Dream 594 – A Fun Return Trip to the Potter’s Studio

Received on Tuesday, April 5, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for a supernatural deep sleep.  I slept very late and had to be awakened from a deep sleep.  I still feel a bit sleepy.  I had an epic dream this morning that ended when I was awakened.  This was clearly divine timing…

Sub-Dream 1 “From Dread to Joy” begins…

I was standing in a field of barley.  The barley was ready for harvest.  However, there were dark storm clouds all around me.  It must have been a supernatural storm as I would see the occasional flash of red embers.  I then heard a rumble and the ground began to shake.  The sound was like a thousand trains barreling down on you.  As I turned 360 degrees, there were massive tornados all around me.

The twisters’ colors reflected the black, grey and brown dirt they were kicking up.  I knew that the barley would be destroyed by either the fire and embers above or the twisters that would level them.  I heard a voice.  The Lord told me the voice was named ‘Fear’.  The voice made a horrible sound that is impossible to describe.

The voice of Fear:  “Brace for impact.  You will be consumed.”

Just then, I heard a familiar sound.  I heard a whistle in the approaching storms.  While I was facing west, I turned around to face east instead.  There was Breakthrough coming for me.  I ran toward him.  He collected me quickly and moved me to a path.  This was an old familiar path.  I looked around and saw that the twisters were still approaching.  Just then, a hundred angels appeared.

There were fifty angels on the north side of my path and fifty angels on the south side of my path.  Using their shields as walls and their swords as a canopy above, I suddenly felt safe from the storm.  In an instant, I could no longer hear the frightening sounds of the approaching storm.  I looked down the path and there was Uriel with another angel.  They were at the base of a ladder-like stairway that reminded me of years ago.

Uriel:  “God requests your presence.  Come.”

Breakthrough went ahead of me and Uriel came after.  Uriel was my rearguard.  As we climbed, I could see an epic battle in the storm above the barley.  While I couldn’t see specifics, I knew it was a terrible battle.  I could see beasts and angelic warriors.  I heard screams.  I could smell horrible smells.  All of this cut through in a way I have no words for.

I started to shake in fear.  My body was so overcome by what I was in that I felt like jelly.  I couldn’t breathe.  If you take the densest atmospheric pressure and humidity with little oxygen, this was similar.  I heard Breakthrough draw my attention to him.   He looked stern and pointed to his eyes to remind me to focus ahead and not to the left nor to the right.

Uriel:  “Erin, stay focused.  Do not look to the wars.  Look to where God is taking you instead.”

I then kept focused on the path ahead and up the ladder-like stairway.  I came through a doorway.  When I entered, the light of dawn enveloped me.  I was there on a beautiful path in the Garden of God.  I sat on the side of the road and wept.  I cried as I wrote.

Me:  “Lord, no human will make it if they are there.  Our bodies will not make it.  We will dissolve.”

I wept openly in Heaven with the memories of what I had just gone through to get to this place.  I was overcome with grief for those who have no idea what is coming, either for good or for evil.  I then felt nudges on my arms, my legs and my back.  It was a herd of tiny deer.  They didn’t say anything.  They were trying to bring me to my feet on the path.  I wondered where Uriel and Breakthrough went.

As I walked straight ahead, I realized I was in a familiar place.  The deer ran ahead of me.  They were all the size of my dog, Zoey.  They were some of the cutest creatures I have ever seen.  A few stayed near me.  One looked like it wanted me to pick it up, so I did.  It looked me in the eyes and licked my cheek.  I carried it like a lamb.  The forest was beautiful.

There were many flowers, birds singing and butterflies perched on branches.  I cried as I walked.  This place was just so breathtakingly stunning.  The little deer licked my tears.  I kissed the top of its head.  There was a beautiful river of illuminated light blue green water.  The water here has life to it that restores.  I saw ahead on the path where the deer had stopped.  There was a small path perpendicular to the path I was on.

As I approached, there was a sign which made my heart leap in joy… THE POTTER’S STUDIO… with a pointing arrow.  The deer ran down the small path into the yard of the Potter.  This is still the most beautiful studio I have ever seen.  It was hand chiseled, but so perfect it seemed like a laser had cut it.  Impossible from an engineering standpoint.  The stone was dry stacked.  No grout was necessary here.

The path was made of perfectly cut stones and had so many beautiful fountains.  The porch entry was made of beams that were put together with dowels and dovetail joints.  No nails were used.  The door was partially open to the beautiful entry.  The handle for the door was made of bronze with detailed engraving.  There was a small bell at the entrance.  The bell was made of silver and also had detailed engraving.

While I didn’t want to intrude, I was too curious not to let myself in.  I felt guilty about intruding, yet too excited to stop myself.  I looked up and prayed for forgiveness.  I could hear music coming from the studio.  It was deep music, not shallow.  Hard to describe.  It was inspiring and uplifting.  It was ancient, yet modern.  I shook my head at even thinking I should come in unannounced.  I turned around and rang the bell.  I was still holding the tiny deer.

Jesus:  “Erin, you made it.  Look, you are carrying my little friend.  Come in.”

I put the little deer down and he ran out to the yard to play with the others in the grass and blossoms.  It was beautiful.  The kiln was not fired up.  In front of this beautiful wall of glass overlooking this yard of fountains was a table with 12 of the most beautiful vessels I have ever seen in my life.

The sunlight streamed in the glass.  The glass shined like faceted crystals in the light.  It was dawn.  I had never seen such a beautiful room as this.  The wall of glass opened to the outside fountains in an outward fashion.  This is unlike typical earthly windows and doors that open inward.

Jesus:  Laughing.  “I can hear your thoughts.  Yes, this is against earthly building codes for insurance purposes.”

Me:  Now also laughing.  “Yes, Lord.  I love Heaven.  We can open windows and doors outward.  However, do we even really need them here?”

Jesus:  “While you do not need these in Heaven to keep out intruders, they can still be the prettiest part of a house… or, in Heaven’s case, a mansion.  Come to think of it, I would hate to see all of you living in a walled box.”  He laughed.  “Is it not better to have the inside and outside as one so you can enjoy both at the same time?  This works here as there is no threat of harm here or pesty insects.  Now, look at our little friends (the tiny deer) playing there in the grass.  Were you worried for your life?”  He smiled.

Me:  Laughing.  “No, of course not.”

Jesus:  “They also do not invade or come inside unannounced, understand?  Neither do other saints… family and friends.  Even when I visit you, I let you know and you welcome Me.  Hospitality is for all creatures here.  There is no rebellion.  There are no plots to steal, invade or harm.”

Me:  “Lord, are there the sun and the moon in Heaven?  Are there the stars and the night sky?  Is there rain in the Spring?”

Jesus:  “What have you seen?”

Me:  “I have seen these here.  However, I thought, because we were told this by preachers, that there is no darkness of night, no shadows and no sun here.”

Jesus:  “Then they did not read what was written.  The Glory of God shines within and upon the Golden City.  There is no night there.  It does not need the sun or the moon to shine upon it to be in constant light.  It is a jewel and a city on a hill.  It does not need light from outside sources because the Glory of God shines bright there.

“Now, let us understand again what you have observed.  You have been shown the vastness of Heaven.  You have even been shown other mysteries that await those who will reside here.  So, what exactly were the Scriptures speaking of?”

Me:  “The Golden City of God.”

Jesus:  “Okay, then we have a clear distinction.  There is no need for the light of the sun or the moon there as this is where the Glory of God shines day and night.  At the same time outside of the city, the saints are delighted by the varying lighting.  If My Father created the moon, the sun, the stars, the sunsets and the breaking dawns and delights in them, why would He not have these in Heaven, but even more spectacular?

“Does it then make it clear that many will have no more terror by night, fear or unrest?  This is referring to the Kingdom of Heaven and that which God created here as good.  As for the city, it is exceptional.  Think of the city as like a jewel cut with facets.  The light of God shines throughout the citadel.  Lights are not needed.  In this case, the sun and moon are not required, only the Glory of God.

“Still, and as I have shown you, Heaven is vast.  I have shown you that which is good, life giving and lovely here.  This has all been prepared for you.  As just one example, if I wanted to show off a massive fireworks display, would I do this at nighttime or daytime?  Well, of course it would be nighttime.  Who sets off fireworks in the daytime?

“While much has been written about the City of God, from what you have seen, could not just as much have been written about the surrounding areas?  Perhaps scholars should not expand only on what is written with notions about what God would or would not do.  Perhaps they should instead go back to the beginning, the time when all was created, and see what was special to God back then.  God does not change.

“Perhaps I shall create a different Heaven with restrictions and limitations for these learned men.  They can then enjoy being ‘right’ instead of enjoying the place I have prepared for them in eternity.  Did God ever say that the trees, the fields, the pastures, the mountains, the lakes, the streams or the springs are not good?

“Did God ever say that the birds of the air, the fish in the sea or the animals on the land are not good?  How many are sad because they were told that Heaven is void of God’s creations?  When I say ‘on Earth as it is in Heaven’, what does this exactly mean?  Can they tell Me this?  So many are fearful of eternity in Heaven because they have been taught one of the following lies

  • There would be no color, just everything in white.
  • People would float around aimlessly on clouds.
  • Their only entertainment would be playing a tiny harp.

“Others have been taught just as harmful lies… That they would be on their knees doing nothing but worshipping at God’s Throne all of the time and that there would be nothing else allowed to happen other than this.

“Erin, is it not written that those who came out of the Great Tribulation are grateful and worship day and night before the Throne of God?  Where is the Throne that they should worship day and night?”

Me:  “Heaven.”

Jesus:  “Are they worshipping as a sentence or out of gratitude?”

Me:  “Gratitude.  Lord, they are so thankful.  I think people just misunderstand what Heaven is like and what we do here.  If they even heard about just one small part of Heaven, for example the Baby Animal Garden, they would have a renewed wish to come here.  The narrative from the enemy is just so wrong and so harmful.

“As for those who worship day and night when they first get here out of the Great Tribulation, it doesn’t mean they are destined to be ‘stuck’ doing just this for all eternity.  This is just a pre-ordained time for them to worship and be thankful.  While they will come back to doing this over time, as will all of us, there will be so many other great things to do, it is immeasurable.  This is all by Your brilliant design!”

Jesus:  “Yes, this is true.”

Me:  “Many of us have been taught these things.  We are taught to be afraid of nighttime, sleep and darkness.  We are taught that evil is in the shadows.  While this can be true on Earth, especially at certain times, this is never true of Heaven.”

Jesus:  “Evil on Earth operates day and night.  There is no evil, no fear and no rebellion here.  When you are here, you are free from all that bound you on Earth.”

Me:  “When I am here, I worship You with everything I see here.  You are so incredible, Lord.  Whatever You create with Your voice, Your hands or Your feet is incredible.  I would rather be a footstool in the House of the Lord forever than have a bed in Sheol.”

Jesus:  “Then this is good.”  He smiled.  “Now, before you are 12 Vessels.  Each are unique.  They represent something very important, like 12 fruit or even the 12 branches with the fruit.  I will pour out My Spirit of Living Water in each of these.  In turn, they each will pour out into 11,999.  The first one will be the lead Vessel of My Great Remnant.  In all, 12 sets of 12,000 Vessels.

“These represent abilities from Heaven that will pour out upon Earth.  They represent the multitudes.  They will be harvest workers unlike anything the world has ever seen.  There will be a great outpouring of joy unlike the world has ever seen.  It will be a joyful celebration with healing and reconciliation.  It will be something precious that was lost and forgotten that is soon to be revealed and found again.”

Me:  “Lord, I thought You filled our Vessels and the angels then gathered them.”

Jesus:  “Yes, this is true.  The Vessels have been determined and found ready.  There are no cracks or chips.  These are good.  Each one has been prepared by My hand and created here in My Studio.  They have been shaped, glazed and fired in the furnace.  Erin, this time in the furnace is something you know about more than most others.  There is no residue left.  The hearts of those I have prepared are ready for the great outpouring of My Spirit.”

Me:  Crying.  “I pray I can be a part of this.  Lord, please allow me to be a part of this!”

Jesus:  “Erin, you are here and this is good.  Your pen is the pen of a skillful scribe and this I have called you for.  Now, I know you are tired and you long for My promises to be fulfilled.  Well, are you ready?”

Me:  “Only if You find me ready.  My heart is willing, but my body is old.  However, when I am here in Heaven, I am more alive than I have ever been.  I am ready to be used of You in greater measure.”

Jesus:  “Well, the world has heard no good news as evil spreads lies about God and the Kingdom of Heaven.  It is therefore time for Heaven to be visible upon the Earth.  Where Heaven is, darkness cannot cultivate.  Where I am, truth is.  Where I am, there cannot be lies.  When My Spirit is poured out of your Vessels, My remnant workers from Heaven’s River of Life, there can be no evil in your midst.  It will be washed away.  My harvest will then be gathered and brought before Me, understand?

“The broken hearts will be healed and changed using the outpouring of My Spirit through My workers, your Vessels.  Once My Vessels are shaped and transformed, they shall be the deliverers of miracles, signs and wonders throughout the Earth.  Many different offerings will be before Me.  These will be pleasing and holy before My Throne.  Now…”  He smiled.  “… are you ready?”

Me:  “I have already been ready.”  I laughed.

Jesus:  “Good!”

Sub-Dream 1 over…

The dream ended abruptly when I was awakened from my sleep.  It was good timing though as the Lord confirmed that this was the stopping point anyway.

Me:  “Lord, I pray that this is now and not months, or even weeks, away.  Please do all You have promised.  Please do this right now, as in immediately!  Many of us are desperate for Your healing hands.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “I am in you.  I am with you.  Do not worry.  My angels have been preparing the nations.  Many of the princes over the regions have been cut down.  However, there is still a moment in time from the removal of this prince for his power and dominion to remain over an area.  However, this is almost complete.  Something will then happen that you would not believe even if I told you it will happen.”

Me:  “This is for our good, right?”

Jesus:  “Yes.  Now, there are many storms all around you as hearts are being prepared.  God does not cater to evil nor does He endorse corrupt governments.  My judgments come in many forms.  Signs are also given so that they are given a chance to repent and turn to Me.  I have sent many signs and harbingers as warnings.”

Me:  “Lord, can You let up on the tornadoes and give the people peace?”

Jesus:  “You had another dream.  Describe this for Me…”

Me:  “This is how I remember it…

Sub-Dream 2 “A Triangular Intersection at the Top of a Hill” begins…

I was travelling uphill away from two men driving two trucks.  They wanted to kill me.  My car was a small front wheel drive trying to drive uphill in the snow on a slippery slope.  I barely made it to the top of the hill.  I looked in my rearview mirror and they were also struggling with the hill even though they had 4-wheel-drives.  I kept my eyes on them. The road then formed into an odd-shaped triangle intersection.

I went straight, looked again, but there was no trace of my pursuers.  I then proceeded to drop down one of the sides of the triangular fork that led down a hill with no snow.  This road had no threats, just a beautiful peaceful neighborhood.  No one was chasing me.  It was very clear out.  I needed to then reach a peak to springboard back around.  I did it and was pleased with the beautiful place I was now driving in.  All was good.  I felt safe.  No one was chasing me anymore.

Sub-Dream 2 over…

Jesus:  “Then this was a very good dream.  No one was chasing you.  Now, rejoice, Erin, as this was a good dream.  A good day!  I love you!”

Me:  “I love You too!”

Dream over…

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