Dream 336 – Why God keeps dates a secret

Received Monday, June 10, 2019


Dear Father,

I need Your help!  I am scared.  Please grant me revelation and direction.  Please do not be angry with my lack.  This waiting is scaring me, Father.  Each day that comes and goes without movement scares me.  I am responsible for scribing Your Words of ‘soon’, ‘In just a little while’ and ‘the time is upon you’.  People trust that I hear from You, so they stand firm.  However, here, to me, the weight on my shoulders is immense.

I am being truthful.  Father, I know it is Your Will over my life, not mine.  However, I am just becoming more broken and emptier every day.  I have so many empty buckets that I am overwhelmed.  You must fill them as I cannot.  Please don’t be mad.  Please have mercy on Your daughter as I come to plead with my Father, the King, my King, our Creator and the God over all things, the Great I AM.

Father, You have kept me alive.  You have kept giving me Your friendship, Your love and gifts through it all.  While I feel undeserving of all of it, God, You know how grateful I am for You every day.  However, I am overwhelmed.  As the days grow, I am missing my child-like wonder.  I am missing living, Father, for I often feel as if I am dead now.  Let’s face it, I feel dead in myself, yet want so much to live.

More than anything else in the world, I desire for all of us to be healed.  I love how You delivered us and all that You have done for me, but I am scared now.  I never want to move ahead of You.  When You say, ‘Erin, it is time, the time is upon you’, what does this mean?  Oh Father, please help us.  I know that I did not think up these things as You put everything in me.  As we are, we cannot plan and we cannot move.

We are frozen.  My heart is troubled.  We should be enjoying a wonderful life, but I instead have to contend with our neighbors below us.  I still contend with L&I and, behind the scenes, my former employer.  I have become very ill.  You know all that I have happening and that I am in pain.  I am overwhelmed and heavy laden.  Now my two youngest are about to leave for my greatest enemy’s house.

Father, You have given me other hobbies that keep me in contact with those You have a plan for.  However, to me, time is running out.  Father, I am hurt with each morning that passes.  Are You mad at me?  Did I anger You?  I am sorry, Father.  Please forgive me!  Please don’t leave me to die without seeing Your promises fulfilled, my friends and family healed and our youth restored.

Suddenly, and without warning, God started to talk to me as I sat there in my devotional chair.  His Words were so clear, it was as if He were sitting there with me.  Of course, He couldn’t literally be sitting with me as no one can gaze directly upon God’s brilliance and live…

God:  “Erin, I brought you up and I chose you.  It is I who have taken you through the Valley of the Shadow of Death and it is I who will deliver you.  How could I forget you?  It is not possible.  I have declared that your ‘seasons of punishment’ are over and My promises reign true.  I know you would like an exact day or time because you would like to plan or hope.

“However, you also have a great enemy watching over all you and your family does day and night.  He knows you though you have only heard of him.  The enemy is rising.  So too are those I have called, including your household.  This enemy and his army track your every step to look for movement.  However, their true desires are for your death.  So far, you have given them nothing ‘solid’ other than grand stories of Heaven.

“He too would like to know how many vessels are left.  If he can slaughter the vessels before use than he can wipe out My plans…or so he thinks.  However, do not worry as I have sent an army of angels to guard you in all you do.  I will tell you no more concerning My plan’s details because this would be a gift to the enemy.  Right now, I speak to you through other tongues, signs, wonders and revelation.  However, this will soon change to miracles, signs and wonders.

“I know you are discouraged as you thought last year was the time and season.  This is understandable as all things seemed to present themselves as good.  As the markers of the prophecies have been reached, the enemy has ramped up in the land and the war continues in the heavenlies.  As a result, your dreams cannot be published until the Great Move of My Spirit fills each and every vessel.

“Erin, this Great Move will come on a day which is important to Me, but will be of little regard for man.  Remember, and as you know, I have given prophecies of things to come even thousands of years in advance.  The event, the sign or the wonder then comes to pass, right?  However, when these prophecies are given, how long after this unless I have specifically told you?

“However, I can tell you this…for the prophecies that are specifically for you, your family and your friends, the timeframe will usually be within three earthly years, but can also be as much as seven years.  Now, why would I do such a thing with you?  It is so those who waiver, those who talk with their lips but in their hearts are adulterous, will drop off like a wandering bride.

“However, you have continued to be a Bride carefully watching and anxiously waiting for her Groom.  Erin, you have matured in your faith and love so far beyond what would be expected.  I am proud of you.  While you believe you are now broken, you are really love sick.  You hear rumors that your Groom comes and you watch all hours of the night and day for Him.  Your household never sleeps as there are watchers at every hour to witness.”

Me:  “Father, I had seven years of punishment and now seven years of Your dreams of hope.  For me personally, my heart has been crushed by all of this waiting.  I am afraid I don’t have much wait left in me.  I love You so much.  I did this so others could know You…how awesome, smart and kind You are…how generous and protective of us.  Oh, how great is our Lord and worthy of our love!

“How incredible is Heaven and where we will reside.  What a jewel, treasure and priceless gift You are.  No one, not one, can ever perceive all of You.  I cannot measure Your love, a love which never ends for those who love You.  All I am is a scribe of Your love letter to us.  That is all…just that.  Besides this, I have done nothing truly great in my life other than I bore three children.  However, even my children are just more gifts from You.

“I am so grateful that they have also learned to love and know You.  Other than this, I have done nothing in the way of earthly accomplishments.  I failed at most things, even when dedicating great amounts of time in pursuit of mastering them.  However, I have friends.  I have my husband.  I have my children.  I have a comfortable pillow on which to lay down my head.  We have food to eat and a roof over our heads.  We are blessed.”

God:  “Erin, I have heard your cries.  I know the desires of your heart.  I am the Owner of the cattle on a thousand hills.  I will not let you be defeated.  I will not send you into poverty or slavery.  I will open doors.  I will rain down blessings and so much so that you will not be able to contain it.

“Now, I will not give you the day nor the hour.  However, I will answer your prayers because you love Me.  My plans are that you will live and dance as you did in your youth.  You will, Erin, but even better.  Trust in Me and I will make your plans, which are Mine also, succeed.  Now rejoice, Erin, rejoice.  I love you.”

Dream over…

WORDS OF COMFORT:  I felt no indication from God that our wait was going to be ‘years’, just that He has ALREADY told us what would happen years in advance!  I just wanted to make sure that no one panicked that there were still ‘years of waiting’ left.

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