Dream 235 – The Final Glaze, the Bull and the Matadors

Received Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Nor’easter hits, closing schools for a second day in a row. This morning, we once again saw blue snow outside.  While the ‘blue lightning show’ could have occurred again, no one in our house saw it this time.  Perhaps we all slept through it, but only God knows?


Dear Father,

Thank You for keeping all of us safe through the recent storm! Thank You for keeping our power on.  The lights flickered several times, but our lights remained on.  Please continue to keep us safe and warm as the next wave of storms comes on top of the ice.  Last night, we had blue snow again – awesome!

There was just enough of a break in the weather to enable me to feed some apples to a mother deer and her young doe. The mother stood watch as her baby ate some slices of apple and then she cautiously ate a few as well.  After this, they both drank some water from the small stream next to our home.

Dream 1 description begins…

I was ministering to some Muslim youths in my prayer language. They were angered by this at first, but then they quickly softened.  It was an unusual dream in that I did not understand what I was saying to them in my prayer language, but they clearly could understand every word.

Dream 1 description over…

Dream 2 description begins…

I saw the Red Bull again, but this time he was larger, darker red and had massive sharp horns with steel tips. The Bull was strong and powerful and was fighting to survive.  There were a series of six matadors, each with red capes to antagonize the Bull and to draw attention away from their spears.

NOTE: The one side of the matadors’ capes facing the Bull was red, but the reverse side was covered in a variety of flags from around the world.  I only received brief flashes of the flag side, but I could tell that there were many flags in a patchwork.  Due to this brevity, I was unable to count how many flags or recognize any of the flags.

At one point, the six matadors had encircled the Bull and had begun to move in with the idea of getting close enough to strike. Three of the matadors approached the Bull from the rear, each of them with two spears to attack the Bull’s back.

These three matadors then threw five of their six spears at the Bull. However, not a single one of these five spears could penetrate the Bull and the spears fell to the ground.  The Bull then turned to face them and scraped the ground three times

However, instead of charging these three matadors, the Bull instead strategically wove in and out of each of the six matadors encircling him. He examined each of them slowly and carefully without fear as he now knew that the spears would not be able to penetrate his thick coat.

D235 Pic

Then and without warning, the Bull suddenly charged at one of the matadors, impaling him in his upper thigh. The Bull then used this man as a type of ramming device and chased down and bowled over every one of the other five matadors.

As this was an unexpected turn of events, an odd type of ‘clown bull’ was sent out to try and distract the Bull from continuing to chase down the matadors and hurting them. However, the Bull ignored this distraction and wounded two more matadors.  The ‘clown bull’ then became fearful, jumped over the wall to run away and never looked back.

After watching the two matadors getting injured, the other four matadors hid behind various objects. Since this is considered shameful in this ‘sport’, this resulted in the matadors losing their honor and pride.  The matadors later gathered together and made a mutual vow to take the Bull down in any way possible to restore their honor and pride.

I noticed that this whole event had taken place in an arena with a dirt floor. There were also many spectators present watching this event from the stands.  However, even some in the crowd decided to flee with fright at the sheer power of the Bull.

Dream 2 description over…

Father, please help me with this dream. Please continue to protect all of those whom love You.  Protect the United States.  Silence those coming against Israel.

Lord, please strengthen all of us for the times ahead. So many of us who love You are now downcast and discouraged.  While we are to wait on Your perfect timing, this can be stressful even when we are trying our hardest to obey Your command not to worry.  Father, please grant us healing and joy, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

Once again, I was on the path leading to the Potter’s House. I walked over to the rock with the little ladle and took a drink.  The water was so refreshing.  I then began to run down the path so I could visit Jesus in His Pottery Studio.

It is so beautiful here and the air is cool and fresh. As I approached His studio, I could hear singing.  I laughed as the music here is always so amazing.  The music sounded like hundreds of voices of angels, all with instruments playing perfectly behind the voices.  As I turned to walk up to the front door, I noticed that the door was open again.

Me: “Hello, it is me, Erin.  Are You here?”

The music suddenly stopped and I could hear Jesus laugh.

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, please come in.  You still have some work to do.”

He got up from where He had been sitting and hugged me.

Me: “I love it here, Lord.  Well, I love anywhere that You are, but I must admit that I just love seeing You, the Master Potter, at work!”

Jesus: “Well, I am glad to see you so joyful and excited to come.”

Me: “Lord, what are You working on?”

He pointed at one of the vessels.

Jesus: “Well, I fired that vessel twice and, as soon as I am finished with this one…”  He then pointed at a different vessel.  “…I will fire this one briefly.  I will then glaze all of these with a final glaze and put them together on a lower temperature…”  He then pointed to another tiny beautiful vessel.  “…to give them this quality to them.”

The tiny vessel He was pointing at was a stunning golden color. It also had swirling flowers that looked like blossoming hearts on it.

Me: “It is so beautiful, Lord.  Please tell me the story of this tiny vessel.”

Jesus: “Well, this one represents a child who has touched the hearts of so many.  I have used her over and over.  She is not finished yet as, through her, I will work fully.”

Me: I now had tears in my eyes.  “I hope that I will be worthy to be used too, Lord.”

Jesus: “Well, Erin, why do you think you are here?”  He smiled.  “Now, I am working on this vase.  You will love this one.”

I watched Him then paint the pot with white and silver. However, there were also shades of purples, blues and greens, only these were delicate and not bold.

As I picked up the vase I had been working on, I noticed that it had a masculine feel to it similar to the last vase I worked on.  The tree on ‘my’ vase was like an apple or pomegranate tree.

Me: Giggling.  “Why do I feel like You are personally directing each of my brush strokes?”

Jesus: “Well, yes, I am, because, ultimately, all of these are used for My purposes, right?”  He laughed.  “The tree on this one will actually be a plum tree.”

Me: “I like plums, Lord.  What is the significance of a plum in this motif?”

Jesus: “Well, what do you like about plums?”

Me: “Hmm, well, they are a bit sour when you first bite into them, but then they are sweet on the inside and quite juicy for such a small fruit.  However, I am usually never satisfied with just one though, so I usually need to eat at least two.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Yes.  Now, this is slightly different than the apple, but equally as enjoyable to partake.”

I looked over and saw a beautiful floral motif that the Lord was creating on His pot.

Me: “This one is beautiful too and very vibrant in color.  There is so much detail.  How do You have…”  I quickly stopped myself and shook my head.

Jesus: Laughing.  “How do I have the time?”

Me: “Yes, Lord.”

Jesus: “I care very much about time, Erin.  It is important to so many and I know the value of time.  However, this I can tell you.  Though your measure of God’s time is fleeting, there are many things to consider and not just by an earthly clock.  I care about what you care about.  I know that time is constant and passing.

“Just know that I care deeply for each one of these. I spend time.  I take care because I love all of you deeply.  The smallest of things to you, even that which you think is too insignificant to share with Me, well, I know this and grant even the smallest of simple requests.

“Now, each vessel matters to Me as each of them was commissioned to Me from My Father. I have completely considered each one.  At times, I have needed to re-glaze and re-fire some of them.  I have even needed to reshape some of them.  Much is at stake because your hearts matter to Me.

“While I am called to every single one, every single one does not call out to Me in return. If they only knew just how much I loved each of them, they would not do such a thing.  While all do not look to Me, I still use My vessels to pour out My miracles.

“So, now, Erin, I have spent many years preparing for this time and times. I do not run by earthly time here.  I know the plans I have for each of these vessels.  Each one is worthy and each one will be able to withstand much.”

As He spoke, He continued to work on this beautiful vessel. It had handles on the sides.  He was painting something on the front of the vase.  He then turned it to paint on the back.  As He did this, my eyes began to again tear up.

Me: “Oh Lord, there are two sparrows.  There is one sparrow on the front and another sparrow on the back.”

He slowly turned the vase to show me what He had done. It somehow appeared that it was one sparrow flying around the vase, both up and down.  There was also a nest with eggs.  It was quite beautiful and covered in subtle colors.

Jesus: Smiling.  “So, Erin, how are your pots coming along?”

Me: “I am starting on this one next.”

My next pot was sturdy and like a cylinder. It had a wide mouth and a long handle.  I began glazing the pot, first with metallic blue and then with metallic green.  I then painted a beautiful fish on it.

The fish seemed to be some sort of Pacific Salmon, but also had the beauty of a Rainbow Trout. The scales of the salmon looked like diamonds and were quite remarkable.  Even in its beauty, this vase still looked quite masculine in nature.

After I finished glazing this pot, I then moved to the next pot. This vase was also incredibly beautiful, but had two handles, just like the one Jesus was working on.  I started off by glazing this one with metallic silver.

I then painted delicate roses, berries and grass at the base. Above this, there were trees and a deer in the background.  There was also a small sparrow flying from the nest in a sky of light blue.  The mother bird was perched on a branch watching the small sparrow as she flew.

Every one of these pots was so incredibly beautiful and intricate that I could barely wait to see them finished. As I looked over at the vase Jesus was working on, I was surprised to see that He was still working on the same one.  As per usual, He knew my thoughts, just as He knows all of our thoughts.

Jesus: Smiling.  “Well, Erin, some things cannot be rushed.”

There was so much detail on the vase Jesus was working on that it looked like an amazing art piece. It took my breath away.

I smiled as I reached for a different vase. This one was small and shaped beautifully.  This vase was in a style I believe is called a ‘trumpet-style’.  This is because it looks like a lily or trumpet.  The inside was beautiful because it folded over.

I painted the top as a lily, but the base was blue, like a little pond with flowers. It looked as if a garden painting of Monet’s had been painted on this little vessel.  The vase was also covered in blues, purples, golds, pinks and whites, all with a shimmering metallic look to it.

Me: “Lord, I thought that this iridescence or metallic look does not show until after the firing of the pot?”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Hmm, well, Erin, things can be divine here.  After all, am I ever really surprised by the outcome of these pots after they have come through the fire?”  He was now laughing.

Me: Shaking my head.  “No, Lord, of course You would already know.  You are never surprised by anything.”

Jesus: “This is why I glaze and paint with full confidence.  I already know the outcome in advance.  At this point, I would not spend this time only to have it end up in pieces.  The finish glaze which goes onto this will give a luster which cannot be replicated.

“Even when the angels fell from Heaven, cast out from the Courts of God, they still had knowledge of things from Heaven. However, they then used their talents for evil.  Do you remember which of these had knowledge of metal work and weaponry, but had also taught man about adornments of jewelry and tinctures?”

Me: “Yes, Lord, but could You please remind me what tinctures are?”

Jesus: “Well, this fallen knew how to mix colors and metals and was in the area of Damascus.  This is where the strongest use of metal came from for weaponry.  These things are not what originated from man.  This knowledge was because they all once resided here.

“For instance, look at the metallic luster to this glaze. The creation and perfection of this glaze is Heavenly in origin.  However, if you trace the counterfeit earthly version of this glaze, guess where you will find its roots?”

Me: “Oh, I bet it is from Damascus?”

Jesus: “Yes.  At one point in time, the entire area of Israel, as well as the areas of her surrounding enemies, was the Promised Land.  This was a small parcel of Heaven on Earth.  Prior to this, this area was the Garden of Eden.

“This was a beautiful place, but you have only to look at the practices surrounding the temples and towers from the sons of the fallen angels to see the evidence of sin. There you will see the production of advanced weaponry and adornments.  These things encouraged sinful behavior.

“Medicinal roots were mixed with wine. There were all practices of idol worship.  They worshiped the stars and practiced the festivals of the moon.  Many pierced their bodies, but also made other modifications to their bodies as well.

“Erin, it is no different today. Even as we speak, man builds his towers and does all of these other things.  Those who hate God do these things in defiance to Me.  People now do these things in worship of other gods.”

Me: “Lord, I cannot believe how widespread these things are now.  As just one example, Yoga is common place now, even amongst believers.  This is literally the worship of other gods.  People modify their bodies by injections, implants and beauty treatments.  Almost everyone colors their hair now as well.”

I suddenly became worried when I realized that I was currently doing some of these things.

Me: “Oh Lord, please forgive me as I color my hair, use makeup and had my ears pierced when I was eight years old.”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, but you do these things in modesty.”  He smiled.  “Now, why would I do this?  After visiting Me here for over four years, do you believe that I would have not just told you if these were of concern to Me?”

Me: “Yes, Lord.”  I felt relieved.  “It is now so sad.  I see the mixing of religions.  I see the acceptance of gay marriage, abortions and genetically modified foods.  The list goes on and on.  Just the other day I watched a show where a woman proudly admitted to adding Xanax pills into her wine and fruit smoothies.

“Lord, I see more and more psychics who claim to speak with angels. I see the widespread practice of things like new age crystal therapy.  It seems that anyone who now speaks against anything sinful is labeled hateful, judgmental or both.

“It is so hard to be a Christian now. If we are not strengthened by You soon, we will perish before long.  Your Word even says that, in the last days, many people will no longer eat meat, practicing vegetarianism instead.”

Jesus: “There is no longer peace.  Every practice is now becoming contrary to every good action.  This means that what was once an abomination is now acceptable practice.

“Despite widespread diseases caused by ingesting poisons…”  He suddenly downloaded images of drugs, both legal and illegal.  “…and engaging in sinful relations, people do not want to stop.

“Instead, they find the means to aid them in their ability to continue on their course. Along with this, they practice all manners of the opposite of the Fruits of the Spirit, the opposite of the very things from Heaven that give a man a good life on Earth and in Eternity.”

Jesus smiled at me and held up the vase He had been working on for me to look at.

Jesus: “Well, Erin, what do you think?”

Me: “Oh Lord, it is absolutely beautiful.”

Jesus: “I strengthened this vessel with a heavier coat of special glazing and applied it both on the inside and on the outside.”

Me: Crying.  “Lord, the sparrow on Your vase has a gold heart!  It is so beautiful.”

Jesus: He smiled as He hugged me.  “Now, Erin, when you come back next (to the Potter’s Studio), I will have put on the final glaze and they will have already been through the kiln.”  He laughed.  “Oh yes, I should mention that I used some salt in this glaze as well.”

I laughed as He said this and then turned around to point at the rack of pots behind me.

Me: “I cannot wait to see all of these too.”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, but there will be a first grouping and then another grouping.”  He smiled.  “I still have much to do.”

Me: “Can I do anything to help You, Lord?  Can I help glaze some more pots with You?”

Jesus: Smiling.  “No, Erin, but thank you for offering.  You were here to help Me with the five vessels that you just finished glazing.  Now, do not worry as I plan on using you for My purposes.  You will help many.

“However, for all of these pots…” He pointed at a rack of pots.  “…like the time I have spent with these pots…”  He then pointed to the two pots He had just finished, along with the five pots that I had just finished with His help.  “…I must take the same special care to finish these also.

“It is important that each one of these can hold what I will pour into them.” He smiled.  “Each one will also have to display My splendor upon them.”

Me: “Lord, You are wonderful and gloriously mysterious.  I love being here with You.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “I love having you here with Me.”

Me: I hugged Him.  “Thank You, Lord.”

Jesus: “Now, I know that you have had a difficult time recently.  There has been a deployment of evil upon the Earth, but now it will accelerate even faster than before.  Remain in Me.  The things of this world have lost their luster and only an illusion of the former things remains.

“Israel is in the crosshairs of the enemy again. Pray for her protection.  Your treasures, Erin, are here.  The treasures of God’s people wait here with Me.  I look for willing hearts.  I hear those who look to Me and cry out.  There is still time, but not long.  Do not worry.  I am with you.”

Me: “Lord, this seems so serious.”

Jesus: “It is, Erin.  There is the threat of trouble all around you.  Pray for those who have divided households as the enemy wants division amongst parents and children, husbands and wives.  A house divided cannot stand.  Do not worry as your house will stand.

“Now, come back in a few days to see the finished product, okay? In the meantime, find joy and laughter.  I love you.”

Me: “I love You, Lord.  I’ll be back.”

He smiled at me as He reached over to hug me.

Dream over…


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