Dream 619 – Transformation, Rapture, Second Coming

Finished on Monday, July 4, 2022

Received on Sunday, July 3, 2022


Dear Father,

You are God over all things!  You are great and mighty.  Your ways are so much higher than ours.  You bless us in so many ways.  I can’t measure or count all Your works.  You have blessed me with another day here.  I have done nothing to assure I have tomorrow.  I have confidence that I will live today.  We have learned to lean on Your promises.  Each day that I am allowed to stay here is a blessing and a miracle.

I have been watching a pregnant deer that has been roaming our property.  While it looked skinny, its belly was extended in a telling way.  I last saw her pregnant on Thursday.  However, this morning, I saw her with a new doe.  The pregnancy was a success and there was now a new life that came from it.  The mother and doe looked so happy to roam freely together.  Thank You, Lord, for new life.

Father, lately You have been speaking to me about redemption and what it means to be a child redeemed of the Lord.  You have shown me what it means to be called out of darkness, destitute spiritually and in complete despair.  You pulled me from the muck and the mire and placed my feet upon Solid Rock.  Thank You for doing this for me as I didn’t fully understand the true nature of Your unconditional love for us.

I wondered how someone could love me.  If my own mom struggled with how to love and be loved, what did I come to know from her about love?  How then could I know God’s love when I could not see Him or physically touch Him?  Then there is my earthly father.  He promised great things, but never once followed through.  He did not love me.  I struggled with this love concept and Your mercy and grace.

I struggled to be apart from those who claimed to love me with their lips, but their actions in simple things didn’t match the definition of love of parents to a child.  I instead became familiar with sinking sand and mud.  Well, it was more like tar, where lies, deception, self-loathing and gas-lighting tried to rewrite my memory banks.  Much history has now passed and it cannot be rewritten.

It is better to accept what has happened and affirm its factual existence to those who experienced it.  The trick is to then not repeat those mistakes.  This sets free all parties involved.  To lie about history and call it a fresh start is to expect others to follow you into a burning building.  It is ridiculous.  I spent many years learning how to love unconditionally and forgive those who only love with conditions.

After you have been placed on Solid Rock, it is easy to let go of the comfortable muck you were mired in.  Once you let go, you are finally free.  I ran into some of my biggest troubles when I was half in the mud and half clinging to the Rock of Salvation.  I then made the mistake of calling others when I was still half in the mud and mire.  I said great things with my lips, but then followed a different action.  I then cried out to God…

Foolish me (from many years ago):  “Hey, You put me on this Solid Rock and then You left me.  My friends are in the sinking sand and mud.  My family is in there.  How will I make it alone?  I am exposed and deserted here.  Hello?  God?  Are You there?”

I sat there and felt sorry for myself.  Storm after storm then came.  After a while, I no longer recognized the people I once knew.  I saw them differently.  I spent many years from the time I accepted Jesus into my heart until He redeemed me on that Rock.  I felt alone and isolated there.  I kept mostly to myself.  Since then, I have come to fully realize that I didn’t earn or deserve anything God has done for me…

  • I hung unto Isaiah 54 and its promises for me.
  • In emergencies, I repeated Psalm 46:5.
  • When I dreamt of a husband, Psalm 45 was a special romantic hope of me as the Bride and Jesus as our Groom, our Shining Prince.

As for now, while the world is calling for peace, they are really preparing for war.  They declare peace, yet there is no peace.  Oh Lord, Prince of Peace, we need You to run interference for us.  I thank You for redeeming me.  Thank You, Lord, for being our Perfect and Faithful God.  Lord, please help me with my dream.  Years ago, I had a dream of a valley very similar to this one…

Sub-Dream 1 “A Valley surrounded by Hill Caves” begins…

I was standing in a valley.  All around me were hills and, dug into the hills, were many caves.  I awoke on a beautiful bed in a room filled with light like the sun.  A dove appeared and made cooing sounds.  I said hello as the dove walked around and then down a hallway.  He then flew out of a side window and landed on top of a rock wall.

I came out to follow it and I could see to the valley floor.  A war had occurred as there were charred remnants.  I looked all around me and thousands of saints were coming out of their dwellings as if they had been asleep.  All were quiet.  One of the saints then cheered.  Right after, we all joined in his cheering to God.  I was not as I am now.  I was Transformed and felt so alive and excited.

Sub-Dream 1 over…

Me:  “Lord, I am struggling today.  I need Your help.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “I am here, Erin.  I am with you.  Right now, you are restless and concerned about many things.”

Received on Monday, July 4, 2022

Me:  “Lord, when will You come for us?”

Jesus:  “The Appointed Time from the beginning.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, there are so many signs now.  There are more signs every day.  The prophecies are being fulfilled before our very eyes.  It is both exciting and frightening at the same time.  It is difficult some days.  Lord, You have shown me what is coming and it is frightening.”

Jesus:  “I am here.  Now listen and please understand that I know that the hearts on the Nest are troubled.  Evil has increased as the hearts of man are tested.  Remember when I came as God in flesh?  I came to atone for man’s sin.  I came to keep him from spiritual death.  My Father in Heaven gave Me the Keys to release the captives into eternal life.  Now, what is My purpose?”

Me:  “Is it to show Your Power and Might?”

Jesus:  “Well, yes, this is true.  I will establish the Kingdom of Heaven as it is on Earth.  When I ascended to be with My Father, I went to prepare a place for all those I have called, as well as those who accept My call to eternal life.  You have only seen a fraction of what I have built for those I love.  Now, why am I not moving quickly to stop the current wave of evil?  This is because many more will be harvested when they know that their only true hope is with God, understand?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, I understand.  Even so, can I make a case for Your people?”

Jesus:  “I am listening.”

Me:  “We love You.  Our only hope is in You, not the world.  You pulled me from the muck and mire.  I now stand on the Rock of Your Foundation.  However, the skies are growing dark and the winds are picking up.  Even the ground shakes and the seas turn and foam.  Please strengthen us.  Please protect our houses, our jobs, our families and all of us who love You.

“I now realize that I looked for You even when I was a little child.  When I questioned why so many bad things happened to us, I didn’t think You cared or saw all that unfolded.  However, now that I am older, I realize that this was the beginning of Your call upon my life.

“As You know, in this current season, I have been in stunned disbelief in what we have been witnessing in the world.  The wave of evil is so fast moving and prevalent.  I can barely believe my eyes and ears.  I have been mourning for the lost, Lord.  How on Earth will any of us survive unless You rise in us?”

Jesus:  “These questions you have are good.  I will strengthen you soon in a supernatural way.  Each day, it is good to keep watch and prepare your hearts.  Ready your gates for when the Kingdom of Heaven is revealed upon Earth.  The world has never seen such a move of God as that which is soon to come.  You are encountering the acts of war in a battle that has never been seen on battlefields.

“This is uncommon to the expectations of wars that history has framed.  All these things are new to these generations.  You are in the midst of a world war that is advancing the 4th Wave of Evil.  Those who have kept old history books and manuscripts understand what they are experiencing.  However, most others are in a state of denial and refuse to believe that which is right before them.  As such, they say nothing.

“Those who do sound the trumpets or the clarion calls are persecuted for sounding the alarms.  Erin, when you were a child, you understood how easy it was to be led into darkness when there was no one to stop you.  As for today, the children are being led astray and the spirit of confusion meets them there.  When the parents discover this and speak up in protest, they are silenced and their control is further removed.

“Please understand the magnitude of evil that has come over the nations.  You can see how the enemy began to mobilize his units in 2015.  However, he had already set out the groundwork long before this.  What ended in failure when Israel was reestablished caused him to change his strategies slightly and relaunch with great global ambitions.

“He met in secret with global leaders and made great promises.  Because these leaders were hungry for power and cultural popularity, vanity and pride then drove them to follow one system of governing.  The enemy made known his position, as well as his plans.  He used various methods and weapons even though he never personally fired a single shot.  He is the complete liar.”

Me:  “What is a complete liar?”

Jesus:  “One who enjoys lying boldly and with audacity even when all who hear it know it is not true.  He has enlisted armies of those who are willing to strike out against truth with an audacity of lies.  This is a new way, a liar’s battlefield.  Those with no understanding or those who had differing views opposed to My Word of Truth were emboldened and, in turn, embraced the doctrine of evil against all that is good.

“Still, Erin, you are to remember that I am God.  I am over the nations, the waters, the skies and below ground in the depths, as well as in the Heavenlies.  While you cannot see everything, you now feel it.  Remember that I have more armies to call up in the ranks.  I have secret weapons and things that defy a man’s conceived notion of who I am.  This is mostly because the armies of the enemy have claimed there is no God or that God does not see or care.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, please do not wait long!  This year is now more than half over.  At the speed in which evil has spread, so many people no longer believe in God.  They are following other gods.  Churches are burning.  The Bible is considered hate speech.  Street preachers are being arrested.  In other countries, parishioners are being murdered.”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, I am here  There is no need to cite current events as I know all of them.  However, I will tell you this… it is what you do not hear about that is of concern also.  I will arise in My people at the perfect time.”

Me:  “Lord, I think Your plagues are signs happening now.  There are locusts, earthquakes, famine, covid and other variants.”

Jesus:  “Erin, the enemy has struck down all evidence that the Kingdom of God is here.  While you can see quick bits of information, then it is gone.  However, it matters not.  The enemy cannot thwart the plans of God no matter what.  Why?  It is because God, My Father in Heaven, has angel armies, the saints who have gone before you, My prophets and some scholars.

“Erin, you know the times you are in.  When you watch the enemy become enraged, it is because he knows his plans are failing.  He then quickly strikes out against the innocent and accuses them falsely.  He does this with those who are with him.  He knows.  He knows that I am here and that I see all he does.  Make no mistake… his platform is hate and injustice.  He moves quickly against any opposition.

“As for those near him that cease to be useful to him, they are removed in shame and even to the grave.  Now, what about the rebellious youths you see that he claims are his army.  Well, he plans to kill them all in spiritual death so they will join him in an eternity of torment.  He hates God’s Creation, but especially man.  This is a war between God and those He removed from Heaven and now His Courts.

“The enemy weaponizes man against each other and causes great spiritual death by defilement and the rejection of Me as their Creator and Savior.  He calls on the youth to reject all of what I have prepared for those who turn to Me.  Erin, I am preparing for a Great Harvest.  When the Great Move of Heaven comes, this will include Great Waves of healing and miracles.

“There will also be a reckoning of truth.  All evil will be exposed and televised.  Since I spoke life into existence in the beginning, I can then also speak into My ‘God Network’ and go into every man’s place of business and even where they dwell.  The deceivers and the liars will not escape truth.  Now, let Me review this… I came as a Savior to atone for sin.”

Me:  “Yes.  Around 2000 years ago.  So, for 2000 years, You have been the Architect of our Eternal Home.”

Note:  In Jesus’ reply below, there are several parenthesis explaining the possible applicable periods.  It should be noted that this was our best guess of what these periods are and not a “Lord Sayeth”.  Please keep this in mind when you read His reply below.

Jesus:  “Well, it has been longer than 2000 years as it was from the beginning.  Instead, I have prepared dwelling places for My Bride and saints in Heaven.  When I come again, it is to bring gifts to My Bride and, together, we will enjoy a great gathering of souls, the harvest of the hearts reconciled to Me (the period from the Transformation to the Rapture).  All are then gathered (in the Rapture) and taken up to Heaven.  Great joy and celebration will then continue there.

“In the meantime (after the Rapture), My Bride will dwell with Me in Heaven.  However, they will appear to dwell on Earth.  While there, My Bride will not be harmed as she ministers to all those who remain (post-Rapture / pre-Second Coming).  She will be like a vineyard dresser who checks on the late grapes to watch for when they too will be ready.  These days will be very dark and difficult (leading up to the Second Coming).

“My Bride will also be gathering evidence for the final days of judgement (the Second Coming).  The whole Earth will then see Me come upon the Earth and, with Me, the Sword of Truth.  The lands will be greatly moved and kings of nations and wealthy men will come to Jerusalem where all will see that I am God and I will not be moved.  They will then declare that I am God.”

Me:  “Thank You, Lord, for such clarity.  No wonder I have been attacked relentlessly lately.  The enemy doesn’t want me speaking about any of this.”

Jesus:  “I know that this has been difficult.  It is very hard to see people who you thought highly of now be so removed from all that is good.  Even so, Erin, be encouraged, as I am the God of Second Chances.  I am the Redeemer and the Lover of your soul.  Youth today have been taught that all things are possible to those who force it to be by striking out against all that is lovely and good.

“Erin, the age of rebellion is now here.  However, so too is the Great Move of the Kingdom of Heaven!  I am here, even at the door.  I am in you, Erin.  Now rejoice, rejoice, as I am with you.  I will continue to send gifts and favor to My Bride as you wait for Me.  Now, keep oil in those lamps and stand watch in all hours.

“Very soon you will hear My attendants, My ‘Groomsmen Angel Armies’, making great noise.  In great excitement, the Bride will prepare herself to be swept off her feet.  This will happen, Erin, when I open the door to collect her and her attendants.  The party will be gathered together with great celebration.  There will be no uninvited attendees.”

Me:  “I think I understand.  However, I need to make sure that I have the proper attire.”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, do not worry, as all will be provided.  I love you, Erin.  Let your heart not be troubled when the enemy seems to be winning the wars.  I can assure you he is not winning and will not win.  His evil is ambitious and no longer hidden.  It is now in plain sight.  Evil is making known their intentions.

“However, they are in great fear of the godly.  Now rejoice as you are on the right side of His-story.  My story is not their story.  I am God.  Be at peace that I am fully in control.  Try to find joy today, Erin.  Increase your joy, not your sorrow.  I know you have been unwell, but I will strengthen and heal you.  I love you and I will care for you.”

Me:  “I love You, Lord.  Bless You.  I pray that my ‘Hurry Lord!’ comes soon!”

Jesus:  “Do not worry, Erin, as I have a Great Plan!”

Dream over…

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