Dream 667 – The First Three Seals of Revelation

Received on Sunday, February 5, 2023


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for delivering us from a great storm that went from Friday into Saturday.  With winds so strong, our house rattled for two days.  With bitter cold and a high wind chill, I haven’t recovered from this deep freeze.  At one point, we woke up to a loud boom hitting the window in our room.  My husband went outside to check the status of our cell tower and the trees and all seemed normal.

Still, something was battering our bedroom window.  We both could tell the situation was becoming dangerous.  We then noticed that one of our exterior window solar shade covers had slipped free of its wall mount.  This shade is used to trap warmth in the winter and keep it cool in the summer.

This needed to be fixed, so my husband got the ladder and went up in the strong gusts.  He was quite high and this made me nervous.  While he is usually scared of heights, he had a supernatural calm to him.  Even with -40F windchills that froze our hands in seconds, we were finally able to secure the shade.  This eliminated the banging noises that was keeping both of us awake.

All of this came after a 3.5-hour power outage.  The blackout went from around 10:00pm to 1:22am.  The temperature with the extreme winds and cold dropped our indoor temperatures to 50F.  Our sons then drove up the road to check things out and saw crews working on a blown transformer and downed tree.

The extreme cold took a toll on my body and I simply couldn’t warmup.  Normally I run hot, so this was unusual.  We were just so relieved that God had answered our prayers and restored our power.  Even though the kids thought I was really prepared for the power outage, I realized that I still had more to do.

Last night, I received a notice that my thyroid medication had been recalled.  When I looked at the symptoms, I realized this is what I had been struggling with lately.  Father, thank You for revealing all of this.  I am not sure what would have happened had I not known.  Father, we cannot trust the world for worldly goods and services.  This means our trust needs to be 100% on You to protect us from the unseen.  I had a dream…

Sub-Dream 1 “The First Three Seals of Revelation” begins…

I heard two fishermen at a beautiful river talking.  They were baiting their hooks with worms.  The river was beautiful and in a forested area.  They cast their lines, but had no nibbles.  Even so, the worms used for bait seemed to be disappearing into the water.  They saw no fish.  They the decided to walk upstream to a lake area that was one of the sources of the river.  When they arrived, they cast their baited lines again.  Nothing.

This was a popular spot to fish, so the lack of bites was puzzling.  They then decided to hike up a little further past the lake to where there was a very deep fishing hole that fed the lake.  As they walked, they noticed vegetation near the water was dead.  One of the fisherman bent down to take a scoop of water.  He immediately spit it out.

Fisherman:  “Oh God, it is poisoned.”

The other fisherman took a drink in a cup and also immediately spit it out.  Just then, they could see the white bellies of bloated fish.  They were dead and in the thousands.  It looked like a morbid floating island set adrift.

Fisherman:  “First our food, then our medicines, and now our water?  We need to warn everyone!”

While I was observing them, they could not see me.  I continued to walk up to an area I knew.  This is where the river led from a bay inlet.  I walked along a large river.  I saw a woman drinking from the river.  She was crouched over.  She looked over towards me and I could tell that she saw me.  She was singing.  Her face was evil and familiar.  While not her real name, I addressed her as ‘Mara’.

Me:  “Mara, what are you doing?”

Mara:  “I am making the water bitter.”  She was vomiting into the river.  “I hate all of this and I hate you.  I am thirsty.”

Me:  “But you are poisoning the water.”

Mara:  “I don’t have that kind of power or you would have died by my hands years ago.”

Me:  “Why do you hate me?  I was kind to you.”

Mara:  “Your shop should have been mine.  I am better than you.”

I walked past her as she mumbled her curses.  I did not feel God calling me to heal her.  As I walked upstream, I saw thousands of people drinking this bitter water.  This water was not drinkable.  I noticed that each person was spiritually dead.  The look in their eyes were lifeless.  There was no fresh drinking water.  While the river looked good to drink from, it was bitter.  I prayed…

Me:  “Lord, please turn this bitter water sweet so that they might miss good water and remember.”

An angel of God then appeared.

Angel:  “This water is bitter because these people are spiritually dead.  They chose to drink of bitterness instead of choosing to forgive and receiving water that is Living Water.  Now they drink what they produce… vomit from their mouths.  They do this instead of crying out to God.  This is all they know.  Look here.  I’ll show you.  Come.”

He bent down over the water and placed his hand in the water.  I could see the water was pure, clean and refreshing.

Angel:  “Now drink.”

I tasted this and it was wonderful and sweet.  The people then came over to drink.  Their first drink was sweet, but they then began their victim statements with their lips.  They even cursed God and the angles.  They did not see the blessing.  They had no gratitude.  The angel then bent over and turned the water back to what made them happy.

Angel:  “See.  To these, they don’t care.  The are spiritually dead.  They prefer the bitter rather than the sweet.  They then enjoy feeling sorry for themselves.  While God can give them the sweetest water and the best recompense, they would rather turn and accuse Him of their plight.  You now understand who will be here.  They enjoy this.

“Woe to those who play as a victim who are not.  Woe to those who pour out lies of evil and gathers up others to feed from her bosom.  Because of this, the people will perish as they sprout from a bitter root.  As they drink bitter water, their mouths spew out poison.  They all drink of this.

“However, the children of God are not to drink of this water lest they too will partake of water that is dead and does not lead to life everlasting.  Parents who teach their children to hate and lie will be accountable for every falsehood.”

Me:  “Angel, are we now in the time of the Seven Trumpets?  If this is wormwood… bitter water… the star fell.”

Angel:  “You are a witness.  Wormwood’s bitter water is what you see here.  These are angry.  They believe they are victims.  They drink of bitterness.”

Me:  “When is this time?”

Angel:  “This is the result of the Third Trumpet of God’s Judgment.  The water supply, both physical and spiritual, have been rendered bad.”

Me:  “The Book of Revelation is confusing.”

Angel:  “The rider with a bow has come on the white horse.  He is called ‘savior’, but he is not.  Be cautious of all who declare a man ‘messiah’ in unison.  This one is not ‘the one’ nor is he speaking for God.  He does not.  He speaks in bitterness and loathing for God and His people.

“He has a certain appearance just because he rides on a white horse.  This was the First Seal.  He has caused the most suffering by far and continues on his course.  Then the Second Seal has been broken as man wars against each other.  Then the Third Seal was broken as famine continues to sweep the nations.”

Me:  “So, does this mean we are nearing the Lord’s return?  What about the Great Revival?  When does this come?”

Angel:  “It must become worse so all are searching for God.  Hearts must be turning to God.  Do not worry though as this does not mean that your healing can’t come before and/or alongside all of this.  God has a plan and it is a perfect plan.”

Me:  “Is it possible that the seals were opened all at once as it seems as if some of these have been a result of a seal being broken?”

Angel:  “Signs from God and from Heaven come and do not stop.  Those who choose to dismiss these as phenomena or as random chance do not see that God is working.  The deceiver appeared with more signs as to who he is than anyone in history.  This is because communication and information transmission has evolved.

“God has given you this dream of those who drink from bitterness.  This will lead to spiritual death for them.  They were given fresh water to drink, but they were unable to accept that God would use the people they persecuted to help them.  They are jealous and angry.”

Sub-Dream 1 over…

Something woke me up.  I then realized that I was still very cold.  I got up and went to my devotional chair.

Me:  “Father, I am sad about the state of everything.  I am sorry I have been so troubled lately.  I am exhausted and in pain.  I believe in my heart that things will become much worse very quickly.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here and I am with you.  Do not worry.”

Me:  “Lord, in Your Word, You say ‘do not fear’ 365 times.  This is one for each day of our calendar year.”

Jesus:  “I care for both the Gentiles and the Jews.  I provide for both as I am the Messiah of them both.  Now, your recent crisis (of bitter cold) has humbled you and given you sorrow.  During your time of no lights or heat, what did I say?”

Me:  “You said, ‘Erin, I am with you.  Your house is together in peace.  When you are through this, it will become a distant memory.’  Still, I feel like I am being stripped down.  Lord, I feel tired and old.”

Jesus:  “Your name means peace.  There is a reason you were named this.  Your joy is through peace.  You are viewing an acceleration of evil.  However, this is necessary as a machine stirs up the dirt of a field to prepare it to receive the planting of seeds.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, this has been such a long process.  Could You please stop this?  This has been so difficult.”

Jesus:  “Angels are out measuring the deeds of evil, both for display and those that are hidden.  The nations will be humbled as no one is searching for Me right now.  They instead look for a cure for their pain by inflicting pain.  Remember when the angels fell.  They were scared at first.  They then became angry and then defiant.  They then approached Enoch to intervene.  Why?  Because death had occurred.

“They experienced a severing of ties from judgment.  They even played as victims only to an audience of each other.  Spiritual death leads to true death.  The enemy is working to destroy as many as possible through bitterness and all types of evil.  Justice is completely blind now as it has turned a blind eye to great evil.  But I see!  It is better for a man to repent and drink refreshing water than to drink from bitter water.

“I heard your cries.  I will warm your house.  I am with you.  I am the Prince of Peace.  You are My Bride.  The sons of perdition are the bride of the prince of fire.  He makes a home for his elect to be with him in a great lake of fire that cannot be extinguished.  While they have no fear of God, they soon will.  Now, you worry about many things.  Give these to Me.  I am with you and I long to carry you.  I love you.”

Me:  “I love You too, Lord.”

Jesus:  “Then this is settled.  Very soon, I will humble the nations.”

Dream over…

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