Dream 255 – God, Jesus and Spreading Seed in the Storm of Battle

Finished on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Received on Sunday, August 6, 2017


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day! Thank You for my family and my friends.  I could already smell Fall in the air back in July.  This seemed so early compared to normal.  I thought that this was just a fluke though as it became ‘summer-like’ and hot immediately after.

However, just this morning, I looked out the window and counted four different trees that had leaves that were already turning gold and red. How is this even possible when July is now just barely over?

I noticed that this seemed to be particularly prevalent on the maple trees. If it had been a wet summer, perhaps this would have contributed to this, but the precipitation has not really been anything that out of the ordinary.

I have continued to place food outside to feed the pretty little birds and the furry little friends that come to visit us. However, I recently noticed that the squirrels and chipmunks are now foraging as if it were about to snow.  I have also noticed a few ‘halo moons’, which I have learned can also be a sign of a soon brutal winter.

The monarch butterflies were here not that long ago as well, but it seems as if they have already left. The fireflies that were here for about three to four weeks earlier in the summer are already now gone as well.

The little nuthatches are gathering sunflower seeds and burying them in the trees. However, I also saw two woodpeckers together on the same tree.  I have been told that this is rare and can also be a sign of a coming hard winter.  I soon realized that the two woodpeckers were there to steal the nuthatches stash of seeds.

While I do not know why I have felt a need to put out food for the animals in this particular year, I have continued to do this. However, I try to do this only occasionally and without any noticeable pattern so that they do not get used to me doing this.

However, given the urgency I see in the way that these little animals seem to be gathering nuts and seeds, I feel that something is coming and it will be brutal. The next sign I will be looking for is if the wasps and hornets build their nests higher off the ground than usual.  They were higher up last year and we had a difficult winter.

We have also had a record number of baby spiders around our house this year and they are everywhere. My husband has even had to go out on numerous killing sprees so that there will be less of them to come into our home when it rains.

I have been looking at these unusual signs in the environment because I believe that God informs these creatures of things that are coming before we could even know this. Since these creatures are relatively undistracted compared to us, it seems that they are then more ‘in tune’ with God than most of us are.

For centuries now, farmers knew how to look for these various kinds of signs. This would then help them figure out when they should plant and harvest their crops based on the ‘creature weather forecast’.  As for the rest of us right now, we rely on weather reports instead and they may or may not fully warn us of what could be coming.

All I know is that I am to go to You in everything now. The ‘times’ are coming up soon.  We know this through Your Word, the written words of Your prophets.  All of this has put me on edge lately and I feel as if I am being stirred up.  While I feel like I am waiting for something in my Holy Spirit, I still do not know when or how this will all come about.

As a result of this slight uneasiness, I have felt a need to press into God more and more in prayer these days. There even seems to be a pattern emerging in the way I have been praying in the Spirit lately…

  • First, a prayer of gratitude;
  • Second, a prayer of petition; and
  • Third, a song of praise.

What is odd is that I cannot always understand the language I am praying, petitioning or singing in. However, in my heart, I just know that the Holy Spirit is petitioning for something for all of us in a seemingly urgent manner.  I somehow just know that it is the Lord petitioning to the Throne of God on our behalf.

However, something else is happening. In my Spirit and deep in my heart, I have been grieving for the lost.  While I still pray for various people and for their various situations, I seem to mostly be praying and grieving for the lost these days.

I cannot really explain this fully, but this grief is often so great that I can barely even take it. I will see an event that has occurred and my emotions will ‘well up in me’.  I just can no longer seem to stop it.  While I want so badly to help these people, it seems that all I can do right now in my current state is keep praying for them.

The grief I have felt is so overwhelming that I have asked You, Father, to soon strengthen me. Father, please do not forget about those that truly have no understanding.  So many people will soon be caught completely off-guard, unaware of what is building up.

You gave me a dream a few nights ago…

Dream 1 description begins (“The Roofless Houses”)…

I was walking by two houses that had their roofs blown completely off of them. Despite this, the occupants continued to dwell in them.  They were simply continuing to live by adjusting to the environmental exposure, but were doing nothing to fix their situation.

As I was looking at one of the houses, I recognized a woman that I once knew. She invited us over for dinner and we agreed to come over.  Once we arrived at her house, we could tell that she was completely unaware of her precarious state.  She was cheerful and polite, but I could tell that she did not realize that she was now exposed.

Dream 1 description over…

While we have still been going to church on occasion since moving here, we have not really established a solid church home. When I asked God about this, He informed us that this was by His design right now.  While this seems to be against what I had known and that ‘you need a church base’, He informed me as to why this was the case for now.

He started by showing me my history in churches. I would become quite involved with church activities, volunteer work and other things.  By the time I was finished, I then had very little time left to give to my family or, in reality, to the Lord.

While we may not congregate in church that often now, He then pointed out that we also worship Him more now than ever. I truly believe that He has us doing this now as we can no longer trust most of what is being taught at many churches today.

The majority of the pastors are now trying to be so politically correct that they do not even speak about sin. So many Christians now believe that ‘once saved always saved’ means that they can do as they please when it comes to sinning.

Well, Saul was once king and God’s anointed, but his jealousy of David, along with other things, turned his heart away from God. Hearts can turn from God!  Just look at Judas.  While he even walked with Jesus, he ended up betraying him.

What about Peter? Three times he declared to Jesus that he would never deny Him.  However, he did just that and just as Jesus said he would.  Yes, Jesus saves, but He is also to be continued to be respected and loved.    He is to be honored and recognized as our Savior, the only Savior that laid down His life for us.

We are His Bride and He calls us His friends. In return, and because we love Him and long to do His Will, we are to stand each day against the temptations presented to us.  We then have to make the choice not to partake in the sinful activity that only temporarily satisfies us and then leads to so much less than what He offers us.

While we can still ‘accidentally’ fall into old habits at times and succumb to sin, we are to then confess it immediately to God. We are to then repent to God and turn away from it.  Then, and by His healing grace and mercy, He will accept us back into His arms.

New and different challenges and choices are presented to us each day. We can either make a choice to press into God or fold into sin.  This is why it is so important to put on the full armor of God every day.

Without His armor on, we simply cannot stand against the enemy’s schemes. Fight the good fight and God will see your hearts and reward you according to your actions and reactions.

I can truly feel that there is now a grand separation happening right now. The coldness of the world is growing extreme and more now than ever before.  The harshness of people on social media is incredible, especially when they are anonymous.  I cannot recall this type of behavior ever happening back when I was younger.

For the last several nights, I have been extremely uncomfortable. I have been unable to sleep restfully and have had very few hours of unbroken sleep.  However, I still have dreams while I sleep and had two more dreams last night…

Dream 2 description begins (“The Shallow Grave”)…

It was nighttime and I was sleeping in a beautiful field. I could smell the wonderful aroma of sweet grass.  My mattress was small, almost the exact size of my body, and was set inside of the ground.  However, I thought this was funny as I was only about six inches under the ground versus the usual ‘six feet under’ for a typical grave.

As I rested there, I watched the millions of stars above me rotate in the sky, but in what seemed to be hundreds of times faster than normal. As Orion is so noticeable, I watched as it moved into view on the horizon to my left.  It then went overhead and disappeared in the horizon to my right.  Just as Orion disappeared, I heard His voice!

Jesus: “Erin, it is darkest before the dawn.  I am here.”

I rose up out of my ‘grave’.

Dream 2 description over…

As soon as I woke up from this dream, I looked out of my window just in time to see an epic flash of lightning light up the entire sky. The ensuing thunder clap roared so loudly that it shook our entire house.  My husband and our children were wakened by it.  It was the only thunder clap of the night.

It was so loud that it literally shook all of our ‘bones’. It was such a noteworthy occurrence that I later found out that each of us, including our three children at home, had individually decided to note the time.  It had occurred at around 3:00am.

After quite some time, I was finally able to get back to sleep. I then had my second dream of the night…

Dream 3 description begins (“Fresh Bread, Moldy Bread”)…

I went to a market place in order to purchase some bread. This market place seemed to be in a foreign country as the streets were made of a brick cobblestone that you rarely see in the USA.  As I approached a bakery stand, I noticed that they had two very different loaves of bread on display for sale there.

The first loaf of bread was fresh and perfect. It was still warm as it had just come out of the oven.  In direct contrast, the second loaf of bread was hard and cold.  It was disgusting and I could even see mold visible on the base of it.

While the price for the fresh loaf was a bit higher than the price for the moldy loaf, the difference in price seemed well worth spending to me. Nevertheless, the moldy loaf was still priced relatively high for the quality compared to the price of the fresh loaf, but I did not understand why.

While the fresh loaf was priced at $5.00, the moldy loaf was still priced at $3.99. While the fresh loaves were not selling at all, the moldy loaves were selling like crazy.  The moldy loaves were selling so fast that the salesclerk was even having trouble keeping her shelves stocked.

I was absolutely shocked at the huge numbers of people lining up to purchase the moldy loaves. There was not one single person in line for the fresh loaves.  When the salesclerk started to run out of the moldy loaves, I noticed that she was starting to raise her prices higher and higher for the untouched fresh loaves.

While the price for these fresh loaves had started at only $5.00, she changed it to $6.00, then $7.00 and then finally to $12.00 in a very short time. I quickly took my money out to purchase some of the fresh loaves before the price went even higher.  Since I was still the only one in line for the fresh loaves, I was the first in line.

Me: “Excuse me, but why are you raising the price of these fresh loaves so quickly?”

Woman: Laughing.  “Oh, it is because someone like you will pay whatever is necessary to purchase these fresh ones.”  She looked at my hand and smiled.  “Hmm, I believe that you are holding $24.00 in your hand.”

I looked at the money in my hand and saw that it was all wadded up. I unfolded it and counted exactly $24.00 in my hand.  I was not sure how she could have known this and was going to ask, but decided against it.  When I looked back up at the woman, I noticed that she had already raised the price from $12.00 to $24.00.

Me: Laughing.  “Well…I had hoped to purchase two loaves, not just one.”

For some reason, I was not angered at all by her last second raising of the price. I shook my head and smiled as I handed her my $24.00.  After taking my money, she carefully wrapped the loaf in a cheese cloth and placed it in a special bread bag for me.

Woman: “Look, I know that you had wanted two of these fresh loaves, but you will only need one loaf.  Just one bite of this will give you everything that you need.”

I could now see that the lineup for the moldy loaves had grown even longer. When I looked back at the salesclerk, she was now putting a cover, almost like a curtain, over the rack with the fresh loaves.  I could clearly see that these fresh loaves were no longer available for sale.

Me: “Okay, so why is no one else purchasing these good loaves of bread?”

Woman: “Well, most of these people cannot even see the difference.  In fact, most cannot even see these good loaves at all.  I saw that you had discovered them and then decided to test you.  I wanted to see if you would change your mind and stand in the other line when I increased the price.

“Instead, you paid everything that you had in order to purchase the fresh bread. I have now wrapped this fresh loaf especially for you.  This good bread will now remain with you and will continue to sustain you.  It will strengthen you and you will never grow hungry.  It will also remain fresh and warm.  It will never grow stale!”  She smiled.

Me: “Thank you!  However, what about these other fresh loaves?  Where are all of the buyers for these?”

Woman: “There are no buyers left that want to purchase these fresh loaves.  Those who have come have now received their portion just like you, but with moldy bread instead of fresh.

“As I no longer have any moldy bread left to sell, I will now have to wait about three days for these fresh loaves to become like these moldy loaves. I will then sell them as moldy loaves.  These people are always hungry for the moldy loaves and are never hungry for the fresh loaves.”

Me: “Why do you not increase the price of the moldy bread even more so that you can make even more profit?”

Woman: Laughing.  “Well, I could, but I do not set the prices.  Now, all of these people will eventually starve as the moldy bread carries disease and pestilence with it.  It is hard and cold and their cash will soon run out.  They will then kill each other while waiting in line to purchase more of it.”

Just then, I saw fights starting to break out. Even though there was still enough bread to meet people’s demand, they now perceived that there was now less bread available than what was needed.  They were starting to grow impatient and restless.  The woman shook her head as she looked over the people growing more and more restless.

Woman: “I don’t get it.  There is still plenty of fresh bread available, yet they are fighting over nothing but moldy bread.  Who does this?”  She laughed light heartedly.  “Well, I need to get back to work.  Enjoy your good bread…”  She then looked into my eyes and smiled.  “…Erin.”

Me: “Wait!  I never gave you my name and I paid cash.  How did you know my name?”

She smiled at me again.

Dream 3 description over…

After writing this dream down, my stomach immediately became unsettled and my pain returned. Oh Father, please let me sleep soundly tonight.  Please remove my pain soon.  I so long for the day when You will fulfill Your wonderful promises to us.

I recently watched the story of Ryan Leaf, a quarterback with so much promise, that had become addicted to painkillers. It was tragic as he later went to prison for burglary because he was stealing to feed this terrible habit.  While he started off so arrogant early in his career, his sudden downfall and time in prison humbled him severely.

This story touched my heart and is such an amazing story of loss and redemption. Oh Father, I so hope that this man is now one of Yours!  If he is not, please reach out to him in a divine way.  Breaking addictions forever can only happen when You are in it.

Due to my severe reaction to pain medication, I am not even able to take any of these for relief if I wanted to. I instead look to You for relief, Father, so please help me and remove my pain soon.  I cannot help but be grateful that I cannot take any of these medications as I know that these addictions can sneak up on even the best of us.

I believe that You even use this pain of mine to get me to press into You even more. While I know that this method works for You, I still do not like it one bit.  While I press into You more…smiles…and as You know…I also complain more to You as a result!

There are only a few weeks of summer left and my kids will be back at school soon. Oh, Father, please do not forget about us.  So many of us are crying out to You for help and relief.  Please, Father, please help us in such a supernatural way that we truly would not believe it even if You told us in advance!

Received on Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My heart is longing for Your mercy today. A date comes and goes, but then a new date comes that seems even better than the one before.  Still, I pray that Your ‘soon, very soon’ will soon, very soon, mean the same thing as our ‘soon, very soon’…that is, right now…please, Father…smiles!

Oh Lord, I have a child here that is broken right now. More and more, he now understands his limitations.  Some events over the last few days have forced him to come to terms with pain that he has never been able to connect with before.

He is feeling things for the first time deep in the chambers of his heart, a place that he has never had access to before. In a way, and this is hard to explain, he is almost ‘panicking’ as a result.  It is like the training wheels have been taken off of his bike.

In the last few days, I have had several noteworthy conversations with my two sons, one over the phone and the other here in person. They are noteworthy in that we actually had ‘normal’ parent-child conversations.  I mean ‘real’ conversations.

Father, please grant all of our children divine understanding, knowledge and peace, all in supernatural speed. It was surprising, if not even shocking, to see one of my sons actually have tears.  These tears were always unable to fall before, so thank You.

All five of us watched the movie ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ last night (two are still away). In this updated version, the role of ‘The Count’ was played amazingly well by Jim Caviezel.  This is the same actor who played You in ‘The Passion of the Christ’.

This movie is such a wonderful story. I even believe that it was truly inspired from Your Throne.  At times, and just like the Count in the first half of this movie, I must admit that I too feel like someone who was falsely imprisoned and had given up all hope of being released from captivity.

Then, and on a seemingly ordinary day, a priest from another prison cell broke through the floor of this man’s cell. The priest had mistakenly dug an escape hole in the wrong direction.  Even though the Count had now lost all hope, there was ‘breakthrough’!

As the two men recommenced digging, but this time in the correct direction, the priest taught the Count how to read, write, swordfight and speak in several different languages. The priest did this in ‘exchange’ for the Count’s help in digging a tunnel to their freedom.  However, and as the priest said, ‘Do you have anything better to do?’

As further background to the movie, we soon find out that all of the men in this particular prison, including the priest and the Count, had been unfairly imprisoned. Neither of them was guilty and neither of them had received a fair trial.

In essence, those in charge and in positions of power had decided that these men were now an ‘inconvenience’ to them. They then decided that they wanted to ship them off to this horrible prison as a result.  Talk about injustice!

Anyway, while digging their escape tunnel, the ground above them collapsed and trapped the priest. In the priest’s last few moments of life, he then reminded the Count that he was to ‘do good’ with all of the things that he had been taught.

However, and in a great twist, the priest then gave the Count a detailed map to a vast treasure. As we would soon find out, there was a massive amount of gold hidden on the Isle of Monte Cristo.  When the Count questioned why he had kept this to himself, the priest replied in his dying breaths, ‘Remember, I am a priest, not a saint.’

After the priest died, the Count, still in his thirties compared to the priest’s sixties or even older, and in a brilliant move, switched places with the priest in his body bag. When their captors later tossed the body bag off of the cliffs and into the ocean below, the Count was then able to make his miraculous release!

After later connecting with a faithful friend, the Count was then able to find the vast treasure. Using this treasure, he was then able to avenge his unfair captivity.  However, the truly awesome part was how they kept alluding to the fact that it was really God paving the way for this vengeance.  In the end, vengeance was really truly all His.

While there is much more to this movie and I highly recommend it, I soon noticed that the Count had served two bridges in confinement before his release. While this was the movie version, the original book version actually had him confined for three bridges.

Father, all I know is that I need Your mercy and soon. Thanks, but really no thanks, to Facebook, I sometimes watch my friends and their families’ blossom from a distance.  While I am truly happy for them, it is just so hard to see their sons and daughters graduating from high school and moving into a promising future with so much hope.

Some move onwards to college, others to traveling, some as artists, while others are already achieving great things for You. Some are even getting married and starting their families.  Again, I am happy for them, truly I am, but it is hard to have two sons with Asperger’s and knowing that this will not be for them without Your divine help.

Oh Father, have You forgotten Your promises to me? Oh Father, here I am!  While I have long been forgotten by my distant friends and even family as their memories of me have now faded, please do not do the same with me!

Oh Lord, I have never sat here to ask for things that would purposely hurt the hearts of others. I have not asked for things because of pride.  I just so long to be able to see wholeness, healing, feeling and connectedness in my sons.  This just is not possible with children with Asperger’s.  Only You can heal this, Father!

Please show me what more I need to do! I have poured my heart out to You on these pages.  I have cried to You thousands upon thousands of tears.  I have left all that I know to follow You, first by foolishly going to the desert, but then miraculously when You called me out to the ‘Land of the Trees’.

Yesterday marked the full moon of the month of Av. Tu B’Av is the date when the Israelites arose from their graves and a time for marriage.  Please do not let me die an old woman that was never able to see what she has been anticipating for so long.  Please let me see Your promises soon so that I am not almost dead before they arrive.

I am in mourning today, Father, as I was so hoping for healing today. Just then, I heard the sound of mourning doves outside of my window.  Thank You, Father, as I know that this was a sign from You that You are listening to me on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Thank You, Father, but I am still in pain and I still need You!

As I listened some more to the mourning doves, their haunting cries started to remind me of my childhood in California. I had often heard their ‘mourning’ outside my window each morning as I was growing up there.

Lord, these doves are mourning because they are searching for their mate. Their mourning is a type of call, like a Bride searching for their Groom.  We are mourning, Father, like an anxiously waiting Bride for her Groom.  These represent my cries to You, Lord!  I am here, Father, but where are You?

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was surrounded by a large circle of trees so tightly packed together that the space between the tree trunks were but a few inches. The trunks were massive and impenetrable.  As I was here in my current disabled state, there was no way I could climb the trunks to freedom.  The forest was like prison bars and there was no exit.

There was a thick fog covering the area starting at about a hundred feet up or so. The circle of trees, made of pines and cedars, shot up so high into the fog that I could not see their tops at all.  I could see through the small cracks between the trunks and the surrounding forest was so thick and dark that I could see no light shining there at all.

The inside of this large perfect circle of trees was covered in soft grass. Right in the middle of the clearing was a single, massive and beautiful fruit tree.  This tree had a massive canopy of branches and leaves, along with an abundanty variety of fruits.  I was so weak in my current state that I began to cry.  I looked everywhere for Jesus.

Me: “Oh Father, I am so sorry for all of the wrongs that I have ever done.  As beautiful as this place is, I am isolated here.  Please do not forget about me here.”

I looked around, but there was absolutely no way out. In my current physical state, there is no way I could climb any of these massive trees that surrounded me.  As for the huge tree in the middle, I would simply have to wait for the fruit to drop before I could even eat anything.

Sulking now, I went over and sat at the base of the fruit tree. I felt hopeless as I bent my knees up to my chest.  After a short while, I rested my arms on my knees and dropped my head in prayer.  If pouting was an Olympic sport, I would have been a contender.  Even though I knew God was here with me already, I still felt so isolated.

Me: “Lord, please help me!  Father, are You here?”

God: “I am here, Erin.  I have not forgotten you or the promises that I have given you.  There would be no benefit to Me to deny that which I have promised you.  According to you, you are not a worker and witness of any benefit to Me without these promises being fulfilled.  However, Erin, you are already of benefit to Me even as you are today.

“Up until now, I have sustained you, kept you here with Me and fed you at My Altar. I have spoken tenderly to you and your heart has been rendered to Me.  I have shaped you here and prepared you.  I have not forgotten your deep longings.  I even sent you doves where you sit to remind you that I am always with you, on Earth and in Heaven.”

Me: “Thank You, Father, but I am getting older now.  I just want to live, but I mean ‘really’ live.  I want to serve You with fervor like I would have been able to in my youth.  I want my words of hope and encouragement to actually mean something to my children and friends as they would now see Your miracles for me fulfilled, not my current state.

“I want so much to see these promises fulfilled before You call me Home. Oh please, Father, please!  When You give me these promises, I become both anxious and excited as I do not know when these will be fulfilled.  I have waited my whole life for You.

“In a way, I have even stopped living here on Earth. I no longer feel like a part of the world.  It doesn’t help that the world has now grown even colder and darker recently.  People do not talk about You anymore unless it is to curse Your Name on their lips.

“Please see my heart rendering and heal me. Please have mercy on me.  I long to have You deliver Your promises.  So many have mocked my love for You, telling me that my trials were brought on by myself for my so-called ‘continued sinning’.  This mocking was usually from my ‘Christian friends’.  I so want to be a ‘God-loving’ witness to them.

“When I was coming out of the world, it took me several years to gain more understanding of Your ways. In a way, I was like a fishing bob on the water, bouncing up and down, appearing and disappearing, half wet and half dry.

“It was there that You took me and refined my heart through the furnace of fire. You then brought me out of it, but then walked me back through it a few more times.  While I know this helped remove most of my dross, the consequences of my tests and trials greatly affected my children’s childhoods, especially my two boys.

“Their childhoods have essentially now been lost. I want so much to now do things with them or teach them what I know.  However, they no longer look at me as they once did when they still thought that the world was full of wonder.  I do not even know if they remember that much of what I have taught them in the past.

“My children have seen how I have been treated and they become angry at You at times, Father. I do not want them to be angry at You.  I love You with reckless abandon, but I am just not doing well right now waiting for You.  I feel that my hope…”  I choked up as I started to cry even harder.  “…is lost right now.”

God: “I understand, Erin, but I do not tarry.  I will not withhold My promises for long.  As it applies to you, ‘in a little while’ does not mean ‘years’.  Now, look around you.  What do you see, Erin?”

Me:   “I see a forest so thick that there is no way out.”

God: “Then you are not seeing what is right in front of you.  What is the saying?”

Me: “‘Unable to see the forest for the trees’?”

God: “Erin, you are failing to see the bigger picture.  I removed you to this place.  This is where you are now.  You were moved from the desert places to the trees.  While you are still unable to do much, there is a canopy over you there, My Cover.

“The ‘Tree’ over you is healthy. The ‘Branches’ are strong and have a variety of fruit that are all good to eat.  You have shade in the heat and sun and shelter when the wind blows or it is cold.  You have soft grass on which to lie.

“Your life continues on as you wait for Me. However, your troubles now come and go with nothing ever serious enough that I do not provide you with enough so that you are able to cover your bills.  I am sustaining you there.  I tell you the truth, Erin, soon, very soon, I will bring forth My promises and in an instant.

“You, your husband and all of your children will be healed and strengthened. However, this will not be just for the seven of you, but also for your friends and others that I have called.  I promise you that I have not abandoned any of you to the grave.

“While you have grown to be discouraged and your patience wanes, do not worry as soon, very soon, I will bring you out into a wide-open space. You will then go forth in victory.  Erin, you were sent to witness to the Kingdom of God.  Now, do you remember that you were already reciting ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ at a very early age?

Me: “Yes, Father!  I can recall this quite vividly.  I also learned the hymn ‘Onward Christian Soldier’ at my grandmother’s Methodist Church.  This hymn constantly repeated in my head, along with ‘The Lord’s Prayer’.  I think I was only about six or seven years old and not a believer yet.  I seem to recall that my brother was there too.”

God: “This was not of your own doing, Erin, but Me etching this into you.”

Me: “I now remember repeating ‘Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is Heaven’ over and over.  I remember singing ‘onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the Cross of Jesus, going on before’ over and over as well.  What did this all mean, Father?”

God: “Erin, you were already testifying about the Kingdom of Heaven as being the place that I have prepared for the weary and the lost.  Like today, you were already stirring the hearts of My soldiers in My Army soon to come, but soon even more so.”

Me: “I am still not certain that I fully understand what You are saying.”

God: “Erin, the Kingdom of Heaven is near.  You speak of My Kingdom.  You are showing the way to those who need to know that I have prepared a place for them.”

Me: “I am not the only one who is doing this though, right?”

God: “No, Erin, you are not the only one.  However, you are unique in the way that I am doing this in and through you.”

Just then, the fog lifted over the trees and I could feel the sun. I looked up and saw the fog being replaced with clear blue skies.  As I sat there staring at the beautiful sky, I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I turned to see Jesus standing there and smiling at me.  I leaped up and hugged Him tightly.

Me: “Oh Lord, I am so glad to see You!”

Jesus: “Erin, I am always here with you.”

Me: “Lord, while I still do not understand so many things, there is one thing I really do understand…”  I looked into His eyes and smiled as ‘big’ as I could.  “…that today seems like just as good a day as any for You to heal me!”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Oh Erin, I promised you that I would and I will.  And, yes, Erin, as I just read your thoughts, for both on Earth and in Heaven.  However, you should also understand what is happening all around you and even as we speak.  Hearts are being stirred.  However, soon, very soon, and in an instant, all will be reconciled.

Received on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

“I love you and I am with you through it all. My love for you is unconditional.  To Me, your value does not waver.  You are not easily forgotten.  You come to Me daily.  I am in your thoughts and never far removed.”

Me: “Yes, Lord, I now go to You the minute that I see the possibility of trouble or even blessings.”

Jesus: “Erin, this is how God has created all of you to be.”

Me: “Yes, Lord, but so many things are weighing on my heart right now.  Just yesterday, I had put seed out for the doves that You had sent me.  However, earlier this morning, I saw evidence of blood and feathers.  Oh Father, I believe that a predator stole one of the doves.  I feel at fault.”  I was now crying quite hard.

“I have been feeding all of these animals in the hopes that, when You change us, perhaps the ones that had come to us would be changed at the same time as us. I am so sorry, Lord, but my heart is now grieving for this dove.  I went out just a bit later to wash away the blood.  I am so sorry.”

Jesus had such a compassionate look on His face as I wept about the loss of ‘my dove’.

Jesus: “Your heart is like a child’s heart at times and this too is good.  Even though five sparrows are sold for two pennies, not one of them is forgotten by God.  You now care about that which I care about.  I know that this made you sad, but I allowed this to show you a parable.

“Erin, if I do not like seeing your delight and joy over these doves turn to sorrow, then why would I allow such a thing to happen? I tell you the truth, yet still a mystery…you have seen this little dove here and it is already flying around with great joy.

“Try to think of it this way. You placed choice seed, the choicest seed, out to serve the animals.  Word of this soon spread throughout all of the area.  All types of delightful animals then came there to eat.

“You did nothing wrong here. You were careful not to place the food outside in any sort of pattern.  This pushed the animals to still continue to search for food on their own.  However, since these animals were delighted by your food, they would still come each day from all around to see if there were any of your choice offerings to partake in.

“You even brought enough bread for the nocturnal animals, and, yes, even the crows. You made sure that they all had a portion.  However, what you did not consider was that there were also crafty predators watching over the whole scenario.  These predators study the animals as they come and go.

“Now, a predator usually waits for when a small animal feeds alone, whether it is a dove, a sparrow or any other creature. While they are busy eating and enjoying their peace, that is when the enemy strikes…a predator comes.  In this manner, even the predator is then indirectly fed by the seed that you had spread.

“However, once there is no more prey left, even the predators will then come for your food in desperation. They will risk exposure in the wide open in order to devour any seed that you might spread.  The predators will become desperate since the doves, the sparrows, the chickadees and the other ‘adorable’ small animals will be here with you.”

Me: “Oh, this is so sad.  Father, are You now speaking of the end?”

Jesus: “Erin, continue to spread seed.  Your bread is good to eat.  God creates the seed, the ground, the predator and the prey.  Nothing is of any surprise to Him.”

I knew that He was right, but I was still a bit upset about my possible role in this dove’s sudden demise. While I know that the Lord had allowed this in order to teach us, it was still hard to witness.  He held me, looked into my eyes and smiled with a compassion that could never be measured by earthly measures.

Jesus: “I know that you are still sad about this, but perhaps there is another way for you to think about it that will cheer you up.  Would it help to know that perhaps there is a fox with her cubs or an eagle with her eaglets that is very thankful today?

“Erin, just remember that I delight in your delight and that which is good. Remember that I grieve whenever you grieve.  I understand your heaviness, but take comfort in Me.”  He gently nudged me.  “Now, I will bring you more bread and seed and you can continue to feed as much as you like.

“I know that you are having a difficult time with uncertainty right now. You have uncertainty because you see all that is happening all around you.  You also have uncertainty as you know that the time is near.”

Me: “Yes, Lord, but only because You have told us and it is in Your Word.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “While I am also referring to the events that the prophets have foretold, just know that your time of unfolding is near as well.  There has been an increase in trouble upon the lands and nations are against nations.  Erin, are there other signs?”

Me: “Yes, Lord.  Earthquakes have increased and the weather has been extreme.  It was quite cool yesterday where we live and it felt almost more like a mid-October day.  There was an odd chill in the air, a chill like I had never really felt before in August.

“The leaves are turning color here similar to as if it was already the end of September. It seems that the birds are already starting to migrate.  However, it is not just the weather that seems to be turning colder, but also people.  People have been even colder than usual lately.  This all seems so different this year.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Yes, Erin, your observations are good.”

I smiled at Him and could tell that He knew that I had just started thinking again about our soon healing and transformation. Yes, He truly knows EVERY one of our thoughts, both the good ones and the bad ones…smiles!

Me: “So, Lord, is there anything else that I should be doing right now?  Anything?”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Oh Erin, just try to relax and be joyful.  Your birth pains are almost over.  You will soon cease your labor and give birth.  Day-by-day and one-by-one, I send more birth pains.  Even though these will soon end, I am not finished with you yet.

“Now, you have been given the ‘Keys to My Heart’ and it is being unlocked. Once this is unlocked, mysteries will be revealed.  At the same time, comfort will prevail, and even during the darkest of times, for those who will eat that which I give you, the seed of truth about the Kingdom of Heaven.

“Erin, you are spreading good seed and scattering good bread to those who are hungry. I am the Bread of Life and you are sharing the portion that I have given to you with all those who will partake in it.  While soon, very soon, I will call you into even greater service, for now, continue to pray.

“Pray for those who do not know Me, for those who read My Words and yet still do not know Me and for those who search for who I am. Pray for them that they will find your writings from Me so that they will then learn more about My love for them.

“To each of those that do this, I will then give them a ‘Key’. This Key will unlock the Words of the prophets, My disciples.  I will then deepen their understanding with a supernatural increase in their knowledge.”

Me: “Oh Lord, I believe that this is happening with some of us even now.  Recently, I was reading from the Books of Luke and Matthew and You suddenly revealed things that I had never found there before.  Thank You!”

Jesus: “Well, Erin, and as you now know, it takes the glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of kings to search it out (Proverbs 25:2).  I promise you that I will honor all those who truly search for Me.  Their hearts are Mine and they will be found by Me.

“Now, My dove…” He smiled as He gently nudged me.  “…My sparrow…”  He laughed as His eyes ‘twinkled’.  “…are you ready to walk with Me in even deeper communion?”

Me: Crying.  “Oh yes!  Please, Lord, please, please!  I want so much to walk with You in an even greater way.  You have enriched my life.  You have taken me up the mountain switchbacks.  I long to do even more for those You love.  Please strengthen Me, Father!”

He smiled at me as He helped bring me to my feet. He reached up and pulled down some fruit from the beautiful fruit tree that we were still under.  He took a bite of a type of apple and then smiled as He handed it to me to eat.  He repeated this until we had eaten a total of twelve different fruits.

By the time we finished, my current ‘elderly’ state had been transformed and I was youthful and strong again. I jumped up and down with glee and laughter.  He was smiling and I could tell that I was amusing Him with my child-like wonder.

Jesus: “Well, Erin, you needed this strength for the journey.  Now, come with Me.”

He took my hand and walked me towards the circle of trees. As we came closer, the trees separated in obedience to create a path.  While the path was a bit rough, it was clear of obstacles.  While it was still dark in the forest all around us, the light of God illuminated our steps as we walked.  I looked into the darkness and gripped His hand.

Me: “Oh Lord, this all looks so scary to me.”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, but do not worry as I have you.  I am with you and will not let your feet slip.  As we walk together, you will become more confident in your steps.  As we walk together, you will be strengthened even further.”

I suddenly felt any fear that I was carrying completely evaporate. All of it was now gone, along with my pain.  I was walking freely and I carried no excess weight.  There was nothing left to hinder me for my purposes for the Lord.

I suddenly felt confident that I would be able to do all that the Lord has planned for me to do, but now without any questioning at all. I no longer had these questions as I could now feel His answers in my heart.

As we continued to walk together, I became overwhelmed by my newly found freedom. Tears of joyful gratitude started to flow down my cheeks.  I became incredibly excited!

Me: “Oh thank You, Lord!  Thank You!  Thank You!”

Jesus: “Erin, I had called you in the desert places and you answered.  You now walk closely with Me.  I will now instruct you in all that you do.  Even though you will be hated more than ever because of Me, are you ready to go wherever I take you?”  He looked over at me and smiled.

Me: “Oh yes, Lord!  While I understand that I will be hated even more than I am already, I am so ready.  Oh Father, all of us are so ready.”  I stopped and smiled at Him.  “Well, in reality, we will not be truly ready until You have fully equipped us to be ready.”

Jesus: He looked pleased with my answer.  “Now, Erin, look ahead.”

Just then, I saw a horrible vision of a world completely void of God. I saw people who had never paid attention to Him before crying out to Him.  I saw people injured, bleeding and in such pain.  I also saw many evil people and all of them were cursing God.

As I scanned this massive crowd of people, I could not believe all of the pain and suffering that I was seeing. It was hurting my heart.  However, I then saw three different people suddenly illuminate.  While their illumination drew my attention to them, only I was able to see this.

Me: “Lord, why are those three people now ‘glowing’ when everyone and everything else around us seems so void of You?”

Jesus: “When you see this, Erin, you are to go to them and comfort them.  You will then testify to Who I am and to the Kingdom of Heaven.  Do not worry, Erin, as I will instruct you every step of My Way.”

Me: “Lord, will I actually be able to see You physically here with me?”

Jesus: Smiling.  “No, Erin, but you will know that I am there with you.  I have raised you to help those who need to hear the Good News even during all of this, understand?  Do not worry, Erin, as you will not be the only one doing this for My purposes.

“Consider Me to be like a General and that all of you are like My soldiers. The General oversees, instructs and is always present in the battle.  I have also called angels to assist you in all of this.”  He smiled at me.  “Now, Erin, is this as you had expected?”

Me: “No…ah, yes…uh…oh Lord, I really do not know what I had expected.  I was hoping to help children, the elderly and…  Oh forgive me, Father, I am sorry.  Of course I am delighted with anything that You have planned for us.”

Jesus: “Remember that I came for you even when you were at your worst.  Remember that I saw something in you that you could not see.  Remember that, despite all of the reasons you felt that you were not worthy to receive My grace, I still saved you from destruction.  You too must then do as I command and love them in the way that you are loved by Me.”  He smiled at me.  “Do you now understand this, My little sparrow?”

I suddenly truly realized with all of my heart that I would do anything that the Lord called me to do.  Not only that, but I truly wanted to do all of this for His glory, never mine.

Me: I smiled, but really wanted to jump up and down again.  “Oh yes, Lord, I truly do!”

Jesus: “Then go, Erin!  I am with you in all that you do.  Heal, comfort and do all kinds of wonders in My Name.  Testify to this and to My love.  To those that I send you to, remember that they are Mine.  Now come.”

We continued to walk through this ‘forest’ of people in despair. I could tell that so many terrible things had happened to so many of them.  I moved closer to Jesus as I walked.

Me: “Oh my Lord, this time…”  I pointed to all of the hurting people surrounding us.  “…this time looks current, like the time we are in right now.”

Jesus: “Erin, do you trust Me?  Beautiful are the feet which spreads the Good News and your feet are beautiful.  You will give them refreshing water.  By your touch and in My power, you will heal and encourage them.

“You will go forth and display awesome deeds through Me. You will be with Me in the cause of truth.  While your sword will be your heart, justice will come from My power.  Do not worry, Erin, as no weapon formed against you will prosper, understand?”

Me: “Yes, Father, but I am but just one small woman.  Lord, who are we that we could do such wondrous things while standing in the midst of such terrible things?  While I truly believe that we will soon do all that You say, it is just so hard to fully understand.”

Jesus: He smiled at me and pointed up.  “Erin, look to the hills!”

I looked at the hills in the horizon and I suddenly saw thousands, no…MILLIONS, of angels, too many to count. Each one of them looked like warriors.  Each was strong and mighty.  I just knew that they obeyed God in everything that they did.  I just knew that God had sent these angels to protect us and that they would always obey Him.

Jesus: Laughing.  “Well, Erin, as you can see, there are many more angels with you than there are enemies against you.”

He then looked into my eyes with such confidence. This is no surprise though as He truly has the confidence that only the King of kings and Lord of Lords could have.

Jesus: “Now, do not worry!  Let Me lead you to where you will go and in all that you will do.  Soon you will not stop to question any of this, even though …”  He smiled as He gently nudged me.  “…you will have many thoughts in the beginning.  I tell you again, Erin, do not worry!  Now, are you ready?”

Me: “Yes, Lord!  Let’s go!”

We walked together into the storm of battle.

Dream over…


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