Dream 326 – Uriel and the Prelude

Received on Thursday, March 21, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for everything!  What a beautiful morning!  This is the day before the Nor’easter, so I am making sure that I enjoy this.  As I was driving home this morning after dropping off the girls, I listened to the Newsboys song ‘Symphony’ twice.  I cried with joy as I listened.  I want my life to be a symphony directed by the Greatest Orchestrator…You, Father!  There is no composer like You in our lives.

You take all of these instruments and build Your masterpiece.  I pray that, very soon, the greatest crescendo in history will descend on this dark land.  As I was worshipping, the song, ‘Come Fly with Me’, came on.  As soon as it did, and right there in front of me, there was a beautiful Bald Eagle soaring against the pink sky and the white snow.  It landed in a tree across the field and I pulled my car over.  I cried and praised You.

Oh Lord, there is no Father like You.  You work all things together for the good of all those who love You and even for those who do not even know You yet.  There is no God like You.  You care about even the smallest of things.  You love our hearts and souls.  We long for the day when You will take us in Your loving arms and remove our pain.  There is no Lord like You.

You send gifts of love to swoon us.  You send eagles at just the right moment just as a song says ‘Fly with Me’.  Oh Lord, there are no coincidences in my life when it comes to You.  Everything You do is because You love us intentionally and with abandon.  Because of Your love, Your continued care and Your promises, how can we be destroyed?  Our bodies can die, but our hearts, our souls, are indestructibly Yours.

You can take everything from me and I will still chase, crawl or limp towards You.  Jesus, I love You!  You lavish me.  You take hold of my weak hands and You walk where I am, right next to me, and I am never alone.  I give all that I am to You.  In all of my imperfections, in all of my uniqueness, I surrender myself completely to You, Lord.

I pray I am beautiful to You and You find me worthy.  I am thankful that Your version of our beauty treatments is our hearts being fired in the furnace of affliction.  Though it was painful, I now see why this was necessary.  Lord, today is my 11th Anniversary of my second NDE on March 21st, 2008.  While this day was Good Friday, it was also Purim, same as today.  I pray for more time with You.  I pray that You will call me to Your Altar.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was in a beautiful garden.  The landscape was so lavish.  There were fountains and the sounds of birds.  The mourning dove was calling out for the one he hopes will come to be with him.  The grass is soft like velvet and there are beautiful blossoming trees everywhere.  I looked down a small path.  This path was made of precious jewels, including emeralds, sapphires, diamonds, rubies, opals, beryl and aquamarine.

While the path glowed in opulence, it did not outshine the glow of the beautiful flowers on the blossoming trees.  As I stepped onto the path, I suddenly realized that my feet were bare.  My feet were beautiful and my toenails shined with a pearl-like glisten.  I hurried my pace as this was such a beautiful sight.

As I rounded a corner on the path, I could see a beautiful Altar with garland at the end of it.  I cannot emphasize enough just how beautiful this garland was.  It was four feet in diameter or twelve feet in circumference.  There were woven jasmine, gardenias and white roses.  They all looked so beautiful woven in with the fresh vines and peonies.

I then noticed something on the Altar.  I went closer to take a better look.  There on the Altar was a beautiful goblet of pearl.  The goblet was translucent like glass.  As I stepped on the next stone, one that was made almost entirely of beryl, a beautiful kaleidoscope of butterflies suddenly filled the entire area.  There were thousands of these beautiful butterflies and each shined like a jewel in the light of the sun.  It was so beautiful that it even took away my breath for a few seconds.

Me:  “Lord, where are You?  This is so beautiful.”

Just then, I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I turned around and there was Uriel.  He was in full armor and looked absolutely stunning.  In reality, no earthly man can compete with Uriel or, and even more so, Jesus.

Uriel:  “Erin, I am here to deliver a message to you…‘The King is enthralled by your beauty.’”

Me:  Crying.  “Oh Uriel, I don’t feel that beautiful right now, so this is very good news.”

Uriel:  “Erin, do not worry as you will soon be with Him at His Alter.  Once there, You will partake in the cup of communion with Him.  This wine is made from the choicest grapes from His vineyard.  This wine is part of an epic harvest.  There has never been a harvest like this one nor will there ever be a harvest like this one again…that is, until you are all here running through these vineyards for eternity.  Once you are here at the Altar of the Lord and partake in this communion from the cup, the two of you will be as one and there will be nothing that shall ever separate you from the love of God.”

Me:  “When will this ceremony be?”  I smiled at him and laughed.  “Uriel, I am here right now.  Why waste any more time when we can simply call Him and do this right now?”

Uriel:  Laughing.  “Do not worry, Erin, as He will be calling upon you soon.  While you have been watching and listening for the sounds of His party approaching, remember that He comes at a time you think not.”

Me:  I suddenly became sad.  “Oh no, this sounds like this is still a long time away.”

Uriel:  “Do not worry, Erin, as how can it be a long time away?  The Altar is ready, the flowers are in bloom, the wine has been poured and the Bride now waits for her Groom.”

Me:  I was smiling as I was still being persistent.  “Yes, but don’t we need the Groom now?”  Laughing.  “I think we should go get Him!  Where is the Groom right now, Uriel?”

Uriel:  Smiling and laughing.  “A mystery…for now.  Now rejoice, Erin, rejoice.  The King is enthralled by your beauty.  He had me bring you here to show you that He has prepared a place for you at His Altar.  No one will rob this from you.  He sends you a wellspring of living water.  He has called out to you, His ‘Dove’, and He cares for you.”

Dream over…

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