Dream 596 – On Earth as it is in Heaven

Received on Sunday, April 10, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for my family and our Nest friends.  We are so blessed by You and I am so grateful.  A Scripture has been at the forefront of my thoughts.  This is like a song that never seems to stop playing on a loop.  It is Psalm 34:19: “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers them out of them all.”  Years ago, in church, when repeatedly going up for prayers in the Church Altar calls, I thought I was approaching the Altar of God for Divine Healing.

I was hoping that this bold move in front of our congregation would prompt the hearts of others to keep us in their prayers.  However, I soon learned that there was a reason not to approach the Altar with a congregation watching.  Judgments, rumors and gossip soon ensues.  I heard horrible things said of me personally when all I really needed was the prayers of the righteous.

What I had hoped for was love and grace from my church family.  Instead, there were inquiries about my possible many sins that I needed deliverance from.  This even happened at the start of the dreams when I was accused by others on another site of having several demons.  They also accused me of having a powerful victim spirit.

I am sure that these same people would have joined the Pharisees as Jesus walked the path which led to the Cross.  I can hear them yelling ‘save Yourself, You victim’.  I later approached a pastor and inquired about my troubles and if I should stop going up to the Altar to ask for prayers.

Pastor’s reply:  ‘By all means ask.  However, after a while, when that miracle doesn’t happen, people speak ill of you as you parade down to the front.  They have many thoughts.  Is there an addiction?  Is there greater sin she is keeping to herself?  Is she really saved?  After a while of this, your faith then comes under scrutiny.”

After this, I stopped going up to the Altar to ask for prayers.  I stayed to myself.  I did this to stop the rumors.  So many people were horrible and spread such painful lies.  Yes, I was the victim of some really harsh stuff.  Evil things ensued.  Looking back, I realize these things had to happen so that the Lord could be glorified through my afflictions.  I had to die to myself so Jesus could be alive in me.

My dreams have some reappearing elements lately.  I believe these are important…

Sweeping with a Broom:  When I think of a broom, I think about removing surface debris and hidden dirt.  The act of cleaning in my dreams seems like a sign from the Lord that I need to finish some clean up in my spiritual house.  On the other hand, it could actually mean house cleaning needs to be done now as this is the season.

After my two dreams last night, I will now continue to clean this week in my pantry, closets and other areas that need my attention.  It is important to care for that which God has given us and honor Him in the process.  I also notice that the enemy loves to draw me back to old battlefields.  He uses former patterns of sin.  Recognizing these possible threats, I can instead sidestep the enemy’s trick battles and sweep them away.

The Fire is Hot in the Furnace:  Sometimes life events, even when anticipated, comes to you and you are still not fully prepared.  I can remember so many of these.  While I tried to ready myself for some of these, I just wasn’t even close to being ready when it then suddenly happened.  Sudden losses are tough.  Some of mine include…

  • The suicide of my stepdad.
  • The death of my grandma.
  • The death of my cats.
  • The loss of my dogs over the years.
  • The death of my mom.
  • Yes, even the death of my estranged dad.

Then there is the inability to do physical things anymore after an accident.  Your mind goes into shock when you think you should still be able to do things, but your body then refuses.  This is a difficult thing to reconcile.  You can also lose a business or home.  Fire, storms and flooding are real threats.  One day, all is there, but the next day, all is gone.  Look over the Book of Job and his many trials.

There are also betrayals by people you trust.  Perhaps it is a spouse’s adultery.  Perhaps it is a friend bilking you out of money via fraud.  These are all terrible, but God then hears us and answers.  He is there for the afflicted when others are not.  The flames of the refiner’s furnace are not fun and are often extremely lonely.

Well, we are now coming up to the Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread.  There are great discussions of the Blood of Christ and its relevance to wine during this time, but what about the Bread, His Body?  Christ was free of sin, or the leaven like the Pharisees.  His death meant the fulfillment of this Feast.  Whether this was the complete fulfillment or not, with the same being said for Pentecost, is for God alone to decide.

With Jesus, we must die to ourselves.  Through our afflictions, we must cast off our former ways, our former selves, our sins.  We should do this as an example.  Repent to Jesus and then rise into a new life with Him.

When Pentecost then came, we were left with the Holy Spirit resurrected in us.  This was a Gift from Jesus.  He left us a Counselor to guide us through life.  This is like a navigation system in an unchartered sea.

God is a genius.  He is truly beyond our comprehension.  Our former selves die and we are raised up and transformed.  We find new life in His Way.  He is the Bread of Life (John 6:35, 48-51).

Well, Lord, I must say that the year 2022 feels different than all the other years in memory.  Many are waiting for a Great Change, our highly anticipated Transformation.  While we wait, I had two interesting dreams last night…

Sub-Dream 1 “Two Angry Women and a Hungry Bear” begins…

It was Spring.  I was staying in a familiar place somewhere to the north.  The skies were overcast.  This massive historical-like government building was facing the south.  It has a massive lawn with fountains.  The fountains were inactive for fear of freezing.  Adjacent to the lawn was a thick forest with a meandering path with two switchbacks.

While the lawn was now clear of snow, it was just coming back to life.  It was a mixture of green and brown.  I decided to walk to the forest.  I cut onto the middle path.  While I heard some birds singing, I couldn’t see them.  The path was covered in snow.  A canopy of trees didn’t allow much light in.  It was quite dark as a result.  The reflection of the little sunlight coming through onto the snow was the only visible light source.

I decided to turn the corner and head back to the northern switchback leading back to the hotel building.  I then noticed one woman in a hooded fur parka to the north.  She did not speak.  There was also a woman to my left who seemed angry.  It was odd.  As the woman to my left walked, I heard the sudden sound of a bear huffing.  It came running up to the angry woman to my left.

As the woman backed up against a tree, the large claws of the bear took off her face.  It was gruesome and I turned away.  The bear was searching.  The bear was scrawny, like it had just come out of hibernation.  It was searching for something.  It ran by me twice.  While it looked at me both times, it never came after me.  The other woman had simply disappeared.  I then heard so many birds singing that it jostled me awake and to my next dream.

Sub-Dream 1 over…

Sub-Dream 2 “Equipped to Bless in a Godly Way” begins…

I was called by invitation to a very high-end furniture showroom.  When I arrived, they handed me a map.  It was a meandering series of rooms and vignettes.  I was seeing furniture so amazing that it belonged in a museum.  A woman soon approached me…

Woman:  “Do you like what you see?”

Me:  “Yes, it is beautiful.  However, I no longer have any clients for this.”

Woman:  “Perhaps these are for yourself then.”

I thought about it.  Having these items comes with the idea that you can maintain them or have a home worthy of them.  I was stressed because the white sofas there translated to my own personal nightmare.  It was simply out of the question.

Me:  “I am not sure that I have a place for any of this really.  Thank you though.  I hate to waste your time.”

Woman:  “Come on through this door.  This is as close to Heaven as you are going to get here on Earth.  It is time for you to embrace your new normal.”

While I started off confused by what she meant by this, I then saw a beautiful sectional made out of a fabric I had never seen.  It was completely impossible.  It was a soft, velvety mohair, but thick and not of this world.  It was stunning.

Me:  “Wow, this is amazing.”

Woman:  “We work for you here.  While this is yours in Heaven, you will have it here too.”

Me:  Laughing.  “There are sectionals in Heaven?”

Woman:  “You will have guests.”

Me:  “It just seems contrary to my ‘dying to myself concept’ here.”

She then took me to another room with tables.  On these tables were items which seemed better off in a museum and certainly not near me, my husband or our children.

Woman:  “These are yours as well.”

Me:  “Why would I need any of this stuff?  It is too much.  I must go.”

Woman:  “Erin, you will share these with others.  These are special.”

Me:  “Thank you so much.  I am amazed.”

I started to walk towards the exit door.  In between me and the exit door were two women that were obviously talking about me to each other.

Woman 1:  To Woman 2.  “I guess she never received the memo prior to the invitation explaining that these are good here and for all she gives them to.”

Me:  “Excuse me, but I can hear you both.  I just don’t understand why anyone would need material items here, especially these and especially now.”

Woman 2:  “These are the treasures of kings which will delight many.  Each has a great story.”

Woman 1:  “You are looking at all of this incorrectly.”

Me:  “I guess so.  I can’t afford it and, even if I could, these are decadent.”

Woman 2:  “Erin, all of these things were made for the best of kings.  These are made by the finest craftsmen as gifts dedicated to God.  It is now for you to disperse.  This is part of the Great Transfer.”

Me:  “Oh, okay, this is different!”  I was now smiling and so happy.  “How fun!  Where do I start?  So, this is a wealth transfer?”

Woman 1:  “Well, yes and no.  There is no evil that will steal any of this.  There is no dirt that will stain the white here.  There is nothing that will break anything as all is made new and is better.  There is no leaven in these cupboards or sofa cushions.  This is from Heaven.  Erin, Earth as it is in Heaven!”

Me:  “Okay, what happens next?”

Woman 2:  “Well, come and sit down and marvel at all the wonders God has done.”

She motioned for me to sit in the mohair sectional.  I sat in it and I was changed from what I had come to know to what the possibilities of God are.  I suddenly once again fully realized that God is a BIG GOD!  Of course, all things would be important to Him.

Me:  “So, do I open a store here called ‘on Earth as it is in Heaven’?  Won’t I be too busy doing other things?”

Woman 1:  “You still don’t understand.  God is in the details, both expected and unexpected.”

Sub-Dream 2 over…

Me:  “These two dreams were odd ones.  What do these mean?”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “I am here and I am with you.  You are not being called by Me to open a shop.  This dream was to show you what types of things are awaiting you in Heaven.  You have been to My House.  It is a place I enjoy.  There are items there fit for a King made by hand and the hands of those who gave the works of their hands to Me.”

Me:  “Some of this is just so difficult to understand.  I spent my Christian walk pawning, selling and giving away all that I had that was beautiful.”

Jesus:  “This is an impoverished mindset.  Am I not capable of restoring all that was taken from you?  Can I then not only restore it, but make it even much better?”

Me:  “Oh Lord, please forgive me.  I have seen what You have built for me in Heaven and it leaves me so excited that it is difficult to comprehend all of this.  It seems too wonderful for me.”  I began to cry when I visualized the Home He built for me.

Jesus:  “If you cannot imagine furnishings or even architecture on Earth as you have seen in Heaven, then how will you see yourself here as you are in Heaven?”

Me:  “Oh Lord, You are right.  I am not thinking correctly.”

Jesus:  “What will happen when you are healed and like you were in your youth, but much better?  Will you complain to Me and say that you are ‘too healed’ or ‘too Transformed’?  I would hope not.”  He was laughing.

Me:  “Sorry, Lord.  I want whatever You choose for me.  I want the best of Heaven on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Please forgive me if what I said doesn’t make any sense!”

Jesus:  “You are forgiven.  Still, you are to understand this and change your attitude accordingly.  I have prepared your Vessel.  Much of your time to date was in the furnace (the kiln) or in the cooling off periods.  The time of reflection is in the waiting, the ‘thinking through’, of what you just came through in the furnace.  Your mind now must be looking to the things of Heaven.  If the material is now gone as a stronghold, then what is it to you if I bless you as I choose to?

“Erin, Will My Remnant now live in tents?  No.  Who would enjoy long-term life in a tent?  Did I say ‘I must go and prepare a place for you as in My House there are many tents’?  Of course not!  Erin, you have seen My Home.  When you are changed here, so too will all things change.  Heaven will be visible here.  You will be a Vessel that I will use to change lives here.  You will do so many things here on Earth…

  • You will raise the dead.
  • You will heal the sick.
  • Blind eyes will see.
  • The deaf will hear.
  • The bald will have hair.
  • Skin will clear.
  • Lungs will breathe.
  • Legs will run.
  • Feet will dance.

“Heaven will be opened and streams of Living Water will flow from the mountains.  You will live and breathe and appear as you do in Heaven on the Earth.  Pray as you must change your attitude on this… your mindset.  Step away from that which God will do or won’t do, understand?  Now rejoice!”

Me:  “Oh Lord, I am so excited!”

Jesus:  “You are excited even though you put limits and perimeters on what you think will happen.  Remember that the wicked will be terrified at what they will see in you… Me!  While they have no fear of tents, they do fear the Power of God, His strength and His vast wealth and limitless resources.  They will be unable to speak lies.  They will be far from you.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, let this begin soon.”

Jesus:  “It will.  Now, the bear woke up in your dream.  It sought the wicked meant to destroy it.  The bear awoke suddenly.  With very little warning, its strike was swift concerning the wicked.”

Me:  “Does this mean that the woman in my dream was evil?”

Jesus:  “Yes.  Both were.  However, you were only an observer.  Now, let us discuss the yeast of the Pharisees.  If the sweeping up and removal of sin is done with a cheerful heart and that of a great heart of repentance and diligence to Me, then this is good and pleasing.  However, if this is done as an act for others to see and even a thought is given of self-edification over his neighbor, then this cleaning is of no use.

“The leaven still remains and so too will the cankerworm, understand?  Give every service to Me and I will bless you with My unleavened bread.  You and your house are now ready.  However, for those who worry more about the law than honoring God and repenting, their road will be a difficult one.  Their house will still be unclean.

“As for My Feasts, they are important to Me because it is a matter of the heart who participates in them to honor God through them.  Still, to love God with all of your heart first and then second others as you love yourself is the greatest of commands.  Erin, love is greater to Me than sacrifice.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  Thank You.”

Jesus:  “Then as a Groom to His Bride whom He delights… then let the Groom send gifts to His Bride.  Out of love for the Groom, the Bride shall then celebrate.  Out of love for the Groom, the Bride shall joyfully accept with her whole heart that which was given to her.  Let her rejoice with a joyous dancing.  Let her rejoice with her whole heart as her wait has been long and her anticipation great!”

Me:  “Lord, we would be glad for anything You have to give us!”

Jesus:  “Then you should be glad with everything good from Me which I will bring to you.  Now rejoice as I am with you.  I love you!”

Dream over…

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