Dream 243 – Jesus, Archangel and the Rise of the Hidden Enemy

Received on Sunday, May 7, 2017


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day! Thank You for our home.  Thank You for Your love.  Thank You for what You have done and are about to do.  Lift the Veil!  Please lift the veil!

Thank You for keeping us safe. My husband and I had recently travelled a few hours by airplane to see my doctor.  Thank You for protecting our children while we were away.  I do not like this separation of miles.

Father, I am still in so much pain and it hurts to be in my state. However, I know, and sometime soon, that You will heal my brokenness and use me for Your glory.  I had a dream a few nights ago that involved the Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida.

Dream 1 description begins…

Over 50% of the Epcot Center had now been turned into an Islamic cultural exhibit. The areas of Germany, Italy, France, Norway, UK and Canada had been completely removed to make room for the exhibit.

In addition, around 50% of the USA exhibit had been removed in order to make room for a broader spectrum of ‘cultural significance’. I noticed that the only areas in the World Section of Epcot left untouched were for the countries of China, Japan and Mexico.

The area for Morocco had now been enlarged to make room for an expansion of North Africa, but notably for Algeria and Libya. While Egypt now also had its own area, both Sudan and Somalia also had areas within this section.

It seemed that the largest area of the exhibit was now geared towards the countries of Turkey, Iran, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The UAE section also included exhibits for the countries of Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.

This large area displayed great innovations and technological advances and was almost entirely focused on the future. However, there was also an exhibit called ‘Never Forget’ that included Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen.

In general, the majority of greeters for this exhibit were either from Jordan or Turkey. These greeters served as both the hosts and tour guides.  In order to not insult the greeters, every woman had to first purchase scarves and put them on before even being allowed to enter the park.

There was one exhibit in particular that really stood out to me. This exhibit was called ‘The Mosul Exhibit’ and was a live simulation of a war torn city, complete with threats, bombs and bloodshed.  However, what I found most disturbing was that parts of this exhibit were not ‘simulated’, but were very real and lethal.

While not confirmed in the dream, I had the impression that people in the USA were now being required to visit Epcot. It seemed as if each person had a scheduled time to do so in order to continue to prove that they were sufficiently ‘diverse’.  I also had the impression that this was after the Rapture as I did not see any younger children at all.

When a person arrived at Epcot, they were required to carry an entry badge upon purchasing entry. In turn, no one was allowed to leave Epcot until they could prove, via a stamp on their entry badge, that they had toured the inside of ‘The Mosul Exhibit’.

Each tour of ‘The Mosul Exhibit’ would involve around 50 or so people entering at the same time. However, what made this so difficult for me to witness was that each tour group would involve at least three to five people being actually killed or horribly maimed in the exhibit.  This involved even women and older ‘children’ and was just awful to watch.

At the end of ‘The Mosul Exhibit’, each of the survivors were then forced to receive a Quran. When leaving Epcot, those who did not have both their entry badges stamped and a copy of the Quran were then forced to go through ‘The Mosul Exhibit’ again.  To make matters even worse, their vehicles were promptly seized for not complying.

Dream 1 description over…

Father, after witnessing this dream, I really do not want anything to do with Disney again. Please do not allow this to happen as this was just awful for me to witness.

My next dream was also a very dark dream. However, this dark dream was also dark because the landscape beyond the area of focus was void of light.  The Lord will often do this in order to draw my attention to the main features of the dream.

While the Epcot dream had very dark content, it was still in broad daylight as if I was actually in Orlando, Florida touring the exhibits during the daytime. However, this dream was different as all of the outer areas were void of light.

Dream 2 description begins…

I was now transformed, both changed and healed, but somehow still appeared to others as a normal person. I was dressed casually and was wearing a baseball cap and sweats.  It seemed like I was in Carmel, California, but it could have even been anywhere else that looked like Southern California.

The city or village area here was very beautiful and was lined with quaint shops. I had walked there from the Inn that I was staying at, along with my husband and daughter.  As we came up to the quaint shops, we immediately noticed that they had all now been taken over by various plastic surgeons, laser skin treatment places, body sculpting parlors and tattoo shops.

We then noticed that there were no longer any restaurants and that only detox diet drinks and the like were now available for purchase. There were no longer any places serving meat and the only things available to eat were either fruit or vegetable based.

While there were other people wandering around, my husband pointed out that he was virtually the only man there. As we walked around, people kept coming up to us and asking us ‘who had done our work?’  While we then replied that God was our physician, not one single person wanted to hear this.

After we had stated this, people soon started to become belligerent towards us. We decided we would now keep this to ourselves as we were there for a different purpose and did not want the distraction of any potential conflicts.

We observed as people went in and came out of these various shops. While they actually ended up looking much, much worse than when they had went in, everybody lied to each other about how much an improvement it was.  We kept hearing things such as, ‘Oh, you look fabulous!’, ‘you look amazing!’ and on and on.

The Lord told us that there was not one single person there that thirsted for Him. All they would have needed to do was turn to Him and they would have been healed.  Instead, they all preferred this treatment that was actually making them worse.

As we looked at the signs on the fronts of various doctors’ offices, we noticed that they were advertising that they were the ones responsible for the ‘Transformers’ new look. The three of us could not help but laugh when we realized that those of us transformed to be part of God’s ‘army’ were now being referred to as ‘The Transformers’.

While people were now lining up to be surgically changed, not one of them was looking to be spiritually saved. I searched the crowd and they all looked so void of life.  This was all truly heartbreaking for me to witness.

Dream 2 description ends…

Father, it is so difficult to imagine all of this soon happening. However, it is now so painfully obvious that all of this is already unfolding right before our very eyes.  The world is changing more and more rapidly now and it is impossible for us to catch up with all that is happening without Your divine assistance.

I miss the world the way it was just 15 or 20 years ago. This is all so difficult now.  It seems as if there are no ethics and promises are broken without a second thought.

As just one example of so many, the insurance company that I deal with through the State of Washington will not cover my disability unless I am seen by my doctor. However, to see my doctor, it is very expensive to travel there.

The pattern they use is the same every time. They threaten to cut off my benefits if I do not see my doctor.  They then promise to cover the expenses of travel to see him, but will not do so until after we have seen him.  Once we have seen him, they then back out of reimbursing us, but only after I have already spent the money to travel.

In reality, this is a form of extortion. So far, with the four trips we have now taken, they have only covered $1,000.  This is just a small fraction of the more than $12,000 we have now spent.  Yet, if I do not see my doctor, they will cut me off of disability.

However, they could really cut me off at any time and for any reason. That is just how this corrupt system operates.  Even my doctor has told me that he has never had to deal with such a poor system as the one that exists in Washington State.

Father, please make them pay us what they owe us. I am not asking for any more than what they owe, only for what they had promised and what is right.  I have to go back to my doctor again in a few months and cannot imagine how we will do this again.

Please heal me, Father, so I no longer have to deal with these snakes. I am tired now and would like to be healed so that I never have to deal with this corrupt organization again.  They drain my joy whenever I have to deal with them.

Lord, even if You delay my healing, perhaps You could create another way so that I am not at their mercy and under their law anymore. This system does not even allow for me to stop even if I wanted to.  It seems that the only way out of this is to be healed in order for my case to finally be closed.

Father, I also had a deeply disturbing image in a dream that I still cannot shake. The visions from this dream have stayed with me for a few days now.

Dream 3 description begins…

I was standing with an archangel of the Lord, but I was not sure which one. As I stood next to him in his armor at the overlook in Heaven, though not a toddler, I felt as but a toddler in relationship to his size.  As I studied the angel, he looked over at me to draw my attention to some land in the heart of the Middle East.

I could see that Israel was to the west and south of a highlighted land, a land that was therefore northeast of Israel. As I stood watching, I saw what looked like an earthquake, complete with plates shifting.  It then looked as if the ground had formed into a giant egg and was now hatching a massive black hook as a sprout.

D243 Pic 1

As I continued to watch this sprout grow, it quickly turned into a tree with ten massive branches. The branches looked like spider’s legs.

D243 Pic 2

The tree grew and grew and soon had created a massive canopy like a spider web over the entire Earth. This canopy then formed into something that looked like the anatomy of an eyeball.  While this ‘eye’ focused in on Earth, it also seemed to focus towards Heaven at the same time as if to mock God.

D243 Pic 3

The tree trunk appeared to now be like the nerve ending of this giant eyeball. As I looked on all of this, I found it to be very unsettling and felt disturbed in my Spirit.  The angel then drew my attention to some small areas that appeared to be types of valleys that dotted the world.

Me: “Angel, what am I looking at?”

Angel: “Erin, these are the ‘Valleys of Dry Bones’.  There are seven of them.”

Me: “Who are in these, angel?”

Angel: “The dead in Christ.  However, there is one more, Erin.  The ‘eighth’ is Israel.”

Me: I became excited.  “Wow, this is from Ezekiel 37, correct?”

Angel: “Erin, there is much more to this.  Remember, God’s people are the apple of His eye.  No matter what attempts to veil you, God is stronger and is the Creator of both Heaven and Earth.

“The tree that you see below grows, but it is charred, blackened in fire. Though this tree grows, since it is dead, it only appears to grow ‘with life’.  To those that fall under the shade of its canopy, they even see beauty in death.  As they are no longer in the light, they now sit in the darkness of the cover of this.  This deception is far reaching.

“While God’s people were fighting amongst themselves, hurling the Word of God against each other and accusing each other of being false, there were those who were watching them, witnessing their fighting. The time spent tearing down the churches from within has now left a heap of rubble and an open door.”

As the angel spoke, I then saw denominations of churches springing up after branching off from their parent churches. I then saw these churches crumbling from within and the only thing remaining being the frame of an open door.

As I looked closer at these open doors, I saw that only young children were now exiting. These children were then fleeing to the streets and running after the ‘gods’ of this world.  I then saw both America and the world and saw that all of these empty churches were now dotting the landscape like empty tombs.

Me: “Angel, this is so sad.  Who are all of these children?”

Angel: “These children are those that are the same ages as your children.  These children are this generation and the generation before them.  These are those who are raised today.”

Me: “But angel, there are still some children left who still worship God, love Jesus and even watch for His return.”

Angel: “Yes, Erin, but the children who still do this now reside in a different worship center.  The foundations of these past places have now crumbled.  Things have decayed and what once was can never be again until the Lord comes to restore peace and establish His reign in Jerusalem.  Now, Erin, this was not meant to frighten you, but rather was meant to open your eyes to the coming times.”

Me: “Angel, speaking of time, I recently saw something that was shown to me by a different angel.  While I did not see him close enough to know for sure, I believe he may even be the angel ‘Breakthrough’ as he did not actually speak to me.

“This angel had used gestures to draw my attention to an event that I can no longer recall. However, I still vividly remember a clock that was sitting next to this highlighted event.  The clock was like a steamer ship clock and was made of untarnished brass.  It looked heavy, deep and quite thick.

D243 Pic 4

Note:  Drawing seems to shows 10:58pm, but this is only because I accidentally reversed the big hand with the little hand when I drew this.  Sorry!

“As I looked at the clock, I could read that it was now five minutes to midnight, or 11:55pm. However, the large hand suddenly clicked backwards to 11:54pm for just a second or two and then clicked forward to 11:56pm.

“Before I could ask why, the angel pointed out to a field. I noticed that the field was all black and then woke up.  Angel, what does this all mean?”

Angel: “The hour is late, Erin.  While the church was busy destroying itself from within, an enemy, and enemies, arose from the east.  A sleeping giant had awakened and had sprouted a hook like iron.

“This hook then gave birth and has since grown underground with roots so deep that they now come from the blackest depths of Sheol. This tree then sprouted and grew into ten branches.  The tree grows from the river that it drinks from.

“However, this tree does not drink from the river which makes glad the City of God, that which refreshes and brings forth life, but rather it drinks black and thick ‘water’. However, this ‘water’ is not truly water, but rather it is oil, and not the oil of joy and peace.  This is not the oil for anointing, but rather is the oil for worldly consumption.

“This ‘water’ then led to a different consumption, a consuming fire that seeks destruction by fire and the sword. It is a massive machine that is turning up the soil because it can.  It is an invading army that will descend on Israel like a cloud and like a swarm of locusts.

“Where this machine goes, it takes ownership. No one on Earth can stop it.  God will therefore raise up His army and the Lord will come upon the clouds with His vast army.  There will be a hook placed in the mouths of those sent to enslave His people.”

Me: “Angel, when will this be?”

Angel: “Why concern yourself with time?  Can you not see that the time is already upon you?  Time is God’s to control.  Erin, you would be wise to seek His counsel as I do not know that which you seek.”

Me: “Angel, I am afraid as each branch of this unholy tree seems to enter into every area of our lives.  It enters into all that we consume, whether it is food or oil.  For that matter, it also enters into all that we view, hear and even touch.  All of the major publishing companies are now owned by them, not to mention the banks, the media, the…”

Angel: “Yes, Erin.  While those in the church were veiled, fighting amongst themselves or both, the enemy saw this as a great opportunity to seize.  However, you are not to be afraid as God is with you and will not abandon you.  Just know that the deception in place is already much greater than even that which you have seen or observed.”

Me: “Oh angel, all of this seems to be coming out of nowhere right now.  It seems as if everything has changed dramatically in just the last five to seven years.”

I was about to describe a purchase I had recently made for one of my sons on line, but the angel nodded at me to indicate that he already knew about this. However, as background, I will describe what recently happened in detail.

I went onto a site that seemed quite pro-American and had purchased a backpack for my son that had an American flag on it. After making this purchase, I started searching some of the ‘less obvious’ parts of this site.

As I continued to search deeper on the site, I soon found various items that were either pro-Trump, anti-Islamic or anti-ISIS. It was a bit controversial to say the least.  At first, this seemed, in a way, to confirm that the backpack I had just purchased was from an American site, even though I was just realizing how controversial this website was.

It was not until a few days later that I had noticed that the payee of the amount for the backpack was to a man with a Muslim sounding name. As I had not yet heard from this site about confirmation or shipping information on my purchase, I decided to contact the head office of the account that I had paid for this from.

Me: “Could you please tell me where this company was from?”

Woman: “While I am not allowed to give you any details, I am able to tell you that this particular company is about eight to twelve hours ahead of your time zone there on the East Coast.”

Me: “Are there any bad reports about this particular company?”

Woman: “While I am not really allowed to tell you this either, there really hasn’t been any noteworthy reports.  Did you want to open a claim?”

Me: “No, I really do not have any reason to at this point.”

After we ended the call, I decided to pray to Jesus for help. He then led me to compose a letter using wording that I would typically never use.  However, what was really interesting is that He then had me finish the letter with the term ‘God speed’.  This was quite odd as this was a term I had never even used before.

The Lord then revealed to me that all of the orders for this company were being tracked for their addresses and locations. I shuddered as I then realized that, had I ordered something that was anti-Islamic or anti-ISIS, this company would have now known where I stood.  If this company knew this, then the enemy would too!

Shortly after completing and sending the note exactly how the Lord had instructed me to, I promptly received a confirmation message of shipping and received the goods shortly thereafter. I decided to then look up the meaning of ‘God speed’ to the Islamic world and realized they must have thought that either I was one of them or with the CIA.

The Lord then told me to not worry as it really did not matter. Since I own nothing and have very little in the bank, I was really no threat to the enemy at this point.  In other words, the banks track your purchasing patterns and behaviors, all of your financial comings and goings, and weigh this to decide ‘your net worth’ to them.

Me: “Oh angel, God has placed so many things on my heart recently!”

Angel: “Then list all that God has placed upon you and write it plainly.  Do not be afraid, Erin, as God is with you and will not abandon you to the grave or leave you to be overcome by the enemy.  You are loved.”

He pointed back to the eye again, but then directed me to look at Israel as she sat in the land behind it. As I looked at Israel, I saw that there was now an apple sitting in the middle of her.  I smiled at this, but then woke up.

Dream 3 description ends…

Father, please strengthen all of us. Please lift up our heads and fill us with Your supernatural gifts of the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Rouse us out of our slumber and grant us supernatural life.  As it stands now, I am like the walking dead.

Recently, I overheard two Muslim women talking about me at a store and was surprised when the Lord granted me the ability to understand their language. I was in shock as they had both looked at me, smiled at each other and then referred to me as a ‘white devil pig’.

Oh please, Father, raise us up. I am now old and full of years.  If we are to truly witness and work for You, please make us as we were in our youth.  I cannot do anything without You.  Oh Lord, I love You so much!

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was immediately before Jesus as He sat under a beautiful tree. He smiled at me as He stood to His feet and opened His arms.  I ran to Him and He hugged me.

Jesus: “I am glad to see you, Erin.  You have been busy.”

Me: Laughing.  “Yes, Lord, but not nearly as busy as You, My Lord.”

I then curtsied towards Him. He laughed and smiled at my gesture.

Jesus: Laughing.  “Very well then, Erin, you are correct. Now, what have you discovered recently?”

Me: “That the difference between a living tree and a dead tree is obviously…”  I looked up into His eyes and smiled.  “…obvious!”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Which one do you prefer the shade of?”

Me: “Oh Lord, this one.”  I pointed up at the tree we were under.  “I see no death in this one.  All I see are beautiful branches supported by a strong trunk.  I see beautiful buds, green leaves and even some new fresh fruit.  It is wonderful here and I feel so safe.  Everything is alive here as this is the Tree of Life.”  He smiled at my response.

Jesus: “Now, I know that, at times, it seems as if I have abandoned the world.  However, I have not and I am always there with you.  I have recently placed knowledge on your heart.  However, some of this was not new, but from a long time ago.”

Me: “Yes, Lord, but I guess I should have taken this more seriously.  You first showed me that the quality of garments was deteriorating and that clothing, such as cotton, was becoming thinner and thinner.  You showed me that mortgages are owned by banks from all over the world, but that many are really owned by Middle Eastern companies.

“You showed me that things like piercings and tattoos were on the rise and that the media was becoming more and more slanted. Even interior designs were now revolving around the principles found in the Eastern Religions.

“You showed me that the West was slowly eroding and that the great deception was already here amongst us. While we were fighting amongst ourselves, they then came.”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, they came as a ‘Thief in the Night’ and now seek the spoils.  Their hope is now for the plunder of the land.  You are unable to stand against a giant wave or swarm of invaders on your own.  It is only I Who is with you that can stand against these, not he who is in the world.  Since I am with you and My Spirit is in you, you have no need to worry.  Now, I gave you a date to mark.  Do you remember the date?”

Me: “Yes, Lord.  It is the date that my mother had told me in a dream.  She told me that I needed to be ready and have my affairs in order by September 23rd, 2017.  However, I am still not sure why she had given me this.”

Jesus: “This marks a celebration of the triune of a nation.”

He prompted me to take a quick look on the internet, so I searched for the date on Google. After finding what I thought related to what we were discussing, I went back to inform Him of my findings.

Me: “Lord, this is the time of the unification of a nation in the Middle East, a ‘sleeping giant’.”

Jesus: “Erin, they have not been sleeping.  The tree that you were shown has roots there.  Jeremiah prophesized about a cup and a sword.  You have only to understand who Ishmael is to understand the roots of their fury.

“Now, who controls the cities of Mecca and Medina? What gods founded these cities?  Look at the barren land surrounding these cities.  Do you see that My favor has not been upon these cities of false deities?”

Me: “Oh Lord, if You do not strengthen us, we will not be able to survive.  Even our food is now supplied by those in control.  Our…”  I paused when I saw Jesus look at me with empathy.  “Oh Lord, You already know that all is controlled by others.  Even our debt is controlled and we are now slaves, though most of us do not know it yet.”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, but Who is God over all?  Am I worried at all?”  He smiled at me.  “Erin, they do not control God and I am with You.”  He smiled at me again.  “If I had not called you Mine, then you would have cause to worry.  Since you are Mine, Erin, then do not worry.

“Though their hope is in Ishmael, he is gone. He cannot redeem them as only I am the Redeemer of the world.  They do not know Me, Erin, but you do.  The times of the prophets are being fulfilled, Erin, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah and the others.

“This is a time to rejoice. Look up, Erin, for I am coming to build a great and vast army.  I will do all that I have said that I would.  I will strengthen and heal you, your household and others.  Now, there is work to do.  Are you ready?”

Me: “Yes, Lord.  While my heart is ready, well, my body…not so much.”

Jesus: “Do not worry, Erin, I have you.  You reside under My Canopy, My Cover, the Bridal Veil.”

He smiled and pointed up to the tree. As I looked up, He bent over and gently kissed my forehead.

Dream over…


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