Dream 608 – Even Worse than Sodom and Gomorrah

Received on Monday, May 16, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for our salvation.  There are a million incredible things about You, so many we simply can’t fathom all of it.  You are so intricate and detailed even in the midst of chaos and disaster.  You work all things together for the good of all who love You.  Even though I struggle with questions on some days, I understand that what I ask of You requires careful thought.

This is because I only have a small portion of a much larger picture.  While in my world, I am a ‘big deal’ because my household depends on me, I am really small in terms of Your Great Plans.  I am even considered small when in a Walmart parking lot.  All I know is that I am thankful to You every day.  I am grateful for every day extra that You give me.  I simply do not want to miss a moment that You create for me.

  • Father, blessed are You for creating us.
  • Blessed are You for sending Your Son to redeem us.
  • Blessed are You for Your loving kindness.
  • Blessed are You for Your patience when people profane Your Name and say horrible things about You.
  • Blessed are You who loves us and remains true to Your plans and promises for us when we are oblivious to the magnitude of the amazing works of Your hands.
  • Blessed are You for being our loving Father.
  • Blessed are You for keeping not only the times and seasons, but also the hairs on our heads.
  • Blessed are You who does not have the word ‘impossible’ on Your lips.
  • Blessed are You who delights not in calamities, but instead creates a peaceful way for us.

Lord, I am so blessed to be Your child, Your daughter and Your friend.  Who are my children and our house to deserve such love and consideration from You daily?  You bless us through our trials and carry us through tumultuous waters.  Thank You, Lord!

I am indifferent about social media.  What was once a great place to stay in touch with family, old friends and lost loved ones has become the devil’s playground.  While I have a Facebook account and a Twitter account, I do not post or do anything on them.  I only read posts occasionally and pray privately.  I feel that these outlets can do a lot to make us feel bad about ourselves.  Only the picture-perfect life is painted on these sites.

Me:  “I have a question about my sub-dream posted yesterday.  Was that Enoch or Elijah?  I believe this is possible, but why would they be separated?”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “I am here.  I am with you.  Thank you for your blessings and praises.  These made My heart glad.  Now, your dream.  The dream had two nations represented.  One was Israel and the other, the new nation, was like Israel… a ‘new Israel’.  One is East and one is West.  One is waiting on the Messiah and the other is creating a new version of the Messiah.

“Now, understand that God formed the Earth and all that is in it, around it, above it and below it.  One nation kept God, but rejected the Savior who was sent… Me.  Even today, the words of the prophets are removed to hide the truth from the people.  Entire sections are removed.  As My Words were partitioned off and veiled, so too has been the Temple Mount.

“The Wall represents what stands between the truth and falsehoods.  See, when God has declared that something is His and should be kept holy and not given over to another, this declaration should be followed.  I am jealous for My people.  The divide of hearts to serve other gods angers Me.  How many times was it stated that, even though Israel is unfaithful to Me, I would still redeem them?

“Even though I was rejected and persecuted, I still had a great plan of redemption.  However, they will not recognize Me and My works until I take My seat there in My Temple.  Prior to this, My Witnesses will testify night and day to her many indiscretions.  Who will give an opposing argument then when the revelation of truth comes, the veil is torn in two and the Wall tumbles to the ground?

“Now, you are referring to the New World Land.  This was a land that was created for those persecuted for their faith.  They were driven away from their places of punishing leaders.  The land consisted of scattered peoples and wanderers from tribes.  However, much of their stories have been removed.  This land was and always has been Mine.  My Remnant is in these lands.

“These were dedicated to God as a nation under God.  The new land was a blessed land.  That is, until evil practices came.  If you look at a map and the names of all the cities and towns, the mountains, rivers and even valleys, all of these are based on Holy Names of God or those that are like Israel.  How could this be unless God had called them to do this?

“If God had not been a part of this, each of these would be named after the discoverer.  Over the years, man became more evil, corrupt and greedy.  Man moved apart from God.  God then sent calamities upon the lands to humble the people.  Each time, the people came back and repented from their wickedness.  I then forgave them.  No nation other than the nation of Israel has been as blessed as this one.

“God prospered it and expanded its power and wealth.  It became the envy of nations.  As for the nation of Israel, its people were brought back from the brink of annihilation.  As for the USA, the enemy now had a new favorite target.  He knew his evil against both Israel (a type of ‘New Judah’) and the USA (a type of ‘New Israel’) would be as a strike against God Himself.”

Me:  “Why was this allowed?”

Jesus:  “This was the result of sin.  However, the events began much earlier.  Remember that evil begins its rise from a proposal or idea.  It is the same as the analogy of a pregnancy.  It starts off tiny and then it grows.  It is formed and developed and then eventually birthed.  As for this, it is according to the enemy using man by proxy against God and all that is holy.

“God is sovereign and over all things from the beginning.  God knows the times and seasons for everything under Heaven.  This is speaking only of the decline in rapid succession and where it originated.  This is not where the recorded birth of this occurred, but instead the events that led to these.  There were many.

“God sends natural calamities and allows manmade downturns.  This is all for the sake of humbling the hearts of God’s children back toward the heart of the Father.  These things are allowed by God to save the lost from spiritual death.  This is so that they will be ‘harvested away’ from the enemy and back to Me as God their Savior, understand?”

Me:  “I see.  So, what You are saying is that the actual turning point wasn’t in the 1940s, but more like 30 years prior.  This was the beginning of abortion clinics, World War 1, the Balfour Agreement, the spread of homosexuality and so on.  This was all in the early 1900s.  This was also a period of great calamity, including the Spanish Flue, earthquakes, floods, famines and so on.”

Jesus:  “This was the beginning of the late hour.  This is when all was accelerated.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, this is so sad.”

Jesus:  “Many are the blasphemies against God in the New World.  Charges have therefore been declared against it.  So too has it been in Israel.  However, I am the I AM.  I am over all things.  My promises therefore are true.  You might not have gained the world as you see it in this life, but you gained the heart of your Savior.”

Me:  “I love You, Lord.”

Jesus:  “Now, do not be concerned about this or that in history as a pattern for now.  The circumstances, though similar, are far different.  While evil has increased, so too has the presence of the Army of God increased.  I have declared a new thing and the enemy will be unable to come against it.

“Do not worry as I have a Great Plan.  I come to you often to assure you, when you see the increase in evil, that I see all of it.  When I give birth to My Plan through you, the world will be in shock and horror.  For now, you are hidden as arrows in My quiver until the day you are taken out for My purposes.”

Me:  “You are right, Lord.  These last few years seem far worse than ever in history.”

Jesus:  “While you cannot know this as you don’t see the majority of it, I can tell you that these modern times you are in are even worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.    Be at peace though.  I am with you.  Do not worry.  I am over all things.  I love you.”

Dream over…

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