Dream 603 – What seems insignificant can be significant

Received on Sunday, May 1, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your love and mercy.  Thank You for Your special care over our household and children.  We cannot thank You enough.  Father, sometimes what You call us to do seems counter to what mainstream churches teach us.  So many churches fail the people because they refuse to speak tough talk.  Today, the enemy has worked overtime to cancel truth speak in church.

Your Word is very clear in the Old Testament as to what is and isn’t permissible.  This is also true for the New Testament.  What is awesome though is that, when Your people sinned, You sent prophets to show them they were falling away from Your Laws.  You spoke through them.  You warned them that, if they didn’t turn back from sin and towards You, the nation would fall.  All they had come to know would then be lost.

Those not killed by sword would be enslaved by foreign invaders.  Even worse, they testified that the Temple would be destroyed and their nation removed.  All this then occurred just as the prophets declared.  Well, history is now repeating this pattern.  Despite knowing truth through His Word, the easily accessible Bible, sin is still compromising our nations.  Just a little sin can go a long way.

This is like how only a small amount of yeast can permeate a large bowl of dough and greatly expand it.  So too is sin expanded.  In fact, any sin can start small and expand through an entire population.  Lies, gossip, stealing, coveting, adultery, murder and bearing false witness do this.  This is the worst time in our history for widespread sin.

Oh yes… don’t forget all that is practiced which is detestable to God.  These are abominations to God.  It is wise to refresh ourselves on Proverbs 6:16 and Deuteronomy 18:9-12.  Always check a man or woman by their fruits.  Do they operate in the bad fruits of the flesh, fruits that produce spiritual death?  Or do they work in displays of the fruits of the Spirit and produce life in abundance?

Today is the day to check your fruits using the 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 Love Test.  Do not delay in doing this.  If anything stands out via the Holy Spirit, then the time to work on this is today.  While I will do this now with my name, you are to rewrite this out with your name instead.  This can be a harsh test for so many, including me.  Well, here it goes…

“Erin is patient.  Erin is kind.  Erin does not envy.  Erin does not boast.  Erin is not proud.  Erin does not dishonor others.  Erin is not self-seeking and does not insist on her own way.  Erin is not easily angered.  Erin keeps no record of wrongs.  Erin does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  Erin always protects, always trusts, always hopes and always perseveres.  Erin bears all things in the love of Jesus.  Erin believes all things in the love of Jesus.  Erin hopes all things in the love of Jesus.  Erin endures all things because she loves Jesus and believes in Him.”

I have done this exercise before and it never fails to convict me on a few items.  I must then go to the Lord with these.  Father, please accept my apology for going my own way at times.  Breaking just one of these seems to lead into breaking more of them.  You showed me that sins are like a corral filled with goats.  One breaks through the fence and then many follow after it, all then going their own way.

Please forgive me and keep me as a sheep under Your care as my Shepherd.  In these times, there are more wolves than there are sheep.  We are better off remaining in You at all times.  This reminds me of something very dangerous being taught in some Christian circles.  This is the concept of ‘Once Saved, Always Saved’.  This is true in the instant of the heart when we give our hearts to Christ once we are saved.

We are then changed from the ordinary, a life without Jesus, to the extraordinary, a life filled with the love of Jesus.  We are made new.  The Lord’s promise to us is that we are with Him into eternity… eternal life in Heaven.  Well, I think the majority of Christians follow one of these three kinds of Christian walks…

  • Those that are instantly saved and changed and run after the Lord.
  • Those who are saved, but become tired from the enemy’s attacks. They then find it easier to return back to their old ways.  They often struggle to believe they are saved and still do not accept the gift God has given them.  This often changes when a real-life Prodigal Son story plays out.
  • Those that believe the ‘Once Saved, Always Saved’ gives them a winning lottery ticket to do any kind of sin they want without repercussions. These are the most dangerous kind of Christians.  They believe they can do whatever they want to whomever they want and they are still forgiven.  Well, a study of Hebrews Chapter 10 dispels this dangerous notion, especially Hebrews 10:26-39.

When reading the above, do not think that I am acting as a judge or jury.  No, far from it.  It is only God’s place to judge.  I cannot judge anyone.  I am not qualified to do this.  All I can do is try to steer people into the right thinking and away from their wrong direction.  Christians, all of us, will one day stand before the Throne of God.  We will account for all we have done.  I had a dream last night…

Sub-Dream 1 “From Home Goods to Value Village” begins…

I was in a very large store, something like a Home Goods store.  There was furniture, home décor and other home related items.  There was no roof on the building.  It was a sunny day and the store was very well lit with the sunlight as a result.  I was working there as a display merchandiser (which I have quite a few years of experience in).  It was spring moving into summer.  My manager came over to me…

Manager:  “I don’t want you to remove the remnant of spring items.  Instead, work these elements into the summer displays.”

This left me with an impossible task.  I found myself struggling to blend Easter bunnies into summer July 4th displays.  I decided to instead sort my displays into color groups.  As I was doing this, I kept noticing that another merchandiser was adding marked down items that were horrible to my displays.  Her items just didn’t fit in.

I decided to group the bad merchandise together.  The other merchandiser then kept adding new beautiful items to the bad.  Instead of arguing with her and elevating any troubles, I grouped and added up the items of the marked down pieces to sell as one.

  • The two that I loved were $7 each. One was a beautiful scrolled serving tray with inlays of mother of pearl and a light-yellow stone mosaic.  It measured 18” x 12”.  The other item was a Kleenex-box cover.  It had scroll work of blue lapis Azul and mother of pearl.
  • The other items totaled about $38. One was a cute Easter lamb missing a leg.  There were also two Easter chicks with missing eyes and one a wing.
  • Bundling these items added up to a sell price of $52.

I did this to alleviate any confrontation with the other merchandiser.  However, this backfired as the merchandiser was reporting me because her plots to ruin my displays were not working.  The manager came over to me…

Manager:  “The other merchandiser was trying to get you in trouble, but I agreed with you.  I am also glad to see the markdowns sell off as a group.  She was trying to ruin your displays.  This was a difficult enough task on its own.”

After that, I went across the parking lot on my break to a place like a Value Village (it was a giant used thrift store).  While I was going to donate some of my items there, the element was very dark.  I also knew that these things I brought would be thrown out.  I decided to fix them up and keep them for myself.

As I was leaving, I passed a glass display case.  In this case were some rare items.  I asked to view them.  The clerk struggled to find a key.  Once she found the key, she still couldn’t open it.

Clerk:  “I am so sorry, but I can’t seem to open this.”

Me:  “That’s okay.  I didn’t have my wallet anyway.  I will be back later.”

I went home to drop off my purchases.  I fell asleep and the Lord called me to dream.  When I woke up, I felt different.

Voice of the Lord:  “Get up.  It is time to leave your job.  I am calling you to a different place.”

I went into work and gave my notice.  While my manager was saddened by this, my wicked co-workers were celebrating.

Manager:  “Well, you always have a place here.”

We hugged each other and I then proceeded to go back home.

Voice of the Lord:  “Don’t forget that you promised the clerk at the thrift store that you would go back there.”

I did as I was told.  The clerk was so glad to see me.  She was so glad that I was actually a bit surprised.  Someone being glad to see me can be a rarity at times.

Clerk:  “After you left, some bad customers demanded that I sell these things to them instead.  I promised to save them for you and they said they would be back and that these items had better be gone.  While you took a long time, I am so glad you came back.  Here is all that was in the case.”

I looked and became surprised.  While everything had been broken, damaged or overpriced, all were pristine, rarer than before and really inexpensive.

Me:  “Beautiful!”  The Lord then told me to purchase all of it.  “How much?”

Clerk:  “Very expensive.  I am so sorry.”

Me:  “How much is very expensive?”

Clerk:  “$92 all in, taxes included.”

While this was very inexpensive, I really didn’t need these items.

Voice of the Lord:  “Purchase them.  Do not worry.”

Me:  “Deal.”  I paid cash.

Clerk:  “Thank you so much.  Now that this is all sold, I can go home for the day.  I want to leave before those angry customers return.”

Me:  “I am so sorry that I was delayed.”

Clerk:  “No worries.  I am just relieved you came back.  This makes me a truth teller.”

All of the items filled a small box.  They were easily worth more than a few thousand dollars.  As we left the building, the clerk put her hood over her head.  We said goodbye just as the evil customers were returning to the store.  They did not see us.

Sub-Dream 1 over…

Me:  “Father, this was an odd dream.  First there were the sale items bundled for $52.  Then there were the purchase items for $92.  While these add up to $144, a significant number to us, it doesn’t seem to really mean more than this.  I am probably missing something.  Lord, I feel in my heart that You are about to do something very big.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “I am here, Erin, and I am with you.  There is opposition to all that is good and all that is true.  Just as I spoke through the prophets, I also testified to My disciples so they could witness and write what they saw.  My Word is a lamp to your feet and a light to your path.  My Book (Hebrews), James, Peter, John and Jude have final instructions for all of you now.  These are before the final Book of the End (the Book of Revelation).  However, this final Book really is not about the end, but the beginning.”

Me:  “While You told me that You personally wrote Hebrews, many believe that it was Paul who wrote it.”

Jesus:  “Yes, this remains a mystery to most scholars.  Now, revisit these books as there is sound instruction that is applicable for your times now.  It was written to prepare hearts for what is soon to come… and what is already here.”

Me:  “Lord, what is here is bad, but what is coming is much worse.”

Jesus:  “Yes, and especially to those in the midst of all of this.  However, instructions are in My Word, in history and in what is to come.  While there are no surprises to Me, the enemy and his army, the sons of perdition, will be surprised.  So too will those who trampled on My blood sacrifice and failed to heed the warnings.

“Their hearts are as stone and dry clay.  This is unpliable by the Potter’s hands and not worth His time.  They were warned.  They were told.  They heard many testimonials.  However, their ears remained closed and their eyes covered to all that is good.  They opened their eyes only to gaze upon evil and judge it.”

Me:  “Lord, this makes me sad.”

Jesus:  “God is fair, Erin.  Now trust Me.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, of course.”

Jesus:  “Now, about your dream.  While your dream seemed mundane and of no significance to you, it was actually of great significance.”

Me:  “I almost didn’t write it down.  I thought I was having a stress dream or that I was influenced by a recent trip to a Home Goods store.”

Jesus:  “It is a marketplace.  These have been around for a few thousand years and are not unusual.  These just change to reflect the times.  Look carefully at a few elements that I will leave to you.”

Me:  “Okay.  I promise to reread this.”

Jesus:  “Good.  These are important as they show you various people you will encounter to prepare you for service.  Then there were the two items for $7 each.”

Me:  “Hmm, 7 x 7?”

Jesus:  “Perhaps.  Be keenly aware of certain details when writing.  I illuminate certain elements.  These are important.  Now rejoice, Erin.  You have some studying to do.”

Me:  “I love You, Lord.”

Jesus:  “I love you, Erin.  Rejoice.  I am with you.”

Dream over…

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