Dream 595 – The Enemy will be shocked by unexpected twists

Received on Thursday, April 7, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for melting snow and the signs of Spring.  Thank You for Your promises.  We had more discouraging news and delays.  However, we know, of course, that all is by Your design and for Your purposes, Father.  While we know this, we still sometimes struggle.  Please continue to sustain us and provide for us.  You have done this despite my husband still being unable to find work.

While he seems to get to the ‘Final Two’, he never seems to get the offer.  Again, we know You are in control, so this is yet another divine delay.  Still, it is definitely hard on his self-esteem, even though he does his best to pick himself right back up.  We must be close though as You have shown me that my husband will work doing something with financial forensics.  I had a dream the night before last…

Sub-Dream 1 “Filling up the Empty Cups” begins…

I was holding a large drink pitcher and was serving guests at tables.  Whatever I was serving must have been really good because I kept having to fill their empty cups.  Everyone was happy and laughing.  I knew that I loved all of the people who were here.  I was young, strong and talkative.

Sub-Dream 1 over…

I then had two dreams last night…

Sub-Dream 2 “A rocky field is cleared and seeded” begins…

I saw a field that was being tilled.  There was a man walking down the rows of dirt picking up rocks and tossing them to the side.  There were so many rocks that it never ended.  Finally, several workers came in a pick-up truck to help.  They were all happy to do so.  The man was overjoyed to receive the help.

The workers helped by removing other debris and smaller rocks.  They also fertilized.  They then made sweeps with bags of seeds, hand sprinkling them with the optimal spacing in mind.  Others then came behind them and covered the seeds with just the right amount of dirt.

Worker:  Shouting.  “The clouds are gathering.  God will send the rains.  Let us finish.  We have only one more task.”

So many workers were now gathered there and much more than just the pick-up truck full.  I then heard a whistle.  The workers then began to sing.  There were many stones in piles.  They turned and built a wall around the field.  When evening came, they sang, ate and danced.  At the end of the evening, they went to sleep in their tents.  While they were asleep, the rains came.  The tents kept them dry.  They woke in the early hours.

Worker:  “We have a fox in the field.”

The workers chased the fox into the woods.  When the sun appeared, so did the tender shoots from the rich ground.  The workers celebrated and praised God.

Sub-Dream 2 over…

Sub-Dream 3 “A lake bed with tons of deep holes” begins…

I was standing next to an arid lake bed.  It looked like a salt flat.  As far as my eyes could see, there were holes.  They were large holes, each about 6 x 6 x 6 feet deep.  The sun was extremely hot.  It disturbed me as I could see something had dug all of these holes.  What was there?  Were there bodies?  Were there treasures?  I was not sure.  Oddly enough, I saw some hermit crabs in some of the holes.  Strange!

Sub-Dream 3 over…

Two chickadees just landed on the branch outside my window.  One flew to come closer to see me, but then flew off.  I could hear a woodpecker tapping on the side of our house just below my window.  It then just flew away.

Me:  “Father, are You trying to get my attention?  Forgive my disappointment.  I know that You are moving.  I know You are working to bring changes and are preparing Your lands for the Great Harvest.  It is just discouraging to see the rise in evil continue.  This appears to be happening against the will of the majority of the people.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “I am here, Erin.  I am with you.  I delight in you.  I delight in those whom I call friends.  You are My workers.  Your time to serve is coming.  I send signs and wonders to ready your hearts in anticipation.  While some choose not to see these signs and wonders, they never were truly watching for Me.  Now, I know you are discouraged.  You are tired and your wait has been long.  I allowed you to review your path.

“You have been retracing old steps so you could find Me there with you the entire time.  All the way on your journey, I was there with you.  I was there to keep you on the path I prepared for you.  I was the one who shut doors to other routes.  I even brutally washed out some of your roadways to make them impassible.  Your path was surrounded by flooding and swift currents so you had to stay on your path… My path for you.

“I was there, Erin.  When necessary, I carried you across the rapids to the peaceful shores.  I never stopped carrying you and your children.  While on your path, you have seen many who would like to harm you.  There have been treacherous people, wicked thieves and destroyers who would like to remove your dreams and wipe you off the map.  They want to wipe off your ability to even walk your course.

“They have called out to you from the desert places on your journey.  When they could not come to you personally, they worked tirelessly to cut off all of your provision and communication.  However, they came to nothing as I sent angels concerning you.  These angels guarded you in all your ways (Psalm 91).  When your path even became rockier, I commanded angels to lift you up so your feet would not be hurt by stones.  Erin, My angels watch over you day and night in all you do.

“Now, I know you are anxious.  I know you are worried for your household, your family and your Nest friends.  You worry for the nations.  You worry about your Nest friends who serve Me in distant lands.  Still, why is it that you worry?  If I am with you, in you and I care for your household, friends and the nations, am I not capable of doing even more?  Do you think that I do not know the mind of a wicked man who rules unfairly?

“Do you think that I do not know plots planned in secret for the benefit of only a few?  Do you not know by now that I raise up leaders and I remove them?  Now, what about your yard?  Do I not know the comings and goings of a squirrel or even when a sparrow is hungry or falls?  Erin, I know all of these things.  I even provide the path for each… a righteous woman and an unrighteous woman… a judge.  Why have I allowed this?”

Me:  “I know You control all of our paths, whether righteous or unrighteous.  You prepare the fields.  Sometimes the debris needs to be exposed and removed.”

Jesus:  “I have been sending a sign in your yard involving dirt.  Have you noticed?”

Me:  Laughing.  “Yes, Lord.  Some critters are menacing at night and digging up dirt while we sleep.  I am sure they are raccoons back again due to the porcupine now being gone.”

Jesus:  “At night, racoons dig up the dirt hoping to find buried treasure that they believe is hidden there.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  Food from the trays.  However, the racoons are not discovering what they had hoped to find.”

Jesus:  “Well, they have actually uncovered a few nuts.  They then decided to expand their operations.  While they had a little success at first, they now come up with only dirt.  They thought this was a disaster as they can’t eat dirt and it was a lot of wasted effort.”

Me:  “I know that You are not just talking about our yard here.”

Jesus:  “This is true.  Now, what does this part of your yard now look like?”

Me:  “Some areas look like tilled dirt.”

Jesus:  “This shows you that I am allowing those who I have called to dig up dirt and stir that which was buried in order to reveal what was hidden.  You will begin to see mountains of evidence.  You will see truth revealed before the public’s view.  The wicked is about to be exposed, understand?  See, I am the God who sees.  I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.  With Me, there is justice.  Evil will expose itself.”

Me:  “Yes.  For the first time, I witnessed the world witness our elderly leader trying to get the attention of our former leader.  All who work for this elderly leader are shunning him.  They are ignoring him.  The world is a witness to his humiliation.”

Jesus:  “Erin, the elderly leader is not the real leader, understand?  He does not make the decisions.  They are made for him.  The wicked former house has never left and all is about to be exposed.  Now, about this judge I allowed.  She is a worker for the former house.  However, I will do something here and you must not worry.  She will be changed and shown truth.  She will turn and confess her wicked schemes and change her course.  I will give her eyes to see.”

Me:  “Lord, this is incredible, just incredible!”

Jesus:  “Erin, you are part of My Remnant.  You are also one of My Workers.  We are also friends.  I also own the fields, the hills and all the cattle on these.  The enemy wants all of the cattle to be sold off and destroyed.  I see their wicked schemes.  However, I am the Holder of Truth.  I hold up truth by using My sword of truth.  The enemy is the deceiver and his tongue, or sword, is all lies.  However, My truth cuts down his lies.”

Me:  “Oh my!  Is Judge Brown going to be Transformed?”

Jesus:  “No.  She is not My Remnant.  However, she will be changing directions.  She will even be gathered in the Great Harvest, her and many others you would think not.  My harvest fields are planted and what grows beneath the surface yields a great crop.  It is beautiful to see.  However, the wicked works in darkness to dig up what is buried below the surface.  However, their harvest produces only mounds of dirt and useless holes, understand?”

Me:  “Thank You, Lord.  What an awesome sign!”

Jesus:  “Now, I recommend planting fresh seed there.  The grass will spring up.  The racoons tilled the soil for you while you slept.”

Me:  Laughing.  “They did.  It is a bit of a mess.”

Jesus:  “Rejoice when you see these signs that I am sending.”

Me:  “Lord, did You also send the fox to the USA Capitol to attack the politician?”

Jesus:  “Well, they didn’t send them against themselves.  It seems like a great parable.  What happened?”

Me:  “The fox bit the politician’s leg and tore through his pants.  His pants now have two holes from the teeth of the fox.”

Jesus:  “Where was the man coming from and where was he going?  Perhaps his way is crooked.  Remember that beautiful are the feet who bring Good News.  If this is truth, and indeed it is, then what do the feet look like of those whose path leads to destruction?  If this man was Mine and I sent this fox as a sign, I would hope that he recognized this as a call for an immediate heart check and great repentance.

“However, the wicked rarely see themselves as needing any sort of heart check and certainly not repentance of any kind.  They instead blame everyone else and then call for the fox to be killed.  Instead of making corrections, he will just go and purchase new designer pants and a pair of Italian shoes.  He will then remember this no more.

“However, to those who are My watchers, they see it and say ‘surely the Lord is in this!’  Well, understand that I am and rejoice.  I am God over all things.  I see both the deeds of the righteous and of the wicked.  I am the Just Judge.  I love you.  Erin, I am busy preparing My fields.”

Me:  “But I thought that the harvest is ready?”

Jesus:  “In due season, Erin.  This is the season of preparation, planting and springing forth of tender shoots.  Now rejoice, Erin, for this is good.  I have prepared My Workers, those I have called, and they are now ready.  Rejoice!”

Dream over…

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