Dream 611 – We are in a Time of Chrysalis

Received on Tuesday, May 24, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day here!  You are an awesome Father.  You are over all we see, hear and touch.  You are over the sky, the waters and the lands.  There is nothing hidden from You.  Great are You, Lord, my God, our Father in Heaven and our King.  Bless You and Your works.

Time sneaks up on us.  We are helpless to control time.  As I write, another second passes… and another… now several.   I cannot reverse it.  I cannot put more time on my personal clock.  I cannot worry and take valuable seconds now, in this moment, to worry about seconds soon to come later today.  If I do this, I miss the very seconds I am living in now.  The best use of my time is to live in the fullness of what God is.

Well, now even more time has passed.  Time passes faster than I can catch it.  So, what do I do then?  I know!  Trust God for my seconds, my minutes, my hours and my days.  He knows what He is doing.  Relying in myself to change the times I am in has never worked out.  Self has caused a lot of time damage.  God creates masterpieces in us when we surrender our days to Him.  I had a couple of dreams last night…

Sub-Dream 1 “A Farmer is Restored” begins…

I was standing in a dirt landscape.  The ground was powdery brown dirt.  While the sky was blue, the ground was barren.  Nothing was growing.  All was dry from a severe drought.  I looked all around for some signs of growth.  There was none.  The fields have not been planted or cared for.  There were no farmers and no workers.  As I walked toward what looked like brand-new unused farm equipment, I instantly realized that there was no fuel to operate the equipment.

I then walked to what looked like an abandoned farm.  It had recently been occupied.  The house was not in disarray from lack of care.  It instead appeared that the owner just suddenly left it.  I walked to the road.  I then walked down towards another farm.  It was also abandoned.  I turned back to the dirt fields.  I watched as a great wind began to stir up the ground in the abandoned fields.

The dirt began to swirl.  I watched as three funnel clouds plus a ½ funnel cloud formed quickly.  Since they were stirring up the dirt, they became the same color as the ground.  They became extremely large very quickly.  In fact, they stirred up so much dirt that I could actually see green growth underneath it.  Crops were there.  There was a massive harvest underneath the dirt.

After the loose dirt went into these funnels, they lifted off the ground and hovered above it.  I then prayed for God to remove the clouds of dirt so that we could see what was underneath it more clearly.  The clouds began to lift.  Using a ten-foot-high piece of farm equipment as a measure, I could tell that the clouds had lifted up to three times as high, or 40 feet to the ground.  The funnels then dispersed and were nowhere to be seen.

I turned back to the farm equipment and asked God to return the farmer, as well as enough fuel to look after the farm.  As soon as I prayed this, I heard the sound of a fuel truck driving down the road.  Right behind him was a farmer in his pickup truck.  They were both smiling.  I then saw the landscape change for the better.

Sub-Dream 1 over…

Sub-Dream 2 “VP KH Forced to Sign Executive Orders” begins…

I was watching a news program in the morning.  The sun had just reached the top of our tree line.  The season was now spring changing into summer.  I watched as a private conversation was accidently being televised for the entire nation to hear.  It was the VP KH taking an oath to several others around her.  While I could not see the people around her clearly, I just knew that they were higher in power than she was.

VP:  “Look, we have gone this far, right?  We have taken everything away.  They are now becoming angry.  You want me to now rise up and take over all of this?  How do I do this when all these people know exactly what we have done?  The cats out of the bag.  Why don’t we just tell them that we have taken over and that the new order of doing things is now here?”

Voice 1:  “Do what you are told.  If not, you can be removed too.”

VP:  “Look, I am a bad lar.  It is really difficult to stand up and lie continuously when I can see in their eyes that they know.  I am an imposter.  Well, all of us are.”

Voice 2:  “Just a little longer.  We are almost finished with the groundwork.”

Voice 3:  “We have young leaders all over the world who have risen to power.  They are not in this position because they were elected by the people.  No, it was because we elected them.  We are the ones who put them there.  You are not alone here.”

Voice 1:  “You are either with us or against us.  There is no in-between.  We picked you.  You knew you were going to be here in this moment.  While you are not liked by the people, why do you even care?”

VP:  “They know what is happening.”

Voice 2:  “That’s fine.  You are to take your oath.  You are to sign both of the executive orders.  Your job will then be minor from here on out.”

VP:  “I’ll be killed.  I won’t be free.”

Voice 3:  “We will find a place for you.  Don’t worry.”

She was visibly upset.  She went into a private area where she spoke to her husband.  She was crying.

VP:  “They are going to kill me.  I knew the people would find out what happened.  They are not stupid.  I just knew it.”

VP’s Husband:  “We are dead either way.  Do what you have to do.”

She nodded in agreement.  I then saw her take a USB out of some device and put it into her laptop.  She then sent some sort of files out.  I then saw her walk to the podium.  It was the first time that I have ever seen her walk with confidence.

This sub-dream then became a bit ‘odd’.  Here it goes…

I could see a small lioness.  It was a cross between a lioness cub and a groundhog.  Her fur was pale.  She was a mother to four lioness-groundhog babies.  One was black, one was white, one was yellow and one was brown.  She saw me and stood on her hindlegs to wave at me.  I laughed.  I watched as she shepherded her little ones.

As I looked outside, I saw all types of animals and birds.  They were singing.  I went to open my blinds and saw two spiders.  However, a small chickadee the size of a hummingbird then flew up and ate them.  It then crawled up the wall like a nuthatch.

Sub-Dream 2 over…

Me:  “Lord, the World Economic Forum is meeting.  Their agenda is wicked against all of the nations.  Please help the people.  Don’t allow the New World Order to be set up before Your Great Miracles are poured out upon Your Remnant.  This wicked movement is far worse than any power ever to rise up against the people.  It is the fallen using wicked leaders by proxy.  Please don’t delay!”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “I am here.  Erin, I am with you.  Now you understand the gravity of lies and why My sword of truth will cut through the thickets of the way things have become.  The enemy cannot hide his pervasive plans from Me.  He cannot do a new thing behind closed doors that I am not first aware of.  I know as I am God and I see all.  What is being proposed and put into practice is meant to remove the majority of the population.

“They puff up young leaders with promises of heroism, idolatry and great wealth IF all they do is pledge allegiance to the new order of things.  The adversary has been at this since the beginning.  You call this modifying DNA by controlling and mixing it.  This is not the natural order of God.  God’s Creation is perfect and I have called this good.

“So, all things unholy have risen and have become good according to man.  All that is God’s is a target of evil and corruptible according to them.  They have worked hard to lie and deceive.  The great catalyst to advance this is money and fame.  This is why young leaders will sell out their countries for the common good of one body and one way.”

Me:  “Lord, please bring You great strength and miracles now.  We see the writing on the wall and, apart from You, the wall will fall.”

Jesus:  “Walls will fall.  This is necessary in order for the great change to occur.  What you see will be torn away.  Some are sowing evil in secret.  My people, My Remnant, are sowing by praying in their cocoons.  Now, what comes from this process?”

Me:  “I think of Transformation.  I think of butterflies coming from their cocoons.”

Jesus:  “In order for the world to notice butterflies, they must first experience some evil first.  This is widespread.  The world is quickly transforming into darkness, chaos and evil.”

Me:  “I read somewhere once that chrysalis takes between 10 to 21 days under great conditions.  However, I also read that, under dry, hot or harsh conditions, they can remain three years waiting for rain or good conditions to emerge.”

Jesus:  “Then this is a great sign about change.  Now, the enemy longs to remove all that you see that lives.  The natural order of life is God’s so the thief comes to lie, kill and destroy.  This is the way of the unnatural.  Distort, defile, defame and cause death.  To tear down in destruction is how the enemy transforms.  However, I am over all things.

“They have tried every wicked scheme to defile man and corrupt all organisms that God has created.  However, their sight is limited.  They are not omnipresent.  They cannot control the hidden power of God or My plans.  This will not go well for them.  Erin, I have a Great Plan to rise up in My Remnant and change all that you see.  I am God and I am not limited by time.  I am not controlled by the sun or the moon.

“I am not subject to the parameters that evil has tried to place on Me.  They have even tried to weaponize the Word of God, exchanging My truth for evil.  Now, I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  This is because I love My Creation in a way that cannot be measured by the capacity to love based on the heart of man.  Erin, My love knows no bounds.

“However, I am God and I do not tolerate evil.  My justice prevails.  I have fashioned and reserved eternal places for those responsible for the destruction of My Creation.  Now, I am the same God who lives.  I live.  I see.  I am omniscient.  This is something the enemy cannot do even though he tries to advance his abilities to see into all aspects of your lives.  Despite this, he is still unable to know all things.

“He controls through information gathering and weaponizes this through fear.  However, as the saying goes, ‘this is not sustainable’.  This is because I am about to do something in your days you would not believe even if you were told.  I am the same God over all, yet I can do a new thing.  I have done this many times.  Which of your days is exactly the same other than time remains?”

Me:  “Every day is different in some way, yet time remains as a constant.”

Jesus:  “Exactly.  Even though I am the same, My mercies are new every day.  I am faithful.  I love you, Erin.  Though you think of yourself as small, I do not.  You have remained in hope that I will do all that I have promised.  You are now stirring in your chrysalis.  When I call you to emerge… well watch and see that I am good.  I will provide for all of your needs.

“All the good you have done for Me, My Kingdom and others around you will come back a thousand-fold more.  This will be more than you are able to count or even fathom.  All will be taken care of as I own all that you see.  Nothing will come against you with any success.  This will remain the case until I finally call you Home.  Soon, very soon, Heaven will be visible to all those who walk here.

“Those I reserved will be free to come and go freely.  All others will long to see it.  They will long for the heart of their Father.  Evil will be far from you as they will be hiding away until the miracles, signs and wonders of God pass over them.  As they have the blood of saints on their doorposts, they will shudder in fear and loathing inside their shells until the days of the sounding of the horns.

“A great rush of wind will come and then they will come out and enjoy the rotten fruits of their labors.  What fields they have tilled, planted and harvested will be the very thing they feed off as nothing good will remain.  They will search for those they harmed and punished, but they will not find them.  They will mourn that their innocent family, friends and neighbors will be unavailable for further infliction.

“They will then turn on each other.  Some though will know that I have carried them to a beautiful land.  They will then long to be there.  One day, some of them will.”

Me:  “Lord, please hurry.”

Jesus:  “Time is God’s, Erin.  Time does not dictate to God.  I am not subject to time; time is subject to Me.”

Me:  “But, Lord, to us, time is short and running out as troubles come.”

Jesus:  “Then give time and trouble all to Me.  You are greatly loved.  I have all of this.”

Dream over…

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