Dream 609 – All will know that I am God

Received on Saturday, May 21, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Father, You are God over the nations, all the Earth and the Heavens surrounding this.  You are also God over all of the realms we are unable to see.  You are over all things and nothing is above You.  All that exists is subject to You.

Father, in just a few days, as early as Sunday, May 22, 2022 (tomorrow), the world will give authority to the World Health Organization to manage their internal affairs when the next pandemic, as they define it, hits.  This now authoritative body can then plunge the whole world into deep trouble with a stroke of a pen.  This could result in troubles like the world has never seen before.

Father, we have sinned.  We have left our first love, You, and are like youths who had the ‘good life’ under their parents.  Even though they were strict, all was provided for us.  Their children had plenty and never lacked love.  They worked, paid their taxes, went to church and believed in God.  They believed in freedom, liberty, equality and justice.

Still, here we are… rebellious children turning away from our Perfect Father.  Oh Father, this great rise in rebellion is due to a lack of a heart towards You.  A life without You is a horribly empty life.  It is a life full of hate and bitterness.  Without You, we are unable to put out the wildfires that this spark from the embers of hatred has started.

To this group of global leaders meeting on Sunday, all is going according to their great plans.  Their agenda is accelerating.  All great nations needed to be taken down.  All threats to the great cause had to be removed.  All nations that sign their treaties in the next few days will be plunged into great darkness.

Seriously, if I had written all that is occurring right now just seven years ago, it would have been rejected as too ridiculous a plot.  Well, we are now here.  The main tool the enemy uses is to deflect by accusing you of the very things they are doing.  If they can control the story, the visual optics and the law enforcement, there is nothing we are able to do to fight against it.  Apart from God, we are already doomed.

The machine tilling up the world is very large.  It operated in the dark of night over the years.  Now though, it is right there in front of our eyes.  It now visibly moves and destroys all that was good and peaceful.  Make no mistake… we are at war right now.  The real war truly started accelerating in December 2012 when the Lord granted the enemy permission.  Without God, no one can stop this terrible machine.

Me:  “Father, please stop this.  Not all of Your people have left Your house.  Millions… perhaps even billions… still remain.  Oh Lord, please help us.  HELP!!”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here.  I am with you.  Do not be afraid.  I am with My people.  Greater am I in you than he who is in the world.  In mass scale, the nations have been overtaken by one group.  This is a governing body who thinks themselves higher and more sovereign than the people.  They are under the false pretense that what they are doing is for the urgent good of the world.

“However, they are under a great veil.  They removed God, their Creator, and inserted themselves under one body and one authority over your body.  This was supposed to take 30 to 50 years to gradually occur.  However, they created a world-wide panic (Covid-19) and then enjoyed their new found control too much.  They then determined that there was a great need to accelerate these concepts into actions.

“They wanted to do all of this before the people could find out.  They then decided to overthrow governments.  They wanted to overthrow anything that was standing in the way of their agenda.  They decided to begin this with a great migration into Europe to dishearten the people and their good will.  They wanted to eventually change the religious landscape.

“The peaceful nations were invaded with people who hate them, their religion, their laws and their morals.  This succeeded in bringing down their morale and replacing it with fear.  To enhance this, they brought in lawyers, judges and government officials to favor the foreigners.  They were bought to look the other way against the rights of the people.

“Enjoying the effects, they then decided to strike out against any opposition, labeling them as racists.  Realizing the model was a good one, they used the same tactics against the USA and Canada.  Mass immigration was adopted to accommodate foreigners over the citizens.  When this was not as successful, they decided they needed to take control of the most powerful nation (USA).

“They had to remove the opposition leader and take control of the government.  The pandemic plague created a great opportunity to change the outcome and remove the people’s choice and insert one who would achieve their agenda.  The enemy (the leader of the Black Dragon) even stated that he could do this by proxy (via Biden), operating in the shadows.  They then took control over all branches except one… the Courts.

“Since their agenda has not been popular, they decided to pull out all the stops in order to gain complete control as soon as possible.  They did this in steps…

  • First by lies meant to hide their actions.
  • Second by omission to further hide major decisions from the people.
  • Third by destroying all fossil fuels.
  • Fourth by opening the southern border to all invaders, allowing the influx of drugs and human smuggling.
  • Fifth by increasing infant death laws for the unborn even to birth, removing baby formula and encouraging same sex relationships.
  • Sixth by creating hate speech against God and the Word of God.
  • Seventh by removing meat completely.
  • Eighth by forcing mandates of all kinds and vaccines that allow freedom based on compliance.
  • Ninth by controlling healthcare and medicines.
  • Tenth by legalizing drugs and helping young people to overdose.
  • Eleventh by controlling all aspects of your life.
  • Twelfth by indoctrinating and weaponizing children at a very early age.

Me:  “Lord, the world is in great trouble.  Please help us, Father.  Oh Lord, please help!”

Jesus:  “Erin, I have a great plan.”

Me:  “Lord, I never thought I would see the USA fall so far and so fast.  We are seeing an invasion right before our very eyes.  People are oblivious to the war that is being waged against them.  Please have mercy.  Lord, please save us!  The plunge is happening and it is scary.”

Jesus:  “Remember that this is not about comfort, it is about souls.”

Me:  “But You are being so quiet.  No one knows that the angels above are fighting the princes over the regions.  No one knows that this treaty being signed on Sunday will put their nations in chains.  They are ushering in the New World Order without us knowing.  Lord, the people are in the dark.”

Jesus:  “Erin, in the beginning, man consulted God.  The great separation then occurred.  Then came prophets, those who spent time communicating God’s Will.  The people then cried out for counselors or judges to rule over them.  For centuries, judges ruled over the people.  A prophet or a judge as chosen by God is raised up during a crisis.  These prophets and judges had lives apart from these appointments.

“These were times of great relationship and trust in God.  Despite this, the people instead cried out for a king, a ruler, over them.  They wanted someone to do this full time, not just when the need arose.  This was a turning point between man and God.  Instead of placing their trust in Me, they demanded a visible king.  They wanted a man to place all of their trust in.  They trusted him to do the right thing for the people.

“They didn’t like the former ways, so this was their solution… for good or for evil, the king was to rule.  A king also judges.  A king makes laws and the people follow in blind trust.  While they should have put their hearts and their faith in God in all things, they instead put all of this into a man.  The people rejected God.  They rejected Me.  They still do today.  The people were given warnings, but they would not hear of it.

“There was fighting amongst the 12 Tribes.  Morale declined.  They were surrounded by foreigners and, eventually, they worshiped their gods using their rituals and practices.  During the subsequent rule of kings, only a handful of these kings were righteous.  The rest were evil.  God then sent a Savior, Me, after the land was taken over by foreign invaders.  King Herod, and then his son, made many bad decisions based on fear.”

Me:  “I thought there was only one Herod.”

Jesus:  “No.  Kings raise up their sons as heirs.  Now, you must understand that a Savior came to save.  I had relationships with the people and walked amongst them.  I displayed many signs and wonders.  I did not come to abolish the law or throw down the governments.  I came to fulfill the prophecies and establish My Kingdom.

“Remember that I was given the keys to life and death.  Through Me, grace and mercy were extended to the lost.  They were found by Me.  No country or its people could be overcome when God was King over them.  When God was King, no foreign invaders could come against their borders or citadels.

“The nation of Rome was then allowed to fall after they destroyed the Temple.  No one comes against God unless God has allowed this to establish His purposes through troubles.  The people were driven away from the land, the Promised Land that God had given them, the land God loves.”

Me:  “But, Lord, it took 2000 years until now?”

Jesus:  “Well, yes.  I developed a new nation.  While I did not forget Israel, I created a new thing, a mystery.  This land was to be a place for those who had been persecuted, a place for those who had cried out to God for help.  I heard their cries and I rescued them.  I called them as sojourners to the lands I had prepared for them in advance.  Many who were in exile gathered here.  They did not desire a king.  They instead desired a governing assembly who acted as fair judges.

“They wanted God-fearing men who loved the Lord to rule by majority.  They established a contract in the new nation.  They then set up courts and laws to govern the people.  It took 400 years to build up this blessed land (which is roughly the same amount of time as the time from the ancient Exodus to the beginning of King Saul’s reign).  Now, the governing reign continued for 360 years, while the last 40 years has been spent in the wilderness looking for the Promised Land.”

Me:  “Lord, I don’t understand.  Israel is now a nation.  The people have been gathered and are still gathering.  What 40 years are You referring to?”

Jesus:  “This is the time God takes to prepare the people’s hearts to look to the promise of Heaven.  I prepared a beautiful place for all those who come to Me and accept that I am their King.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, I can’t imagine 40 years of such an extreme plunge.  This is so painful.  It is hard to see our once trusted government turn against You and us.”

Jesus:  “Erin, you are a living testimony to My divine protection and provision.  This is the time period of government or a ruler and his governing appointed leaders.  Corruption has come.  It has spread throughout the nations and is about to become much worse.  This is a punishing rod and stone over the people.”

Me:  “Lord, I was 10 years old when Roe v Wade was passed on January 22, 1973 legalizing abortion everywhere.  Almost 40 years later, in December 2012, You granted permission for the enemy to rise against the nation.  It was almost 40 years from the time Roe was signed to December 2012.  It has now been almost 10 years since the time of permission.  We are now in the 50th year of Roe.  What is happening?”

Jesus:  “40 years is the time of testing of the people.  This is the time of trials in which people are to turn away from their wickedness.  This is the time to turn away from their course of sin and walk with God.  It is the time of unloading burdens and turning back.  It is the time of testing and changes.  Harbinger warnings and signs came.  Still, the people, the children, did not come back to the heart of the Father.

“I sent prophets with dreams.  I even sent visions to small children of the place I have prepared for them.  There is a Promised Land waiting for you in Heaven, Erin.  There is eternal life in this place that I have prepared for My people.”

Me:  “So, what has this last nine plus years been about, Lord?”

Jesus:  “The times of preparation for the remnant of God.  I am preparing My harvest workers.  They are being stirred and called for the business of the Father.”

Me:  “Lord, my heart is grieving for all that is to come.  I am both excited and in fear.  I must admit that my heart is quite anxious.”

Jesus:  “I have prepared you, Erin.  Place all of your trust in Me and I will call you in the ways you should go.  I see.  I am with you.”

Me:  “So, this last ten years have been to prepare the remnant.”

Jesus:  “This was not just for the remnant.  Understand that the great rise in evil was allowed by God.  Many still do not see.  Great wrath and suffering are on full display.  The nations have practiced whoredom.  They have sacrificed their children on the altars of foreign gods.  While I am grieved over this, I am also not surprised.”

Me:  “Lord, You grieve?”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, how do you feel when your children have been wronged, harmed or lied about?  How does it feel when they go their own way despite you warning them?  It is difficult to be a parent over a wayward child.  What about when the child is innocent and is wronged?  All this has been allowed.  Although painful, this has been allowed so that hearts would turn back to each other as they were meant to be.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, You are so patient.  While most don’t realize this, You could wipe us off the face of the Earth right now and with only a single word.  This is mercy that You don’t do this.  Many of us are so grateful to You.”

Jesus:  “While there will be gnashing of teeth, many will turn back.  Remember that I see all things.  I am with you in all things.  Now, two events are coming.  I will shake the nations.  All will know that I am God.”

Me:  “Lord, please hurry.  Do not delay!”

Jesus:  “Erin, all you see is Mine.  I am about to do something in your days you would not believe even if you were told.  Now rejoice, Erin, as I am gathering My Remnant, the Harvest Workers.  The vineyards are ripening.  Rejoice!”

Dream over…

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