Dream 341 – Jesus, the angels and flying horses gather on a hill

Received Sunday, July 14, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day here!  Thank You for this period of rest before the great storms come.  Thank You for the gift of faithful and kind friends.  Thank You for our children and the house You have built for us.  Thank You for this open door for my husband.  I pray that this then leads to offers from many different areas.  It is scary and the 11th hour for us as we now have very little left.

I am beginning the process of placing a dollar amount on various items to sell.  This area is a depressed area and items sell for pennies on the dollar.  This means I will need some other plan than selling around here.  Still, my husband steadfastly reminds me that I am lacking faith in the power of God to make a way where we see no way.  Please forgive me, Father, as I am used to going into survival mode.

The items around me are expendable as my family’s needs are first and foremost and take priority over my personal comfort.  I have learned to become unattached to items.  Perhaps it is because the moving company destroyed so many of our things when we moved out here.  Had I known this would happen, I would have sold a lot of my things prior to our move.  No matter what, life is now just one giant label saying ‘depreciated’!

Father, I am thankful for You that You consider us assets which appreciate over time.  You consider our usefulness as good and You invest in what matters…our hearts.  I know that, beside a few collectible antiques, most of what I have has no value to others.  This means its value is essentially only for the holder or owner of the items.  I remember struggling to buy furniture and knowing its value cut in half once taken from the store.

This is the same with purchasing a vehicle.  A vehicle is worth substantially less the minute you pull it off the car lot.  Even so, you then are stuck with payments that include interest that can amount to much more than the sticker price.  While this is not always the case, it certainly applied for my purchase of my Pacifica.  My old Pacifica now sits in our driveway, a painful reminder of making car payments at an excessive interest rate.

When I was naïve and younger, I had been taken advantage of.  Some of these items make these painful memories fresh. However, because You are there and always with us, You take us through the fiery furnace safely.  Each time through the furnace, although difficult, makes us smarter, wiser and more seasoned.  I smile as I feel You, as God, would refer to this as a good return on Your investment as we have appreciated.

Father, You saw something in me that was worth all You had to do to get me to surrender my life to You.  Sigh…I am just sorry, Father, as I know I was a tough case.  You see things in me and all You have called that we do not see.  It is hard.  In contrast to my worry in all of this, my husband doesn’t show worry and has rock solid faith.  As for me, I often run a mental spreadsheet of various scenarios, worst case to best case.

I know that Your plan is to give us hope and a future, but things seem so dark ahead for us right now.  I am worried.  My children ask questions, but I have no solid answers.  This is all You, Father, as I don’t have any idea how we will make it.  I have been here before many times and You have always come through for us, so, even though I still worry, I know that You will do this for us yet again.

You have instructed us in the ways we should go.  Very soon, I see my husband and our two eldest sons moving out west until the time we are all able to move too.  We will have no choice as my husband will need to go where there is work.  There are no opportunities for our sons here, so they will leave too.  So yes, I am scared about all of this as this, and so many other things, all need to line up by September 1st, 2019.

We have exhausted all of our other options.  This means our only option left is You, Father.  While I know You are always with us and will take care of us, I still find it difficult to live with such uncertainty.  The minute I cry out to You though, I here You tell me, ‘Erin, I am here and I have you.’  So, Father, please give us peace as I am struggling.  I know that so many others are also struggling right now.

I even received a suicide note from someone I do not know overseas this weekend.  This is now the seventh such note that I have received over the years from various saints who are struggling.  Father, I have no answers, just deep sorrow.  This hit me particularly hard because of my loss of my stepdad to suicide when I was 12.  The signs were there.  My son just lost a friend a couple of weeks ago.  It is painful.

The letter I just received accused You of ignoring this person.  She said You did not even know her name.  This person said that she should be the one You talked to, not me, as she has had a much more difficult life than me.  Well, I agree that her life was most likely more difficult than mine.  There are a lot of people all over the world who have had much worse lives than what I have endured.

Still, Father, I know that this person is in Your hands and that nothing I can say will change her heart towards You.  Therefore, I pray that You come to her, in life and her dreams, and sway her to the side of knowing just how awesome and worthy of our praise You are.  It seems like most of the lost are now struggling with either being self-lovers or self-haters these days.  Both of these extremes are horrible places to be.

The world has fallen, Father.  Please help us.  My husband and I recently watched a video of Jonathan Cahn, a Messianic Jew, calling out Obama for betraying Israel in their UN Security Counsel vote where the USA abstained.  He then pointed out all of the other ‘anti-Christian’ things he had done to America.  Well, all I can say is thank You, thank You and thank You for sending a new leader (Trump) that supports Your ways.

Last week, I had dreams on three different nights of an angel of the Lord instructing me on the future course of things to look for.  These were the signs and what will then follow.  All three times, I was awakened out of my sleep with no recollection of what was said.  Please help, Father.  Please illuminate these instructions if this is Your Will for this time.  We love You, Lord!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was once again in the vineyard in Heaven.  It was dawn.  The grapes were ripe and seemed to be weighing down the vines.  However, I knew that the vines were not burdened by the grapes as there are no burdens in Heaven.  I looked behind me and, for the first time, noticed a massive hill in the vineyard.  On the hill, I saw a very large group of angels gathering.  They were in a large circular formation.

I then saw Heavens open over them.  Beams from God’s Glory then enveloped them.  I stayed still and quiet as I did not want to disturb any of them.  I looked around and noticed two other things for the first time.  First, there were no workers here anymore, just angels.  Secondly, the angels were now only meeting and were no longer doing any picking.  I then saw the beautiful archway of flowering vines that marks the entrance to the aspen grove.  I decided to run to the entrance to hopefully find Jesus there.

Just as I was about to reach the archway entrance, I heard the sound of a mighty shofar…ta da ta da ta da ta da!  It was an announcement.  As I stood there, I felt something flying over me.  When I looked above me, I saw horses in flight.  There were thousands of horses flying in formation over the vineyard.  I became excited as they were going towards where the angels were meeting.  I heard the shofar sound again.  The sound was so powerful that tears of joy started to stream down my cheeks.

Me:  “Lord, Lord, where are You?  What is happening?”

As I looked down the path, I saw a flash of light.  Immediately after the flash, the Lord was standing right there in front of me.  I cried as I ran into His arms.

Me:  “Lord, what is happening?  The angels are coming!  Are You coming with them?”

Jesus was calm, sympathetic, patient and loving with me, all in one moment.  He continued to hug me.  As He did, a torrential downpour started at my earthly house.  It was a powerful rainfall and seemed perfectly and appropriately timed.

Jesus:  “Erin, I have you.  Do not worry.  I have told you to be strong and courageous and to take heart.  Even though you have witnessed the lands being humbled, still very few cry out to Me in their hearts.  They instead curse Me with their lips.  The enemy’s course is to divide and conquer.  He wants to separate all which has been done as good and focus and amplify that which is evil as good.

“Only those who have no veil, those who have My Spirit in them, can see clearly.  This also includes those I will call to witness, those who will soon know Me.  See, I told you that these signs would become more pronounced and now you are seeing this.  I am the Lover of your soul.  I am the Refiner of hearts.  I do not judge by the color of skin, I judge the heart, understand?

“For those who call on Me with their whole heart, I will answer ‘here I am’ and I will rescue them.  They are my people and I am their God.  As for those who choose the path of the unrighteous, the crooked path, I will not answer them.  Even so, Erin, know that I am not cruel in this.  I do not ignore anyone who cries out to Me with their whole heart…”  He smiled at me.  “…or even half-heartedly.  While I am not limited, I will not be crucified twice.  I came once to die on the tree to set the captives free.

“I carried with Me the keys to Hades and there too I went into the belly of the Earth to save.  I came as a living sacrifice to atone for sin.  However, and even more than this, I conquered death and prepared a place for those I love here in Paradise.  How do you know if this vineyard here is not owned by the thief on the cross who asked Me to remember him?  Even though he had disqualified himself, I found his heart worthy.  However, I cannot say the same for the other thief who cursed me.

“Now, Erin, do not engage with the enemy.  Do not be upset when things do not unfold as you planned.  While people assume that I can sway and change, I do not.  This is a fallacy.  As solid as the rock you stand on now, well, I am much more solid than this.  I am unchanging and unwavering.  I relent only for the sake of those I love, understand?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.”  I looked down at my feet.  “Lord, You are talking with such finality that I am scared.”

Jesus:  “Erin, the fear of God is good.  You understand the parable of the boiling pot.  Well, now that the fire has been stoked, the water is now coming to a boil.  I am about to call up My chosen servants into service.  I have readied their hearts.  See, Erin, I have spoken of this day.

“I will assemble the lame and gather the outcasts, even including those I have afflicted.  I will make the lame a remnant and the outcasts a strong nation.  See, there has been a threshing floor and I have gathered up, one-by-one, My sons of Israel.  A great trumpet will soon blow and those who have been scattered will gather with Me on the mountain.”

Me:  “Lord, I do not fully understand what You saying. When will this be?”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Erin, you have been instructed in your sleep and so have your sons and daughters.  You will not have full knowledge of the events until they are right upon you.  While you can see evidence of a storm in the distance, you have no idea of the strength of the storm until it is over you.  Only once it passes will you see the magnitude of the physical effects of this storm.”

Me:  “Are You in the storm, Lord?”

Jesus:  “I am the Voice calling out.  However, Erin, do not miss My point.  I will keep you where I have you until the day I call you and, on that day, you will be changed.  Now, do not fear as I will take care of you.  I have not abandoned you.  I will bless you as well as all those I have called.  You work for Me.  Do I not take care of My workers?  Of course I do, so please do not worry.

“Now, the enemy will try to appeal to your vulnerable side.  Do not entertain them.  Their desire is to snare you.  You are not speaking to a person, but instead demons and there are many of them.  Be wise in your choices.  If you have a question, stop what you are doing and ask Me.  I will answer.  If you hear nothing from Me, then do nothing, understand?  Put this into practice as I will answer immediately.”  He smiled.

Me:  “Yes, and sometimes painfully so…”

I laughed as I remembered a harsh tongued athlete who received a ‘Golden Boot Award’ for her sports achievement.  This person had said harsh things about Trump and refused to go to the White House as invited.  As I was venting my frustration about this person, I heard the Voice of the Lord say, ‘Don’t worry, Erin, as I have a ‘golden boot award’ for her too.’  While I laughed, I was also sad about her ignorance.

Jesus:  “Erin, I make multiple attempts to call on people all over the world, from the most remote places to the most populated.  Do not let the enemy try to convince you that I am uncaring and heartless.  The very thing the accuser of evil accuses you of is the very thing he is doing, understand?  Those without the veil can see it.  Now, let the wicked feel as if they are winning.  Let them have their victory laps.

“Just remember that your race has a wonderful finish line and, from there, it is not over.  You reside here, Erin.  You are the daughter of the King and one of My Brides.  While the wicked keep running around the track, they are going nowhere.  For some, it will be too late, even if they had understanding.  Now, please take heart, Erin, as it is dawn here.  Rejoice!  I love you.”  He nudged me.  “Remember to not worry!”  I hugged Him.

Dream over…

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