Dream 337 – God and the Great Gift before the Rapture

Received Sunday, June 16, 2019 (Happy Father’s Day)


Dear Father,

I am so thankful for You!  In Your Words, You are the Father to the fatherless and the Defender of the widows.  You ride upon the clouds (Psalm 68:4).  When I see eagles soar, I think of You.  When I hear the sounds of songbirds and mourning doves, I think of You.  When I see the colors and details in each blossom on branches of trees or flowers springing from the dirt like fountains of color, I think of You.

When I see new life, I think of You.  When I see the elderly, I think of where many will be with You and young again.  I praise You.  Father, a walk with You is like an exciting journey.  There are so many twists and turns.  There are scary moments and grand events which delight our hearts.  You take us on the journey of Your Will even if it means painful times and crushing moments.

We may enter the furnace of affliction, but You are there with us so we are not consumed.  Each day here with You is a gift, the present to be unwrapped.  While blessings from You seem far away on some days, on other days, You give us so many delightful signs and wonders.  You show us that You are present and, so much so, that we are overcome with joy and our hearts feel as though they will burst.

My greatest fear as a child of God is that I would stumble or fall from Your Will, wandering so far off Your path for me that I could not find my way back.  Another great fear is that You would not call out to me while I was lost and say, ‘Erin, this is the way, walk in this’ (Isaiah 30:21).  Just as great, that You would no longer call me up to You.  Well, actually, all three fears are equally as horrible to me.

My personal fear is that I would have gone through these fires and then have all of these years of writings not matter to anyone.  I fear that my life would be worth very little to others, my footprint lost and far removed after I have left.  Or perhaps those closest to me, those who have witnessed the fulfillment of Your promises time and time again, would turn from You and would not realize just how truly amazing You are.

Father, is the veil over this world so great that no one sees what You have done from the beginning to the end?  Many people think of You only as ‘the father of wrath and punishment’.  Others think of you only as ‘the god who removes fun, inflicts harm and allows bad things to happen’.  These same people then enjoy referencing Old Testament stories, trying to prove You are evil by then not describing the full events.

These evil ones then pull out quotes and events from history in order to accuse the Living God Who Saves.  They then try to convince those who love You that the only reward for following You is to have the furnace of affliction be prepared for us.  In the end, these evil ones are fools who choose a foolish and evil narrative.  You alone are God, our Creator!  You alone make the Earth quake when You speak.

You speak life where death is in the valleys.  You breathe new life into dry bones.  You cause an army to advance and a victory to ensue, no matter the odds.  You are complex in all of Your ways.  I do not have enough pen strokes to adequately describe all that You are capable of or have done from beginning to this day and for eternity.

Man worships idols and things of this world for fear that Your Will would be difficult.  They do this as they need to take control over themselves.  They are self-seeking, but some would call them ‘soul searching’.  This is done inwardly and is a mistake that takes them away from You.  When You call us, we must surrender everything; including ourselves, our idols, our abilities, our motives, our possessions and our great plans.

Everything must go and there can be no hold backs!  You may allow us to do this slowly, but often You make us take a painstaking crash course through these barriers to You.  When we finally remove ourselves, You then throw our clump of clay on the Potter’s Wheel in Your House.  You then shape us into the vessels which suits us, that which represents the Potter’s touch as the artist.

This is not to be that which bends to the clay, but that which suits the Potter.  It is best during this process to say nothing contrary to the Potter’s Will.  When I have done this as ‘the clay’, it has never gone well for me.  The clay should not have lips to speak back in protest as the Potter will instead use another more pliable piece of clay.  When we give all of ourselves to You, Father, You then throw a beautiful vessel.

Once a vessel, You then glaze us and place us in the kiln or fire, sometimes at high temperatures, other times at lower ones.  You then let us cool down.  You then decide that some are finished and others are not.  We are then glazed again and put yet again into the fire.  Sometimes, as it was like in my instance, it seems I have lived a lifetime in that kiln.  I would often get mad at You when others I knew did not have to do this.

It was so difficult.  I could see them while I was in the furnace and watched as You used them for great things.  I finally realized one day that I lacked patience and true faith in all You do, Father.  Oh, make no mistake, I absolutely hate the furnace of affliction.  It hurts.  It is really difficult.  My heart broke.  It felt so broken, I believed it had even shattered.  I felt abandoned and alone.

I felt I had made a mistake somewhere.  What it really boils down to are three major mistakes I made when I trusted my enemies to do the right thing in return.  While one mistake will cause a massive ripple, three causes a tsunami of trouble.  The mistakes I made were so naïve and silly, I even believed that I deserved the resulting time in the furnace.  If nothing else, I certainly learned that the enemy never ‘plays fair’.

The feeling I deserved this eventually passed though as the punishment soon greatly exceeded my silly mistakes.  It was so disheartening.  I watched as my Christian friends, some who I had brought to the Lord, told me, ‘Obviously, you are secretly sinning.  Repent and be saved.’  I looked at all I did and honestly could not find any ‘secret sin’.  However, I believed there must have been some there, so I repented over and over and over again for all I had done.

I smile about this now, but I even repented for being born.  I went through fasting and prayer.  I went down front in church on my knee over and over, trying to change my course.  To make matters even worse, I then started to lose credibility with my friends.  They soon started to treat me just like Job was treated.  They avoided me after that and I learned not to speak about my troubles.  While my children didn’t turn on me, the rest of my family eventually did as well.

However, Father, during this lowest of times, You came for me.  You saved me from even more harm.  You called to me and I answered.  You soon became my Best Friend.  You breathed new life into me.  You called me a ‘flower in the desert’, not a ‘desert flower’.  You called me in love and set my feet upon solid rock.  I then continuously praised You for all that You have done.  I still do so today and I will do so tomorrow!

You gently showed me where You were during my times of trouble.  Well, You were never far.  You were never far from me.  You found me.  I then found You in the process.  Oh Father, I just cannot thank You enough for all of You.  I am small, Father, a tiny sparrow.  However, You Father, ride on the clouds of Heaven.  Earthly fathers may fail, but Your love never fails.  You are the Father to the fatherless.  I love You so much.  This is Your day, Father, in Heaven and on Earth!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was called up to a beautiful ‘secret garden’ in God’s Garden.  I had never been here before.  There was a small meadow with wildflowers and sweetgrass.  In the center of this meadow was a beautiful tree unlike any tree I had ever seen before.  It was perfected shaped.  While I somehow knew this tree was ancient, it still looked young and beautiful.  As I approached the tree, I could see two types of leaves together.

One type of leaf was a shiny silver and white and the other type of leaf was a vibrant green.  While I could hear birds singing from the tree, I could not see any.  I whispered, ‘Father, are You here?’  As soon as I spoke this, all of the silver and white ‘leaves’ started to fly off the tree branches, leaving just the beautiful green leaves.  It turns out the silver and white ‘leaves’ were actually thousands of birds!  It was one of the prettiest things I had ever seen.

I could then see the beautiful fruit on this tree.  I counted twelve different varieties of fruit on the branches.  The branches were high and I was unable to reach the fruit.  I turned and sat under the beautiful tree in the canopy of its shade.  I decided to wait for the Lord there.  I could see the surrounding area and it was so vivid that there is nothing like it on Earth.  I smiled and thanked God for all of this.  I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.  Just then, I felt a hand on my shoulder.  It was Uriel.  I sprang up to greet him.

Uriel:  “God requests your presence.”

He reached out his hand and we were immediately at God’s door to His Court.  Uriel put salve on my eyes and led me through the door into His presence.  I could hear the choir of angels.  They were far superior to even the best choir here on Earth.  They were singing the Heavenly version of the Revelation Song.  They sang in layers upon layers, all in unison, a choir not like any choir in creation, but one whose sole purpose is to edify God in His Throne Room.

My heart skipped as the music completely filled and consumed my whole being.  It was the all-consuming love of God in my heart.  Uriel brought me up until my body fell down (really, it was my very cells) in the presence of the King of Glory.  I lifted my eyes, but all I could see was the Glory of God’s presence in emerald, like perfectly cut crystals in the sun.  It was a million beams of colored lights.

As per usual, I could not make out the Glory of God to describe Him adequately.  However, the sheer volume of power coming from the Throne of God is more than the power of the sun, probably several million suns, but I had no way to measure.  I realized how very small I was at this moment.  I began to cry as I write and the Holy Spirit told me, ‘What you are writing is good.  Continue.  I am with you.’

I listened as the choir sang ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’ with hundreds of layers of voices.  I felt wave after wave of joy from God as this was pleasing to Him.  When my eyes faced the floor for a moment, I could see that the blue sapphire ‘Sea of Glass’ was moving with the music.  The Sea was alive as even the rocks were crying out for the God who lives and breathes new life.  My tears fell as I sobbed.  I began to apologize to my Father God for my great lack of faith.  I apologized for my fear and uncertainty.

God:  “Erin, I have heard your cries.  I have removed your inequities.  You are emptied before Me.  Allow Me to fill you with My presence.”

Me:  “Thank You, Father.”

God:  “I have not forgotten you.  I have sent angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.  I have saved your children from your enemies and removed them.  I have brought them to you and they will also be My children.  Do not fear the flaming arrows of the enemy as their fires are soon to consume them.  The sons of Haman will one day be no more.  I have accepted the gift of your heart.  It is My treasure.

“Now, I am about to send you a ‘Gift’.  When it comes upon you, I will give you instructions.  Do not be afraid.  I have heard your cries.  Those who have been slain on behalf of My Name plead in My Courts for justice day and night.  They cannot rest until My promise is fulfilled.  You do not understand all of this right now, but you soon will.  I know you are anxious and so are your children.  However, be anxious for nothing instead as I am your Father and I am the Giver of good gifts to My children.

“I have prepared you for these times, yet you, in your state of being, ask, ‘How is this possible?’ as you have limitations from the punishment of the enemy.  However, Erin, I am the God of all Creation as it is I Who made you and chose you for My purposes.  So too have I chosen others.  All of you have come through the fires and have not been consumed.    Your hearts have instead remained on Me.  I will therefore reward you.  Now, take heart as I accept your prayers and petitions.”

Down before the foot of God’s Throne, I saw thousands of martyrs praying to God for justice.  They must have been there all along, but it was only now that I could see them.  As I looked some more, I realized it wasn’t just thousands, but hundreds of thousands.  There were probably even more though.  I really didn’t know as it was too hard to count.

God:  “Erin, I have assembled a special group of branches directly from the roots of My Throne.”

In the distance, I could see roots going to the blue Sea of Glass.  This was somewhat hard to describe because His Throne and His Footstool was also made of precious metal at the same time.  I saw branches of light resembling that of a massive tree.

God:  “These will be filled with the wisdom of scholars, yet with the appearance of youth…tender shoots.  They will be as mighty men of valor with great skills and strength.  The world has never seen such a display.  This will be My ‘Final Gift’ to the world, My ‘Final Call’ before that ‘Great and Terrible Day’ when My Son comes to remove those I have prepared a place for here in Heaven (the Rapture).

“No eyes have seen, no ears have heard and no minds have imagined the things I have prepared for those who love Me.  Erin, write this plainly.  Do not fear, but take courage, for all of My promises will prove true.  I am going to do something in your days you would not believe even if you were told, understand?”

Me:  “Yes, Father.  Oh yes…Happy Father’s Day!  I love You!”

I then heard His thunderous laughter.  Though His laughter is awesome and mighty, it is also somehow very comforting.  It shook the entire Court.  The floor acted like a ‘wake’ from the water when something fast moves through it.  I could see bursts of light accompany His Voice, but I was still unable to behold Him.

God:  “I delight in you.  I love you, Erin.  Now go and display mighty deeds in My Name, for I am with you and I will greatly bless those who bless you.  Now remember to be strong and take courage as I am with you.”

I felt Uriel come to take me from God’s Throne Room.  The choirs of angels continued to sing, ‘Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, Who was, and is, and is to come!’  As I was going through the door, I turned to wave goodbye.  I then saw a flash of light that I somehow once again knew was a wave back from the Father.

Uriel:  “Take heart.  Do not be afraid or discouraged.  God is with you.  He has sent an army of angels to take charge over your comings and goings.  Rejoice, Erin, as the King is enthralled by your beauty.  He is with you and is mighty to save.  You need to rest from your worry.”  He smiled at me as if he knew more.

Me: “There is something really great coming, right, Uriel? I see it! I see it in your eyes!”

He did not answer the question. He instead smiled, which he very rarely does.

Uriel: “All of Heaven watches, Erin. Do not worry as more are for you then against you.”  He smiled again.  “God is pleased with you!”

Dream over…

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