Dream 618 – The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Received on Sunday, June 26, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day here!  Thank You for being our God.  Praise You in all the Earth.  Praise You in the Heavens.  Praise You for eternity.  We love You.  Thank You for Your love and mercy.  Thank You for Your patience and grace.  We long for peace.  I need Your help with a dream…

Sub-Dream 1 “In the Shadows of the 4th Reich” begins…

I was a younger architectural designer working on a very large project.  The home I was working on was very modern.  Not only did I work there, but I had slept there overnight.  While sleeping and in a dream, I once again heard the voice of an angel of God…

Angel of God:  “Beware of the Trojan Horse!”

When I awoke from the dream, I wondered about what was surrounding me that could be related to a ‘Trojan Horse’.  As I laid there half asleep, I noticed that there were no coverings on the windows.  While I could see out, no one could see in.  I soon got out of bed and put on my work attire.

I was preparing to make a large presentation before a panel of architects.  I had to prove I was worthy to remain in the project until completion.  They had been highly suspicious of me and didn’t like me at all.  I knew that it was the Jesus in me that they hated.   I drove to an area that was like Washoe Country NV.  I recognized the area as this is where I lived and where much of my extended family are from.

I had a meeting at 9:00am.  When I arrived a few minutes early, I was told that the meeting time had changed to 11:30am.  I noticed that the board members were meeting in a boardroom.  As I was speaking to the receptionist, the board adjourned from the room.

There were nine men in suits exiting the room.  They were older; seemingly in their 50s and 60s.  They were all wearing very expensive suits.  One of the nine men approached me.  His hand was in his pocket and he was jingling some change.

Man:  “Are you Erin?”

Me:  “Yes.”

Man:  “You apparently didn’t receive our change in schedule.”

Me:  “No, I didn’t.”

Man:  “Since you now have a couple of hours to kill, you will have more time to prepare in the conference room.  I left a binder with our docket of architects.  I will allow you to see what you are up against.  Given that you are pretty young, I am not certain you will be able to gather up the resources you will need to complete the demands of the project.  Since there will be billions of dollars at stake, there will be scrutiny.”

Me:  “Thank you.  I will look at it and I will be here at 11:15am.”

Man:  Looking doubtful of my abilities.  “Alright then!  Good luck!  You will need it.  There is much at stake.”  The man walked off, jingling change in his pocket.

I proceeded to the conference room.  There was a black 3” binder on the table.  I began to scan the docket for my competition.  The names listed were the biggest in the industry.  Was I there as a joke?  Perhaps.  Why was I even selected to be here?  The table the binder was on was oblong with a pedestal base.  It was made of mahogany and walnut.  It had an electronic hub for all kinds of different communication devices.

As I lifted the binder, it slipped from my hands and fell onto the floor.  When I bent down to pick the binder up, I noticed that there were hidden retractable drawers under the tabletop.  I reached under the table and opened one of the drawers.  I took out one of the small folders and placed it in the large binder.  I then took the binder with the small folder in it and went out to the attendant.

Me:  “Would I be able to take this with me?  I would bring it back with me at 11:15am.”

Woman:  “You may.  Just be careful with it.”

I took the binder with the hidden folder in it out to my car.  I opened the hidden folder.  I was in shock.  I could tell that this was something I was not to have access to.  It was a group title that I did not recognize…

Operation Trojan Horse

Agenda:  Landscape Transformation Initiative (“LTI”)

Objective:  Carry out the framework of reshaping the current landscape, reformation of government, education, religion and finance under one governance:

  • Removal of visionaries and dreamers.
  • Removal of variety of goods and services.
  • Removal of church denominations as competing with government directives.
  • Further strengthen the FBI to track progress.
  • Removal of inferior genetic groups.
  • Removal of those who have reached their maximum potential.
  • Removal of the aged and those who are in decline.

As I continued to scan through the folder, I saw that they had already selected a candidate for the position.  The rest of us had already been eliminated.  To me, there was no need for me to return for the meeting.  While I went back to return the large binder, I decided to keep the small folder.  I approached the attendant.

Me:  “Here is the binder.  I am sorry, but I will need to cancel my 11:30am appointment.  I received a better offer.”

Woman:  “You are not allowed to do that.  You don’t understand what you are doing.  You can’t…”

Me:  Interrupting her.  “Okay, okay.  I will keep my appointment.  I will be back here at around 11:15am.”

The woman seemed relieved.  It was as if her life depended on this.

Woman:  “I don’t think you have time to leave.  I think you should stay here now.  Your time has almost arrived.”

Me:  Pretending to agree with her.  “No problem.  Where is your powder room?”  The woman pointed to the executive lounge.  “Okay, thank you.”

I walked into the executive lounge and could see cameras.  I walked into the restroom and into a stall.  I felt I was in a predicament, so I prayed.  Just then, a door appeared.  I stepped through it.  I was now far away from the boardroom and their evil agenda.

There in front of me was an angel of the Lord.  There before me was a table and an open book.  The angel pointed to the page that it was opened to.  As he did not speak, I suddenly realized that the angel was Breakthrough.

Me:  “I need help with this situation, Breakthrough.  The Lord has given me a dream that is quite complicated.”

Breakthrough again pointed to the page that the book was opened to.  I read it…

“Germany 1919 – Beginning of the 3rd *** ”

Note:  The word after “3rd” was indistinguishable. PERHAPS it was something like “Upheaval”?  Again, not sure.  It didn’t SEEM to be the word ‘Reich’, but perhaps?

Under this was a timeline of events that the enemy had put together.  Breakthrough whistled for my attention.  He picked up the book and turned it to the front title…

“The Book of the Fallen”

He then turned the front cover open.  There was a page to describe the contents.  It contained the records of judgments and the dockets of God’s Courts against the evil upon the Earth.

Me:  “Oh, this makes sense.  However, this seems so thin.”

Just then, Breakthrough turned my attention to the Records Room.  It was so vast, so long and so wide that I could not see the end walls.  The racks were high and stacked with Books of Records for the Day of Judgment.

Me:  “Wow, this is incredible!  It brings me comfort that God is in control and He keeps records of the deeds of the wicked.”

He then pulled out another book.  It was on the USA.  The pages looked like the ones about Germany.

Me:  “Okay, so the same evil, just at a different time.  Okay, so, this is happening now.  Where are we on the list?”

He showed me how the original playbook from Germany around 100 years ago was being modified for now.  However, the media was prevented to speak on this.  It was the rise of the 4th Reich.

Sub-Dream 1 over…

I then heard a loud boom and woke up from the dream.  I quickly got up and went to the Lord.  I was upset.

Me:  “Lord, this dream was so disturbing.  Can You not keep the USA from becoming ‘Nazified’?  This seems hopeless.  Please help us.  We need You.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “I am here, Erin.  I am with you.  Do not worry or be afraid.  Yes, it was I who gave you this dream.  You need to know that I am the God who sees evil and knows who hides.  Angels gather evidence in books that cannot be burned or removed.  The records have increased over the last ten years as the enemy seeks to defile all that is good and holy.  However, remember that the enemy takes no one from Me as I have the keys to life and death.”

Me:  “Lord, the amount of people the enemy has killed is staggering.  I lost count.  It all comes from dictatorships.  They then decide to kill off any people with dissenting opinions.  Any opposition is violently removed.”

Jesus:  “Erin, I know.  The early 1900s seemed like an opportune time for the enemy to accelerate evil against the children of God.”

Me:  “Lord, it is hard to understand why You, the One we love so much, would allow any of this.”

Jesus:  “While I understand, please realize this… his goal was much loftier.  He had plans to eliminate many more than those who died in the Second of the World Wars.  Given the destruction during this time, the enemy has seemed relatively quiet since then.  However, he has been redirecting and restrategizing.  He carries with him a worm that never dies.  It is a worm of evil.

“This worm feeds off the remains of the victims and spreads.  It covers like a blanket.  It finds access and breeds from rot.  Now look at what is happening today.  Where did that worm go?  What is the Ishtar Gate?  Where is this?  This I spoke by My Word: ‘I know thy works and where you dwell, even where Satan’s seat is (Revelation 2:12-13).’

“Now, I want you to understand what is occurring and the times you are in.  On August 28, 2008, the stage was set (see note below).  Erin, one leader began his campaign against God and he rose to power.  Read back his words from his speech as they are like a playbook hidden in plain sight.”

Note:  The Lord is referring to then-Senator Barack Obama’s acceptance speech on August 28, 2008 as the Democrat’s candidate for President at the Democratic National Convention in Denver CO.  The stage replicated the seat of Satan as in Pergamum.  The Transcript of this speech is quick to find on the internet.

Me:  “Lord, he also went many times to speak in Berlin (Germany).”

Jesus:  “It is not just what was spoken in Berlin, it is what he says in his beguilement of the peoples of the Earth.  He has the audacity to do all his evil in plain sight.  He continues to lead.  He spoke at the gate with the Four Horses of the Apocalypse over him as he spoke.

“However, to Me and the angels of the army of Heaven and God, his self-perception of his superiority is what he was declaring.  He then formally introduced himself to the world on June 19, 2013 (see note below).  This was less than six months after the permission was granted in late-December 2012.”

Note:  The Lord is referring to now-President Barack Obama’s speech on June 19, 2013 at the Brandenburg Gate (Pariser Platz) in Berlin, Germany.  The Transcript of this speech is also quick to find on the internet.

Me:  “Why was ‘the stage set’ at the Denver Convention in August of 2008?”

Jesus:  “The presentation of what was to come and the chosen elect of the system of the beast was given rise in the land of the horse.”

Me:  “Are you referring to horses as in the Denver Broncos in a light-hearted manner?”

Jesus:  “Well, yes.  Now, you understand the great rage and anger that came as I appoint the leaders and raise them up.  The enemy knew that God and His army was also here, even at the gate.  Now, let us review the Four Horses (of Revelation 6)…

  • The White Horse: Let’s start with the White Horse.  This one presents himself as good, like a savior, but make no mistake, he is the opposite of Me.  His tongue is smooth with lies.  He is clever and smart because his spirit originates from Heaven.  He is a triumphant horse that struts and knows he has power.  He speaks with authority.  He subdues into submission anyone who attempts to thwart his powers.  (Revelation 6:1-2)
  • The Red Horse: The Red Horse is enraged and declares that there will be no peace.  The White Horse rides with the Red Horse and represents war and division.  He carries a sword of lies and declares war and calls for uprisings.  While also interested in global wars, he is now more focused on civil wars and bloodshed.  Any opponent is to be subdued and removed, cutdown if necessary.  (Revelation 6:3-4)
  • The Black Horse: The Black Horse brings famine.  However, its rider also carries weighing scales for wheat, for bread.  The scales also represent the balance of justice.  However, justice is tipped and favors corruption.  This increases the distress and mourning of these days.  (Revelation 6:5-6)

Me:  “Lord, I thought that this was for a later time.  All is expensive now.  Wheat, oil and wine; all of it is now expensive!”

Jesus:  “Erin, it is being done on purpose.  The oil was made expensive.  Oil in the times of Rome was oil for cooking.  As for today, not only is oil for cooking expensive, so too is the oil for fuel.  Corn, meat and other foods are expensive.  This is a means of punishment.  This is because they are trying to transfer the wealth.  This is how they destroy a nation and bring others down with them.

  • The Pale Horse: Then there is the fourth horse, the Pale Horse.  Permission is given to kill a quarter of the Earth, to destroy the nations with plague, sword and famine.  (Revelation 6:7-8)

Me:  “But, Lord, You are more powerful than the enemy’s schemes.  The Great Harvest must still come!  Please, Lord.  This would mean that billions more are going to die.  Please stop this, Lord.  People still love You.  You have so many who pray to You.  There is still so much more for us to do!”

Jesus:  “Erin, please do not be afraid.  I am with you.  The enemy is not in control.  He is behind the scenes and enjoys the platform.  His vanity is too much to stay silent.  Now, I mentioned all of this because you understand the same pattern occurred 100 years ago to set the stage for great evil (Nazism).  The same is true now.  Justice is unbalanced.  There are wars and rumors of wars.  They are calling for civil war.

“The (antichrist) enemy is behind it from a remote location.  I told you I was turning up the heat before the highest court in the land turned over the evil law back to the decision of the people (Roe v Wade was finally struck down on June 24, 2022 after almost 50 years).  I allowed this because the time appointed from the beginning is soon at hand.  My Judgment is falling upon the land and evil is not happy.

“Now watch what I am about to do.  There is a war, Erin.  There is a war over you that you cannot see.  While you feel its effects, you cannot see it.  The enemy’s plans are to unify the nations against the USA and Israel, lands dedicated to Me as My land.  The plan is to destroy the young, the children, the babies and the fighting men by death using war, plague, starvation and even poison.  Foreign armies in plain clothing are bringing poison with them to kill off many millions.”

Me:  “You are speaking of fentanyl.  I knew it because, if they came to make money, they would want repeat customers.  A dead customer can’t be a repeat customer.”

Jesus:  “They are setting out to kill by design.  What is planned for churches and Christians are much worse now.  However, remember that I am fully in control.  I know who leaked the memo (outlining the court’s position on abortions months before June 24, 2022).  I know who did this and they will be exposed.  Erin, this is not over.  I am here.  I see.  Now, can you trust Me?”

Me:  “Of course, Lord, of course.”

Jesus:  “Good.  Do not worry.  Whatever I instruct you on is good.  It is good to receive this as this is sound.  Prepare your house as I am sending heat.  I am also soon to shake the nations.  However, in all things be strong and courageous.  There are more of us than there are of them, understand?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  I just read C.S. Lewis.  Here is a quote from him… ‘Aim at Heaven and you will get Earth thrown in.  Aim at Earth and you will get neither.’  Quite clever, really.”

Jesus:  “This is good as your Home is in Heaven.  This is where you reside with Me.  Pray for those who are lost with no understanding who are easily led like a horse to slaughter.  They will be the most shocked when truth is revealed to them.

“It is the wise who have done evil and are aware of it who will continue to remain in the lie even when truth is shown to them.  They will run from truth as it is too familiar to them as their home is of the Earth.  Pray for them that, when they go through the Great Tribulation, they turn to God instead of cursed lips of slander unto the depths of Sheol.

“Now, I know this has been an exciting time, but also a difficult one.  Please remain in Me and sow into the Kingdom of Heaven, your Home, and you will see increases on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Troubles will remain far from you.  Rejoice, Erin, for I am with you.  Rejoice!”

Dream over…

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