permission to rise as the conquerors of the evil ones.  This is what we had waited so long for.  I screamed out with joy as the time had finally arrived!

Sub-Dream 2 over…

Me:  “Lord, I know You allow tragedies for Your glory, but I am trying to understand this type of symbolism in the death of a child.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, this boy’s name (Tyre Sampson) is great throughout the land.  He is now celebrating with those he loves in Heaven.  While I realize this is difficult to understand, there is a great battle in the heavens right now.  There are casualties below.  Now, this boy’s name was given to him at birth.  I chose him.  The angels took his Spirit and he felt no pain.

“All of the events surrounding this were signs of judgment against a wicked ruler over the territory.  The boy’s life was not lost as he was offered up to the Kingdom of Heaven from the beginning.  Now, understand how wicked the land has become.  As the battles rage overhead, you feel the effects.  There are some casualties.  These are not surprises to Me.”

Me:  “Lord, how awful for the family and his friends.”

Jesus:  “Yes.  However, they will be reunited soon.  There is an epic war, Erin.  Now, you will see increases in shakings, fires and rebellions.  These will happen in various parts.  You will see manifestations of great evil.  Evil will spring forth out of nowhere.  There will be confusion and great anger.  However, this is because I am about to move upon the Earth in great multitude.  Now, your dream about the pool… this is the eighth letter and is a bridge that unites two.”

Me:  “Oh, I see… You are the chuppah between them.  Lord, why was the pool flipped backwards?  I can’t figure it out.”

Jesus:  “This is because the world is now this way.  The enemy of God used evil leaders, Godless and hungry for power, to change the laws, seasons, orders and all things God has said is good.  This is how the enemy thinks… Take all the laws and dismantle these.  Now make everything clean to be unclean.  Make all sins to now be permissible.  These are direct strikes against God.

“It is a great war between the evil in this world and the righteous.  The adversary and his children of perdition are against all that is good as created by God.  As for most of the rest, there are many who are now purposely choosing to ignore the signs that the Kingdom of Heaven is near.  I will take that which the enemy planned for evil and turn it for good.  I did so with this boy.  I have him.  He is loved by Me.

“Now, I want you to understand what has happened around you so that you are not deceived by what you see.  There are a group of leaders and one leader who are making wicked plans.  This war is a real one.  It was created as a way to remove the one hated leader with coaxing on the world stage.  There is much more behind the scenes you have not seen.  The plan was to weaken the nation and remove the leader.”

Me:  “But what about all of the people on the battlefield?  There are women and children too.  The Ukraine also makes a lot of wheat to help feed the world.”

Jesus:  “It is both a battlefield on Earth and overhead with the princes in the heavens.  Again, there have been and will be casualties.  This is because I am about to move in a mighty way.  The adversary and these wicked groups of men with hearts of stone consider themselves greater than God.  They also believe they are virtuous above all of the other people.

“Their goals are lofty.  They do not realize yet the degree of evil in which the adversary will achieve through them.  Still, this is for later (as in after the Rapture).  Right now, they are using leaders and uniting them against what is shown to them.  They are controlling truth by silencing those who speak it.  They are advancing lies.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, please stop all of this.  Please do something incredible.”

Jesus:  “Erin, I am still the God of Miracles.  Now, I want you to be more aware of the signs I send you.  I have been sending many.  What else did you find?”

Me:  “The amusement park was called ICON Park.  The company who owns this is called the Slingshot Group.”

Jesus:  “Remember that the enemy hates God’s Creation.  He especially hated Eve and the daughters of Adam and Eve.  He caused their spiritual death through sin.  However, God still loved them and blessed them.  The enemy also hated David.  He was too young to join the army and was only a shepherd boy when he fought Goliath.”

Me:  “Hey, he used a sling and a stone.  Was this really like a slingshot?”

Jesus:  “Interesting observation.  Remember the analogies here.  This was an amusement ride that allowed people to imagine freefalling 400 feet from a tall tower and live to talk about it.  Why would anyone pay to do this?”

Me:  “I used to love that stuff, Lord.  I am sorry.  Is this a sin?”

Jesus:  “Only if this is your idol.  Think of this in a way greater than just what happened.  Look at how God granted the boy eternal life, but also showed His mercy for the 29 people also on the ride with him.  Their lives will never be the same.

“Now, what if I did something even more incredible through this?  Remember that, even though it is difficult to do so, slingshots can fire two ways.  A Great Upheaval and a Great Reversal is coming.  It is time to rejoice as I will turn what the enemy planned for evil into good.”

Me:  “Lord, never in history has the leadership been so corrupt.  Lies have been widespread.  Churches have been silenced.  The world needs a Divine Rescue.  Very few of us voted for this evil.  You allow all things that occur.  You allow this for Your glory.  Still, this is the worst injustice I have ever seen.

“Saying that you are a woman is no longer allowed.  It is so wicked.  Young children are being talked into denouncing their gender behind their parent’s backs.  Some areas of the country even allow the child to reassign by surgery their body parts.  It is so disgusting and so sad.”

Jesus:  “You are witnessing pure evil.  Leaders desire to kill newborns and even stop all reproduction.  Their plans are lofty.  They desire to kill billions of people over the next ten years.  You will need a mark in order to purchase food or do various daily activities.  It is pure evil.  This is the rise of the Beast System of government.  It comes with strings attached.  There are always strings attached when dealing with the enemy.

“Still, do not forget I am greater than all of this.  They do not prevail, remember?  While their plans are lofty, their victories are not actually victories.  While they can celebrate after I collect My harvest and My remnant, even this time will also be cut short.  Now, don’t worry, Erin, for I am here.  I am in you.  Take courage.  Be strong and take courage.”

Dream over…

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