Dream 242 – Jesus and the Stages of a Butterfly

Received on Monday, May 1, 2017


Dear Father of all of Creation, Heaven and Earth, every living thing, You are wonderful!

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

This morning while taking communion, the sun was shining so brightly behind You that I could barely see Your face. I was glad, so glad, to be near You, if only in my vision.

You then reached over to hold my hand while I took communion. As soon as You touched my hand, I felt a charge of love come through my hand to my heart.  I then put my head down and rested my cheek on Your hand as You stroked my hair.

Me: “I love You, Lord.  Thank You.”

Jesus: “Erin, I am able to see into a person’s heart and I hear every thought.  I see all that they imagine as even what they imagine is an extension of their heart.  While some of these imaginations are good…”  He laughed.  “…others are not so good.

“While I will sometimes grant the desires of a person’s thoughts and imaginations…” He again laughed.  “…just know that I will also sometimes allow tests or trials based on these as well, whether requested or not.

“I know that you sometimes wonder whether your visions are merely from your own imagination. However, I tell you the truth, Erin, if only everyone would imagine Me as you do.

“Now, how many do you believe imagine sitting next to Me in My House, at My table, taking communion with Me? How many do you believe imagine Me walking with them or imagine Me healing them?  How many do you believe truly do this, Erin?”

Me: “Lord, I truly have no idea.”

Jesus: “Virtually no one does this.  Those that do are usually old men close to death, people who are ill and near their end, those in peril and…”  Smiling.  “…children.  However, you, Erin, truly love My company.  You willingly follow Me and love Me with all of your heart.”

Me: “Yes, Lord.  However, I came to You from a point of brokenness and desperation and I could have easily been like them.  In fact, I know that I still am in so many ways.  Oh Lord, my heart now breaks at the trouble that I have had.  My heart breaks at all of the loss of time with my children as I can never get this back.

“Time marches on and is so cruel. I cannot get a ‘do-over’ in this world.  However, even if I could, I would not want to now as all of this has led me to You.  You are my Best Friend and the Lover of my soul.  You know every part of me and You still love me.  You love me even when I ‘lost my noodles’ yesterday.”

As background, I had found some special noodles yesterday and was all set to buy them. However, the clerk then noticed that the item had expired and called over the manager for a discount.  The manager then refused to sell them to me as they are not allowed to sell expired goods.

I was upset as I still wanted to buy them and tried to explain that the noodles would still be okay. The manager would have none of it and my husband had to later calm me down as I had…sparrow rant…really, really wanted these noodles.  I had been searching for these particular noodles for months and had been unable to find them until now.

Jesus: Laughing.  “Oh Erin, this is the way of the world.  I tell you the truth, when food is scarce, that woman will recall the bags of noodles and wish for them.”  He smiled.  “Do not worry, Erin, as I will help you find them later today.”  (Which He did later that same day – smiles!)

“Now, and more importantly than this, you have stayed with Me. Even when I was silent, you still pursued Me.  It was because of this that I kept you from harm.  Though you lost much, you gained Me.  I saw all of the evil imaginations and intentions from men who wanted your death.  These men were unaware, and remain unaware, that I see and have not forgotten each of their evil thoughts.”

Me: Crying.  “Yes, Lord, but I have not been perfect either.  I have made so many mistakes.  Please forgive me as I have made so many mistakes myself.”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, but you now sit here with Me and you are forgiven.  I have even turned and used those things that you are ashamed of or have been accused of for My glory.”

I instantly saw myself at various design showrooms, fabric outlets and showrooms, antique shops and retail stores.

Me: “Lord, You have somehow taken even my materialism and used it for Your glory!”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Erin, while this is difficult to understand, it was Me that led you down this course.  Now, why would I do it this way?

“Well, if I had not allowed your injury, perhaps you would have worshipped your body. If I had allowed you to succeed in sport, perhaps you would have been driven to the material world, as well as pretense.  If I had made you an artist, perhaps your life would have been reclusive.  The list goes on and on, Erin.

“Instead, I gave you just enough of a desire for all things beautiful. You see the lovely in things that are old or new, inexpensive or expensive, of nature or of craftsmanship.  I taught you to appreciate beauty.  Even though you could have, the items that you have been given have not been used to be boastful or gain prominence.

“I allowed all of this so that you and your children could enjoy your homes together. Even though it seemed as if I had forgotten you at times, I did not.  While you were unaware of this at times, I spoke to you and put you forth as a measure for others, but especially for those who claim to love Me that stood in judgment of you and have never stopped doing so.

“What they do not understand is that I have blessed you where you are from the very beginning. No matter how much the enemy petitioned for your destruction, I protected you because you loved Me.  Even when the enemy had you lose everything, stripping your status by using your ‘friends’ and neighbors, you continued to love Me.

“While this was humiliating, I still provided you with items that made you smile. Even though you were later forced to live in a smaller place, you were still judged by those around you.  Even when, later still, you barely had anything left, you were still judged.

“Your heart is good, Erin, and I know that all you do today is now done to bring comfort to those inside of your home and to keep the darkness outside. I then sent you a husband, My friend, and someone who sees as you do.  He and you are as one.  Continue to give all glory to Me for all that you have received.

“However, do not ever feel ashamed for what you have been given or what you are about to receive. Remember that all good gifts come from Me and that no good things come from the adversary.  He wants you destroyed, shamed, humiliated and abased.  Anyone who comes into your life to do the enemy’s work should be removed as they are a hindrance.”

Me: “Lord, I had a dream about three carpet beetles, but they were red and black instead of white and black.”  As I spoke this, I noticed that a beetle was walking across the arm of my chair that I was sitting in to write.  “Okay, Lord, what does this mean?”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Read about this and then come back to Me with your findings.”

I paused and did some research. I then went back to speak with Him on this.

Me: “Lord, I looked this up on the internet.  These beetles eat keratin or protein, as well as natural materials such as wool, feathers, silk and linen.  They are even used in natural history museums to clean off all of the skin and meat off of collected bones.  However, they can also be quite destructive if they are allowed to lay eggs.  They also eat the dead carcasses of spiders, flies, insects and animals.”

Jesus: “Interesting.  So, they are carcass feeders?”

Me: “Yes.  They are even used to determine the time of death in criminal cases due to the constant rate in which they eat meat off of the bone.”

Jesus: “They also tend to eat the ‘good fibers’, things that are comfortable, natural and breathable.”

Me: Laughing.  “Yes, they certainly seem to enjoy eating the ‘more valuable’ of the fibers.”

Jesus: “Do they eat more than even moths do?”

Me: “Hmm, I guess so, but I am not sure?  Now, what am I to do next?  What does all of this mean?”

Jesus: “As the beetle you just found on your chair is older, it feeds on leaves and trees.  They will often wander inside when it is raining as they look for warmth.  Do not worry, Erin, as they have no ambitions, even though the younger ones do.”  He laughed.  “Now, what do you think of all of this?”

Me: “Well, the first thing that comes to mind is where these natural fibers come from.

  • Wool comes from sheep
  • Silk is rare and comes from the silk worm and moth
  • Feathers come from birds
  • Linen comes from cotton flax
  • Protein comes from meat

“All of these things are valuable, expensive and not easily produced, especially linen and silk.”

Jesus: “Well, Erin, you are like this to Me.  You matter to Me.  I have knit you and I know you.  This process was much more intricate than even silk woven from a silk worm or flax, cotton and fibers made into yarn from plants and loomed into fine coats.  I have brought you this far and your life is not over.

“The beauty I have created in and around you, as well as every extension of you, is dazzling to Me. I delight in you even as the mirror lies to you.  The mirror shows your battles, your wrinkles and the stain of the sun on your surfaces.

“However, do not fear as I am not finished with you. What I have started in you, I will complete.  I did not leave you in the ‘Valley of Dry Bones’.  I did not walk away to leave you to the beetles to pick clean the carcasses of My Sheep.  This is not how I work.

“Now, and soon, I will transform you like a butterfly. Now, what stages are there in this transformation?  Do you know?”  Laughing.  “Perhaps you can read about this and let Me know?”

I laughed and went to research this. I then went back to speak with Him.

Me: “There seems to be four distinct stages:

  1. Egg
  2. Caterpillar
  3. Pupa
  4. Butterfly

Jesus: “Let’s start with the ‘Egg Stage’.  The Egg Stage is the family that you are placed in at birth.  Like glue, you are shaped and adhered to them.  You are fed where you are by your surroundings until you reach the stage of ‘consumption’, the ‘Caterpillar Stage’.

“In the Caterpillar Stage, they crawl and eat leaves. They have many legs, but only have three pairs of ‘true’ legs.  They can also produce silk depending on the call or variety that I have selected for them.  This stage is like the journey to find Me.  There are many things surrounding them to consume and this represents worldly distractions.

“It is from this consumption, or their ‘journey’, that then leads them to Me. Some journeys are more difficult than others, but they all arrive at the same place – ‘wandering’.  The caterpillar eventually stops feeding and then wanders in the desert or wilderness looking for a suitable site.”

“However, Erin, this was not you leading all of this. Instead, it was Me directing you to this stage and bringing you here.  While you sometimes believed that I had left you hanging upside down and suspended on a tree, this is not the case.  I first spun you with silk and then, from the inside, I reshaped you.  While you may now look like a dead leaf from other’s points of view based on your exterior, this is not how I see you.”

Me: “Yes, Lord, but I truly feel this way right now.”

Jesus: “Yes, but you and they assume incorrectly as this is chrysalis, or ‘Christ formation’, and only looks like sleeping.  This is the ‘Pupa Stage’ and the pupa, ‘My Pupils’, are very much alive.  Then, and in just a short while, it all changes.”

Me: “Yes, Lord, but how long will this take?”

Jesus: “Usually this stage takes around 30 to 40 days.  However, I now want to bring you back to the ‘Caterpillar Stage’ for just a moment.  Did you notice that their skin growth cannot keep up with their expansion and growth?  New skin grows under the old and the old skin constantly sheds or molts.”

Me: “Yes, Lord, this is called ‘instar’.”

Jesus: “Erin, this is how I made your skin.  The making of your skin to be ‘thicker’ is actually a parable of endurance.  You are going from strength to strength and, with you, Erin, ‘instars’ are like ‘bridges’.  You shed them by crossing over them.  You have shed your skin many times.  Each time you shed your skin, you grow even more beautiful.

“Though it may look as if you are resting here in the wilderness attached to the trees in chrysalis, you really are not. Though it appears as if you are now sleeping, you are really being shaped and prepared for your next stage.”

Me: I suddenly became worried.  “Oh Lord, please help me!  According to the lifecycle of a butterfly, some of them have entire lifecycles that last just a month or so.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Well, do not worry, Erin, as we are talking about you right now, not butterflies.”

We both started to laugh, but I was also relieved. I (yet again) shook my head at my silly thoughts and worries.

Me: “I guess what I really want to know is ‘when’, Lord, when will I be ready?”

Jesus: “Soon, My Butterfly.”  We both laughed again.  “Now, which butterfly was your favorite?”

As background, Jesus was referring to a garden that we had recently toured that had an abundance of butterflies flying around on display in an enclosed glass house. We were able to walk around where they were and the following is one of the pictures I had taken.

D242 Butterfly

Me: “I think that I loved the massive beautiful blue ones the most.”

However, I then thought of some of the other ones that were equally as enjoyable, though in a different way.

Me: “Well, I really don’t know which one was my favorite as each was so beautiful in their own unique way.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Agreed.  Hmm, perhaps this is another lesson.”

For some reason, Him saying this instantly brought tears to my eyes. He held my hand and looked at me with tenderness beyond earthly description.

Me: “I love You, Lord.”

Jesus: “I love you, Erin.”

Dream over…


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