Dream 604 – The Black Dragon’s Evil Works

Received on Thursday, May 5, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for all You do for us.  Thank You for delivering us from all of the storms here.  After the one wet day we had yesterday, it looks like the repairs we did will likely hold back any future flooding.  I have been exhausted though.  There is so much to do to haul away all that was damaged.  We also have to decide what to replace or not to replace.  It is more difficult than I thought to sort through this.

Me:  “Lord, why allow all of the troubles that have come to our house?  This all happened in a Tidal Wave.  Just a week before this all began, things were peaceful.  All was well and then Whamo… chaos ensued.  Lord, we need Your Guidance!”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here.  I am with you.  I promise you that you are not being punished.  Think of it this way… does the builder of a boat not test its abilities to float prior to sending it out with passengers?  It doesn’t matter what the size of it is.  Whether it is small or large, it must still be tested.  If a boat is leaking, it will not stay above water.

“Worse, it will soon sink to the bottom of the sea.  I told you long ago that your times of trials were over.  Your heart is ready.  You are My Vessels, used for My purposes, to work through you.  In your house, there are many Vessels.  When the waters rose in your house, what happened?  Give Me the details of that day.”

Me:  “I still had some tasks to do, but I had been having a lot of dreams.  This always takes up my prime time, but they are also my top priority.”

Jesus:  “Well, this is good.  However, unfinished tasks were still weighing on you.  Then what happened?”

Me:  “My daughter had just called.  I was just finishing one of my projects and was exhausted.  We then heard my older son call out… ‘we have a flood!’  I quickly ended my call with my daughter and then rushed down to the basement.  Everyone then sprung into action.  We all worked together to stop the flooding by removing all of the stored items from the flooded areas.”

Jesus:  “Was there arguing?”

Me:  “No, not at all.  I was giving out orders and everyone did them without complaint or questioning.  We were trying to find the source of the flooding.  As we need a new bladder for our well pump, we initially thought it was coming from there.  It wasn’t.  We then determined that the flooding was coming from the wall behind our storage under the stairs.  It was a difficult task, but we were able to clean up the flooding.”

Jesus:  “Hmm, so, did your Vessels hold up under pressure?”

Me:  “I think so.  I then got angry at myself about my Sabbath ignorance.  I did this even though You told me not to worry and that You had moved on.  I can be silly at times.”

Jesus:  “Well, this was not the reason.  I allowed calamities to fall upon your home.  Sometimes it is to test the waters with the boat I have built.  Erin, you are worthy and able to withstand that which comes.  Now, great troubles have been stirred up over the nations.  There is great unrest as the enemy knows that the Kingdom of God is near.”

Me:  “Are You sending all of these troubles or is the adversary?”

Jesus:  “What do you think?”

Me:  “Lord, You are brilliant in Your strategies and are higher in Your ways than the enemy.  I therefore have to believe You are waiting for the enemy to be fully in the height of his destruction… or really in the midst of his great plans… so he is ‘caught in the act’.  It is just very difficult to be here in the middle of all of this.  This is what happens when You remove favor upon a nation and hand it over for destruction.

“I looked at the Book of Hosea recently.  Hosea was called by You to marry Gomer, a prostitute.  He was to love her and redeem her out of slavery despite her being unfaithful.  He did this even though Gomer dishonored him.  The nation… but really many nations now… are like Babylon, the Harlot.

“The nation is now divided into those whose hearts are for good, justice, freedom and liberty and those who are against You and desire to strike down the other half.  We are seeing this playing out everywhere before our eyes.  There is nothing we can do to stop it without You.  The war of the worlds is here.  Our voices of truth are being silenced.”

Jesus:  “Ah yes.  Then this is a good time for a Savior, right?”

Me:  “We need You, Lord.  They are going to imprison all those opposed to their power.  They have been able to do whatever they have wanted against the will of the people.  They have destroyed America in just 15 short months.  You have removed Your favor, Lord.  None of them believe in You or they would never do such things.”

Jesus:  “Calm down, Erin.  They kick, scream, threaten, curse, steal and burn down things.  These are the rise of the army of the adversary.  They work for him and carry out his plans.

“Do you remember that I gave you a list?  Before he (the Leader of the Black Dragon) ended his reign publicly, he outlined a clear path to what he desired.  When in power, he destroyed the foundations of freedom, truth, liberty, justice and the worship of God.

“He then paid homage to himself and tried to steal all attention away from the leader I had sent (the Red Bull).  He lied and cajoled.  There was no end to his underhanded schemes.  Very little was revealed to the people because he was surrounded by loyalists.  A great takeover had occurred.

“Remember that he then went to visit certain places and spoke of his plans to the world.  However, he became upset when very little was spoken about him after he left his seat.  He was angry and longed to be back in power.  He is impatient and is becoming even more so.  Another thing that angered him was that his books were not selling as he had hoped they would.”

Me:  “Yes.  I now see his books in bargain bins.”

Jesus:  “Since the bookstores bought them in advance, he thought his books were selling well.  He has since found out that they had not.  He became even more furious when he found out that My Book (the Bible), even after ‘all of these centuries’, was greatly outselling his book.  He then decided to make an audio version.  This too did not do well.  He was furious about this.

“He then decided to hold a graduation ceremony.  He was hoping to win over the beginning of the rebellion.  A great opportunity then occurred.  With people locked in their homes from the pandemic, it was time to accelerate the race wars.  He set out to create fear and anger.

“An event then happened that played in perfectly with his evil agenda.  This event was based on only a short clip shown.  Had the world seen the entire clip, the truth would have erased what had occurred.  Their form of truth had to be contained to only a few seconds.  The prisoner then died.  He was then made into a hero.

“The power of the news became lies.  Racists began to loot and destroy peaceful cities.  The enemy enjoys chaos.  He is angry and hasn’t stopped.  His idea is to steal, kill and destroy all that is good and call this justice.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, all of this makes me sick.”

Jesus:  “Erin, in order for people to turn back to God, they must first miss Me.  They must remember the former goodness and long for the things of God.”

Me:  “Lord, please hurry.  From our vantage point, the adversary is destroying the entire nation and giving it away.  It is the prostitution of all things.  All abominations are unfolding.  The murdering of babies is called justice and freedom.  They are now calling for the destruction of the Constitution.  They are calling for the removal of children from their homes.  They are now pitting children against their parents.”

Jesus:  “I see it.  There is more and it is hidden from you.  It is so evil.  Remember that evil in reverse is live.  To live is in Me.  To die to yourself is to gain more of Me away from evil to live in Me.  The opposite of life is spiritual death.

“Now, when that online graduation ceremony occurred, you felt strongly that you and your house was not to watch it.  Why?  After all, your daughter was just graduating.”

Me:  “It felt like a massive spell.  It felt like a demonic altar call over the airwaves.  I felt this was being done to activate the sons of perdition and all of those who were sad, depressed, angry, bored or had isolation rage.  It was to stir the young and the restless.  It felt wrong.  The imagery was off.  There were optic graphics being used straight from my psychology classes.  They were obviously using a type of mind control technique.”

Jesus:  “You are correct.  Shortly after, they went out to burn down cities.  I saw all of it.  I have only begun the ripples in the waters I have sent.  Soon, very soon, these will shake the nations.  I have a Great Plan!

“Now, you weathered your storms successfully.  I was with you, I am with you and I will always be with you.  The time that is now upon you is a time and times like no other.  Rejoice, Erin, rejoice!  I am about to do something in your days you would not believe even if you were told.  I love you.  My favor is with you in all that you do.”

Dream over…

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